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Patches and Stickers for sale here

File 14634405946.png - (54.32KB , 500x389 , sale.png )
10497 No. 10497 ID: a28495
My closet is getting too full and I need to clear out shit I don't use anymore. I'll be posting here incrementally as I take pics and inventory. All prices exclude shipping but I'll make my best effort to keep shipping cost at a minimum.

Feel free to e-mail me with any questions. I HIGHLY PREFER payment through Google Wallet but I will grudgingly take Paypal (+4%).
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>> No. 10498 ID: a28495
File 146344101784.jpg - (84.41KB , 480x640 , 2DeEHFhl.jpg )
First off is a lot of of USGI AR-15 magazines. They're a mix of Colt, Okay, and Brownells. The Brownells have the tan anti-tilt follower. All the rest have the green follower. Condition is VG.

These will be priced at $4 each plus shipping. You can then buy anti-tilt followers and they'll come out to be cheaper than the D&H magazines at PSA (which are currently out of stock). Biggest bang for your buck would be to buy around 10, as I can fit that many in a USPS Flat Rate Large. I can fit about 7-8 in a Flat Rate Medium.

I won't do a hand-select option, but what I'll do is ship out the Brownell anti-tilt and the Colts first.
>> No. 10499 ID: a28495
File 146344168537.jpg - (169.30KB , 1024x768 , glockmags.jpg )
Up next are 4 33-round KCI Glock 9mm magazines and 3 15-round KCI Glock 9mm magazines. Now, these are pretty notorious for having spotty QC and don't expect this to be a good magazine for defensive use. However, with a little modification, I have found these to be adequate for range use.

The 15-rounders have Glock floorplates installed and I used an Xacto knife to cut out excess interior plastic flash, which was notorious for causing jams on these things.

For the 33-rounders, I'll price them at $15 each plus shipping. I feel this is reasonable considering Glock OEM mags are >$30 and the upcoming Magpul 27 rounders are going to be about $25.

For the 15-rounders, I'll let them go for $7 each plus shipping.
>> No. 10500 ID: a28495
File 14634425136.jpg - (189.69KB , 1024x768 , pR7GdxYh.jpg )
Apologies for the pic, but the FDE kydex items have been sold at the time of this writing.

I have a Blade Tech Revolution AR-15 mag carrier and a Safariland OWB kydex holster for Glock 19.

$20 plus shipping each.
>> No. 10501 ID: a28495
File 146344298546.jpg - (200.24KB , 768x1024 , optics.jpg )
1) Swift Premier 3-9x rifle scope (older generation). The newer Premiers retail for $150. I'm asking $60 plus shipping. Excellent condition. Comes with bikini covers. Great for a .22 although can handle rifle caliber as well.

2) Primary Arms Gen 1 3x Magnifier with Larue Tactical LT755 QD Pivot mount. Excellent condition. Asking $150 plus shipping (the mount itself is worth that much).
>> No. 10503 ID: a28495
File 146344385457.jpg - (168.64KB , 1024x768 , suunto.jpg )
I have an unused and LNIB Suunto Vector XBlack watch. This is a high-altitude performance watch. I've never used it but it needs a new battery. This watch retails for $200 new. I'm asking for $120 plus shipping.
>> No. 10505 ID: a28495
File 146344676662.jpg - (150.47KB , 1024x768 , helmets.jpg )
1) Gentex TBH II Mich-cut ballistic helmet with Tru-Spec multicam cover and USGI NVG mount. The sidewinder light is not included unfortunately. $200 plus shipping OBO. Size Large

2) Unconverted CVC helmet shell, large. $50 plus shipping.
>> No. 10506 ID: a28495
File 146344709561.jpg - (157.85KB , 768x1024 , boots.jpg )
VG to excellent-condition boots. Took it on 2 outings and then put it in the closet. Size 10.5R. Asking $60 plus shipping. These normally retail for >$100 for the multicam.
>> No. 10507 ID: a28495
File 146344788724.jpg - (168.66KB , 768x1024 , uniforms.jpg )
Selling two sets of unworn/new Multicam ACU tops and pants. The set on the left is insect-repellant treated and the set on the right is a standard set by Propper and feels a little lighter/thinner than the left.

