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No. 12861 ID: abf330
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>> No. 14209 ID: 49cc83
  reviving thread
>> No. 14210 ID: 49cc83
  more shuttle
>> No. 14211 ID: 49cc83
  At one minute in you hear the machine god awake
>> No. 14225 ID: c763d0
  sound thread
no C-5
>> No. 14226 ID: c565c4
>> No. 14231 ID: a36556
  6 rotor wankel
>> No. 14234 ID: 49cc83
  dat whine
>> No. 14235 ID: 9a87a2
>> No. 14240 ID: 7fcde8
  tic tic tic tic whirrrrFWOOSSHHHHHHH
>> No. 14241 ID: 7fcde8
  mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm '
>> No. 14242 ID: 7fcde8
  Big, Ugly, No fucks given. Flying like a boss.
>> No. 14243 ID: 345210
File 138069562994.jpg - (193.67KB , 1280x853 , Skycrane.jpg )

Those things are a whole experience unto themself, holy hell.

>High Park fire
>helping evacuate stuff the hell out of the way
>driving back on fifth trip, just coming out of the foothills
>the entire world starts shaking
>car is buffeting, teeth chattering, nothing but NOISE
>look up through sunroof
>Skycrane under full load and power taking off right over me

There's just something adorable about something so simple and brutal.
>> No. 14244 ID: 043a6b
sexy EAPS are sexy

Anyone here know where the APP/APU is located on a skycrane?
>> No. 14251 ID: c565c4
File 138074096544.jpg - (944.59KB , 4256x2832 , FEMA_-_45354_-_Firefighing_helicopter_being_used_a.jpg )
I was playing a little league game like 13 years ago and their was a brush fire raging about half a mile away. One of those was running sorties over us the entire game.
>> No. 14252 ID: 345210

I have the mental image of the world's most unpredictable curve vortex ball, lol.
>> No. 14254 ID: 71eb8e
man, i missed seeing Elvis take off and land by like 15 minutes each time

I was part of a strike team to a massive fuckoff bushfire halfway across the state (CFS volunteer) which just happened to be relatively close to the state training center so thats where they bunked us. its also where they kept Elvis overnight

as we were getting back on the second day Elvis had just touched down on the hotpad. then on the day we left he was getting warmed up as we were leaving
>> No. 14273 ID: 7fcde8
My first introduction to Skycranes was as a kid in Cali. A new building was using them to hoist the HVAC and associated units onto the roof, due to it being cheaper to slingload them up there into position than to put up a crane... plus being directly across from the muni airport somewhat precluded a crane as well.
>> No. 14351 ID: 4c2ee1
  turbofan sounds
>> No. 14353 ID: 04a5df
>> No. 14354 ID: 04a5df
  <Australian noises>
>> No. 14355 ID: 04a5df
  Spool up.
>> No. 14356 ID: d444df
  >The Jakes at the end
>> No. 14362 ID: 6e973e
>jesus christ what the fuck is that minvan running?
>> No. 14366 ID: d444df
They must run 50 cycles there, that hum just sounded... wrong.
>> No. 14368 ID: 04a5df
I prefer these.
>> No. 14369 ID: 0bfdfb

Loool, I read that before watching, so that's actually what I was expecting.
>> No. 14376 ID: 1f8daf
Inertia start bitches!
>> No. 14380 ID: 4c2ee1
>> No. 14408 ID: 0856fb

>> No. 14527 ID: 4c2ee1
>> No. 14565 ID: c867de
  Oh hey, I was about to make a thread about exactly this
>> No. 14566 ID: c867de
That feel when you post the wrong video
>> No. 14580 ID: d444df
I've made those before. Fun as fuck. A single 2-liter with an aerodynamic shroud will go up a few hundred feet.
>> No. 14640 ID: 4c2ee1
>> No. 15288 ID: 718014
  makes me hard
>> No. 15289 ID: 3fc462
But serve you get no sexual satisfaction. Dont you remember your "neurological disorder"?
>> No. 15791 ID: 718014
  turbine wrr is my jam
>> No. 15792 ID: c565c4
What is that fucking whining sound?
>> No. 15793 ID: 95dca1
  >dat whine and whirr
>> No. 16009 ID: 544caf
>> No. 16010 ID: 698747
  First engine start at :10, second at 1:10
>> No. 16021 ID: 8f371f

