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Patches and Stickers for sale here

File 133840530117.jpg - (1.47MB , 3072x2304 , 133001067818.jpg )
826 No. 826 ID: 42ca4f
In an effort to reduce the amount of stickies in this board, we're merging the rules sticky and the Buyer/Seller feedback thread.

Rules for /trade/:
In addition to the Global rules, one further rule is added. Do not comment on the price of an item unless you are interested in buying it. If you think the asking price on an item is unfair, it is none of your business unless you are the buyer or seller. Bidding, should the seller ask for bids, is allowed. Caveat Emptor.

Buyer/Seller Feedback:
Please post any and all buyer/seller feedback you have in this thread. You can find the first feedback thread here:
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>> No. 1574 ID: 9df9b5
+1 for Sir Richard Mango. Drove 3 hours each way to meet up for our transaction, was early, and bought me lunch afterwards.
>> No. 1575 ID: 388296
+1 for Cap, for selling me a complete, quality upper at an insanely low price, that allowed me to complete my PBEAR.

+1 for RandalltheFlagg for pouches galore at prices that milsurp stores would balk at.

+1 for Mammoth for including free pron with purchase.
>> No. 1584 ID: e136de
These aren't for recent transactions, just ones that I've done during my time here, hope that's ok.

+1 For CC, we pretty much all know he's a bro.

+1 For Randall for helping me get some parts for my next build

+1 For FrankenGun. He sold me a mag and at the time my paypal was being dildos, he was patient while I got it un-intercoursed.
>> No. 1585 ID: 908b08
+1 Kain. He's bro-tier
+1 for Mr. R.D. I can't remember if he tripped or not. Bought a mini-MAV from him. Super fast shipper and excellent coms.
+1 PBE Store
>> No. 1598 ID: 0e7053
Can't remember all the specific transactions, and if there's anyone I forgot, sorry!

+5 for ConcernedCitizen
+1 for Cap
+1 for NSWG
+1 for Sous_estime
+1 for Frankengun
+1 for RabbitKiller
+1 for RedRaptor
+1 for PBE Store
+1 for Jedi-Daschund
+1 for Rogue

...I know there's probably one or two more but can't remember :\
>> No. 1604 ID: 21dbd0
i don't know if OscarMike still posts, but a +2 for him for shipping over one of those original PBE patches all the way to pangoland for me.
>> No. 1687 ID: a0ea60

I still post, mostly just browse though

oh and I post as OperatorMike now.
>> No. 1767 ID: c16ca9
File 134802522383.jpg - (44.33KB , 549x336 , Surprised House.jpg )
I know I can't DOX someone here so I'll give enough clue for people to watch out for this OPERATOR (he doesn't trip or name) he use to live in AZ which has been to one of the range me where serv and CC are both there. He also drove 4hrs from AL to one of the GA OpChan Range Meet with his fiancee too. I even bought them dinner like I said if they make the 4hr journey. Back in Taclink he posted his new born son and BTDT had edit the picture to cover up baby's ding-a-lang.

This show I've know him before this last incident
On May 11 he ask me to buy a stock for him off GunBroker and ship it to AZ and he said he will send a check include the shipping (he moved back to AZ from AL at the time). The stock made it there and I confirm that he received it, check never came.

Few weeks later he went dark, changed his cell phone and deactivated his Facebook so I couldn't get in touch with him at all. He hinted there was some trouble with his fiancee at the time so I let it pass.

July 27 I came across a Facebook page which looks like him and I message the person and turns out it was him and he even said: (He thought his ex-fiancee has paid for the stock already)

"Ah yeah, she said she did that already, like forever ago. Can't really say sorry about that since it wouldn't mean much, no excuse for it.
Just don't tell her about my FB if you will. Also, you been doing ok?
And I want you to know didn't "evade" you because I owe you money."

Still didn't see any money after that.

Stepember 9 - I send the last message to him:

"OPERATOR this is the last time I am going to hound you on this - about the money for the stock. Reply and let me know what you plan on doing about it, if not that would give me a clear answer also."

Still no reply so I've given up on this whole thing.

TL:DR - an OPERATOR lives in AL/AZ ask me to buy a stock for him and never pay me back. He knows quiet a few people on here so just want to make sure someone doesn't get jibbed.
>> No. 1790 ID: 238df7
+1 for Lulzmacher. Quick on communications and shipping. My KAC panels came in a USPS envelope with bubble wrap on the inside. Everything was well protected.

...there wasn't a love note, though...
>> No. 1792 ID: 644062
+1 for temper.

hes the man who sold me the upper that allowed me to build this. god speed sir, god speed.
>> No. 1799 ID: c52779
>...there wasn't a love note, though...
oh, I'm sorry. :(

I've been selling shit on eBay and trying to keep my clients and customers separate is hard :(
>> No. 1855 ID: f2e3bc
Alright, lets see if I can remember everyone I've dealt with recently.

+1 Soren
+1 Mammoth
+1 Vautikos
+1 Temper
+1 senseless
+2 PanamaJack <- This dude tipped me $5.63!

And a shout out to starduks/txoperator who In a round about way got me me BC bcg and ch. Temper was looking to sell the complete upper and starduks/txoperator offered to buy it sans the aforementioned parts, thanks again man.
>> No. 1862 ID: ef2acf

+1 to both of these guys, great buyers.
>> No. 1889 ID: ffba8d
Well you did hold on to it for me, much appreciated.
>> No. 2064 ID: 66f708
+1 for jedi
>> No. 2065 ID: 1524b0
Man I feel like I've made a lot of deals on here... where to start. All numbers approximate. I've never had a deal go bad dealing with OPERATORS.

+9001 for ConcernedCitizen
+9001 for Frankengun

+10 for Penis_

+2 for RandalltheFlagg

+1 for NSWG

Can't think of others off the top of my head but I do a lot of business with you guys.
>> No. 2066 ID: 1524b0
-1 for Jedi Dachshund until I ship the camera Penis_ bought from me, it's been sitting and it isn't even the color he wanted originally and he's been a bro and hasn't bugged me about it. It eats at me though and it will until it's safely on its way.
>> No. 2124 ID: d25830
+1 Frankengun, fast shipping, items in described condition
+1 Predator, same story
>> No. 2147 ID: ffba8d
File 135079723045.png - (546.89KB , 400x857 , t272234_t266009_OperatorAsFuck.png )
+Everything to CC.
+2 to RTF, continuing that number as well for basically being one of my go to guys for gear related things.
>> No. 2150 ID: f76cee
+1 for TracerTong, fast shippng and hell of a price for an IFAK
>> No. 2159 ID: e362c5
So, forgot to post the obligatory +1 awesome to ConcernedCitizen for being a top-tier OPERATOR.
>> No. 2181 ID: e362c5
+1 for Whiskey_Mike. Dude shipped fast, once I gave him my address, and the paypal cleared.
>> No. 2222 ID: 470528
Should have posted this a week ago, but...
+1 randall, everything came the way it should and fast too.
>> No. 2259 ID: 306f5d
File 135117805674.jpg - (76.47KB , 1024x768 , IMG00438-20121025-0859.jpg )
+2 to tacocat for his patience in receiving payment as well as quick shipping, as well as the extra goodies. Money well spent, and I'll have to break out the Ronsonol again.
>> No. 2325 ID: 595540
+2 White Zombie, he's a true american hero with good prices and fast shipping!
>> No. 2596 ID: 4cadab
this is positive feedback for nordic
>> No. 2699 ID: ffba8d
+3 to White Zombie.
Got it here faster than I expect.
Sent extra goodies
Held it for me.
>> No. 2705 ID: 31dbc9

Well, in all fairness, you did send me more dough than I expected. Seemed only fair to throw in some useful stuff, bro.
>> No. 2718 ID: c3e6b2
+1 to Dick Mango for the Surefire 951, speedy shipping, pay on Thursday and stuff came in Saturday.

