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Patches and Stickers for sale here

File 145585608591.jpg - (3.29MB , 4096x3072 , P_20160218_163129.jpg )
19909 No. 19909 ID: c4277d
Got a new project car for $500 yesterday!
I've already had offers on the car for well above that, but I'm gonna fix it up a bit and sell it on, Wheeler Dealer style. It's a 1980 Chevrolet El Camino, a previous owner swapped in a 350 and a Turbo 350 trans in it with a B&M floor shifter. I got it with a dented front fender, and with starter issues, either the starter isn't bolted on all the way, its missing shims, or its the wrong starter, because its rubbing the flywheel, and wont start right now. I'm gonna put it on jack stands and see what I need to do to get it running this weekend, and I'll update every step along the way.
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>> No. 19910 ID: c4277d
File 145585616082.jpg - (3.15MB , 4096x3072 , P_20160218_163211.jpg )
Needs new mounting hardware for the tail lights, P.O. let them rust and fall out...
Surprising, because the rest of the car is rust free....
>> No. 19911 ID: c4277d
File 145585648273.jpg - (2.44MB , 4096x3072 , P_20160218_163323.jpg )
Interior is rough, has the wrong instrument cluster, and a jerry rigged floor shifter, but everything works, and I can always convert it back if I want. Needs most of the window and door moldings, and the passenger side door cards(upper and lower) are missing, along with the lower driver side door card.
Seats are nearly perfect, and the carpet isnt terrible, so it could be worse... haha
>> No. 19912 ID: c4277d
File 145585650349.jpg - (2.63MB , 4096x3072 , P_20160218_163335.jpg )
>> No. 19913 ID: c4277d
File 145585660057.jpg - (1.81MB , 4096x3072 , P_20160218_164249.jpg )
Swapped in 350 with a TH350 behind it. should be a fun car.
P.O also put a posi-trac rear end in before he sold it, so should do good burn outs once I get everything back in order.
>> No. 19914 ID: c4277d
File 14558566263.jpg - (1.63MB , 3072x4096 , P_20160218_164638.jpg )
Body By Fisher, remember when that was a good thing? I dont. haha
>> No. 19915 ID: e982e0
File 145585719841.png - (344.45KB , 963x519 , 30d9da9135c8052af7d384fae7af7e8e.png )
>I'm gonna fix it up a bit and sell it on, Wheeler Dealer style

Fuck yes
>> No. 19920 ID: c4277d
File 145586038598.jpg - (26.12KB , 400x300 , 1307165692298.jpg )
>> No. 19921 ID: 8d1b58
That air cleaner looks like shit.

But all in all looks like a good buy
>> No. 19922 ID: 044fd0

Throw that filter out now. They're made of open-cell foam and can get soaked in gas and catch fire. I've seen a Monte Carlo lose a hood, windshield, carb, intake heads and valve covers to one of those. Expensive repairs for a crappy filter.
>> No. 19924 ID: edd03a
I had a quite similar project car.

1980 Olds Delta 88 (Fisher Body), Came with a 350 and TH350 trans, and I got it for $500.

Took out the stock 350 and gave it away to a friend that needed it. My DJ5 Jeep has a Chevy 250 inline six...and the TH350 that went with it got trashed in a river, so I installed the TH350 from the Olds in it.

Then I installed a 383 I built, a TH400, and a B&M floor shifter...
>> No. 19947 ID: c4277d
Thats the plan, I havent even run it with that filter on it, and once I get it running right, I'm buying a proper 14" filter for it.
Awesome, I haven't built anything bigger than a 50cc lawnmower engine in Auto shop, but THe plan was just to clean this 350 up and sell it on as is. Once life is a bit more settled ans stable, I want an 84-87 El Camino and I want to LS swap it. Seems like a sweet project.
>> No. 19948 ID: c4277d
So, Update I guess.
Pulled the Starter Sunday, sure enough, wear on the flex plate, and starter gear. Starter was hanging loose, headers partially cover one of the bolts, and my guess is whoever installed this starter just put it on hand tight on that bolt. I installed a new starter, and even though I couldn't get my 1/2 in drive torque wrench in there, I could get a 3/8 in drive ratchet in there, and got it as tight as the opposite bolt, which was torqued to spec (32ft/lbs, spec is 25-35), so it should be g2g. Now I'm having issues starting, I know its getting air and fuel, so now to diagnose spark. Should have an update by this weekend on that.
>> No. 19975 ID: 044fd0
File 145651514669.jpg - (2.13MB , 3264x2448 , 20151001_143825.jpg )