My grandfather is a WWII B-24 vet and has gone up in WitchCraft a couple of times over the years. Several of my family members have as well - I'm jealous that I never got to.
>> No. 16103 ID: 544caf
  Behold the sound of lawn darts....not crashing.
>> No. 16259 ID: e2653e
  I highly recommend this guy's channel.
>> No. 16331 ID: 451480
>> No. 16332 ID: 451480
  so sexy
>> No. 16632 ID: ab2cfb
  sounds bad man D:
>> No. 16712 ID: 451480
>> No. 16715 ID: 17d908
  sounds likes its charging a laser cannon or something, all that powah
>> No. 16814 ID: 385f49
File 140416894966.jpg - (33.92KB , 650x419 , 1262766526_ris-10.jpg )
>charging a laser cannon or something
There is actually a gas laser that uses aircraft engine for charging.

>> No. 16815 ID: 385f49
File 140416972163.jpg - (90.26KB , 800x1030 , 1391480942_1.jpg )

Well, for obvious reason, we can't possibly hear the actual sound of that laser working because of the burning wreckage on background.

>“Gazobezopasnost” Firm together with Troitsk Institute of innovative and thermonuclear research have developed and produces “МЛТК-50” Mobile Laser Complex for gas industry due to necessity of remote cutting of metallic constructions during emergency & restoration work at gas, gas-oil, gas-condensate blowout wells, including burning ones.

>The periodically pulsing electric ionization CO2 - laser has radiation power of 50 kW. Laser ray of the unit can cut metal up to 80 mm thick at a distance up to
80 m, being remotely controlled. To determine the coordinates of metallic parts to be remotely cut, which can’t be seen because of smoke and flame of a burning well, the complex is equipped with a special laser locator, which controls the direction of a cutting laser ray. Laser can work during 1 - 10 Minutes with intervals between its activations about 30 Minutes.

>The complex is usually transported on two serial automobile semi-trailers. This equipment can be transported in containers by railway. The cooling system of the equipment is water self-propelled one. Electric supply of the unit is required about 600 kW to make the unit function. Operative service personnel of the unit consists of 3 persons.
>> No. 16818 ID: 451480
>> No. 16950 ID: 451480
  V bombers are sexy as fuck
>> No. 16952 ID: 451480
The Rolls-Royce Olympus engines start howling at >92% thrust.
This pilot was giving these people a good show.
>> No. 16981 ID: 451480
On why it has that popping sort of distorted sound:
"The sound is so loud that the waveform of the positive side of the peak is over 1 atmosphere, and so the corresponding negative peak should exceed a vacuum. So the sound is being clipped by the atmosphere!"
>> No. 17038 ID: 451480
>> No. 17039 ID: 451480
  for a good time youtube 'mach loop'
>> No. 17404 ID: 38bcee
>> No. 17407 ID: e68bea
  If only Ares V had been approved.
>> No. 17417 ID: e303e3
  Piston choppers are best choppers.

>blub blub blub blub
>> No. 17829 ID: 68aa6b
  wow such quality
>> No. 17839 ID: 68aa6b
  oh man
>> No. 17840 ID: 42779b
I will build my own some day.
>> No. 18475 ID: 68aa6b
>> No. 18489 ID: bb2bc9

>that howl

airwolf as fuck
>> No. 18539 ID: 6d6cb1
7ch pls go hom
>> No. 18569 ID: c565c4
  The greatest engine noise of all times.
>> No. 18570 ID: e8f72b
File 142869549526.jpg - (15.59KB , 370x250 , t2990_id_hit_it.jpg )
I have the weirdest boner right now...
>> No. 18575 ID: 8a8888
File 142886278299.jpg - (270.83KB , 606x690 , hells yeah.jpg )
My god, I wasn't prepared.
>> No. 18576 ID: 1e7cc7
  >>18569 It's when the engine noise suddenly stops where the real worry starts. That means the buzzbomb was in its death plunge.
The Loon (Argus) pulse jet demonstrated at the Planes of Fame Air Museum
Planes of Fame operates an original WWII JB2 "Loon" Pulse Jet engine. The "Loon" engine was built for the U.S. version of the German V-1 Buzz Bomb. The "Loon" engine is a virtual copy of the original German V-1 Buzz Bomb "Argus" Pulse Jet Engine.
Beginning on June 13, 1944, and continuing for nearly nine months, Britains primary population centers were bombarded by Hitlers Vergeltungswaffe, or vengeance weapon, better known colloquially to the Allies as the V-1 Buzz Bomb. It took American scientists just 4 months to reverse-engineer a captured German V-1 before they test flew the first JB2 Loon. On the first Saturday of every month Planes of Fame Air Museum, a 501.c.3, hosts a Living History Flying Day in an ongoing effort to educate and inspire current and future generations.
>> No. 18579 ID: e7f332