+2 to Randalltheflagg for sending extras for Amnesty International, I send funds to make up for the extra cost for shipping.
>> No. 2752 ID: 668576
+1 to SDL!!qvLJWxMQuy

Paid me quickly, quietly, and was a good sport about the holiday weekend complicating shipping.
>> No. 2754 ID: a468a6
Great deal on a great optic, with a great mount. Very well packaged. Would not hesitate to do business with Frankengun again.

Thanks again!
>> No. 2766 ID: a232c0
File 135292921756.jpg - (1.71MB , 3264x1840 , 2012-11-14_15-15-49_301.jpg )
+2 for Mango the mags arrived as the oracle predicted. Also he individually wrapped them in printer paper, way more care than I would have given.

It is a pity I will never get to use them because my cats have claimed ownership of them. Seriously, did you ship these soaked in catnip extract or something?
>> No. 2771 ID: 388296

Mango draws all the pussy.
>> No. 2852 ID: f5af69
File 135348754650.jpg - (158.32KB , 1153x784 , 1294658265013.jpg )

+1 to Ech0Sierra.
He shipped everything pronto and nicely packed (dem packing air pouch things) even though it was ammo and gave me proper tracking. Ech0 was a gentleman to deal with, and I would buy from him again.
>> No. 2857 ID: b93bdd
+1 CHairbornRanger!8hJN.0fZt.

"Awesome guy" sums it up
>> No. 2929 ID: 316209
+1 for PanamaJack

Payment showed up all speedy like.
>> No. 2931 ID: ffba8d
I went into the past to send money to the future.
>> No. 2949 ID: c3e6b2
More +1 for Buckeye and Jedi Dachshund

Both speedy shipping, laser works great just doesn't fit the Glock :( . If someone say the leg drop holster is brand new I'd believe them, that's how nice it came in.

Thank you guys both.
>> No. 2954 ID: b6144f
+1 for the mango man, railz arrived in good order.
>> No. 2996 ID: 13dc78
+1 to Pants on being accommodating to a funky schedule
>> No. 3003 ID: c6755d


No thank YOU! Mammoth +1. Super fast payment and comms.

Also, he helped my girlfriend a while before I even had a trip with computer troubles, probably like 2 years ago now. So another +1 for that.
>> No. 3004 ID: 0e7053
+1 to OPERATOR >>2972

Fast communication and shipping, great price!
>> No. 3077 ID: a0d79e
+many concernedcitizen
+many jayfl
+2 majormaxillary
+1 white zombie
+1 whiskey mike

had nothing but great deals here.
>> No. 3078 ID: c52779
A+++++++++++++++++++++ Panama Jack
>> No. 3115 ID: 388296

+1 for Attack Badger, for 20-rounder mags
>> No. 3157 ID: 225085

Sith ShihTzu +1120210210
camera works confirm for working

also more pink than I remember -1120210209
>> No. 3162 ID: 388296
+1 for Frankengun ad Jedi Dachshund for mailing product during the busy holiday season, meaning that shit got to me on/around Christmas. Fuck yeah!
>> No. 3176 ID: 29c06e
+1 for AirCav, PF9 arrived in good order
>> No. 3248 ID: ffba8d
+1 for whoever I bought the FSBE from.
>> No. 3319 ID: 6cb2b7
+2 to Randalltheflagg. LBT RRV and IFAK goodies recieved 48 hours after payment was sent. Would give money to again.
>> No. 3322 ID: 127be7
+1 to Randalltheflagg. SPC arrived safe and sound in great shape!
>> No. 3333 ID: 7787f2
+1 to cable, thanks for the holster, and it should go without saying +1 to mammoth
>> No. 3350 ID: 6fced1
+1 to SurplusSoria
+1 to Cable
Pending my vest arriving, +1 to RandallTheFlag.
>> No. 3358 ID: 3d9375
+1 to OPERATOR ID: aa0d42 for great deal on a stock in times of scarcity
+2 RandallTheFlag for gear giveaway, much appreciated.

All I can think of at the moment.
>> No. 3376 ID: 6fced1
File 135846139011.jpg - (2.03MB , 4288x3216 , I have body armor now.jpg )
Plus to the motherfucking ONE for RTF.

Chaos is fucked.
>> No. 3379 ID: 388296

Given your skinny-ness, that armor works very well for you.
>> No. 3380 ID: 6fced1
I'd prefer it to be longer, I'm too tall for it to really cover much of me. It covers the heart and lungs, but I wouldn't mid it going down a bit further and covering most of my guts as well.

Still, it'd be the difference between the hospital and the morgue, and that's what I'm hoping for.
>> No. 3381 ID: 388296

Well, you could always turn side-on to your attacker, and present the silhouette of a beanpole... =D

Also, before I forget, another +1 to RTF for helping me find, appraise and purchase an item.
>> No. 3394 ID: 743e27
File 135855531827.jpg - (1.08MB , 3264x1836 , IMG_20130118_192127_148.jpg )
+1 for cable, a $5 case for a $70 gun. Bonus utility knife appreciated
>> No. 3398 ID: 374e02
+1 to Kayaman

Excellent OD Green Condor Plate Carrier for half of what he paid for.

