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Patches and Stickers for sale here

File 149840760540.jpg - (47.37KB , 800x566 , Rabbit Season.jpg )
21730 No. 21730 ID: b6523d Stickied hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
General car discussion thread

>post your car
>post other people's cars
>post dank maymays
>get derailed by Bat Guano
>ask questions
>get answers
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>> No. 21920 ID: 5d4aa3
Responding to a dead post kinda

There's another problem with gear driven systems, they have no slack in the system. Think about the torque being exerted on drivetrain components during a harsh downshift. In a a belt or chain system, there is some small amount of bounce that is taken up by the tensioning system. Performance suffers, but with a gear system, and especially on straight cut gears, all the load can shear a tooth. The best performance, and guaranteed to hold valve timing, but an extra failure point for race cars.
>> No. 21937 ID: 61e76a
What's the engine? Like a 1.2L or something?

File 132985394688.jpg - (914.45KB , 2352x1568 , BMW-F800S-LimitedEdition2010-RightFrontLow.jpg )
1 No. 1 ID: e63b69 Stickied hide watch quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Post it if it's yours and gets you from point A to point B!

No post without picture.
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>> No. 21942 ID: 82e40e
File 157138168584.jpg - (2.55MB , 4128x2322 , 20141013_090720.jpg )
She's had some rough times, but she's been good to me and she'll be paid off this year.
>> No. 21943 ID: 82e40e
File 157138175096.jpg - (4.10MB , 4032x2268 , 20171108_193944.jpg )
And I even got her a little brother a little over a year ago.

File 150637710674.jpg - (305.14KB , 1136x1200 , b-36_pit04.jpg )
21815 No. 21815 ID: df12a0 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
...got any image dumps of 'em, Bat Guano?
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>> No. 21936 ID: 91237d
Anyone have internals of Su-34? I hear they have a toilet, beds, and a small kitchen.
>> No. 21938 ID: 132e8e
File 156860207244.gif - (413.88KB , 500x250 , downloadfile-3.gif )

Mmm no, sorry bru. I tried looking around, and the Wikipedia article seems to support the assertion that they have some sort of accommodation, but I got swamped by false returns when looking for cutaways, even after specifying strict *34*. Honestly, you might actually try old /k/ for something like this. Monkeys and typewriters, y'know.

Alternatively, you *could* get your paws on the source materials cited in that Wikipedia article and see where that gets you; both appeared to be printed volumes, so it shouldn't be too big a deal.

God help you if they're by Jane's, though.
>> No. 21948 ID: c50cab
The aircraft is the size of a F-111 so it's likely it's just a small alcove behind the crew seats with a toaster oven or microwave for heating ration packs and a chemical toilet/small bucket. There's probably enough floor space one of the pilots could get into a sleeping bag.
>> No. 21958 ID: b6db04
File 158817508174.jpg - (339.45KB , 900x600 , twerking under su34.jpg )
>> No. 21960 ID: 3efc75
File 159043746174.png - (234.29KB , 602x309 , main-qimg-8b30bec69bbe5c9785d5ee4ccbc07118.png )

How does the toilet on the SU-34 Russian fighter/bomber work?

Katya Aleksandra Hodgson, BTEC Applied Sciences, Hull College (2016)
Updated 36w ago · Upvoted by Andy Duffell, ex-fast jet armourer and Peter Wheeler, Pilot

Crudely put… it’s a large funnel leading into a cylinder filled with chemicals.

When people describe the Su-34 as having a toilet and a kitchen… it’s a bit of an exaggeration.

The enlarged cockpit area of the Su-34 does indeed provide a lot more comfort than typical fighter cockpits. The crew have space to comfortably sit and even move around a little, and don’t need the bulky flight suits typically worn by fighter pilots

However, it is important to remember that despite the enlarged cockpit, the aircraft is still based off fighter, albeit a large fighter. As such the space is still quite limited.
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File 157796441728.jpg - (170.64KB , 679x1397 , Hummer Japanized.jpg )
21956 No. 21956 ID: 283c52 hide watch quickreply [Reply]

File 157226492385.jpg - (2.28MB , 3264x2448 , 20191027_151623.jpg )
21944 No. 21944 ID: daa8a7 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
So, the all-new Laned-Rover Defender is here. finally. after years of waiting.

