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Patches and Stickers for sale here

File 145722609777.jpg - (2.17MB , 2688x1520 , IMAG1473.jpg )
10332 No. 10332 ID: 3f5192
I'm going to start posting various higher end/collectible firearms I'm trying to get rid of in this thread. I've got a lot to part with and it's better to just post one or two in a single thread a week then to flood the board with new threads.

Posting each here before anywhere else to give you guys first dibs. Shoot me an email or post here with any questions.

Staring out with three HK's.
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>> No. 10352 ID: 06a0fb
damnit, Boof, if I had the money I'd totally take this. But I'm poor as fuck with student loans and car loans up the ass.

Someday I need to find your fucking shop and come in and drool at all your wares.
>> No. 10382 ID: be0d6b
Congrats on the quick sale of the P7.

>>10354 >>10355 >>10356
FYI, there's no price on this.

I love the look of the USP Elite, but they don't fit my hands at all. You should ping LifeSizePotato and see if he wants them.
>> No. 10383 ID: 3f5192
It's $1500, check >>10354 again.
>> No. 10386 ID: adbbc9
why are you selling your REPR?
>> No. 10387 ID: 3f5192
File 145736384246.jpg - (1.44MB , 2688x1520 , IMAG0962[1].jpg )
Went black, not going back.
>> No. 10388 ID: a04cbf
Boof, I'm a horrible person. I'm able to swing by your shop this weekend. Shoot me a text or an email to converse further. I'm sorry for going poof.

For the automatic parts kit and whatnot.
>> No. 10389 ID: be0d6b
This is why you don't post without sleep
>> No. 10391 ID: adbbc9
File 145744778414.jpg - (4.84MB , 4320x3240 , DSC00149.jpg )

good awnser
>> No. 10392 ID: 3f5192
STI .45 Elektra GONE
>> No. 10398 ID: 82a3e8
Id do some deplorable things to own both those guns. Alas.
>> No. 10404 ID: 781a6c
Stainless 2011 .45 Tactical is GONE
>> No. 10423 ID: 3f5192
STI 9mm Shadow GONE
>> No. 10424 ID: bec165
Hey Boof, still have the Lawman 4.0?
>> No. 10425 ID: 3f5192
Yes sir.
>> No. 10430 ID: 3f5192
>> No. 10434 ID: ab4830
Any CZs, SIGs or 1911s left around? Kinda looking for a SP-01 Shadow OR a CZ-75 B Single Action Only model, in terms of the CZs.
>> No. 10435 ID: 3f5192
No CZ's, but tons of sigs and 1911's.

What are you looking for?
>> No. 10438 ID: dbedd1

Idle curiosity (and I'm not in the market for one right now), but do you have a list of your shop's available transferable guns anywhere?

But then again, my friend just got a transferable FAL and I kind of have an itch...
>> No. 10446 ID: ab4830

Just about any classic designed SIG in the 22X family, but bonus points for a W. German 226. Kinda interested in a P220 as well.

1911s I am not entirely sure about because I don't own one, have never shot one either, but I want to get one. From what I've handled in shops, I like a lot of what Springfield has to offer and I also really liked the one Colt I played with.
>> No. 10447 ID: 3f5192
I'll see what I have and report back.

No transferable automatics available right now, however I'm trying to work a deal out to get a Daewoo K2.
>> No. 10449 ID: 79b400
If you like the feel of it, you won't be disappointed with the P220. I have a W. German P220 that's as old as I am, I love it dearly.

My G19 is my go-to tool, as the P220 has sentimental value and will remain a safe queen for the foreseeable future.
>> No. 10456 ID: 3f5192
USP Match, STI Duty One, Hammerli and 686 Competitor are GONE
>> No. 10550 ID: 79b400
Hey, what's your inventory looking like right now?

I'm helping my manager choose a carry piece and he's looking at Sigs, CZs, Glocks, and FN pistols.
>> No. 10551 ID: 79b400
BTW, I think I have him leaning heavily toward the CZ-75 D PCR and P-01s.

I don't know if you've gotten any more CZs in stock, but he's really liking those.
>> No. 10552 ID: 3f5192
Shit, forgot about this thread. I should update it this week with new stuff.

Everything posted has been sold.

I've got or can get pretty much anything you could consider. I'm a top tier dealer with Davidson's, RSR, Lipseys, Elliott Brothers, Accusport and any other distributor you can name.

I may have those, will report back. Everything posted in this thread was used firearms/collectables.
>> No. 10553 ID: 79b400
Thanks, man, I'll see if I can throw some business your way.
>> No. 10558 ID: e0eca2
File 146912047799.jpg - (326.96KB , 1200x879 , 91116-4.jpg )
I've got four CZ pistols. An EVO, 75B in .40, a tactical sport in 9mm and a Cold war commemorative 75B in 9mm with the Cyrillic stampings.

Let me know exactly what you want (sku/item number/upc) and I can get you a price.
>> No. 10559 ID: 79b400
Oh, god... I want that so bad.

I'll let you know when he has a better idea of what he wants, he's interested in quite a bit at the moment.

Out of my own personal curiosity, do you get ever RAMI BDs in stock?
>> No. 10560 ID: 3f5192
From time to time.

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