Even threw in some mag pouches, a CamelBak bladder container, a Condor map pack thing, and an ALICE LBV for free.
>> No. 3413 ID: c52779
File 13587906248.jpg - (1.45MB , 2592x1944 , 2013-01-21 11_47_32.jpg )
10/10 would mammoth and kayaman and breach again
>> No. 3462 ID: 7be8d1
Would Mammoth again, 10/10, A++++ seller, etc.
>> No. 3468 ID: 388296
File 135909700197.jpg - (12.13KB , 222x206 , Thumbs-Up-1-1.jpg )
+1 to Predator for speedy communication/transaction/shipment; truly out-of-this-world service.
>> No. 3471 ID: ffba8d
+20 for Mammoth for being wooly bro of mammoth proportions.
>> No. 3485 ID: 3c75d0
Not that it needs to be said again but Mammoth is a pleasure to deal with, would trade/buy from again without hesitation.
>> No. 3513 ID: cba2f6
File 135932728714.jpg - (450.97KB , 1536x2048 , CAM00049.jpg )
+6 To jimmbo for the smooth magazine trade.
+5 to Predator for the x6 mag pouch and...... artwork...
>> No. 3515 ID: 470528
Glad you like the artwork lol
>> No. 3536 ID: c3e6b2
File 135957731085.jpg - (2.12MB , 3264x2448 , dmz25_PIC_0521.jpg )
+1 §neakyGit - paid back the money he needed to get him by till G.I. Bill money came in. Didn't want to make a new thread to clog up /t/

To all the people who bought sights, thank you for putting a little extra and that covered all the packaging cost and shipping cost.
>> No. 3576 ID: ec87e7
File 135975801767.jpg - (15.26KB , 219x226 , Ya Lyublyuv2.jpg )
+1 to Tim Eales

Our trade hit a couple of speed bumps but we were able to work out a deal. He's a very reasonable guy. Would do business with him again.

Thank you again for being flexible and reasonable Tim.
>> No. 3588 ID: 082f3a
+1 for Predator.
Mask was shipped out within the day, and was very polite to deal with. Definitely would repeat transaction. Thanks!
>> No. 3589 ID: 66ea01
+1 to Predator. The chest rig was everything I wanted and more, and his shipping/comms were great.
>> No. 3663 ID: b13ceb
+1 for OPERATOR ID:1e58ef
>> No. 3705 ID: 6b29aa
+1 for Operator 6cb2b7: Good deal on 3 FAL mags, threw in a neat little gift for the slight delay (And it was still a very speedy and prompt service), was quick to respond. 10/10 would operate with.
>> No. 3724 ID: c3e6b2
+1 Revived for the AK74
>> No. 3727 ID: 344ff6
+ 1 for RandalltheFlagg for a great price and super fast shipping.
>> No. 3756 ID: 41a524
+1 Jedi for being patient while I learned how to ship firearms
+1 Tim C, CS, EB and NSWG for the quick payment and rapid response to emails.
>> No. 3828 ID: 35ab83
Take back my - votes for Rabbidpossum.
Finally got back in touch with him, got the situation worked out, and got the gun back looking GREAT, havent fired yet, but everything looks g2g!
>> No. 3859 ID: 9af714
+1 to Mammoth for mags, pleasure to do business with you.
>> No. 3869 ID: ffba8d
+2 for SouthernBro.
>> No. 3873 ID: 8adb5a
+1 for SouthernBro
>> No. 3896 ID: abc3b8
+1 RandallTheFlagg, fast payment, good communication.
>> No. 3947 ID: b93bdd
+1 to SouthernBro, a bro tier operator
>> No. 3949 ID: ffba8d
+3 for Southernbro
Got my girlfriends rig finished.

I need a new gun now lol.
>> No. 3962 ID: 61608e
+1 for aircav. Excellent communication!
>> No. 3980 ID: 5adb5b
+1 for Kain, fast shipping and good stuff.
>> No. 4014 ID: 2b8013
File 136242848631.png - (25.06KB , 299x285 , warning-sign-bl-bg-md.png )
Beware of this individual, he has scammed at least two people here on OPchan:

Name: Aaron Morrison (Aaron Matzah Morrison)
Born: 1992
Location: AZ and/or AL
Email: deviant.melancholy@facebook.com
AIM: gecellophane

If you receive any B/S/T offers from somebody that could fit this description, be careful. You can also get in touch with a staff member via IRC and we can run some additional checks.
>> No. 4038 ID: d6f745
Ditto. Got my camera two days after I paid him. He even sent it with fresh batteries.

>> No. 4042 ID: 3946fa
Lol I just realized I forgot to take down the picture of my cat as the start up screen...meant to do that before I shipped. Enjoy I guess!

Thank you both for your purchases and kind reviews.
>> No. 4048 ID: d6f745
It was a strange potpourri of gear, self-shots airsoft and airplanes. I just assumed the cat was a stock picture and part of the normal camera startup. I'm keeping it
>> No. 4049 ID: 9df9b5
Ah, well, if you'd be so kind as to wipe any of the self shots (I doubt any are flattering). The gear shots and what not I'm not worried about, of course.
>> No. 4051 ID: 369cb3
+2 to Tim-O for being a kewl kewl dude and hooking me up with what I need to finish my PBE AR.
>> No. 4082 ID: 5f92a9
File 136288336955.jpg - (1.90MB , 3264x1840 , IMAG0205_BURST002.jpg )
+2 for GretchenBlackthorn

His two trauma shears came in quick and also included were two free info/trading cards about the M1A1 Abrams and the Patriot Missile System as well as a Cascadia pin to rock Cascadia pride@!
>> No. 4109 ID: 6b29aa
+1 and +1 for ID: 625098. Quick and prompt, very considerate, was willing to pay prior to me sending out the package. Reminder I think that as much as our tripfriends are solid and reliable people, we've a legion of 'nameless' balacava clad operators who exemplify the same virtues that make this site worth inhabiting!
>> No. 4129 ID: af5bc4
+1 to ConcernedCitizen

Prompt payment, would do business with again.
>> No. 4153 ID: 6efaef
File 136347351990.jpg - (340.44KB , 3264x1836 , etGqJlj.jpg )
+1 for GretchenBlackthorn, shears arrived and are of advertised quality.

It's amazing how things addressed to "Wienerdog Kenobi" still somehow make it to me.
>> No. 4159 ID: def249
File 136356732571.jpg - (281.37KB , 899x1300 , 1321730736646.jpg )
+1 to Lulzmacher

would receive assorted bits of scrap metal from again.
>> No. 4208 ID: 6efaef
+1 to Cable, Sig Mosquito arrived in good order.
>> No. 4209 ID: 53f514
+1 Sausage K9 Skywalker

for being the opchan embodiment of Saint Cajetan.
>> No. 4212 ID: c3e6b2
File 136396415137.jpg - (1.93MB , 2592x1944 , DSC05288.jpg )
+1 to Tim-O sending me (not my) XM193 ammo for testing AR500 plate. He donated for OPERATOR SCIENCE!!!

Pic related

P.S. - I deleted the old post to correct spelling, damn it I am retarded
>> No. 4223 ID: 369cb3
I gotta agree with Tim-O being excellent.
>> No. 4251 ID: 374e02
+1 to Frankengun for being cool as fuck. Got mah mags today!
>> No. 4258 ID: 2698a6


I got mine today as well.
>> No. 4311 ID: 0b484f
a0d79e (initials: BW) got me some M3 PMags and a Troy rear sight for crazy cheap. A true bro for sure.
>> No. 4344 ID: ffc715
+1 Omegis, man of his word
>> No. 4357 ID: 61608e
Another +1 for Jedi
>> No. 4370 ID: 43e409
Some feedbacks I need to get out of the way...

