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Deagle Boltface Patches On Sale Now!

File 143045980973.jpg - (834.84KB , 1200x900 , SAM_1014.jpg )
9495 No. 9495 ID: 75e134 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
just sort of putting this one out there as a feeler.

it's in black and comes with the box and everything the stock came with. i think the wrench to replace the butt pad is missing, though. i'll include the improved buttpad as well.

$210 shipped. i can do $100 along with an ARK defense enhanced sopmod or a vltor imod, though. (for mil spec buffer toobs obviously)

i'll take new pics once i get the stock off the gun.
>> No. 9496 ID: 75e134
>ARK defense enhanced sopmod or a vltor imod, though.
also shit's gotta be in black.
>> No. 10118 ID: 4c9c56
bumping. $180 shipped.
>> No. 10129 ID: 4c9c56
File 144681672911.jpg - (976.37KB , 1200x900 , SAM_1139.jpg )
also changed the email. contact me here instead if interested.
>> No. 10298 ID: 38f185
File 145576041320.jpg - (228.68KB , 1280x720 , C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Tem.jpg )
fucking gen2 release. Now $150 shipped. Add $10 for a buffer spring and an h2 buffer!
>> No. 10301 ID: 4c9c56

File 145504994913.jpg - (0.96MB , 1200x810 , C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Tem.jpg )
10282 No. 10282 ID: 3b3395 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Sup guys. Sellin my glass. Great set but I realize im more of an RDS kinda guy. The package comes with:

-The scope itself, with the box & case candy. MRAD reticle. A few external scratches from innawoods use.

-The appropriately-sized Vortex brand Switchview lever. The magnification rings on Vipers are tight as fuck.

-A Burris PEPR mount. QD attachment, 30mm. Also a bit lightly scratched.

You will get all this for $500 shipped. If you are in the Seattle area proper i can do a little bit more off the price & mount this on for you too.

More pics to follow!
>> No. 10283 ID: 4c9c56
File 145509179942.jpg - (916.33KB , 1200x900 , SAM_1634.jpg )
got home and took some pics. then i napped and remembered to put em up.
>> No. 10284 ID: 4c9c56
File 145509184612.jpg - (1.10MB , 1200x900 , SAM_1635.jpg )
holla at cho boy.
>> No. 10299 ID: 4c9c56

File 145534113466.jpg - (1.47MB , 3264x2448 , image.jpg )
10290 No. 10290 ID: 0df305 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Looking for some backup iron sights. Nothing Chinese made. Preferably metal. Anyone have anything lying around?
>> No. 10291 ID: 1cf0c3
I have a black Magpul rear BUIS that is just sitting in a box. Shoot me an email and it's yours.
>> No. 10294 ID: 1cf0c3
BUIS shipped.
>> No. 10295 ID: 557a3f
You rule!

File 145451106251.jpg - (2.28MB , 3264x2448 , image.jpg )
10276 No. 10276 ID: 9565e4 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Gentlemen, I am considering the unthinkable- putting my PBEAR up for sale. I need to save up for some upcoming medical expenses. Of course, I will be giving the Opchan community ample time to bid, so we can keep the PBE lower in the family.

Some quick history: This AR-15 was put together from various Opchan /trade/s over the years. I purchased the complete upper from Swissguy, while Romanov [I believe] sold me the PBE lower and LPK, bro-for-life ConcernedCitizen hooked me up with the KAC RIS and a few odds and ends, and Frankengun hooked me up with the mags and light. Less than 400 rounds fired by me, probably closer to 250- so, well under 1k total rounds fired throughout the AR’s life; It’s basically been a safe queen since I put it together.

