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Patches and Stickers for sale here

File 144219882779.jpg - (250.77KB , 1556x1037 , adapter.jpg )
9977 No. 9977 ID: 3b5587
Any of you fine folks have an interest in random ass m249 parts?

- Magazine adapters - $50
- Complete Bipods (old style) $80 (Go check out what numrich wants for a single fucking leg, prepare for lawls)
- New in wrapper handguard and buttstock (No hardware in buttstock) $75
- Used fixed buttstocks with buffer and shoulder thing that goes up. $50
- Woodland nutsacks (100rd soft magazine) $20
- M60 Slings galore, Padded "assault" sling, old kind without the hook snaps. $6
- Handful of BFA and a ton of M16 ones. $5

Prices really negotiable, between jewbroker and numrich i'm not sure how they even sell. Trades also welcome if you got some goods.
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>> No. 9978 ID: 3b5587
File 144219895198.jpg - (173.64KB , 640x426 , M249_ammo_ADAPTER.jpg )
I hear this bracket works on those belt fed AR uppers also. If you wanted to get a full can of the stuff and mount it.
>> No. 9979 ID: 3b5587
File 144220005613.jpg - (967.49KB , 2592x1728 , ASSAULT SLING.jpg )
Suppose an email would help.

I have pictures of everything, if you need one just say the word. Just don't want to image dump.
>> No. 9981 ID: c3e6b2
File 144224489812.jpg - (1.39MB , 2424x2672 , PEO_M249_Soft_Ammo_Pack.jpg )
:( if I have one of these civilian version of M249 I'd buy the shit out of these.


> Woodland nutsacks (100rd soft magazine) $20
The round kind (pic) or the rectangular kind?
>> No. 9982 ID: 924827

I tempted to wait for the semi versions to come out, as u imagine demand will rise even if new made parts cut into usgi surplus ones.
>> No. 9984 ID: df12a0
>I have pictures of everything, if you need one just say the word. Just don't want to image dump.

We actually encourage image dumps of whatever people want to sell, when it comes to firearms and firearms accessories.
>> No. 9989 ID: 8a98b2
File 144233890870.jpg - (4.91MB , 4272x2848 , Linked 5_56 NATO.jpg )
Do you have any links and starter tabs?
>> No. 9990 ID: a70fce
I don't have links, but each of the nut sacks have a tab to assist (I assume its the same) in loading from the magazine.

They're all sealed in factory wrap or I'd take a picture of it.

I'll post all my pictures after work today
>> No. 9991 ID: 6564e1
File 144236595131.jpg - (4.04MB , 5184x3456 , IMG_1043.jpg )

Heres the picture of the nutsack, They're all wrapped, sold the two opened on on gunbroker.
>> No. 9992 ID: 6564e1
File 144236641065.jpg - (202.90KB , 1556x1037 , DatAss.jpg )
Saw butts. they all have wear, used very vigarously. the loops that hold the sling are all in tack, buffer tube works as far as i can tell, shoulder support goes up.
>> No. 9993 ID: 6564e1
File 144236680883.jpg - (369.02KB , 1556x1037 , Handyguard.jpg )
All save this one handguard are wrapped, neat little spring set up inside to hold the cleaning kit.
>> No. 9994 ID: 6564e1
File 144236683238.jpg - (319.67KB , 1556x1037 , handguardtop.jpg )
>> No. 9995 ID: 6564e1
File 144236733160.jpg - (1.62MB , 2592x1728 , Bipolarpod.jpg )
Bipods. old style before they got the high speed tactical stuff.
>> No. 9996 ID: 6564e1
File 144236743989.jpg - (545.29KB , 2592x1728 , bipod head.jpg )
Surprisingly little wear on them. They might actuallty fit over a fat mossberg tube nut, i should try.
>> No. 9997 ID: 6564e1
File 144236783353.jpg - (1.77MB , 2592x1728 , BFA.jpg )
ANd of course the common BFA. I ddidn't count how many have T bars over the keyrings, I doubt its even a significant difference.

I think i have two of the round ones specifically for the saw, I question its snowflake status, as i've seen the work fine with the square ones.

Also they are all red, none of that yellow nonsense.
>> No. 10183 ID: 7aa281
Do you still have these M249 magazine adapters? What would your price be for 2 including shipping? Thank you, Gerry
>> No. 10191 ID: d67944
Sure do. $100 for two shipped.
>> No. 10798 ID: 2c8a40
Do you still have this
>> No. 10848 ID: d5fc33
I want 6 m249 used stocks, 3 slings,3 100r nut sacks, also need 6 m249 heat shields.
>> No. 10850 ID: da39fa
>> No. 10851 ID: 4ad36d
The best part is that >>10848 actually tracks back to a movie armorer in New Zealand.
>> No. 10852 ID: 13f512
It's hilarious when non-chan people try to post on a chan, but at the same time it would be neat if they were able to use opchan to get the parts they need... probably can't ship this shit internationally though.
>> No. 10949 ID: ba8d75
Do you have any M249 Nutsacks for sale?
>> No. 10972 ID: f58119
This didnt age well

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