+2 Mammoth for two batches of KAC sights
+1 Randalltheflagg for plate carrier, AR500, and chest rig
+1 Revived for the WASR
+1 Jedi Dachshund for the bipod and MOE handguard
+2 Frankengun for two baches of AR mags
+1 Meloncat for the Bulgi waffle mags

I really love that we have such a trustworthy community.
>> No. 4385 ID: 5adb5b
Another +1 for Frankengun
>> No. 4397 ID: ca0415
+1 Jedidachshund, AC556guy, and Operator ID d2a076.

Prompt payment, enjoy your items.
>> No. 4398 ID: ca0415
+1 RearAdmiral as well.
>> No. 4403 ID: 369cb3
+2 to Randall for very persuasive pricing, smooth transaction, and the extra bit tossed in. This should complement the TAG Spartan II I bought from cap two years ago, ver
>> No. 4506 ID: da4d98
File 136649783611.jpg - (302.96KB , 1689x2362 , Original_Mauser_Waffen_poster_plakat_medium.jpg )
+1 to AC556guy for a smooth transaction in purchasing my Springfield 1903. Would operate with again.
>> No. 4524 ID: 64dfb7
+1 for Cliffhanger

I got my MOE stock today along with a sticker.
>> No. 4526 ID: 2e023e
+1 for mammoth and Randalltheflagg. Good stuff from both.
>> No. 4551 ID: da4d98
Oh yeah, I should +1 Mammoth for the good deal on the KAC BUIS, forgot to do that. Thanks a lot!
>> No. 4590 ID: 3929c3
+1 to Randall for expeditious service
>> No. 4627 ID: 2e023e
+1 Lulzmacher
>> No. 4633 ID: c3e6b2
This isn’t a point system review more of a recall of experience buying stuff from rogue

I bought the Mega Arms monolithic upper from rogue, it was a complete upper and jayfl is buying the barrel. jayfl recommended send the upper to ADCO to have it taken apart and send the approached parts to us. I added the stipulation of delivery date before 3/26 (it’s my birthday and the upper is a present from me to myself).

After figuring out the final price of our items, I paid rogue in full via Paypal on 3/5/13, so instead of sending it off to ADCO rogue decided to drop it off to local gunsmith to have it taken apart.

> 3/22
I sent him a text, a friendly reminder, to see if the upper has been sent out

“So the barrel and upper looks good? Not sure if you sent stuff out already if not I’ll take the brake too send funds over once you drop me an email” – No reply

> 3/28
another text
“So did the upper get shipped out?” this time he reply

Rogue “ Negative only thing holding me back is the cash to pay for smith and shipping, jayfl Paypal money will come in tomorrow, the upper is taken apart and cleaned by the smith. Sorry about the delay I’ll send you pic of receipt on shipping, will be done tomorrow I promise”
Me “Ok I sent you $50 over by PayPal is that enough for the smith?”
Rogue “jayfl covered it all”

Same day on Facebook because he lost his phone

Rogue “ya i did im throwing it in for you for free since i didn't get the fucker shipped

Me “That's fine I'll send the money over

Rogue “what money? you don't owe me anything im slacking on my end of the bargain lol”

Me ”na dude that brake is like $100 and you are selling for $50 it's fine the upper doesn't get here before Tuesday I am busy working on my AK's furniture”

Rogue ”how long does it take to get to GA? b/c i can rush that thing”

Me ”dude just ground don't need to over night”

Rogue “alright but im still sending you that brake and some other stuff my fault for trying to get my smith to get the shit done but it took him a bit for the upper he got the brake off but took him 2-3 days”

Me “it's cool dude just take your time”

Rogue “i just feel pressured and bad for not doing it sooner lol and thanks for your patience, this is probably the shittiest transaction i'v edone with any other operator”

> 3/29
Rogue “money came through gonna go to USPS and ship todayksi”

> 3/30
he sent me a message on Facebook along with picture of taken apart upper

> 4/3
another reminder asking if he send the stuff out but this reply is just gold

Rogue “Sorry for the long ass wait been putting it off due to lack of funds, work and partying” I am not making this up

> 4/12
The upper showed up ship it in a M249 barrel bag, plus one 20 round metal AK mag and one KAC rail panel but he forgot the barrel nut, a proprietary barrel nut from Mega Arms.

> 4/19
he said he is going to send the barrel nut out

> 4/27
Barrel nut finally arrived along with one Magpul XTM panel and 2 piece of ladder rail cover.

The AAC 51T Brakeout also but the gunsmith fucked it up really badly and rogue has indirectly refunded me the money by selling it to Omegis and Omegis paid the $50 (rogue sold the comp for that price to me) + $7 to cover shipping cost.

I bought a MATech sight from him before and it took a month or so for him to send it to me, granted he was in the process of moving
>> No. 4638 ID: c52779
10/10, RedRaptor. came fast, packed well, and god damn speedfeed I love you
>> No. 4706 ID: 8d19a6
As if RandallTheFlagg needs anymore more ratings...but +1, always easy to deal with and flexible.
>> No. 4739 ID: ddfe98
+1 for cliffhanger.
-1 for USPS.

Quick shipping although USPS lost the package. Very quick responses in emails and followups. Getting a PBE patch instead and cannot wait for it's arrival. Will definitely work with him again.
>> No. 4776 ID: c3e6b2
File 136811609954.jpg - (1.33MB , 2136x2848 , 1368114260320.jpg )
+1 for Randalltheflagg fast shipping

Pic unrelated just something pleasant everyone can enjoy
>> No. 4780 ID: dc05ef
Need to leave some more feedback.

+1 Randalltheflagg for the Blackhawk buttpack
+1 Mammoth for Rogue's fucked up muzzle brake
+1 Rogue for the tritium backup iron sight

All shipped promptly and communicated excellently. Rogue even shipped before money was sent in light of some of the issues with his other recent transactions.
>> No. 4781 ID: 601156
I've dealt with too many guys to remember them all, but suffice to say I've never had a bad dealing with an OPERATOR on here, here's the most recent ones:

+1 to Omegis
+1 to Mammoth
+1 to Weissritter
+1 to CC
+1 to ColonelKurtz
+1 to RedRaptor

Again, those are just the most recents, and if I'm forgetting anyone, sorry!
>> No. 4785 ID: 098d03
+ 1 for sloperator quick shipping selling me some blackhawk and TAD pants - was a pleasure to deal with.
>> No. 4800 ID: 369cb3
+2 to AirCav. I feel a little bit more satisfied in life knowing that the ability to reload awaits me on the day I finally come home.
>> No. 4819 ID: 388296
+1 to Zikimos for speedy delivery and quality product!
>> No. 4827 ID: 374e02
+1 to AirCav. Fast as hell shipping!

