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File 164608572182.jpg - (123.16KB , 640x1138 , 7f1db09926dd6dd8.jpg )
113913 No. 113913 ID: 336324
As you may have heard, Google is ending the free gmail service we've been using to host operatorchan.org email addresses. I need to know NLT March 31st whether you are using your address, and if so, whether you're willing to pay to continue using it. A few of you have active patreon subscriptions, and if that's the case you're all good. I don't mind upgrading to the paid gsuite product but I can't do it for hundreds of users.

Lemme know. If you don't respond by March 31st it is likely your account will be deleted soon afterwards.
>> No. 113931 ID: 31000c
Oh shit, I actually had some things tied to my email. Sorry man, I haven't been too active recently and haven't checked in here in a long while.

Just got the notification that my account was axed... What would it take to get it back at least long enough to migrate what's on it to another one?
>> No. 113932 ID: 336324
I'll restore it for ya, just let me know when you're done
>> No. 113934 ID: 31000c
Hey thanks buddy. Seriously, I had a good amount of stuff I used that account for...

I went ahead and joined the patreon. Would this mean it's good to keep now? Been using it for over a decade now, least I can do is pay for it.
>> No. 113937 ID: ff2323
Just saw this now after account was axed. Anything I can do?
>> No. 113938 ID: ff2323
Side note, let me know how much to keep email up and running, that would be preferable
>> No. 113939 ID: 336324
yeah should be good, I may need to adjust that patreon tier cost depending on what google actually ends up charging but it wouldn't be much more than it is now.

I'll restore it for you, just stay tuned for pricing - they aren't going to start charging just yet
>> No. 113940 ID: ff2323
Thanks a ton, Im back on. Yeah just let me know pricing, I usually check my email every few days, apparently I missed the warning 2 days ago there haha

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