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Patches and Stickers for sale here

File 133840530117.jpg - (1.47MB , 3072x2304 , 133001067818.jpg )
826 No. 826 ID: 42ca4f
In an effort to reduce the amount of stickies in this board, we're merging the rules sticky and the Buyer/Seller feedback thread.

Rules for /trade/:
In addition to the Global rules, one further rule is added. Do not comment on the price of an item unless you are interested in buying it. If you think the asking price on an item is unfair, it is none of your business unless you are the buyer or seller. Bidding, should the seller ask for bids, is allowed. Caveat Emptor.

Buyer/Seller Feedback:
Please post any and all buyer/seller feedback you have in this thread. You can find the first feedback thread here:
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>> No. 8984 ID: e232ff

+2 right back at ya! Thanks again and enojy!
>> No. 8985 ID: a6b004
+1 for Tracertong, who waited patiently until I got settled here in OR so I could send him cash and have him mail an AK scope mount. Which did arrive promptly.

Now I need a trunkengun-tier red dot sight for it...
>> No. 8993 ID: c3e6b2
File 142082588787.gif - (280.12KB , 500x374 , tumblr_lex48y2m1A1qahz00o1_500.gif )
+1 for Nameless he said item should be here in 10~14 days, stuff showed up in 7 days... from Korea
>> No. 8994 ID: 9402b1
+1 Mammoth. Fast payment and good comms. Enjoy!
>> No. 9040 ID: 48602c
+1 for Hoolahoop. Taco pouches recieved promptly
>> No. 9042 ID: 75e134
File 142175659792.jpg - (15.51KB , 291x382 , 0003-1229339549980.jpg )
right back at you bromigo.
>> No. 9043 ID: aae541
I also forgot to mention a +2 to ColonelKurtz. Very great guy to deal with in spite of technical bullshit on my end. Great seller.

For such a small forum, I have had far more consistent positive deals with OPChanners then anywhere else except the CZForum.
>> No. 9114 ID: aae541
+2 for Nameless. This chache of awesome stuff will be put to great use, the extras and awesome letter/drawing we're all getting a kick out of!

Mad props!
>> No. 9116 ID: 9402b1
+2 Canadafag, good comms. Pleasure working with you. Thanks!
>> No. 9206 ID: 75e134
File 142328887822.jpg - (239.90KB , 1280x693 , l_php.jpg )
+1 for the mammothman, not like he needs it but what a bro.
>> No. 9213 ID: c3e6b2
+1 back to you dude, I got really excited when I saw the cigar tin (oh cool someone send me cancer sticks) but the stickers inside are still cool.

Jesus just the tin people are trying to sell them for $10 off eBay

>> No. 9230 ID: a6b004
+1 for TracerTong. Package arrived earlier than expected.
>> No. 9238 ID: df12a0
+1 for TracerTong. The fuckhuge bag is fucking awesome.
>> No. 9305 ID: c3e6b2
+1 to Ulfhunden for the keys
>> No. 9309 ID: 65c27c
+10 for Mammoth, always very prompt with his payment and communication, a pleasure to deal with everytime.
>> No. 9354 ID: 70a458
+1 5.45_7n6
+1 White Zombie
+1 Soren
>> No. 9362 ID: c550c6
+1 to temper, mags look great!
>> No. 9363 ID: 6bbcf0

+1 to you too for quick payment and communication.
>> No. 9409 ID: c3e6b2
+1 Retro for the NERF booleets and clipz, he also throw in a Glock 17 mag and 9mm ammo case
>> No. 9545 ID: 78a7dc
I never sent a feedback for this. Buckeye was cool and communicated just fine. Also it's a nice bayo.

+1 buckeye

Also if anyone is looking me up I used to go by Red-Ed-Ded in the old feedback thread. Same tripcode I think.
>> No. 9667 ID: af2370
+1 to OperatorMike
>> No. 9678 ID: 65c27c
+1 to AC556guy

Payment was swift, communication was great, very understanding and helpful during the entire transfer process. Hope you enjoy the gun man.
>> No. 9681 ID: 5205a7

Got the gun today. It's beautiful!

+1 to Revived for delivering awesome gun at great price.
>> No. 9715 ID: c3e6b2
+1 to Mango, BCM buffer tube kit came in. I wasn't even expecting it today.
>> No. 9777 ID: cd4a7e
+1 to TheGoddamnBatman
>> No. 9812 ID: f61686
+1 for 80sPornCop, smooth transaction for a high value PVS-14 item. 10/10 would operate with again.
>> No. 9840 ID: f2c4ed
+1 for Jedi Dachshund, bipod arrived promptly and is in great condition.
>> No. 9988 ID: 4c9c56
+1 for temper. refunded my payment instantly when the package never arrived.
>> No. 10053 ID: 4c9c56
File 144386325380.jpg - (36.28KB , 395x600 , 395px-Obama_book.jpg )
+1 for ac556guy
+1 for 80sporncop. thanks again for dealing with my colored people time zone difference.
>> No. 10172 ID: 9c0b51
+1 for hoolahoop

Thanks for the swagtastical pack, duderino. 10/10 would do business with again, etc.
>> No. 10242 ID: 4d876f
+1 Jedi Dachshund
-1 the gun store he shipped from

The PF9 is pretty neat little gun
>> No. 10243 ID: ae87b5

Yeah they fucked up. I shipped two guns that day and they did a great job with one and an unacceptably shitty job with yours. 50% is failing in my book.
>> No. 10255 ID: 9c0b51
File 145283900533.jpg - (356.14KB , 693x1041 , Noveskeeee resize.jpg )
+1 for Revived
>> No. 10293 ID: c3e6b2
+1 to Randalltheflagg as usual for the flashlight
>> No. 10297 ID: 0b4467

+1 to Mammoth for being awesome!
>> No. 10302 ID: 0df305
+1 to R-E-D for hooking it up with the mbus sight. This man is awesome.
>> No. 10427 ID: c1c101
+1 For Judas.

Shipped fast, great communication, I got all the items I requested, and he even threw in some Surefire EP4s. Thanks!
>> No. 10429 ID: b53f4e
+1 for Judas.

Great deal, fast shipping, all around pleasure to deal with.
>> No. 10514 ID: 8a98b2
+1 for Judas.
>> No. 10520 ID: 0b4467
+1 to Tracer Tong, awesome communication and quick shipping!
>> No. 10529 ID: 93e0c7
+1 for TracerTong
>> No. 10575 ID: ad8094
+1 to Cable for speed shipping

Cable's 'paperweight' came in super fast and he gave me the awesome idea of pulling the pin and throw it at the interns on the weekend... so now I wait.
>> No. 10669 ID: 3f5192
+1 to SouthernBro

There where some bumps along the way, but he sent the Elcan along with a few extras in near perfect condition.
>> No. 10694 ID: c550c6
+2 to SouthernBro, great price on the Insight dual pressure switch and an unexpected additional pressure switch was included!
>> No. 10712 ID: ad8094
+1 Southernbro
Package showed up on Black Friday, it was a nice surprise coming to work today.
>> No. 10817 ID: 9ae5bb
+1 for tracertong. 6/5 breddy gud!1
>> No. 10818 ID: a28495
+1 hoolahoop AAAAAAAAA+++++++++++++++++++++++++++ would buy moar stuff to go innawoods with
>> No. 10900 ID: 62ed13
+1 Southernbro
All good stuff, good process. No issues.
>> No. 10906 ID: f5c3ed
+1 for hoolahoop, thanks for the good price on the holster
>> No. 10930 ID: 9d3143
+1 to Mister. He even drove out to meet me :)
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