Thanks bro.
>> No. 4849 ID: 6efaef
+1 to AirCav for meeting all of my signaling needs.
>> No. 4876 ID: 12daff
+2 to aircav, thanks for the A1 goodies and my bitz box thanks you for the small extras. im half afraid to try the japanese candy tho...
>> No. 4877 ID: e1bdd6

It's a little weird but its not that bad. Some sort of lychee coffee blend thing with maybe a hint of ginger. Goes well with chinese cartoons.

+1 for IHC, JediDachshund, PhoenixPhart, ConcernedCitizen and Zutroy for rapid payment and good communication
>> No. 4878 ID: 8d19a6
Got some nice gloves from sloperator, good communication, too.
>> No. 5059 ID: fe5ece
+69 to DAT for selling me a neato AMD and being triple bromigo deluxe for my late payments.
>> No. 5124 ID: d444df
+1 each to RTF, NSWG, and JD
Good comms, and fast shipping/payment

+10 each to Romanov and Aircav
Romanov for making a great product
Aircav for dealing with my bullshit.

Thanks, bros.
>> No. 5158 ID: d8c70e
+1 to Lebedev
Good guy, product, etc.
>> No. 5176 ID: 4758d6
+1 to zutroy the mighty on fast everything.
>> No. 5229 ID: 4c8264
+1 for Frankengun, package received promptly and wrapped with care.

+1 for Alpha Hotel Actual (formerly A2H Actual), payment received promptly.

10/10 would operate with
>> No. 5310 ID: 690c11
+1 to buckeye
>> No. 5330 ID: 4758d6
+1 to Frankengun. Good stuff, good delivery.
>> No. 5353 ID: 388296
File 13727103508.jpg - (1.58MB , 2000x1500 , DSC_1539.jpg )
+1 to RTF, as usual.
>> No. 5354 ID: c23ff0
+1 to the Goddamned Batmat
>> No. 5375 ID: 06f96c
+1 to Attack Badger, Great to deal with as always, despite the USPS stealing my mail.
>> No. 5395 ID: b753b1
Got the upper in today. +1 to Attack Badger for hooking a young operator up.
>> No. 5407 ID: 388296
+1 to FULLMETALJACKET. Fair price; clear, consistent comms. Would buy from again.
>> No. 5488 ID: 1ca656
+1 to TheGoddamnBatman.
>> No. 5510 ID: 39d4a6
+1 to Randalltheflagg. Good transaction and he shipped fast.
>> No. 5599 ID: 6efaef
+1 to CaselessPriapism

It's a shame you felt you needed to sell, but everything went smoothly and this rifle is TITS
>> No. 5639 ID: e508eb
Just bought rear sight from Mammoth, would give monnies again.

>+1 to mammoth
>> No. 5660 ID: 3c75d0
+1 to Predator, shipped same day as payment, received his Eagle SPC within 2 days of payment. The SPC is as described and comes with the items he mentioned.
>> No. 5830 ID: 6efaef
File 137703955338.jpg - (409.54KB , 1836x3264 , uy1xwIB.jpg )
+1 to Bushwacker, scope is pretty nice. Needs a new lens cover though... why the fuck did you draw that on there.

+1 to Frankengun, mag thingy arrived and is already on my belt.
>> No. 6028 ID: c3e6b2
File 137770922421.jpg - (151.73KB , 729x972 , female rhinoceros beetle.jpg )
Not sure I need to add on to how awesome ConcernedCitizen is but fast shipping and everything awesome.
>> No. 6088 ID: 2e023e
+1 for ConcernedCitizen, because he totally needs more good feedback.
>> No. 6100 ID: d444df
Oh, shit, forgot to +1 Frankengun. 5/5 transaction.

And a +1 to Concerned Citizen. Bastard drove halfway across town to meet me, and threw in some extras. I owe him a beer.
>> No. 6119 ID: b9b281
As usual, ConcernedCitizen +9,001.
>> No. 6154 ID: 86a262
+1 for AirCav, always excellent to deal with
>> No. 6188 ID: 194206
What this fellow said +1 AirCav
>> No. 6212 ID: 0a916b
-1 AirCav, took way too long getting the lower shipped out.

Sincerely, AirCav
>> No. 6223 ID: 585821

It's OK, I'll give you a +1 for the good deal and an opportunity to own my very own PBEAR. It will be put to good use and kept in a good home. I doubt I will ever let it get out my hands, or the hands of a fellow OpChanner.

+1 AirCav
>> No. 6298 ID: 06f96c
I also give AirCav a +1
>> No. 6318 ID: 0a916b

+1 to everyone who bought something from my last thread: Jedi, Mammit, Syntax Error, Operator 9dee9c. All payments arrived promptly and everyone was very easy to deal with. 10/10 would sell shit to again.
>> No. 6362 ID: e914df
File 138068774511.jpg - (6.39KB , 194x194 , 120216075518.jpg )
+2 to AirCav:
1 point for putting up with the delay on building his AK-74
1 point for sending out the P38 same day he picked up the AK-74

but -4 for state of AZ:

2 point for takes 7 business day to ship the Walther P38 from AZ to GA but it only took 5 days to ship the AK-74 from GA to AZ.

(this is unrelated to AirCav)
2 more point, J&G sales based in AZ said they were going to sent out the right package on Monday didn't do still Thursday and the package won't get here till next Wednesday.
>> No. 6364 ID: f5a27c
+1 to SurplusSoria. Did a face-to-face sale with him this past weekend, all went well (and I totally scored a Geissele SSA for dirt cheap with his help).
>> No. 6397 ID: 0a916b

I forgot a +1 to GretchenBlackthorn/DouglasFir/TheGretch

I think a lot of that 2 day delay is that the guy at my FFL (other Steve) is new, he was the guy that (better steve) used to outsource his kydex projects to and he'd never handled an outgoing FFL transfer before. Better Steve got the last pistol I sent out through them in the pipeline the next day, Worse Steve probably called Better Steve to find out how its done resulting in more of a delay.

I have , in the past, become so "fuck this shit" in regards to J&G I took the 8 hour round trip up to their facility to pick up the CZ-82 and the P38/P1 you've got in your hands right now. They'll work with you and hang on to a gun that's now officially "out of stock" for an unreasonable amount of time, and if they fuck up they'll fix it, but they have a well deserved reputation of taking the 2 really good magazines provided by the importer and replacing them with their wonkiest piece of shit mag that will fit, and then selling the 2 good mags seperately. You'll get what you order, and it will generally be in good shape. The price will be pretty fair. They're not entirely shady, they're just %40 of the way there.
>> No. 6474 ID: e62ca9
Item was as described shipping was crazy fast, friendly clear and responsive communication and a great price.

