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Patches and Stickers for sale here

File 148396245961.jpg - (747.25KB , 1920x475 , SAM_1734.jpg )
10748 No. 10748 ID: 5405f9
i bought a blue force gear chest rig i've been getting more mileage out of than this guy here, so i think it's time to offload this.

it's a size medium, but comes with a size small (28-33") fusion rigger's belt as the inner belt.

i'll throw in the pictured g-code RTI plate with blade tech molle clips, usmc dump pouch, and ats double mag pouch for free.

$80 shipped usps priority to an operator. or shoot an offer.
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>> No. 10750 ID: 5405f9
File 148402313145.jpg - (368.34KB , 1200x900 , SAM_1741.jpg )
here's a pic of the belt hardware.
>> No. 10751 ID: 6ca38e
Yeah...I'm way too fat for your belt, but have a free bump (lol top thread kekekek) while I say I fucking love the raptor buckle I have on mine. Quality fucking piece.
>> No. 10752 ID: 689947
File 148417150588.jpg - (340.01KB , 1920x1200 , YuLFoSM.jpg )

yeah i figure there aren't many other 5'4" azn manlets on opchan like me, but its worth a try.
>> No. 10753 ID: 1503de
Interested but don't get paid until next week
>> No. 10756 ID: 4882bb
How much to ship to Toronto?
>> No. 10758 ID: 5405f9
shoot me an e-mail, bruh.
>> No. 10778 ID: 5405f9
still available.
>> No. 10801 ID: a9e4c4
File 149111834216.jpg - (278.83KB , 1842x2048 , C7mepkoV4AM0m0T_jpg large.jpg )
i'll do $70 shipped to an OPERATOR if CONUS now mang.
>> No. 10811 ID: a28495
E-mail sent.
>> No. 10812 ID: a28495

Not to hijack the thread but what waist size belt do you need? I have one that's too big for me and am willing to offload.
>> No. 10815 ID: 9ae5bb
File 149345713860.jpg - (2.18MB , 2448x3264 , 1485052633704.jpg )

something about a size larger, but i am moving away from war belts so i won't be needing one. thanks for the offer, though!

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