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PBE Shield Stickers and Deagle Boltface Patches On Sale Now!

File 14615233408.jpg - (1.22MB , 3024x4032 , IMG_20160423_214634.jpg )
10459 No. 10459 ID: 361e5c hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Moving on to other things, and I dont shoot it much anymore.

Original box and all papers. I have extra Wolff springs that I'm throwing in. Extra recoil spring, extractor spring and magazine springs.

$400 FTF in the Austin, TX area

If I remember right I can get a shop here to do ship for $25
>> No. 10460 ID: 361e5c
File 146152340842.jpg - (1.10MB , 4032x3024 , IMG_20160423_214739.jpg )
>> No. 10461 ID: 361e5c
File 146152345772.jpg - (2.25MB , 4032x3024 , IMG_20160409_213945.jpg )
A little better picture of wear of the finish at the front of the frame and the slide release

File 144176369115.jpg - (25.99KB , 522x314 , image.jpg )
9953 No. 9953 ID: 6d8870 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Looking for a hard case, pelican, skb, etc for my girlfriends rifle. Anyone have an extra lying around?
>> No. 9965 ID: e1463b
check used scuba stores.
>> No. 10448 ID: 806417
i have one, but shipping would be expensive.
>> No. 10455 ID: d145ae
Where are you located?
>> No. 10457 ID: 806417

File 146110219923.jpg - (3.06MB , 3728x2988 , 20160419_160243.jpg )
10453 No. 10453 ID: 700755 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Mayflower UW CHEST RIG GEN IV in Ranger Green - Lightly used 95% - $175 Shipped CONUS
Safariland 1.5" Drop Low-Ride Universal Belt Loop - Like new - sku 6075UBL-2-2 - $15 Shipped
KCI Glock Mags - 3 niw 1 opened but new - 4 for $30 shipped
Unknown 3 slot MOLLE mag pouch - $10 Shipped
>> No. 10454 ID: 700755
File 146110233116.jpg - (857.72KB , 1992x1121 , 20160419_155931.jpg )
Action shot

File 146104066133.jpg - (1.07MB , 2688x1520 , IMAG0282.jpg )
10452 No. 10452 ID: a8d05c hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Seekins precision sp223 billet lower.
I fired 600 rounds with it.
Comes with ambi bolt release (really nice for rightys, too) and some paint on it.

$200 shipped to your ffl. I'll entertain trades, too.

File 145405548880.jpg - (973.92KB , 3264x1840 , ishy2a.jpg )
10261 No. 10261 ID: 618803 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Ishapore 2A .308 bolt rifle for sale. Has a lol2000 yard rear sight setting unlike the more common 2A1's 800 yard sight. Basically a No. 1 Enfield mkIII design modified for 7.62 NATO. Produced in the 1960's in India. wikipedia told me the buttplate is from their copy of the FAL, and that it's the last bolt rifle produced for standard infantry use in the world(excluding sniper shit)

coolguy innawoods gun, 12 round detachable mag and more PC appearance with wood stock. Rated for 7.62x51, I only used commercial .308 in it, 150gr iirc. Less recoil than my bullshit r700 I'm also selling. I didnt shoot it enough to quote accuracy, but the sights seem true.

Some of these rifles have been cleaned up, refinished and often turned into jungle carbines where they cut down the barrel and put a flash hider on it. This isn't one of those, the finish is this terrible enamel paint type thing. It looks cool but comes off easy and doesn't protect the gun much. The gun itself is in fine shape for a 60's rifle, with a fine bore; I bought it for a hunting rifle but now I'm selling my two .308's for a more hunting-oriented upper for the AR.

I tried to make a block for the magazine to limit capacity to FL legal 5rds for innawoodz deer, and then the mag would push the rounds stacked on the left-side too far to the right to feed into the chamber, I had to push the bullet down to be able to ride the bolt home. I took out the block and couldn't get the failure to happen again, but as the redneck rule of thumb goes I wouldnt trust my life with it.

wysiwyg, sans the cartridges if shipped. $300 american sheckels, includes shipping. Locally, I will take even less, North/Central Florida.

Maybe a trade for an Aimpoint M2 or M3. Or a 6.8 AR15 upper.
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>> No. 10308 ID: 618803
I dont think so. If you want I can ship the gun to your FFL with no clipazine and you can just buy a '10 round' one online. For any local buyers, the ammo is no longer included, i pew pew'd it all up.
>> No. 10318 ID: adbbc9
honestly you almost had me,.... but i got my last on for $200 i see them at gun shows now and then for $400 but they never sell $300 is just too much for me right now
>> No. 10397 ID: 618803
$200 is a DEAL, $400 not so much but really because the market. As a tool, the ishy makes a terrific conscript weapon, similarly priced firearms are rarely chambered in such a potent caliber.