That's pretty fucking neat
>> No. 18580 ID: e7f332

You know that sound isn't good, right?
>> No. 18581 ID: e7f332
  The C-5M upgrade fixed the problem.
>> No. 18582 ID: 381ee6
Vibration? Spinning too fast?
>> No. 18583 ID: 402c4b
File 142902636270.png - (1.35MB , 1024x751 , TF39.png )

Nothing wrong with it, it has to do with the original TF39 engines which were changed for F138-GE-100 (CF6-80C2) during the RERP which updated the C-5A/B/C to the C-5M.

The original TF39s are early gen high-bypass engines which have a host of features which provide more thrust while not caring about sound (because its military). The largest contributor I believe is the 1½ stage fan blades (unique to TF39) which creates highly non-uniform flow causing lots of noise.

From Wiki, "Mechanically, the TF39 is rather unusual for a high bypass ratio turbofan; the single stage is snubbered ('Snubbers' are protuberances that stick-out at right angles to the fan aerofoil somewhere between mid-span and blade tip). The snubbers on adjacent fan blades butt-up against each other, in a peripheral sense and improve the vibration characteristics of the blade to the fan rotor which has a set of inlet guide vanes for the outer bypass section and the core booster stage located in front of the fan rotor, rather than behind. This unique design is clearly seen from the front."

Other things such as the basic blade design and inlet cowling design also contribute to greater noise. The tech behind these has improved so much over early designs that even with a higher thrust requirement for military cargo applications, the engines of today are quieter.
>> No. 18640 ID: a3cc35

Serv's video was how C-5's always sounded before the Mike upgrades. Clawing their way into the sky on thrust and witchcraft, because aerodynamics don't fucking count when you're talking about something that goddamn big.

I do prefer how they sound "now" though. Mobettah.
>> No. 18644 ID: 68aa6b
>> No. 18647 ID: c565c4
>left speaker only
Is this what jews think is funny?
>> No. 18753 ID: 68aa6b
  Spool up
>> No. 18938 ID: 68aa6b
  We need another SST
>> No. 18967 ID: f36349
who knew lycoming could make something that is piston engines.
>> No. 19341 ID: 134a40
  I wanna see this irl
>> No. 19866 ID: 3052f4
  Like rotor noise?
>> No. 19923 ID: edd03a
  No Country for Unprepared Anuses.
>> No. 21297 ID: bc78c2
>> No. 21353 ID: 6ca38e
  One of my favorite /k/ related videos where the audio is concerned:
>> No. 21379 ID: bc78c2
  Turkish jets successfully causing terror and panic with sonic booms in Istanbul and Ankara during coup attempt
>> No. 21434 ID: bc78c2
>> No. 21585 ID: bc78c2
>> No. 21587 ID: 334c17
1:50 jet spool up noise is the best noise ever created by man.
>> No. 21678 ID: bc78c2
  old thread who cares
>> No. 21679 ID: c9069c
  I've been enjoying helicopter startup sequences lately.
>> No. 21682 ID: f8d8b4
  The FV433 Abbot SPG is powered by the Rolls-Royce K60 opposed-piston 2-stroke diesel engine and it sounds like this:
>> No. 21683 ID: f8d8b4
  The Chieftain tank has the bigger, but similarly-designed Leyland L60 multifuel 2-stroke opposed-piston compression-ignition engine. 750 hp (560 kW) 6 Cyl, 19 litres.
>> No. 21772 ID: bc78c2
  sneaks up
>> No. 21922 ID: 2fe2ad
>> No. 21924 ID: 2fe2ad
  this thread is almost six years old
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