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File 144946918896.jpg - (172.66KB , 500x297 , pontiac-grand-safari-09.jpg )
19483 No. 19483 ID: a18c5a
Dropped another $300 on the Cadillac Eldorado I own to get work done on the radiator. I haven't yet ordered the rebuilt engine that it would take to turn my car into a reliable vehicle, and I'm not sure anymore if that's what I want to do. A coupe isn't conducive to the family life anyway. What's a badass dad car I can get?
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>> No. 19651 ID: cfe73e
File 145158949087.jpg - (859.48KB , 4620x1940 , car, Lincoln Continental Town Car 1978 460 V8 (7_5.jpg )
>> No. 19652 ID: cfe73e
File 145158966088.jpg - (1.48MB , 5000x2905 , car, Lincoln Continental Town Car 1978 460 V8 (7_5.jpg )
1978 Lincoln Town Car, from the last year that the 460ci V8 engine was available. Seen in its natural habitat - a gas station.
>> No. 19653 ID: cfe73e
File 145159011749.jpg - (390.40KB , 1280x960 , car, Lincoln Continental Town Car Convertible Conv.jpg )
Lincoln Continental Town Car Convertible Conversion by SILCCO 1978
>> No. 19654 ID: cfe73e
File 145159015163.jpg - (313.45KB , 1280x960 , car, Lincoln Continental Town Car Convertible Conv.jpg )
>> No. 19655 ID: cfe73e
File 145159023694.jpg - (2.36MB , 2604x1959 , car, Lincoln Continental 1.jpg )
Can anyone tell the year of this Lincoln Continental?
>> No. 19656 ID: cfe73e
File 145159133773.jpg - (2.70MB , 3456x2592 , car, Buick Electra 225 Hardtop 1967 430 cu in V8 1.jpg )
I think the car with the largest hood may have been the 65-67 Buick Electra 225. http://www.airliners.net/aviation-forums/non_aviation/read.main/133273/

Along with the Lesabre and Invicta, the top of the line Electra and Electra 225 were introduced in 1959, replacing the Roadmaster (the 225s had four hash marks behind the wheelhouse of the rear fender). They were available in 2 or 4 door Hardtops, 4 door Sedan and Convertible. 1967 was the 1st year for the 430 cu in V8 replacing the old 401 and 425 cu in Nailhead V8s.
>> No. 19657 ID: cfe73e
File 145159171534.jpg - (1.08MB , 3000x2003 , car, Buick Electra 225 1965 1.jpg )
>> No. 19658 ID: cfe73e
File 145159173658.jpg - (841.56KB , 3000x1833 , car, Buick Electra 225 1965 2.jpg )
>> No. 19659 ID: 82a3e8
You said it was a former government crown vic right? It should have pretty good steering and suspension. I know a ton of custom hot rod builders who use crown vic front ends for their hot rod projects because good + solid + cheap and plentiful = win.

When I was a wee baby my dad and I were heading to a local watering hole for some lunch. Green light, clear road. We were in his huge old as fuck battleship station wagon.

Guy ran the red light and we T-boned him. His brand new porsche (he literally drove it off the lot 5 minutes prior) ripped pretty much in half. Guy was relatively ok. My dad and I felt like we hit a pillow.

Damage to station wagon? Half the grill broke. Thats it.
>> No. 19660 ID: 963c4b
File 145165231632.jpg - (2.65MB , 3400x2267 , car, Porsche crash 1.jpg )
Porsches may excel in many things.
>> No. 19661 ID: 963c4b
File 145165236411.jpg - (380.44KB , 2197x1463 , car, Porsche crash Paul Walker's final moment.jpg )
But their durability is not among them.
>> No. 19662 ID: a18c5a
Don't get me wrong, it's VERY comfortable, but it's lack of feedback from the road makes me feel like I'm in a skating rink. It's equal parts smooth and unsettling. The way it sways reminds me of a boat too. Passing over speed bumps isn't jarring at all, but the car will still be swaying up and down half a block later.
>> No. 19663 ID: 82a3e8
Oooh, gotcha, now im tracking. I can see that.
>> No. 19666 ID: 3188a9
File 145178735129.jpg - (476.53KB , 1200x900 , 1396325364603.jpg )


