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Patches and Stickers for sale here

File 146171731270.jpg - (1.02MB , 900x1200 , sr22.jpg )
10463 No. 10463 ID: 7355c1
i'm just wanting to test out the market right now.

its a perfectly fine gun, and it's been great...but i don't know, i just don't feel right owning a ruger semi-auto. this is, however, the only ruger out of three that i've owned that has not shit the bed on me in some way after a few boxes of rounds. (there are about 150 rounds through it, all of them CCI standard velocity rounds.)

if you want to trade me something though, a ruger single-six/nine/ten would be pretty cool. other than that, i'm selling this for $300. add another $20 shipped to your FFL.

it comes with everything it came with when i got it.
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>> No. 10465 ID: 86ccb5
Damn, if you were in socal I'd take it. Otherwise thats a good price for a good gun.
>> No. 10466 ID: 73c1db
How many mags? Any interest in a Marlin 60 as partial trade?
>> No. 10467 ID: 73c1db
Or a 50 cal repro rifled musket for that matter. I Never shoot either anymore so I ought to get rid of them
>> No. 10468 ID: 9d645e
nope, sorry. just the revolvers specified.
>> No. 10469 ID: 9d645e
forgot muh trip. also, just the two factory mags it came with.
>> No. 10470 ID: 73c1db
Was leaning towards a buy and then I decided I wanted to buy a hedgehog instead.
>> No. 10471 ID: 7355c1
File 146196401976.png - (195.65KB , 800x566 , saniq.png )
are you sure? this ruger seems like it's gotta go fast
>> No. 10472 ID: 7d1c98
Upon first glance of OP's image, I thought it was a Walther P22 or PPQ .22 and was ready to jump and then I slowed down and read the post and now I feel sad for OP owning a Ruger that isn't a 10/22, Mini-14 or a revolver.
>> No. 10473 ID: 5f1d54
I had a 10/22 once and it was awful.

This is actually the least shit Ruger i have ever owned through a consistent round count. The 10/22 i had shit the bed, and so did my LCP. The only reason I'm selling this is because I just dont like Ruger semi-autos, but this one has not been a POS to me so far.

It's been a good beater .22 so far so even if it did malfunction, its not like i was expecting much from it anyway.
>> No. 10480 ID: 631046
File 146232985869.jpg - (116.73KB , 467x700 , image.jpg )
Mite buy it just for that spoiler text. Email me your best price and mabes we make deal.
>> No. 10481 ID: 9d645e
File 146233514635.jpg - (182.96KB , 692x922 , 1459723872280.jpg )
sent u an email m.night shayalafam.
>> No. 10489 ID: 9d645e
File 146278446825.gif - (3.60MB , 500x282 , g34387_k106379_seal.gif )

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