Things to note:
The station wagons are being released first with commercial versions being phased in from next year. this is the opposite of how the original Land-Rover was released. The soft top came out in 1948, with Tickford coach-built station wagons following later, but it wasn't until 1954 that Land-Rover produced their own station wagon using their own bodywork.
Engines on offere witll include diesel, petrol and hybrid versions. The initial release comes with an automatic gearbox. Again this contrasts with late-model Defenders, which had a diesel engine and manual gearbox as standard.
LWB 110 and SWB 90 models are being offered initially with no announcement of a 130 double-cab pick-up so far.
>> No. 21945 ID: daa8a7
File 157226541469.jpg - (2.02MB , 3264x2448 , 20191027_152734.jpg )
The interior will be a vast improvement in terms of comfort compared to the old Defender. A centre console is equipped in the model photographed, but you can also specify a central seat or leave the space empty for a walk-though cabin. the gear lever is mounted on the dash so centre seat occupants will finally have somewhere to put their legs!
Rear seats also have more legroom than previous 110SWs. however the seats in the "boot" are now forward-facing fold-away seats instead of the traditional sideways-facing bench seats, restricting maximum occupancy to 8, where you could get as many as 10 or 12 in the old model.
Some of the plastic trim feels a bit... plastic, so I do wonder how squaddy-proof this new vehicle will be.
>> No. 21947 ID: 424317
the style is starting to grow on me
>> No. 21955 ID: 61e76a
I'll be honest I'm more taken with the new Jimny

File 157564640772.jpg - (1.11MB , 3264x2448 , 20191203_100236.jpg )
21949 No. 21949 ID: 2d114f hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Spotted this truck at work with a world war 1 centenary wrap.
>> No. 21950 ID: 2d114f
File 157564689852.jpg - (2.49MB , 3264x2448 , 20191203_100224.jpg )
>> No. 21951 ID: 2d114f
File 157564709989.jpg - (2.07MB , 3264x2448 , 20191203_100259.jpg )
>> No. 21952 ID: 2d114f
File 157564731637.jpg - (3.15MB , 2560x1920 , 20140704_155549.jpg )
A Pendolino with a poppy!
>> No. 21953 ID: 2d114f
File 157564821314.jpg - (3.11MB , 3712x2088 , P1050570.jpg )
Class 91 in WW1 centenary livery.
>> No. 21954 ID: 2d114f
File 157564859768.jpg - (2.49MB , 3712x2088 , P1050569.jpg )
"For the fallen" nameplate.

File 153674602088.png - (938.63KB , 1000x563 , Helicarrier_Up-view.png )
21914 No. 21914 ID: 339526 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Let's just gloss over the fact that it can fly and be invisible (apparently defying the laws of physics), let's discuss the helicarrier's flight deck design. Going by this picture, the flight deck is on two levels: Takeoff from the fo'c'sle, straight out of the hangar in a similar bi-level design to HMS Glorious. Landing is on an upper flight deck, which is angled. Given that the Quinjets are STOVL, the need for an angled deck is questionable, since there is no arrester gear and thus no risk missing it and having to "go around". There is also no ski-jump, but Quinjets may take off happily without one.
>> No. 21915 ID: 55fdd6
They also fly F35 B-variants in and out, as seen in the first Avengers. It's capable of STOVL but that design allows for less fuel-draining traditional take-off and landing and also allows adaptability for other non-STOVL aircraft to take off and land as well.
>> No. 21917 ID: 69150e
Not to shit on your morning brownies but Marvel Films©®™ are (im-)purely U.S. propaganda mouthpieces, for all the money and manpower from the U.S. Dept of Defense that gets invested in them at this time.


>> No. 21935 ID: 91237d
The benefit of aircraft carrier is that they use a more dense medium (water) to efficiently transport vehicles that use a less dense medium (air) which is less efficient to travel through, to carry out their mission.

Putting an aircraft carrier in air is pants on head retarded, absolutely nothing is gained by the arrangement.
>> No. 21946 ID: daa8a7
File 157276780796.jpg - (108.70KB , 800x540 , cloudbase_main_pic.jpg )
Also, I couldn't talk about the Helicarrier without bringing up the similarities with Cloudbase from Captain Scarlet.
Yep, it's another flying aircraft carrier. The only difference is this one can't go invisible.

