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Patches and Stickers for sale here

File 146369192432.jpg - (35.57KB , 640x360 , 5473461_01_rainier_arms_upper_receiver_gr_640.jpg )
10518 No. 10518 ID: 1f0f72
So I need to sell an upper. Here it is!
It's got:

Rainier arms match barrel 18 in, 1/8 twist.
Rainier XTC comp (v1)
daniel defense bcg
bcm gunfighter charging handle (medium latch)
Centurion Arms 14 rail, with bag-o-rails and bits.

Can come with optic for extra dollars, GGG bipod for extra dollars

Optic is trijicon TR 23 G w/ german crosshair and Bo-Bro made trijicon mount.

upper 800 shipped insured
Optic and mount 1000 shipped insured
GGG Bipod 150 shipped in a ziploc bag to your location.


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