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Patches and Stickers for sale here

File 146023209316.jpg - (173.88KB , 800x600 , My BJ40.jpg )
20439 No. 20439 ID: cad48c
So after much thought, I've decided to sell off the BJ40 I was working on. While I enjoy the hell out of the cantankerous bastard, it's not really a viable option for my daily driver needs for a couple reasons -- most notably, finding parts is a pain in the ass and only going to get worse.

So now I'm in the market for something new and looking for ideas. I'm looking for a 4WD SUV (or much less preferably pickup), probably mid/full-sized. While I like the capacity of a pickup, it rains enough here and I find utility in having capacity for 3-4 people that the enclosed space of a SUV is likely a better tradeoff. Having said that, I do want to be able to chuck a range day's worth of gear in the back without much trouble. Most of my driving will be on paved roads/highways, but I want to be able to get offroad easily enough, though obviously I'm willing to give up crazy extreme rock-crawling ability in the name of practical road driving.

So far this has lead me to look at 4Runners, newer Land Cruisers, and XTerras. I've got about 10K to throw at this, can wiggle a bit. Here's my real problem though -- I'd prefer a diesel, but the American market seems to hate them outside of absurdly large pickups.

Anyone have any other ideas?
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>> No. 20450 ID: e28747
Suzuki sidekick. Or a samurai with a G16A/G16B swapped in.

Light duty diesel engines are garbage.
>> No. 20451 ID: 08f745
erm, k5 blazer or a newer tahoe/yukon? You can get pretty nice k5's for about half your numbers, and be able to modify it to meet whatever your demands are.

You can also find diesel K5's.
>> No. 20452 ID: 033f6b
File 146039342130.jpg - (2.87MB , 1944x2592 , KIMG0294.jpg )
I support this statement.
>> No. 20454 ID: a19011
Do you get 'Great Wall' or 'Dacia' in the US? Budget 4x4s that arent too bad.

Isuzu troopers or their Rodeo pickups are good. I have no idea whether these are available stateside but might be something to look into.
>> No. 20455 ID: 06a0fb
No to Great Wall, no to Dacia. Neither meet minimum safety requirements for importation. Dacia isn't helped by the fact Renault hasn't sold a car in the US since 1987.
>> No. 20457 ID: 17da79

Nice try Captain Slow.
>> No. 20458 ID: cad48c
I've had the worst damned luck with domestic production vehicles, especially anything relatively new. Little hesitant to go with Chevy for this reason, though admittedly I'd prefer one to any stripe of Ford at the drop of a hat.

Sidekick and Samurai are both on the small side. One of the things against my 40 is that I found that I was frequently running into issues moving stuff around that I needed to. Shorter isn't the best tradeoff for me at this point.
>> No. 20459 ID: a19011
bro. Dusters are ace. The top spec one is sup 20 grand (GBP) and it isnt awful. I have quite the semi over it.


Has VW USA put the V6 Diesel in the Amarok over their yet? Because that would be a cracking motor to snag, I have no idea what they go for in the US, but if you dont mind basic and a few miles you probably could. You stick a back box on that thing and you have a ready made camper.
>> No. 20460 ID: 79b400
We don't get Amaroks.

They're wanting to introduce it, but I don't think it'll do very well over here.

Plus, we have serious limitations about what kind of diesel engines are imported. Thanks EPA.
>> No. 20461 ID: 8be205
>Plus, we have serious limitations about what kind of diesel engines are imported. Thanks EPA.

And VW for likely shooting themselves in the foot with the US DOT.
>> No. 20462 ID: 1a91fc
In VW's defense the EPA emissions requirements are pants on head retarded. I don't think the people who write emission laws and regulations even have the slightest clue as to how an engine works.
>> No. 20474 ID: 79b400
EPA is just retarded in general.

Seriously, thank you for the fact that my rivers no longer catch on fire, but stop overstepping your authority and making rulings on things you don't understand.

I mean, they ban the importation on diesel engines that are actually more efficient than anything we have, it makes no sense. The VW Polo diesel gets 70 mpg for fucks sake! That's 10 mpg off my scooter!

