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File 163980674251.png - (630.83KB , 829x668 , tsukino_usagi_taken_aback.png )
113826 No. 113826 ID: d264b8
>eh doesn't even carry at least one mag or speedloader of hardcast or penetrator rounds when innawoods
>and afraids of everything
shiggy my niggies
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>> No. 113827 ID: d264b8
File 163996428227.jpg - (711.92KB , 2477x2480 , hmm1.jpg )
hey so apparently even bandaids have a shelf life
and it isnt measured in decades
friemndly reminder to check your shit periodically gentlemen
>> No. 113828 ID: d264b8
File 16399644763.jpg - (459.56KB , 1280x720 , wtf_am_i_reading1.jpg )
fuck i type like ass hunt and peck sorry guise
>> No. 113845 ID: 7a7f35
  music to roll down the windows pull on some aviators and rescue a hostage at 200 kph to
buh buh buh baaaaybeeee
>> No. 113864 ID: abc98f
  so if i stuck a bunch of sea cucumbers in a shitton of pectin and vinegar
would i end up with sea pickles
or just stink the place up
>> No. 113880 ID: 043fdd
File 164224170752.jpg - (49.33KB , 789x750 , pls_no.jpg )
>be me
>hey snowstorm incoming
>fucking sweet, get to test out my new cold weather gear
>check amatroon to see when my ecwcs is getting here
>notice the carrier on the order is "royal mail"
>WHOSE royal mail
>check seller profile
>location: fucking manchester
>mfw my ecwcs shit is in the hands of a bunch of bucktoothed knuckle dragging bri'ish civil servants and wont get here until nearly fucking february if not actually february
>> No. 113881 ID: 043fdd
File 164224269237.jpg - (97.14KB , 407x419 , distressed_kagamini.jpg )
disregard that
i suck cocks and got my processes mixed up
what a colossal clusterfuck that would be though

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