Might want to check the local pick a part. It'll save you likely $30.
>> No. 19672 ID: a18c5a
File 145184512640.jpg - (96.22KB , 457x444 , tx-knock-off.jpg )
I'm thinking about some modifications I'd like to do overtime. I was thinking some 13" Dayton wire rims, some street scraping airbag suspension, paint it flamingo pink lower body and cream upper, and royal purple crushed velvet upholstery. What do you guys think?
>> No. 19677 ID: 5036fc
your nigger loving tendencies are showing their colors
>> No. 19678 ID: a18c5a
I am shocked at you, sir! Clearly, I was going for spic. The blacks would go with candy paint and 20+ inch rims.
>> No. 19679 ID: fc3045
File 145191253339.jpg - (33.12KB , 450x337 , 000_MexicanRaceCar011.jpg )
You need leds and tons of the adhesive chrome to be spic.

I'd support it.

While googling, I found what I want my next DD to be.
>> No. 19680 ID: cfe73e
File 145191977893.jpg - (249.25KB , 2298x1272 , car, Pontiac Catalina 1970 1.jpg )
1970 Pontiac Catalina.
>> No. 19681 ID: cfe73e
File 145191986097.jpg - (401.77KB , 1418x945 , car, Pontiac Laurentian sedan (Canada) 1970 1.jpg )
1970 Pontiac Laurentian sedan (Canada).
>> No. 19682 ID: cfe73e
File 145191993370.jpg - (1.59MB , 1855x971 , car, Pontiac Catalina convertible 1971 1.jpg )
1971 Pontiac Catalina convertible.
>> No. 19683 ID: cfe73e
File 145191996283.jpg - (489.72KB , 1526x777 , car, Pontiac Catalina coupe 1968 1.jpg )
1968 Pontiac Catalina coupe.
>> No. 19684 ID: cfe73e
File 145192004699.jpg - (199.46KB , 1280x960 , car, Pontiac Catalina wagon 1968 1.jpg )
And the similar 1968 Pontiac Catalina wagon.
>> No. 19685 ID: cfe73e
File 145192026534.jpg - (2.38MB , 2496x1664 , car, Pontiac Grand Ville 1972 1.jpg )
1972 Pontiac Grand Ville.
>> No. 19686 ID: cfe73e
File 145192050735.jpg - (1.76MB , 3872x2592 , car, Pontiac Grand Prix 1965 1.jpg )
1965 Pontiac Grand Prix
>> No. 19687 ID: cfe73e
File 145192100440.jpg - (2.26MB , 4000x3000 , car, Pontiac Catalina 1959 1.jpg )
1959 Pontiac Catalina
>> No. 19688 ID: 82a3e8
The main thing stopping me from fixing it on my own is the $100-$150 id have to spend on a new jack, some jack stands, and a wrench that can reach the starters bolts.

My girlfriend would drive the shit out of your car. She loves gaudy as fuck pimp wagons.

Your wife is gonna have to follow you around and beat the hood rats off yo dick.

Video related, The Real Racemixer.

Shit yes.
>> No. 19689 ID: a18c5a
I have to get my boat looked at. Traction control will engage if I take a turn doing 18 mph. Above 25, I lose control of the vehicle. The recent rain hasn't helped. Tires don't look half bad. Do I just have to take it really easy with this particular vehicle?
>> No. 19691 ID: 618803
File 145209337914.jpg - (166.48KB , 991x574 , 22066120189_large.jpg )
when its working right you dont have to take it easy with the vehicle. clearly it isnt working right so until you get it fixed, ya you should take it easy.

i havent had my crown vic in years ('01 taxi, murdered out for the lulz) so i cant remember, but is there a traction control button you can use to disable it while its acting up?

it would probably be worth the $100 or so to have a mechanic tell you what's wrong with it.. in my neck of the woods $100 and they'll tell you EVERYthing that's wrong with the car.