16 inch, flat top, M4 Carbine-length Del-Ton upper (5.56, all milspec, has all stamps and markings)
KAC Carbine RIS (complete w/ extra covers and foregrip)
BCM Gunfighter mod charging handle
Spikes Lower and LPK w/ PBE logo
Magpul stock, grip and trigger guard
Fixed front sight and Troy fixed rear sight (also includes Magpul rear BUIS, not pictured)
Flashlight w/ offset rail mount
CMMG .22lr conversion kit and mag
20-30 AR mags, from Colt 20 rounders to 30 round GI and PMAGs (black, windowed)

$1500 OBO for the complete PBEAR with all mags, .22lr kit and extra rear sight (and anything else I can find). You will have to cover the cost of the FFL transfer and shipping, unless you are in PA. Please contact me at email provided. I do not wish to part this out or trade. I want to see someone in the community enjoy this AR, and I think with everything included, this would be a great kit for them.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 144203330266.jpg - (538.47KB , 1600x1195 , 2hppx7s.jpg )
9966 No. 9966 ID: a45be0 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Just took ownership of a MASSIVE (1,200+ parts) lot for these magical unicorns. If anyone is looking for any parts for them or a potential gunsmithing project, let know.
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>> No. 10247 ID: 3f5192
File 14522144537.jpg - (749.50KB , 2196x3400 , no-reply@alamorange_com_20160107_163336_001.jpg )
Got some more scanned.

This goes with >>10245
>> No. 10248 ID: 3f5192
File 145221448144.jpg - (592.54KB , 2196x3400 , no-reply@alamorange_com_20160107_163336_005.jpg )
>> No. 10249 ID: 3f5192
File 145221449518.jpg - (636.94KB , 3400x2196 , no-reply@alamorange_com_20160107_163336_004.jpg )
>> No. 10250 ID: 3f5192
File 145221455033.jpg - (1.22MB , 3400x2196 , no-reply@alamorange_com_20160107_163336_003.jpg )
Original blueprints for frame
>> No. 10266 ID: 2ddcae
I'll probably be in the market to piecemeal one together, currently buying a glock 17 for normal use but I've been looking at a side project just for fun. Idk yet mang.

File 145339522068.jpg - (98.63KB , 590x536 , 117_flc_15.jpg )
10259 No. 10259 ID: 7ec630 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Name says it all. Has to be the USMC coyote version, not the Army desert camo pattern. Finding the UCP-D/Desert with pouches is pretty easy. Finding the coyote ones with the standard issue pouches has proven rather difficult. Willing to buy a used one as long as everything it there and in good shape. Price negotiable.
>> No. 10260 ID: dd78be
It's a little harder because the USMC issued the woodland and desert ones before they made the switch to coyote gear.


File 14497911583.jpg - (1.26MB , 2688x1520 , hpRkANx.jpg )
10198 No. 10198 ID: ae87b5 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I bought this in 2013 to plink .22 - it wasn't very good at that, as mosquitos tend to be. Then I put a Gemtech threaded barrel on it:


and it magically became much, much better at plinking .22 - the gemtech barrel effectively put an end to all the failures to feed and made it fun to shoot.

Then I got a Kadet kit for my CZs, and this has sat in its box lonely ever since.

I paid $250 for it originally and put $150 in with the barrel. It has a brick and some change of .22 through it, and I will include the original barrel which had a few hundred rounds through it.

I am asking $350 shipped CONUS to your FFL, feel free to make me an offer.
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>> No. 10226 ID: 661563
PF9 is SPF
>> No. 10235 ID: ae87b5
Bump for bayonet and night sights still available.
>> No. 10253 ID: ae87b5
File 145245234795.jpg - (1.00MB , 1520x2688 , 6qF2SXp.jpg )
TAD litespeed pack.

Has the waist belt, OP1 pouch, icomm pouch, and a flag.

Asking $400 for the set, open to offers.

Bayonet and night sights still available.
>> No. 10254 ID: ae87b5
File 145245236362.jpg - (392.77KB , 1520x2688 , kbeGcq9.jpg )
>> No. 10258 ID: ae87b5

This is gone gone gone

File 145205040581.png - (847.35KB , 1000x627 , 23453453456.png )
10244 No. 10244 ID: 1ece98 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Not really playing videogames anymore, looking to sell a Wii U 32 GB black model with the Zelda controller. Comes with power cords, sensor bar, HDMI cable, console and 1 controller. Works, no issues, asking $200 plus S&H. Cheaper than refurbs at gamestop.
>> No. 10251 ID: 1ece98
File 145223523749.jpg - (141.59KB , 792x664 , DSC_0002.jpg )
Cutting down on my milsurp clogging the closet, found an old Serbian/Bosnian coat in their Tiger Stripe woodland pattern. Collar conceals a small hood, jacket size is illegible but I'd estimate a Large/Long. Thick, might be quilting inside, seems good for fall not too warm as arctic kit. As visible on inside near collar, some residue strips from what might have been an extra liner(?) Not sure as it came used, possibly removable with a solvent. Zipper and velcro attachments. Asking $50 plus s&h, cheaper than what was paid for.
>> No. 10256 ID: 1ece98
Also willing to trade jacket for anything in US Woodland pattern. Flexible on price too, to a good home for milsurp.