Buy with confidence.
>> No. 6479 ID: ee1c7f
++++Soren Dacovale WOULD OPCHAN AGAIN

Seriously though, even from half a world away he managed to send me his PBE MKI lower, and it came in much faster than anticipated.
>> No. 6484 ID: c6755d
+1 to txoperator/starduks.

I hope you really enjoy the new grip!
>> No. 6489 ID: 4e02d2
+50 to Kain and Soren.

You guys made my year!
>> No. 6505 ID: 589c3b
+1 for buckeye

Thanks for the trade!
>> No. 6521 ID: 6f90c9
+1 to Kain for sending payment even though I wasn't sure if I'd be able to send the lower until I go home.

Heh, so you're the lucky one that gets it, Kain mentioned it was a gift for an OPERATOR. Happy to have been of help, bro.
>> No. 6548 ID: d5e5a4
+1 danderdude/leadbaron

Sent him lots of .38 special brass, got some nice-looking reloads back for a good price and fast turnaround time.
>> No. 6584 ID: 44b264
+1 to Blackjack

MS3 sling arrived fast and he was nice enough to put a bubble bag to fill the space for the set rate box (I don't know why he would do that for a sling)
>> No. 6591 ID: 0dd14d

+1 to Mammoth for fast payment and good comms.

I don't like the sound of packages rattling, and I had some bags lying around after a shipment of primers.
>> No. 6619 ID: 449869
+1tiggle. Fast payment etc.
>> No. 6622 ID: c3e6b2
File 138454858040.jpg - (2.21MB , 2592x1944 , DSC05568.jpg )
+1 to JD fast shipping, package showed up 1 day before USPS' website says.

Also already combined it with the "Raptor Buckle" ('Murrican bootleg of the Cobra Buckle)

>> No. 6624 ID: 166b95
I too got a Raptor, put it on my Emdom CM belt. Damn fine buckle. Way better than the snapdragon it came with.
>> No. 6628 ID: 4d43bd
File 138457928421.jpg - (37.75KB , 480x360 , 1383616_10201084195930662_1369337784_n.jpg )
+1 to frankengun. Deal went smoothly and gave me a great deal on some magazines.

Long overdue +1 to Бешеная опоссума (Mr. Moonspeak to me) for giving me a solid deal on this sexy furniture for my mossberg 500. Took a while to ship but he's a busy man and he threw in some sweet extras to make up for it.
>> No. 6692 ID: c6755d
File 138509332722.jpg - (93.40KB , 307x600 , image.jpg )
+another 1 to concernedcitizen.
>> No. 6701 ID: 236235
+1 to Rogue, BCM BCG received in good order, helmet cover packing material held up well.
>> No. 6713 ID: 388296
+1 to Nameless, for very prompt service from SoKor.
>> No. 6718 ID: 16a844
+1 to tankxtoke

Got the pouches today
>> No. 6722 ID: c3e6b2
+1 to Nameless fast shipping from Korea and he throw in couple patches
>> No. 6724 ID: 744e08
+1 to Reed Loachvaks, the Aimpoint was packed well and matched as described.
>> No. 6752 ID: 3ee1ef
Exact same experience with me. Nameless is g2g
>> No. 6755 ID: d8fdab
+1 Tigs, Bouncer, Mammoth, and NSWG...all fast payment, good comms. Thanks all!>>6752
>> No. 6886 ID: 43d68d
+1 for 762x54arrr so far, excellent communication to this point. Will provide further feedback upon successful conclusion of business. I've bonered a few quick shipping situations, and with the holiday season I'm confident this will still shake itself out satisfactorily.
>> No. 7009 ID: c6755d
+1 to R-E-D.

I should've checked my email more often. Way better at communicating than I am.

Hope you enjoy the bayonet R-E-D :)
>> No. 7028 ID: 91e16a
+1 for buckeye. Kept in touch, followed up well, and my knoif came with a nice surprise!
>> No. 7030 ID: c3e6b2
File 138869325497.jpg - (221.89KB , 1600x2071 , 1360400766867.jpg )
+1 Romanov fast shipping for the LPK and ladder rail cover
>> No. 7032 ID: 007f07
+1 for RedRaptor

MIAD kit looked new.
>> No. 7033 ID: f5a27c
Likewise, plus one for OPERATOR 007f07.
>> No. 7036 ID: 509634
and Rabbit_Killer can go fuck himself.


Just kiddin'
>> No. 7064 ID: 39d4a6
File 138946735055.jpg - (1.80MB , 3264x1836 , 20140111_140358[1].jpg )
+1 to ColonelKurtz
>> No. 7087 ID: 46cf70
+1 for Predator. Sent me awesome SV-B2 survival vest.
>> No. 7106 ID: a87030
Tacocat, A++++++, would buy from again
>> No. 7107 ID: c5e3fa
+1 for the mangoman.
>> No. 7119 ID: a25b4b
+1 to Spade. Took a while to get here since he's in the frozen northlands but good communication and a good deal.

10/10 would buy from again

>> No. 7135 ID: 39887e
Another +1 for Spade

Me new jacket is quite comfy. Thanks bro
>> No. 7161 ID: 561e7e
Thanks guys, +1 to both of you for the fast payment, no hassles.
>> No. 7172 ID: 7d8bca
+1 to mammoth, as usual. Immediate payment. Hope you enjoy the pouches.
>> No. 7176 ID: 06ae7b
+1 Frankengun - sent tracking enough though is same state shipping, package arrived 1 day before what USPS said it would arrive.
>> No. 7177 ID: 77d20a
+1 for Mammoth for being turbo awesome with the KAC sights again.
>> No. 7178 ID: 342c7b
Same here. Thanks much, Mammoth.
>> No. 7235 ID: 7fcde8
+1 for Spade, quick transaction and quick shipping. Not holding him responsible for Canadian post and USPS taking their sweet fucking time. LOL
>> No. 7236 ID: 71683f
+1 to the goddamn batman.
>> No. 7245 ID: ed8096
+1 for BTDT, for being very patient and quick payment.
>> No. 7271 ID: cca4cd
Update - SouthernBro +1

Sent me an assorted package of awesome stuff to make up for a trade deal gone wrong. More than made up for it.
>> No. 7276 ID: 509634
+1 to TGB for fast delivery. Thanks dude.
>> No. 7318 ID: c3e6b2
File 13942170156.png - (41.57KB , 974x573 , Untitled.png )
+1 to Dakedu, I was worried for a min because USPS didn't update the tracking at all till today (see pic)
>> No. 7322 ID: 894961
File 139433508093.png - (2.17KB , 82x58 , clipart-baby-mammoth-494a.png )
That happens whenever I ship something, always worries me too.

+1 Mammoth
>> No. 7408 ID: fbb0c8
+1 for CC as usual.
>> No. 7578 ID: c3e6b2
+1 for Judas fast as hell shipping for the 3 mag pouch
>> No. 7586 ID: 7d8bca
+1 Cliffhanger, fast payment, smooth transaction.
>> No. 7589 ID: c3e6b2
File 139843849540.jpg - (589.93KB , 1200x1200 , save-the-earth.jpg )
+1 Nitori fast shipping re-used ThinkGeek box, he is GREEN!
>> No. 7590 ID: 7e8c1e
Gotta give a +1 to Mammoth in return, he sent some extra money when shipping turned out to be more expensive than expected.