Now, once you get it running right and reliably, and are ready to start putting money into it, I'd look at the alloy rims made for the Merc Marauder or the ones on the Vic LX Sport (pictured). Also make sure you get the honeycomb grille if you don't already have it. The corner lights for the Marauder look way better than the Vic and Grand Marquis's as well, and the 2003+ all-red tail lights look much better than the two tone yellow/red from 99-02.
>> No. 19692 ID: 618803
File 145209393557.jpg - (179.10KB , 1024x768 , IMG_3297_zpsfe8c03d7.jpg )
Alternatively you could try to find one of the special edition 3-bar grilles Ford released for the Middle East market after they stopped selling the Vics state-side. They definitely make the car look more contemporary. The picture here isn't very worthy due to the awful aftermarket headlights, but hopefully you get the idea.

Beyond that, a supercharger for the 4.6L would really wake this thing up... of course it would cost you about as much as the damn car did.
>> No. 19693 ID: a18c5a
Mine is a 2006 LX Sport, not an interceptor. The Marauder makes my pee-pee tingle, but they're rare and expensive. There is a button to turn off the traction control, but I'm not so sure it's "acting up"; I think it might be saving me from a larger problem.
>> No. 19694 ID: e8df41

> I think it might be saving me from a larger problem.

I doubt it. People have been driving without electronic traction control for a hundred years.

It's probably a bad wheel sensor or something stupid like that. Get one of those $12 Bluetooth OBD-II code readers, assuming you have a smartphone or tablet, and check it out.
>> No. 19695 ID: 3796ec
File 145230452391.jpg - (65.78KB , 620x411 , MaximeLeoine_DMCC_-620x411.jpg )
> I doubt it. People have been driving without electronic traction control for a hundred years.

Yeah fuck traction control. I had to disconnect shit to turn it completely of on my Mazdaspeed 3. In my work truck it's fun as hell in the snow. With the TCS disabled, I can get the back to rotate (slide) exactly where I want it.
>> No. 19699 ID: 321817
>> No. 19798 ID: 044fd0

I spend the majority of every winter driving at a 15° angle relative to the vector of travel in my 2000 Ford Ranger. The AT tires just don't like the slick stuff so it oversteers constantly. Once you know it's coming and get the feel of countersteering it becomes just another part of driving. Passengers don't always appreciate it though.
>> No. 20637 ID: c05e32
AC stopped working. Does seven hours of labor and $500 sound right for taking apart the dash to get to the AC system, or am I being ripped off? Haven't authorized this work yet, mind.
>> No. 20641 ID: b08ed9
Taking a dash apart and putting it back together properly is not an easy thing to do. What exactly is the problem?
>> No. 20645 ID: b66324
Won't know for sure until he takes the dash apart, but the mechanic suspects the blend door.
>> No. 20647 ID: 5d5f10
Did y'all at least do some basic troubleshooting? Charge test, making sure the drive belt is there, the FOT/TXV isn't clogged, etc.

I made that mistake a few months ago. 2003 'Burban, thought it had low charge. Bought a can of refrigerant, plugged it in, had 100 psi on the low (full static charge at 85F). Started it up, turned the ac on... Nothing. No ac clutch engagement sound, no pressure drop on the low. Crawled under there to look at it and nothing was turning on the compressor.
Turns out, the ac compressor on that engine has it's own belt, and that belt had snapped. When it did that, it laid on the timing cover in such a way that it appeared to still be on the crankshaft pulley.

Yeah, I felt like a complete tard.
>> No. 20648 ID: b66324
No, I don't know even the most basic bit of troubleshooting when it comes to AC systems. Earlier, during an unrelated repair, the mechanic disconnected the battery, and when he reconnected it, the AC started working again, at least for a little while.
>> No. 20649 ID: b66324
Today, as I punched it on a green light going into a tight turn onto a highway on-ramp, back tires squealing, I realized a couple of things.
1) I have overcome my problems with handling my vehicle.
2) I have become a danger to public safety.

