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Patches and Stickers for sale here

File 164883410771.jpg - (127.92KB , 720x1280 , b98a5079.jpg )
113927 No. 113927 ID: 6cee36
Bought a share of S&W for fun on Wednesday.
>> No. 113929 ID: 8e9259
I own $60 BTC.
>> No. 113930 ID: ec2cd8
2 Mosins bought for $100 each. Worth >$600 for both easily.
Saiga, unconverted for $600, could sell for more. NHM-91 bought for $600 in the 2000's, probably worth double. OG Russian SKS with the import mark on the barrel instead of the reciever, bought for $600, definitely worth at least $800.

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