Clean the contacts on the distributor and probably replace the spark plug cables. I went through several sets back when I was driving G-bodies. Dunno why but they seem to rot away rather quickly. Starter troubles are also a common ailment. Sometimes you could crawl under under the car, smack the starter with a wrench and then it would start.
>> No. 19976 ID: b29e27
It's HEI, so no points to file. I have a feeling it's the power wire to the distributor itself.
>> No. 19977 ID: c4277d
Awesome! Monte Carlo's that arent ruined donked out or made into a low rider are awesome, and also getting to be few and far between.
Also my guess, It looks like its been spliced once already, so probably need to completely replace it.
>> No. 20019 ID: c4277d
File 145696886043.jpg - (2.62MB , 4096x3072 , P_20160302_172057.jpg )
Update, new 14" x 3" drop air cleaner installed. Ordered new spark plugs, as the ones in the car are either berry old, or the timing has been off for a while, as there is a ton of carbon deposits on all that I pulled. Also ordered a new distributor cap, and rotor, as those were pretty worn and corroded. And just because I could and it wasn't much more, I got a kit with a new coil, and a new igniter module. Should make the car run again, then I can properly set the timing.
>> No. 20217 ID: c4277d
File 145835061725.jpg - (3.83MB , 4096x3072 , P_20160317_180432.jpg )
Okay, big update!
Installed new spark plugs, plug wires, distributor cap, rotor, coil, igniter module, capacitor, ignition control module, and I rebuild the Carburetor, a Weber marked Edelbrock 1406. Timed the engine to 10 degrees BTDC, and now she runs pretty well. Still need to make a set of "Roadkill" style spark plug wire separators, so I dont have any jumped spark, and hopefully that will take care of the last bit of stumble it has at idle. If not, I'll Seafoam the engine, gas, and let it suck it in the intake. I also started on body and interior work, and I've converted to LED driving lights all around, and replaced the headlights with an H11 conversion lens set. Waiting on the trim pieces around the front lights, and a new front left fender, and then its on to the little details. I'm making progress slowly, but it should speed up now, as I have a buyer, who is paying me for the work to finish it, and then will buy it from me. (it's a friend who lives close by, so I trust him)
>> No. 20218 ID: c4277d
I gave in, and took the El Camino to a local mechanic, he's gonna look at it whenever his shop has some down time, for a discount. Hopefully the stumble something simple, or something I an fix, so it wont cost me an arm and a leg. I did drive it to the shop, but under load in gear, the stumble gets worse, and there's a backfire if I try and give it too much gas too quickly. It does drive though, so thats a plus. Haha
>> No. 20286 ID: c4277d
I'm retarded, the spark plug wires for cylinders 7 and 8 were swapped. Have been since I got the car. I kept telling myself I needed to check the firing order too...
>> No. 20287 ID: 618803
did they charge you an arm and leg for that?
>> No. 20288 ID: c4277d
Thankfully no.
$80 for that, adjusting the carb, and setting the timing(it was already correct, fyi) not too bad if you ask me. Most shops charge that just to look at a car.
>> No. 20328 ID: c4277d
File 145974866375.jpg - (2.29MB , 4096x3072 , 1459734762154_7146223598_207de013_v1.jpg )
Update, fixed a few minor things on the interior, and bought a parts car for $150 in gas money (the guy towed it 2 hours to my house), and a winch I got for free. It has almost everything I need Robinson the interior, and everything I need for the body.
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