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File 153887439540.jpg - (85.68KB , 779x1024 , 1314814716566.jpg )
10957 No. 10957 ID: 7803b5
Looking for parts to put together an m16a1 upper. Looking for complete upper or separate pieces. Would prefer the 1/12 twist barrel.
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>> No. 10958 ID: 6ca38e
What, you don't want a new-old complete Colt?
>> No. 10961 ID: 008fb3
Email me about a stripped upper.
>> No. 10962 ID: 008fb3

Actually added email this time.
>> No. 10963 ID: 0adccc
File 154072003755.jpg - (968.03KB , 1456x2592 , WP_20151203_001.jpg )
>2300 buckaroos

Oh jeez. I bought a NOS condition A1 parts kit with fsb'd barrel from Sarco back before they were e-sarco for $600, and this was widely regarded being overly expensive.
It really sucks how much gun stuff is "If you bought it pre-2010, it was $5, but now its $500."

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