File 155885896055.jpg - (667.08KB , 1280x853 , DPP_1593.jpg )
21933 No. 21933 ID: 94fb0a hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Over the weekend we have had a visit from no less than 8 Dakotas at Prestwick airport, on their way to the D-day 75th anniversary commemorations.
>> No. 21934 ID: 94fb0a
File 155885996621.jpg - (650.07KB , 1280x853 , DPP_1590.jpg )
So I don't get hit by flood detection, the rest of my photos are here:
Unfortunately it rained for most of the day, so many of the photos were spoiled by raindrops on the lens.

No. 12861 ID: abf330 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
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>> No. 21682 ID: f8d8b4
  The FV433 Abbot SPG is powered by the Rolls-Royce K60 opposed-piston 2-stroke diesel engine and it sounds like this:
>> No. 21683 ID: f8d8b4
  The Chieftain tank has the bigger, but similarly-designed Leyland L60 multifuel 2-stroke opposed-piston compression-ignition engine. 750 hp (560 kW) 6 Cyl, 19 litres.
>> No. 21772 ID: bc78c2
  sneaks up
>> No. 21922 ID: 2fe2ad
>> No. 21924 ID: 2fe2ad
  this thread is almost six years old

File 145053193269.jpg - (58.29KB , 600x357 , RenaultFT-17TankInternalLayoutDiagram.jpg )
19599 No. 19599 ID: 008237 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Hey fellas, I'm coming from another Chan, and have been recommended to you guys when in need of technical documents regarding military vehicles. It has been my life-long dream to construct a 1:1 functional Renault FT-17 and I will do it in before I leave this earth. Before I can begin acquiring any materials or even estimating costs, I need blueprints. I've searched all over the web for legitimate historical documents on the materials used in creating the FT-17 and come up with very little. Even my local libraries have little on the subject.

What I'm looking for are documents and blueprints that specify exact measurements of the materials used in the construction of the Renault FT-17, of any model. Even a picture of the outer hull with dimensions would be helpful. If you have any sort of material, it would greatly appreciated and you'd be helping someone fulfill their life's dream.

I'll post FT-17s for a while to keep the thread appropriate
11 posts and 8 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 19612 ID: f013be
>If you're just being sarcastic, totally, I'm throwing in a V8 and nitro booster.
I actually want to see this

Also put spikes on the tracks

Then it can probably climb trees and shit like a tank squirrel

bat guano stay away
>> No. 19614 ID: 4e346f
File 14508828369.jpg - (67.75KB , 800x586 , FT17_takom_model_kit_interior.jpg )

I have a feeling getting ahold of the actual blueprints may be problematic... just age and wars inbetween have a way of making those things disappear. Buuut it is likely someone tried to reverse-engineer those dimensions since then, so that might be a place to start. Modeler's forums might be a good place to check for accurate scale drawings; some of the higher-end model kit makers have full detailed/scaled interiors as well.

World of Tanks forums might be another place to check, funny enough. Especially for details of interior spaces, armor thickness, etc.

Good luck! My own loooooong-term dream project is to build a StuG III for shits and giggles and a place to hang my relatives' mementos of being a StuG gunner. Sure it'll probably never happen in my case but it never hurts to dream rite?
>> No. 19690 ID: 50cd85

"Hayes Otoupalik".
Get in touch with him, he owns one. Or rather the U.S. version, the 1917 Six ton .

Also, I saw this same thread in WoT, and I gave the same reply.
>> No. 21921 ID: d1c8eb
Perdón la ignorancia y no se si el hilo sigue activo.
Pero una buena oportunidad para poder conocer las dimensiones del tanque podría ser buscar modelos 3d ya realizados sobre el mismo.

En esta pagina esta a la venta un modelo del mismo donde encontrando algunas medidas se pueda llevar a escala y obtener en detalle los planos.

Es una sugerencia que tal vez funcione.


Es un hermoso tanque y yo también me enamore de el, pero en mi país es casi utópico poder imaginar en construir uno de esos

>> No. 21923 ID: 61e76a

Forgive ignorance and I do not know if the thread is still active.
But a good opportunity to know the dimensions of the tank could be to look for 3d models already made on it.

On this page is for sale a model of the same where finding some measures can be scaled and get in detail the plans.

It's a suggestion that might work.

Link: https: //www.cgtrader.com/3d-models/vehicle/military/renault-ft17-french-light-tank

It is a beautiful tank and I also fall in love with it, but in my country it is almost utopian to be able to imagine building one of those

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