He didn't really have to, but as a grad student who just got a bill for next term in the mail, it's much appreciated. Bro status confirmed.
>> No. 7592 ID: fa7032
+1 for Nitori! He sold me a flawless AR rifle buffer tube.

Very smooth deal. Shipped well and promptly. 2 thumbs up.
>> No. 7616 ID: 504ce9
+1 to Frankengun, quick to ship and even did 2 day shipping. Much appreciated.
>> No. 7629 ID: 236235
another +1 to frankengun
>> No. 7630 ID: d2556a
+! to Mammoth and +1 to Suspectorange.

Always great guys to deal with.
>> No. 7643 ID: c3e6b2
File 139950032782.jpg - (1.74MB , 2592x1944 , DSC05654.jpg )
+1 right back, packaged showed up like this (barrel sticking out). USPS sorting machine is ruthless. Luckily it's an AK it can take the abuse. All content accounted for
>> No. 7646 ID: 64d941
+1 to SouthernBro.
>> No. 7648 ID: d339da
+1 Soren. Fast payment, smooth transaction. Hope you enjoy the pouches
>> No. 7659 ID: 242c84
+1 to Frankengun. Pouches received, and they look brand new.
>> No. 7704 ID: d5e5a4
+1 to Temper for trijicon accupoint + mount
>> No. 7707 ID: 6bbcf0
+1 to AC556guy

Fast payment and straight foward.
>> No. 7787 ID: 309e50
+1 for the dangblasted batman

got the mags today
>> No. 7878 ID: 388296
+1 to JediDachshund

Clear comms, fast delivery, bonus swag
>> No. 7894 ID: 19b6c0
+2 to JediDachshund
For mount and bcg.

This shouldn't even be necessary. We all know JD is good people.
>> No. 7999 ID: 7d8bca
File 140519167115.jpg - (392.25KB , 1296x968 , IMG_1254.jpg )
+1 to JD again, had to get a PCIe adapter to make it work but shit's pretty awesome.
>> No. 8005 ID: ee6822
File 14053635478.jpg - (899.52KB , 2048x1536 , 20140714_114224.jpg )
Thanks Jedi. Upper is awesome. Thanks for the extra in the box, too!
>> No. 8016 ID: 993a52
+Uno Rogue-o

he shipped pretty dern quickers.
>> No. 8032 ID: 75e134
+1 to tiggles.
>> No. 8043 ID: 3e3cf5
+1 for tiggles, Lulz, and Mammit.
>> No. 8044 ID: 559ef9
plus one to T.G.Bats.
>> No. 8046 ID: 509634
+1 to OPERATOR 169adc

Got my package quick!
>> No. 8083 ID: a2a57d
+1 to Frankengun

Everything is good.
>> No. 8095 ID: 458610
+1 to Kain and Lebedev, prompt payment. Hope you enjoy your items.
>> No. 8121 ID: ee1c7f
+1 to Fronk as usual. Item as described and arrived fast.
>> No. 8129 ID: ff4253
+2 for Mango.

One for being easy to deal with, and prompt with shipping. Plus an extra one for the bonus color-matched Pmag he threw in as a surprise.

11/10, would buy again.
>> No. 8230 ID: 75e134
File 140902113093.jpg - (33.63KB , 400x308 , 136294398230.jpg )
+1 for frankengun, thanks for the CLIPZ
>> No. 8234 ID: b2293c
+1 to frankengun
>> No. 8243 ID: 6c9afb
+1 for Randalltheflagg
>> No. 8247 ID: d2556a

+1 right back atcha! Thank again!
>> No. 8266 ID: 06ae7b
+1 Бешеная опоссума

for the 300 Blackout barrel
>> No. 8267 ID: c3e6b2
+1 Randalltheflagg

Ultimak rail came in quick as shit and he threw in some extras. I was confused about the extra gas tube... "WTF I have to install the rail on the gas tube?"
>> No. 8294 ID: a1ec99
+1 for Blackjack. 5/5 Would transact with again.
>> No. 8355 ID: 6c9afb
+1 for frankengun
>> No. 8383 ID: c1c101
File 141168828036.jpg - (1.46MB , 2000x1125 , spax.jpg )
+1 for Frankengun as usual.
>> No. 8399 ID: 388296
+1 to Romanov
>> No. 8513 ID: e202f2
+1 to Frankengun

Probably more like +3 or 4 considering I always get stuff from him and then don't report back.
>> No. 8548 ID: 75e134
File 141443679130.jpg - (17.73KB , 319x478 , jerk.jpg )
+1 to tracertawng
>> No. 8579 ID: 7d8bca
+1 to General Fratton, NSWG and Mammoth
>> No. 8582 ID: 5cd92b
+1 to Frankengun for the surefire, and +9billion to Romanov for being awesome and sending me a second patch after the first one apparently got lost in the mail.
>> No. 8590 ID: 9ec103
+2 to Frankengun for the Spax and the Grippods. Everything was in great shape and the TAT was incredible.
>> No. 8599 ID: c3e6b2
+1 to RTF my friend really love the upper
>> No. 8602 ID: d2556a
+1 right back atcha, hope it treats him well!

+1 to Revived, awesome gear, awesome prices and quick shipping!
>> No. 8667 ID: 6bbcf0
+1 Tracer Tong
>> No. 8682 ID: cf564b
File 141626634834.jpg - (39.10KB , 500x425 , skorzeny-otto-2.jpg )
+1 for Sous-estime.

Stock Arrived today. Excellent condition. Bro-tier. 10/10 would OPERATE again, etc.
>> No. 8683 ID: d25e96
File 141626707159.jpg - (84.92KB , 960x717 , UBR nic cage.jpg )
>> No. 8684 ID: 8264d3
+1 Temper
>> No. 8710 ID: c3e6b2
+2 Revived for the two mag carrier
>> No. 8717 ID: 26cb64
+1 to funtapaz
>> No. 8775 ID: c3e6b2
+1 Romanov for his Urban-Youth Friday sale pistol bracer + buffer tube.
>> No. 8779 ID: 1fb1a6
+1 to Romanov for SSA-E
>> No. 8805 ID: 6c9afb
+2 to frankengun for the grip pods

-5 to USPS for taking their sweet time
>> No. 8831 ID: 39d4a6
+1 to Mango
>> No. 8845 ID: c3e6b2
+1 ColonelKurtz

Dump pouch came in
>> No. 8955 ID: 39d4a6
+2 for RTF, 2 day shipping and the Taco pouches came with MALICE clips.
>> No. 8984 ID: e232ff

+2 right back at ya! Thanks again and enojy!
>> No. 8985 ID: a6b004
+1 for Tracertong, who waited patiently until I got settled here in OR so I could send him cash and have him mail an AK scope mount. Which did arrive promptly.

