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File 162208519224.png - (38.37KB , 260x258 , 1622072076307.png )
113731 No. 113731 ID: 58727a
>gf of over 4 and a half years dumped me yesterday evening
>we lived together for 8 months
>says she didn't want to live together any more because we don't see each other enough
>I work overnight 12hr shifts and she works 12hr days
>I've been applying to day jobs since January
>she got a storage unit for all of her stuff and she's moving back in with her mom and brother
>I'm trying to see a bright side to this and so far at least I have my house all to myself, even if it's more empty
It just isn't fair frens :'(
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>> No. 113734 ID: 3efc75
Sorry to hear it bro. Working overnights sucks. Hang in there.
>> No. 113735 ID: 58727a
Thanks. One thing I'm doing that I didn't do in my last relationship is get rid of EVERYTHNIG she ever gave me. The problem is we went 50/50 on a couch that's staying at my house (and where we were sitting on when she broke up with me), and her and her brother and I painted the living room, bathroom and bedroom together. So the memories will be permeant. And I also bought the house with her there, though I paid for it and it's 100% in my name. She just paid 1/2 of the bills and wrote me a check every month. I'm letting her keep a garage key for a month or two so I can put her mail in there if I receive any that isn't forwarded to her mom's house. After that I'll get it back and never contact her again (delete phone #, email address).
>> No. 113743 ID: 480697
And to think you were going to give up a sweet night gig for a broad who would have probably left you eventually anyways.

Not worth it to try to adjust to your partner in every way possible.
>> No. 113744 ID: 7db4d4
>sweet night gig
Well to be fair, I want a day job too. If not for her then for myself. I don't think dating again will be too hard on night shift though. I work 2 on 2 off so I have free time, and I could meet someone just after I wake up for coffee or something. I'm hopeful.
>> No. 113746 ID: 7a5d59
The pipe thirst is real at the moment my dude.

Get on them degenerate apps.
>> No. 113750 ID: 480697
Well okay, if it's for your own sake. Don't fret over things, and for god's sake, don't get on them degenerate apps like that other degenerate is suggesting.
>> No. 113752 ID: 58727a
>pipe thirst is real at the moment my dude
What exactly do you mean by this?
>degenerate apps
I won't use Tinder. I've heard Hinge is more geared towards young professionals so I plan on giving that a try.
There's this girl that I like that I've known since before I met my ex, and she knows who I am. A few years ago I told someone that I had a crush on her and that person told her, and the girl said that she liked me too but she had a bf at the time. Now her Facebook say's she's single, and I want to talk to her and see if she would want to get coffee. But the problem is the only way I could see her is where she works at a bookstore. I'm conflicted, part of me wants to chat her up and casually see if she would want to hang out and go from there. The other part of me doesn't want to bother her at work. I don't have a Facebook so making one just to talk to her is weird and I wouldn't do that.
Would a woman appreciate a confidant guy chatting her up at her work, or would I come across as a stalker? I'm 6'3" so I have the height advantage, but I'm also like 40lbs over weight. I'm thinking drop 20lbs in 2 months and then try talking to her. Who knows? Maybe she'll not work there or date someone else by then? It's all so tiresome.
>> No. 113754 ID: 118c79
Just do it. Most fuckers are fatter than you, the worst she can say is no.
>> No. 113755 ID: 118c79
Just do it. Most fuckers are fatter than you, the worst she can say is no.
>> No. 113757 ID: 7a5d59
>Pipe thirst
When a lady is thirsty for the gentleman sausage.

>degenerate apps.
Tinder is full of mad creatures, only good if you want to be a degenerate and tap some ass as a 'get over it' bumping of uglies.

I tried Hinge, didn't like it. I much prefer Bumble, infact I'm still chatting to a lass I met on bumble over a year later. I had to move from the city I was in, but we're hooking back up later this year when I move back. Lets the chick message you first, so it takes all the stress out of things.

>old flame.
Go buy a book and get talking. Whatever you want, it could even be a 'present' for someone then return it as 'they already had a copy'.

Random interaction, no harm, no stalkerishness, the only people who'd know are some random dudes that like *chan weapons boards.
>> No. 113758 ID: 58727a
File 162650118372.gif - (636.26KB , 520x293 , AlarmingVeneratedFawn-max-1mb.gif )
>Lets the chick message you first, so it takes all the stress out of things.
I tried it in the past, only seemed like crazies and feminazis on there. Tinder is a mess that speaks for it's self, was on for a week in 2016. I ended up getting the # of some chick I went to high school with (ended up being crazy) through OK Cupid, which is kind of a gross site actually and I wont go back. Plenty of Fish is a mixed bag, but direct messaging before apps isn't always a good way to meet someone, even though I met my ex through it. My sister and her boyfriend met on Hinge and have nothing but good things to say about it. I do remember trying it for a week a few years ago actually before my ex and I got back together. I didn't spend too much time on there but I remember getting 2-3 matches but I didn't put any effort into interacting with any of them.
I think I'll just focus on weight loss for now and just build up upper body glamour muscles for the next few months before trying to date. At least it'll keep me busy and hopefully fight off the big sad. I keep crying about my ex lately, even though last week I felt like I was over her. It's probably a combination of lack of sleep and poor diet. I'll just blame that. I haven't been drinking or smoking cigarettes like I would have in the past to cope, so I'll take that as a victory.

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