Like I say about many government agencies, fuck the alphabet.
>> No. 20479 ID: b86cd3
Gas mileage =/= emissions though. I'm sure you could theoretically build a car that gets 100 miles on 5lb bag of BBQ charcoal, but it's still burning coal you know?
>> No. 20509 ID: d0041a
Land Cruisers are par excellence but more on the luxury side - mods are plentiful but you are going to want good floor mats and even seat covers depending on the upholstery. Downside is auto only unless you gamble with an imported/ older one.

4Runners are great

Xterra's are great and cheap, I own an 01'. The older ones are a bit better stock offroad, with the analog transfer case but a bit anemic 180hp V6 - Not horrible on the highway like a jeep, the manual tranny gets the most out of it.

The newer ones have a VQ series engine pulling damn near 300hp and are thus fast as fuck - they have decent interiors and more rear space. Cons - digital transfer case and only the Pro 4X has as much ground clearance and offroad capability as the earlier ones.
>> No. 20510 ID: 8be205
EPA doesn't certify vehicles for importation to the US, the DOT does. If the DOT finds any reason to de-certify VW diesel drive trains from importation, VW will hurt badly.

Hell, the DOT could decertify VW-Audi group entirely, no vehicle importations at all. That's a long shot, but it could be done in response to a company-wide effort to circumvent federal codes and laws.
>> No. 20511 ID: 50cd85

Fit it for a 235 Chevy. Because anything "new" is only going to be more of a nuisance.

Fuck if you were really hardcore you'd mount the driveline for a M37 under that Land Crusher.
>> No. 20544 ID: 1a91fc
there is a point however where the steps taken to lower emssions increase fuel usage to the point of a higher overall emssions foot print.

Basically think of two lines graphed that intersect and switch which one is the higher line is my language was confusing (not sure how to explain it).

I haven't heard of any recent engines with this problem but there was once a rather detailed thread about it on half chan's /o/. Dude was a diesel engine engineer and was ranting and raving about meeting the new tier "whatever" rules while still actually being able to do work economically. What he was really piss about is that 2 stoke engines with pressurized recirculating oiling systems (NOT a weed eater) are subject to the same rules as 4 strokes per their displacement or something like that though.
>> No. 20619 ID: cad48c
Started focusing on 4runners, and I swear to god everyone here must have a few extra weeks wedged into the year for driving based on the mileages I'm seeing. KBB lists the average for a year at 150K? NOPE, everybody's got 220K on the clock at least, and wants 2K+ over KBB's highest price.

Took a look at one a couple days ago, guy was asking 8K with a dead AC, 5.5K is average for the thing in good condition. Figured maybe I could talk him down a bit, and if nothing else was wrong it might be worth doing since I've never had a working AC anyway. Get out and take a look at it, find about 4K worth of stuff that needs fixing, though most of it isn't super urgent. Offer him 5.5 anyway, since there's a fair bit of overlap with what needs fixing and what I'd want to modify anyway, and frankly I kinda want to be done with this shit.

That motherfucker had the gall to send me an email saying he was considering lowering it into the 7,000s. Good luck with that, asshole.

I may just buy some total shitbox to make car hunting easier, because finding the time to inspect stuff using mass transit is killing me.
>> No. 20625 ID: 1f93fb
Duuuuuude. AMC Eagle with a 4 leaker for your 'modern' bit.

The 4.0 should bolt right up since both the 4.0 and the 258 had Torqueflites behind them. All you'd need is the harness and computer from the donor vehicle. Or, if you're not in an emissions controlled area, dump the shitty '80s emissions controls and shitty '80s carb on the 258 and throw a nice Weber on.

