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Patches and Stickers for sale here

File 145446648646.jpg - (574.50KB , 1500x844 , Stock.jpg )
10268 No. 10268 ID: 4fa6a2
I need to sell some shit. I will try to make shit cheap so that it moves quickly. Up first:

Luth-AR MBA-1 Stock. I won this at a 3 gun competition and have no use for it currently. It is brand new in box. The cheapest I can find find them online is ~$140. This is just the stock, no other recoil related parts.

Sale price $100 plus shipping.
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>> No. 10269 ID: 4fa6a2
File 145446666211.jpg - (555.61KB , 1500x844 , spring.jpg )
What would go great with that stock?

Brand new in package Taccom Enhanced Recoil System. These are $25 new. Great for making a light recoiling gun. Note, this needs a rifle buffer tube to work.

Sale price of $15 plus shipping or $10 and no shipping if combined with the stock.
>> No. 10270 ID: 4fa6a2
File 145446679549.jpg - (562.59KB , 1500x844 , grip.jpg )
Next up is a Hogue AR-15 Rubber Overmolded Grip. This is also a 3 Gun win for which I have no use. I can find them on Amazon for $24 with 5/5 stars across 50 reviews.

Sale price of $15 plus shipping or bundle with the above stock and spring for an additional $10.
>> No. 10271 ID: 4fa6a2
File 145447495243.jpg - (540.95KB , 1500x844 , frame.jpg )
Up next is a Lone Wolf Full Size Timberwolf Frame. This frame can become any of the following guns: Gen3 G/17,17L,22,24,31,34,35 and 37. I have populated the frame with Glock OEM pins, slide stop, locking block, trigger housing, connector, etc. The only thing that is missing is a trigger bar of your choosing (~$17 for OEM). The frame is $200 new and all of the little parts are $70+. I have barely shot this thing and originally bought it for my wife who thanked me by getting pregnant and never going to the range again. You are essentially getting a brand new frame for the cost of my trying it out.

Sale price of $210 shipped to your FFL. IT MUST GO TO AN FFL.
>> No. 10272 ID: 4fa6a2
File 145447585552.jpg - (363.50KB , 1500x844 , trigger.jpg )
Do you know what would go great with that frame, or any other Glock for that matter?

A Zev Technologies Fulcrum Drop-In Trigger V2. This, like the Timberwolf has barely been used. I want to keep it, but it isn't production legal for USPSA and while no one would notice since it has the black safety, I would know and that bothers me. My honesty is good news for you. This is a $180 trigger kit. One note: I either lost the firing pin safety and spring or it is in one of my Glock slides and I am not going to take them all apart to find it. It's a $10 part, so I will discount accordingly. Also, the reduced power springs have never been used, I always just used what was in the slide from factory. I just noticed I have a connector to go with it. I don't know what it is other than it is reduced power. That isn't part of the original Zev kit, but consider it yours.

Sale price of $130 shipped, or $115 shipped with the Timberwolf frame.
>> No. 10273 ID: 4fa6a2
File 145447630465.jpg - (598.29KB , 1500x844 , pouches.jpg )
Finally (for now), I have some Glock Mag pouches for sale. I think it would be best to sell these as a lot, since they aren't that valuable on their own.

One is a Fobus double paddle for small framed glock mags, and the other two are Blade Tech pouches for small framed glock mags on Tek Loks. This was the original setup that got me through my first year or two of competition shooting. Its about $50+ worth of pouches.

Sale price of $25 plus shipping or $20 when bundled with Timber Wolf or Fulcrum (I think the Tek Locks alone are worth $20).
>> No. 10274 ID: 4fa6a2
I think that is it for now. I will have a BCM AR upper for sale and a couple scopes in the near future (I hope). Let me know if you have any questions about anything.
>> No. 10275 ID: 81c52b

God dayum. I wish NJ wasn't a wasteland and I needed a permit to grab that. I've always wanted a Timberwolf Glock...
>> No. 10292 ID: be0d6b
Ship to a local FFL and have them sit on it until the permit shows up.
>> No. 10307 ID: d460e2

Nordic could you drop me an email on this.

>> No. 10493 ID: 6b2b62
My one and only bump.

Sorry Strelok, no ITAR for you.

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