Now I need a trunkengun-tier red dot sight for it...
>> No. 8993 ID: c3e6b2
File 142082588787.gif - (280.12KB , 500x374 , tumblr_lex48y2m1A1qahz00o1_500.gif )
+1 for Nameless he said item should be here in 10~14 days, stuff showed up in 7 days... from Korea
>> No. 8994 ID: 9402b1
+1 Mammoth. Fast payment and good comms. Enjoy!
>> No. 9040 ID: 48602c
+1 for Hoolahoop. Taco pouches recieved promptly
>> No. 9042 ID: 75e134
File 142175659792.jpg - (15.51KB , 291x382 , 0003-1229339549980.jpg )
right back at you bromigo.
>> No. 9043 ID: aae541
I also forgot to mention a +2 to ColonelKurtz. Very great guy to deal with in spite of technical bullshit on my end. Great seller.

For such a small forum, I have had far more consistent positive deals with OPChanners then anywhere else except the CZForum.
>> No. 9114 ID: aae541
+2 for Nameless. This chache of awesome stuff will be put to great use, the extras and awesome letter/drawing we're all getting a kick out of!

Mad props!
>> No. 9116 ID: 9402b1
+2 Canadafag, good comms. Pleasure working with you. Thanks!
>> No. 9206 ID: 75e134
File 142328887822.jpg - (239.90KB , 1280x693 , l_php.jpg )
+1 for the mammothman, not like he needs it but what a bro.
>> No. 9213 ID: c3e6b2
+1 back to you dude, I got really excited when I saw the cigar tin (oh cool someone send me cancer sticks) but the stickers inside are still cool.

Jesus just the tin people are trying to sell them for $10 off eBay

>> No. 9230 ID: a6b004
+1 for TracerTong. Package arrived earlier than expected.
>> No. 9238 ID: df12a0
+1 for TracerTong. The fuckhuge bag is fucking awesome.
>> No. 9305 ID: c3e6b2
+1 to Ulfhunden for the keys
>> No. 9309 ID: 65c27c
+10 for Mammoth, always very prompt with his payment and communication, a pleasure to deal with everytime.
>> No. 9354 ID: 70a458
+1 5.45_7n6
+1 White Zombie
+1 Soren
>> No. 9362 ID: c550c6
+1 to temper, mags look great!
>> No. 9363 ID: 6bbcf0

+1 to you too for quick payment and communication.
>> No. 9409 ID: c3e6b2
+1 Retro for the NERF booleets and clipz, he also throw in a Glock 17 mag and 9mm ammo case
>> No. 9545 ID: 78a7dc
I never sent a feedback for this. Buckeye was cool and communicated just fine. Also it's a nice bayo.

+1 buckeye

Also if anyone is looking me up I used to go by Red-Ed-Ded in the old feedback thread. Same tripcode I think.
>> No. 9667 ID: af2370
+1 to OperatorMike
>> No. 9678 ID: 65c27c
+1 to AC556guy

Payment was swift, communication was great, very understanding and helpful during the entire transfer process. Hope you enjoy the gun man.
>> No. 9681 ID: 5205a7

Got the gun today. It's beautiful!

+1 to Revived for delivering awesome gun at great price.
>> No. 9715 ID: c3e6b2
+1 to Mango, BCM buffer tube kit came in. I wasn't even expecting it today.
>> No. 9777 ID: cd4a7e
+1 to TheGoddamnBatman
>> No. 9812 ID: f61686
+1 for 80sPornCop, smooth transaction for a high value PVS-14 item. 10/10 would operate with again.
>> No. 9840 ID: f2c4ed
+1 for Jedi Dachshund, bipod arrived promptly and is in great condition.
>> No. 9988 ID: 4c9c56
+1 for temper. refunded my payment instantly when the package never arrived.
>> No. 10053 ID: 4c9c56
File 144386325380.jpg - (36.28KB , 395x600 , 395px-Obama_book.jpg )
+1 for ac556guy
+1 for 80sporncop. thanks again for dealing with my colored people time zone difference.
>> No. 10172 ID: 9c0b51
+1 for hoolahoop

Thanks for the swagtastical pack, duderino. 10/10 would do business with again, etc.
>> No. 10242 ID: 4d876f
+1 Jedi Dachshund
-1 the gun store he shipped from

The PF9 is pretty neat little gun
>> No. 10243 ID: ae87b5

Yeah they fucked up. I shipped two guns that day and they did a great job with one and an unacceptably shitty job with yours. 50% is failing in my book.
>> No. 10255 ID: 9c0b51
File 145283900533.jpg - (356.14KB , 693x1041 , Noveskeeee resize.jpg )
+1 for Revived
>> No. 10293 ID: c3e6b2
+1 to Randalltheflagg as usual for the flashlight
>> No. 10297 ID: 0b4467

+1 to Mammoth for being awesome!
>> No. 10302 ID: 0df305
+1 to R-E-D for hooking it up with the mbus sight. This man is awesome.
>> No. 10427 ID: c1c101
+1 For Judas.

Shipped fast, great communication, I got all the items I requested, and he even threw in some Surefire EP4s. Thanks!
>> No. 10429 ID: b53f4e
+1 for Judas.

Great deal, fast shipping, all around pleasure to deal with.
>> No. 10514 ID: 8a98b2
+1 for Judas.
>> No. 10520 ID: 0b4467
+1 to Tracer Tong, awesome communication and quick shipping!
>> No. 10529 ID: 93e0c7
+1 for TracerTong
>> No. 10575 ID: ad8094
+1 to Cable for speed shipping

Cable's 'paperweight' came in super fast and he gave me the awesome idea of pulling the pin and throw it at the interns on the weekend... so now I wait.
>> No. 10669 ID: 3f5192
+1 to SouthernBro

There where some bumps along the way, but he sent the Elcan along with a few extras in near perfect condition.
>> No. 10694 ID: c550c6
+2 to SouthernBro, great price on the Insight dual pressure switch and an unexpected additional pressure switch was included!
>> No. 10712 ID: ad8094
+1 Southernbro
Package showed up on Black Friday, it was a nice surprise coming to work today.
>> No. 10817 ID: 9ae5bb
+1 for tracertong. 6/5 breddy gud!1
>> No. 10818 ID: a28495
+1 hoolahoop AAAAAAAAA+++++++++++++++++++++++++++ would buy moar stuff to go innawoods with
>> No. 10900 ID: 62ed13
+1 Southernbro
All good stuff, good process. No issues.
>> No. 10906 ID: f5c3ed
+1 for hoolahoop, thanks for the good price on the holster
>> No. 10930 ID: 9d3143
+1 to Mister. He even drove out to meet me :)

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