I still haven't put it on the main gun traders because I like it so damn much; just shot it again this past weekend. But I would like to sell it to a deserving OPERATOR to help fund an Aimpoint.
>> No. 10410 ID: 618803
le sold
>> No. 10445 ID: 86ccb5
Since OP sold his rifle, I don't mind mentioning there is an Indian 2A1 for sale in Santa Maria on the calguns for-sale section for $400. Comes with bayonet and a few handfuls of ammo. Its not mine, I'm just trying to help you find a gun you're looking for.

Its been listed for a month with no bites, I'll bet you could get it for a little less than $400 you're you're decent at haggling. He's even taking trades.

File 146082940436.jpg - (97.79KB , 960x720 , 13020262_1092341870818516_1144533746_n.jpg )
10450 No. 10450 ID: 22d1e7 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Mint condition south african uniform.
- 1 Light jacket L size
- 1 Heavy Jacket L size
- 1 Boonie hat 61
- 1 Belt '70
- 2 Corporal Brassards, 2 major rank epaulettes, 2 pins, 1 skill badge
Also, I gift 2 XXL pants to whoever buy this, it could be useful to use them as patches if you ruin your uniforms.
Payment through paypal.

100 dollars plus shipping. I'm in Europe.

File 145824765942.jpg - (3.10MB , 2992x4000 , IMG_20160317_164251.jpg )
10411 No. 10411 ID: ca0d2a hide watch quickreply [Reply]
20 bucks. This is not a joke.
>> No. 10413 ID: d460e2
water? Or is it full of hot air?
>> No. 10418 ID: 2f1a50

He doesn't accept ebt, so piss off.

File 14577553538.jpg - (1.66MB , 2560x1920 , 0310161825.jpg )
10399 No. 10399 ID: e99f9f hide watch quickreply [Reply]
CMMG dedicated lower
"Tactical assault" upper, now gorilla manufacturing.
Comes with 5 mags.
Looking for a 5.56 or 7.62 rifle.
Located in Washington.
Will ship buyers dime.

Just putting it out there for shits and gigs
>> No. 10400 ID: c2f90b
Meant in trade each shipper would pay own shipping.
Trade value 800
>> No. 10402 ID: e99f9f

File 145732864214.jpg - (551.10KB , 1920x1080 , 0ed8e8397b.jpg )
10384 No. 10384 ID: 02d75e hide watch quickreply [Reply]
$260 Shipped, discreet paypal prefered

FACTORY REFURBISHED. Does not have the limited edition box.

>Limited to a production run of 1000, each model is individually numbered and features a 20th Anniversary medallion. The side panels are created from a unique, limited edition “Applejack” finished wood. As with the rest of the Master Series line, the LG-994 features a compact laser diode, which allows them to be compatible with ambidextrous safeties. Designed to fit 1911 and 1911A1 full-size frames with grip screws measuring 3-1/16” apart
>> No. 10401 ID: 02d75e
$225 shipped
>> No. 10415 ID: 02d75e
Still available but I'm headed back out on the road so I can't ship for a few months. I'll post again when I'm home to ship.

File 145641847322.jpg - (4.96MB , 5312x2988 , tmp_25470-20160107_060902-864162921.jpg )
10309 No. 10309 ID: eafc11 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
So ive had a Vortex PST thinking it was what I needed. Turns out a red dot was what worked better for SBRs IMO. Its held in a GG&G qd mount which holds zero fine. MOA turrets and reticle.

Anyone want to trade? I'm also looking for used 14.5 inch non pinnded M-4a4 type uppers.
6 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 10390 ID: 2f1a50

Email me, pd.
>> No. 10393 ID: eafc11
File 145748880361.jpg - (4.86MB , 5312x2988 , 20160227_214643.jpg )
>> No. 10394 ID: eafc11
File 145748899298.jpg - (1.60MB , 2988x5312 , 20160227_214950.jpg )
Pinned 14.5 inch uppers are OK so long as it is a YHM suppressor that will fit my Phantom stainless.
>> No. 10395 ID: eafc11
File 14574892765.jpg - (2.18MB , 5040x1674 , 20160227_214715.jpg )
>> No. 10396 ID: eafc11
File 145749131419.jpg - (665.44KB , 1992x3000 , 1449163207395.jpg )
I meant to say "YMH suppressor adapter".

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