But of you don't want to do all that work, there's always the Cherokee. Bonus points if it's a four-eye.
>> No. 20671 ID: 87888c
File 146550399190.jpg - (73.39KB , 800x435 , 800px-05-07_Nissan_Pathfinder_.jpg )
Consider the Nissan Pathfinder or Mitsubishi Shogun Sport as potential alternatives to the 4-runner/Hilux Surf.
>> No. 20676 ID: 4c8a49
Also check out the Pathfinder's Infiniti counterpart, you can get a much better highway experience and a more luxurious ride for around the same price as a Pathfinder. But with the NQ series of engines, same ones used in the N50 Xterra line.
>> No. 20679 ID: c4277d
File 14660459004.jpg - (57.95KB , 720x431 , 04'Xterra.jpg )
Nissan Xterra's are pretty god tier. I had a 2004 with the KA24DE 2.4L 4cyl and an FS5W71C 5 speed transmission. Besides being guttless, because lol 4cyl midsize SUV, it went everywhere I wanted it to take me, averaged 24 mpg no matter how hard I drove it, and was comfortable. BTW, I'm 6'6" 280lbs, so the fact that I fit at all is a miracle, but it was actually really comfortable. The only issue my family ever had in 8 years of ownership, is the accessory belt tensioner, the bracket is made out of cheap stamped steel, and, being a Nissan, in order to get the belts to stop fucking squealing, you had to tighten the shit out of them, which would eventually bend the tensioner, requiring another $50 tensioner to be installed about every 6 months to a year. It was that, or deal with belt squeal.
Pic related, The guttless wonder herself.
>> No. 20685 ID: 044fd0
File 14661077899.jpg - (2.62MB , 3264x2448 , 20150809_183952.jpg )

If you want more power you might consider a diesel conversion. Still not exactly a Corvette but you'll have loads more torque and 30+ MPG.

^This guy is a buddy of mine, diesel conversions have been his pet-project for a few years now. He's got another Xterra that he's going to sell after he does the swap and a Pathfinder for his wife. I drove the red Xterra from Connecticut after picking up another VW and the fuel gauge barely moved the whole way.
>> No. 20702 ID: 79b400
I want it... I need it...

How much does your friend normally sell the diesel versions for?

Plus they fixed one of my biggest issues with Pathfinders and made the Xterra body on frame.

I absolutely love Xterras, I'm pretty set on either a 4 cyl Ranger or an Xterra when I finally upgrade to big boy wheels. Xterra would also give me a better 4x4 option, 4x4 four cylinder Rangers are kind of hard to come by around here. And 4x4 Nissan D21s are either beat to shit, overpriced, or both.

However, I'd give my right nut for a 4x4 Tercel. I'd put AMC Eagle badges on it for shits and giggles.
>> No. 20706 ID: 044fd0
File 146635877565.jpg - (134.61KB , 960x540 , 13239001_10154296167279758_1327191275441931266_n.jpg )

The last one sold for about $7000. The grey one will be next one to sell.
>> No. 20707 ID: 79b400
If he's still doing them by the time that life insurance ever gets here, that's actually doable.

Crossed fingers. Diesel Xterra sounds awesome. And I could really use it right now.
>> No. 20717 ID: 044fd0
File 146646085531.jpg - (78.93KB , 528x960 , 12931156_10154192014179758_8161806385835611391_n.jpg )

He and the family are on vacation right now, Don't know exactly when he's going to start on it. He's also talked about assembling/selling conversion kits rather than doing whole vehicles himself.

Pic is the compound turbo on the red one.
>> No. 20719 ID: 79b400
I have no idea when we'll ever see it, dealing with OPM is a huge pain. We get told so many different things, it's hard to keep track.

If he's still doing them if and when I ever see the life insurance, I'd love to buy one. A diesel Xterra tickles me quite a bit.

Plus, I love that he's using the N50 series over the WD22. While I'd most likely go for a WD22 if I was buying a gas version, I like the N50's body and overall ride a little more.
>> No. 20721 ID: cad48c
That's kinda...huh. That might actually have me back in the Xterra camp. I do love me some diesels.

My hunt for 4Runners and cruiers is just pissing me off. Two best deals I've seen in a while popped up this weekend. Spent 2 hours getting out to the fucking boonies to see the first one, only to have the asshole I'd scheduled it with leave me sitting on my hands for 40 minutes. Then, when I finally got in touch with him again, the shitheel told me he sold it while I was on the way down.

