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File 155760825056.jpg - (508.06KB , 1600x1200 , 005.jpg )
10975 No. 10975 ID: 65ec69
Howdy O P E R A T O R S!

Just wanted to say hi and ask maybe someone in land of the free has some free M33 practice inert "claymore" training devices? I am looking, in order, for these:
-M57 clacker (functioning)
-M10 spool of cable, practice (good condition, complete with practice inert dummy "blasting cap")
-M40 test device
-M33 practice inert "claymore"

Ebay dried up, so wanted to leave a message. Shoot me an email in any case you find the claymore or just want to talk: rtmamba at go2.pl.

Take care buds.
>> No. 10976 ID: 65ec69
SHEEEEEEEEEIT i forgot to mention:
-claymore has to be complete with transport plugs/blasting cap adapters (like in the picture)
-spool has to be complete with not only dummy "blasting cap" but also with this black capped connector
-I look for kit which is complete and in good condition (rubber parts like caps or cap straps are not broken, ruptured or stiff)

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