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File 14668167801.jpg - (151.49KB , 1024x1024 , tadjeanz.jpg )
10541 No. 10541 ID: bec165
TAD Raw denim pantz. They're pretty nice for range stuff, they look like regular jeanz but aren't regular jeans, unfortunately I'm a massive fag and only wear the most exclusive japanese denimz. They're size 32/32 but are vanity sized (or in TAD speak, sized so you can comfortably carry IWB). I bought these for $135 literally only worn them twice. Don't worry, I'll put them through the wash. They do have a slight mark where I got some paint/shit on them somehow which I couldn't scrub out. They're kinda like cargo pants that look like jeans, but have 8 pockets instead of 5, because you never know bro.

Asking $50, these would probably hold up fine as work pants, flexibility is awesome, as well as the reinforced pockets for clipping your TADBRAND TAD $500 folding knives to them in the event you have to INFILTRATE a package INVASIVELY in a INHOSPITABLE ENVIRONMENT. I mean, DISRUPTIVE ENVIRONMENT. YEAH BRO FUCKING PAY ME
>> No. 10545 ID: 1fe078
>Don't worry, I'll put them through the wash.

Don't do this, the whole idea of "raw" denim is to wear it for a while to get some nice wear before giving them a light wash. This reveals the natural fading and patterns that give the jeans that lived in look.
>> No. 10546 ID: bec165

I'm aware, like I said in my post, I'm wearing Samurai 0500xx 15oz right now. These are stretch though, so fading isn't necessarily to be expected, as it won't crease like 100% cotton raws will.

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