File 145006733639.jpg - (107.84KB , 750x1065 , dsQs4tr.jpg )
10209 No. 10209 ID: 65c27c hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I've had this for the better part of 2-3 years? Estimated round count is 6-7k (mostly steel case if you care) barrel still holds under 1 MOA with match ammo. Probably the most reliable AR I've ever had or been around. Exactly 2 failures in the round count which has had minimal cleaning. No excessive or abnormal wear on the inside of the upper.

The Triple Tap really does what it is supposed to, it eliminates recoil and reduces concussion.

Barrel is a Noveske Afghan 14.5, Triple Tap is permanently affixed via TIG welded pin to measure legal 16.1" rail is the URX III by KAC.

Noveske Afghan barrel = $450
KAC URX III = $355 (at time of purchase)
Triple Tap = $400 (I paid $280 from jayfl)
Noveske stripped upper = $120
PRI folding rear sight = $ ??? forgot.
Gun has recently been detail stripped and completely degreased, cleaned up, and re-lubricated.

Best offer or best trade offer will be accepted. May post is on M4C or ARFCOM if there's lack of interest.
2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 10219 ID: 65c27c

Anything high quality... Worst I can say is no. I have yet for a cash price to enter my mind... yet.
>> No. 10220 ID: 23e5d9
All right. Well I don't really have much that fits that description ready to trade but I'll let you know. Let me know when you come up with a cash price.
>> No. 10229 ID: 65c27c
Cash price: $850

Posting it on arfcom now.
>> No. 10230 ID: c9560b
I'm sending you an e-mail
>> No. 10252 ID: 201154

File 144808270928.jpg - (875.07KB , 1200x900 , SAM_1534.jpg )
10161 No. 10161 ID: 4c9c56 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
yep, muh rooger.

full disclosure: the original takedown pin shat the bed one night at a gravel pit, so i lost that plus the recoil spring in a mess of dirt, broken glass and shot shells long ago. i considered calling ruger about it but they were likely to replace it with the same shitty part. the replacement parts include a tandemkross hardened steel tool-less takedown pin, and a wolff 11lb recoil spring.

i'm selling this because i'm autistic and ashamed of owning more than one ruger at a time, unless its something like a revolver. i'll also throw in a 7rd extendo clipazine to go with the flush-fitting 6-rounder, because NO HONEST MAN NEEDS MORE THAN TEN ROUNDS HYUK HYUK. i dont know where the pinky extension baseplate went.

then there's the viridian ECR RTL weapon light. it clamps right onto the trigger guard, and can be activated by way of the button on the left-hand side of the unit, or if you pull it out of the included magnet-equipped pocket holster.

$375 with the light,
$325 without. i'll sell the light separately for $60.
all prices include shipping (to your local FFL for the gun, of course.)

shoot me an email r sumthin ya dinguses.
5 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 10199 ID: ab4830

Let me know if it falls through with your other buyer.

Also how many rounds has she seen and what is the year of production, if I may ask?
>> No. 10200 ID: 7355c1
2014 mfg, about 400 rounds through the thing.
>> No. 10208 ID: 4c9c56
sold as fuqqq
>> No. 10239 ID: 4c9c56
File 145144786388.jpg - (875.11KB , 900x1200 , SAM_1545.jpg )
oh yeah the light is still available. mounts by way of the trigger guard and is like 90 lumens or something. comes with a neat pocket holster that activates the light as soon as you pull the gun out of it.

it's missing some inner packaging, but everything that you need to get the light running is included in the original box. batteries included!

$55 to shipped to u guys n stuff.
>> No. 10241 ID: 4c9c56
sold dis shit too mane

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