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File 160875668997.jpg - (253.36KB , 1080x1286 , Ep3ieoTW4AIR6Gp.jpg )
113659 No. 113659 ID: 34a2f7
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>> No. 113661 ID: 2b4a9f
Had no idea their standards were so lax.
Also anagram of ATF is FAT, so it kind of fits.
>> No. 113672 ID: b45c3e
File 161162095063.jpg - (50.71KB , 600x399 , undocumented_pyrotechnician_wojak.jpg )
Reminder: ALL chans are full of glowies now.

Use Tor. Every post, every time.

Any mod/admin/jannie who comes out against Tor is probably a glowie or at the very least an informant.
>> No. 113673 ID: 58727a
As a mod who never got his login password reset years ago when he asked, I 100% fully support TOR, VPNs, encryption, whatever else you can think of for online freedom. And adblockers. Anyone who disagrees with adblockers smokes cock for a living.
And a note to the feds: there's millions of pounds of nuclear material in the ground. Better get handcuffs big enough for the planet since it clearly intends to make nuclear weapons.
OPERATORchan is kill. World is a fuck. 420,696,969 dead braincells.
I'm just bored right now. I quit 4chan but go here 2-3 times a week.
>> No. 113796 ID: b48b04
70%+ of TOR exit nodes were owned by the NSA a few years back. I can't find more recent figures. TOR is a honeypot. It always was. Using it puts you under the NSA's microscope.
>> No. 113797 ID: 7fa5fe
opchan is a glownigger owned and operated website
>> No. 113799 ID: 6e1654
File 163348959220.jpg - (279.17KB , 755x895 , revolt.jpg )
CIA assets use Tor from within foreign nations to contact their American handlers. Good enough for them; good enough for me.

I2P is still better than Tor. Has a few really good chans and a site hosting a massive archive of /k/ stuff, including "the do/k/ument" and all of the "murdercube" files.

PS, you're an faget.
>> No. 113801 ID: 7a5d59
I use Tor to search for books that I can't access through my library. As in not online, rather than looking for things to make illicit freedoms with.

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