$40 for each jacket and each pants plus shipping. Buy the Propper top/bottom set and I'll throw in a new multicam patrol cap for free.
>> No. 10508 ID: 0b4467

Email sent on the AR mags, will take em all if that's ok!
>> No. 10509 ID: a28495
All AR mags are sold, 15-round KCI mags are sold
>> No. 10510 ID: a28495
File 146346441418.jpg - (136.63KB , 768x1024 , eagle and interceptor.jpg )
1) Eagle Rhodesian Recon Vest in Multicam. Unused and LNIB condition. This one is particularly special because it is made from fire-resistant material. Can't really be found on the market anymore. Looking to get $70 plus shipping on this. Great chest rig system.

2) Used Interceptor vest. I kept it away from UV and in climate controlled areas, so although the kevlar is a few years past expiration, it should still be good according to BulletProofMe.com. It can take SAPI plate inserts. Rated Level IIIA. Comes with 2 Regulation Tactical kydex double-stack mag pouches included. Asking $125 plus shipping.
>> No. 10511 ID: a28495
File 146346508186.jpg - (142.75KB , 768x1024 , eagle and pcu.jpg )
1) Eagle padded war belt shell (needs internal riggers belt) and attached H-Harness system. Both in unused condition, multicam, and in fire-resistant fabric. Looking to get $45 plus shipping for the setup

2) Eagle MOLLE padded belt, excellent-condition. This should fit a waist 32-36. Not sure how to price this since this is also not on the market anymore, but looking at comparable items, I'd like to get $35 plus shipping for it.

3) USGI Level 7 Cold-Weather PCU jacket, medium, NIB. This is the real deal. I know it's out of season but this stuff is really good for cold weather. Asking $50 plus shipping.
>> No. 10513 ID: 93e0c7
Size on Multicam Top on the Right?
>> No. 10515 ID: a28495

Medium Regular. Also I checked the tag and the top-right shit is actually labeled Crye Precision so you're in for a treat.
>> No. 10516 ID: a28495
Price Update:

* Primary Arms 3X Magnifier w/ Larue Mount: $130 shipped
* Swift 3-9x scope: $40 shipped
* KCI Glock 33-rd: Take all 4 and I'll price it at $50 shipped
* Suuno XBlack watch: $100 shipped
* Boots: $50 shipped
* Gentex Mich-cut helmet: $150 shipped
* Interceptor w/ pouches: $100 shipped
* Eagle padded MOLLE belt: $30 shipped
* Eagle belt w/ war harness: $35 shipped
* PCU jacket: $50 shipped

Eagle Rhodesian no longer for sale
>> No. 10517 ID: a28495
File 14636124659.jpg - (117.72KB , 768x1024 , OyFTa6bh.jpg )
Ok, I'm too fucking lazy to piece out all of these individually, but I have a large bag-sized assortment of MOLLE pouches and shit I don't want (pic is sample). They're mostly of the Eagle Industries Multicam Fire-Resistant type, but there's a few Pantac (airsoft) ones in there (the tan ones), odds and ends from Regulation Tactical, and some from other reputable brands I bought from SKD. They're a mix of M4 velcro pouches, utility pouches, fast-mag type pistol pouches, hydration carriers, admin pouches, and a couple of other random shit. Also a few web and riggers belts in ranger green. If you'd like more pics, feel free to e-mail me. Most of these pouches are LNIB and unused (tags are still on). I estimate there's over $100 worth of shit in here but the first person to pay $60 shipped gets it. I just need to clear space.
>> No. 10519 ID: a28495
File 146369599826.jpg - (102.87KB , 1024x768 , boxocrap.jpg )
Update to my previous post, here is everything I'm throwing in the box. Again, all this for $60 shipped. All the multicam stuff is made by Eagle Industries and is practically unused. The pistol mag pouches are made for Beretta M9 and similar sized mags. Most of the tan pouches are by Pantac or Regulation Tactical. There's also a few utility pouches and hydration carriers (no bladders).
>> No. 10525 ID: a28495
Items currently SOLD:

* Interceptor
* Box O Crap
* Magnifier
* All AR Mags
* KCI 15-rounders
>> No. 10526 ID: 5f423f
How much would shipping be to Toronto?

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