I changed so gradually into THAT asshole, I didn't even notice. I think I should get a Geo Metro, something I couldn't drive recklessly if I tried.
>> No. 20651 ID: f87148

>Geo Metro


If you're really in the mood to voluntarily lop your own balls off, there are much better options. Or should I say, less shitty ones.
>> No. 20659 ID: bb8c18

Sounds like a control module issue. IIRC you have an '03 or '00 Coupé De Ville, correct?

I'll consult the manual here that I spent the last two days looking for and eventually found in the drawer it was supposed to be in and see what I can come up with.


Hold on. What argument can you make against it?

>they're slow
So what? That's the price to be paid for 45+ mpg.

>they're tiny
Just showing the world that you have nothing to compensate for. Aheheheh.

>my bike gets 50mpg!
But the Geo hauls people and groceries and stuff. At the same time.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a Geo Metro. They're both cheap to own and operate. Good for people with more sense than money, or just people with sense in general. A master kit is $260, a rering kit is $80 and a Luk clutch kit is $70.

Also, if anyone's in the market for a '91 model...
>> No. 20660 ID: f87148

More like 75MPG.

>What argument can you make against it?

They're unreliable and generally have been very poorly cared for.* Source: my years of seeing them disproportionately represented among vehicles abandoned along the side of Interstates and back roads all over the country.

*Remember, most poor people are poor for a good reason.
>> No. 20661 ID: 044fd0

They're fine for in-town commutes but they tend to overheat if you take them on a main highway. Also finding one with less than 250,000 miles is gonna be a challenge.
>> No. 20662 ID: f87148

Is that what it is? Huh. Ya know, for years I've wondered why they drop like fucking flies on the Interstate / highway; I've always figured they were just that goddamn unreliable.
>> No. 20663 ID: f2112f

Ya, those poor little 3-cylinders don't like to be run hard for extended periods. Get two adults in there and try to drive it 30+ miles at 65mph on a warm day and you're gonna have troubles. My grandmother had a 92 Metro for the better part of the 90's and even when it was new it didn't like to go more than 25 miles at a time.
>> No. 20664 ID: c4277d
Ehh, My brother owned a '90 Geo Metro 4 door, autotragic, and besides barely being able to go 65, let alone much faster, it was extremely reliable. He also was a hambone, and broke the seat back with his fat rolls. His solution? Cram cases of canned dry potato pearls and beans behind the back seat. so, even when it was just him in it, it had the weight of 2 adults and a small child in it. I've also ridden in it with 2 other adults and my brother, and it was tragically slow, but it worked just fine, and still got ~35MPG that trip.
>> No. 20665 ID: b66324
It was a '97 Eldorado. Sold that shit and now have an '06 Ford Crown Victoria.
>> No. 20666 ID: e6000a

oh wow. I shit the bed there. Pants-on-head retarded, that was.

Anyways, the only thing I have that's close to that is '96-01 Taurus and '91-'01 Explorer and Explorer Sport-Trac through '05.

All I can tell you is that Ford used vacuum motors on their HVAC systems in those eras, and if your car has the same shit that's likely where your problem is going to be. Haynes isn't very forthcoming on troubleshooting information. Or the electrical switch that controls those stupid vacuum shits (WHY FORD WHY)

Check them switches mang.


Y'know, that lines up in my head.

My dad had an (automatic) '92 model. Got it in about '94, and it died in '97 or '98 from a burned valve, which I always attributed to my mom's retarded driving. She went through the Ozarks in that car on our way to Shitsconsin. With me, my grandma and her, 3 dogs, and a bunch of shit in there.
I kinda wish he still had that car. I'd give it the love and attention it so desperately needed.

I think Suzuki got the gearing wrong, trying to tread the line between fuel economy and keeping the engine happy. Too-low RPM + high load = toasted exhaust valves.
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