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PBE Shield Stickers and Deagle Boltface Patches On Sale Now!

File 149252436576.jpg - (58.24KB , 960x960 , 1485219101348.jpg )
10806 No. 10806 ID: bec165
Do you want to GIT GUD? Want to SHOOT FAST? Buy this. Will probably bring your Glock trigger pull down to 3lbs or so with no overtravel. Slay motherfuckers like it's going out of style.

sixteh bux.
>> No. 10807 ID: bec165
Okay, sober now. To sum up what this is and what it does. It's a modified Glock trigger bar that is highly polished, a set screw is installed in the front and rear of the trigger shoe to act as a pretravel adjustment and overtravel adjustment. I recommend you use a armorer's backplate to ensure you have safe levels of engagement on the sear/striker. It also has a relocated trigger spring hole, which reduces the stress on the spring a bit more, allowing for a reduction in pull weight. This is also for a small frame Glock.

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