Probably for the best he didn't show up in person. I'm pretty sure I'd have broken his nose as a lesson in not being a fuckstick.

Another one was a bit pricier than I would've been willing to pay normally, but was a 2-owner car with extensive records of everything done since it rolled off of the lot, and the current owner was a family member of an anal-retentive mechanic. Plus it had some nice aftermarket stuff. Things I'd use (nice stereo, GPS) but not value highly enough to add myself. The guy viewing it before me bought it.

Just can't win around here. Everyone's asking almost 10K for 2000 4Runners with 200K on them. Hell, one dealership is trying to get nearly 5K out of a 4Runner with 343K on it. What the fuck?
>> No. 20723 ID: 2a7fd5
File 14665070696.jpg - (56.77KB , 506x286 , WHYWHYWHY.jpg )

>Swapping Japanese or American lel simplicity for overengineered euroshit
Pic related.

>Wanting to pay the euroshit tax on top of the diesel parts tax
Pic related.

If you absolutely WANT to pay a premium on parts and have a bad time working on your own vehicle, why not go for a Mercedes OM617 or OM601? Hell, in >>20685 it looks like there might even be room for an OM617 (the straight-5) in there.

The ALH in that Xterra is somewhat better than earlier engines. For one, they run the oil pump on a chain from the crankshaft, and the vacuum pump off the end of the camshaft, as opposed to running an extra jackshaft like on the 1.6IDI and the first gen TDI. But, it does run the water pump off the (already stressed) timing belt. Since it's a diesel, it's an interference engine.
The Mercedes engines are chain timed, and they run the water pump from an accessory drive belt.

So, you've got your swap. That costs $7000+. And you get 30+MPG. Great. A 1.6L automatic Sidekick gets about 30 MPG, and they can be found for $2000-4000.

In 250,000-300,000 miles, when both engines are worn the fuck out, which do you think will cost less to rebuild? But hey, if you want an expensive toy, and you've got the money to blow then go for it.

tl;dr: VW an overrated shit, Meche slightly less shit, gas still best.
>> No. 21029 ID: f2112f
File 146656461964.jpg - (14.46KB , 480x270 , 12189770_10153817033884758_365100022701893514_n.jpg )

He used to be married to OM617's but moved to TDI's. He explained why once but I don't remember enough details not to butcher the reasoning. It doesn't cost him $7000 to do the swap, that's what he sells them for.

Pic is a TDI Jetta towing a Pathfinder. That turned some heads.
>> No. 21041 ID: cad48c
Probably just going to stick to my 4Runner plan, put another 200K on whatever I find, and when it finally wears the fuck out maybe I'll have enough banked to get something interesting. Maybe we'll see some interesting diesels in the market by then that aren't a total pain in the dick.
>> No. 21043 ID: f87148
File 146670344793.jpg - (53.17KB , 344x257 , land_rover_tdi.jpg )
This thread inspired me to finally do a bit of searching regarding something that's been lurking in the far back recesses of my mind for years now, and ohhh shit, there's someone who actually does this commercially!

>> No. 21054 ID: d23ffe
I've been looking around for the same. I like my expedition, but I'd prefer a diesel.

Jeep made a Liberty with a diesel for a while, rare but you can find them.

No Amarok yet, but the Touareg and mid size VW have been available for a while, both in diesel with 4wd.

The EPA is horribly out of control. When the nation was being crippled by near $4/gal gas. The EPA was fining the crap out fuel companies for failure to meet impossible standards, which was adding something like another 20 cents per gallon, that's border line economic treason.

While economy doesn't directly equal lower emissions. It can greatly reduce the footprint. Every unit of gas from the crude coming out of the ground to evaporation at the pump increases polution. Not to mention meeting the standards often leads to poor mpg, which is self defeating.

Anyways, I'd love to get something like a 4 door wrangler and convert it to diesel, but no way am I paying nearly 70% of msrp for an 8 year old car. Between the hipster cool of suvs and a poor economy, used car prices are going to be high. Might be better off dropping a diesel drive line into a suv that doesn't run, than to spend 5k+ on a vehicle you plan to heavily modify.
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