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No. 20639 ID: f49edb
  >16 AMRAAM

This is some ace combat shit
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>> No. 20640 ID: 254d85
"Hedge your bets against the claims of missile salesmen with the new F-15 Advanced!"
>> No. 20642 ID: 9dcda2
File 146422333755.jpg - (957.72KB , 3000x2368 , 307353main_EC96-43780-2_full.jpg )
And you thought the old F-15 was a "flying SAM site", just one F-15 Advanced can shoot down most countries' entire airforces!
>> No. 20643 ID: 63797f
Maybe the South Koreans are applying thier video game pizzazz to it?
Boeing - F-15SE Silent Eagle Stealth Fighter For South Korea [1080p] https://youtu.be/xihkVl1kV28
Silent Eagle is an innovative design developed for international customers' requirement for a balanced, low risk, affordable, high-performance fighter. Using a modular design approach, Silent Eagle offers unique aerodynamic, avionic and stealth features that provide the maximum flexibility to dominate ever-changing advanced threats. The Silent Eagle can be quickly configured with Conformal Fuel Tanks, optimized for long range and increased weapons loads. A flexible platform, the Silent Eagle offers unmatched range, speed, payload and persistence.
>> No. 20644 ID: 63797f
File 146423943977.jpg - (1.05MB , 2500x1054 , US F-15 C2040 missileer carries 16 AIM-120 AMRAAMs.jpg )
Boeing Unveils a Version of the F-15 With Twice as Many Missles
The F-15 Eagle is America's most storied jet fighter. It has an unbeaten record in the air—104 kills and zero losses—unmatched by any other combat aircraft.

It's also getting long in the tooth—the average age of the 254F-15s serving in the U.S. Air Force service is now 28 years old. That puts it a generation behind the latest planes, from the American F-22 Raptor to the Chinese J-20. The Air Force had planned to replace the F-15 with the F-22 altogether, but stopped production of the F-22 Raptor at just 195 aircraft, as the multi-purpose F-35 Joint Strike Fighter became more politically popular.

Now the plan is for the Raptor and the Eagle to work together in the skies, teaming up to take down enemy fighters. And to make the Eagle more lethal for its share of the task aviation giant Boeing is has introduced an upgrade: the F-15 Eagle C2040.

The Eagle C2040 is designed to be a missileer, carrying up to sixteen AIM-120D AMRAAM radar-guided missiles into battle. That's twice as many as many as existing F-15Es can carry and six more than the current reigning champion in missiles, the Sukhoi Su-35 Super Flanker.

The upgrade also includes the Talon HATE advanced communications datalink, which allows the F-15 to exchange data with the F-22. Boeing almost certainly has in mind a scenario in which stealthy Raptors could fly ahead
undetected, quietly identifying and targeting enemy aircraft for the heavily armed Eagles.

Other upgrades include an improved radar, an infrared targeting system, and improved electronic warfare capabilities. The F-15 would also have conformal fuel tanks attached to the fuselage, giving the plane even longer legs while preserving the Eagle's maneuverability.

The Eagle 2040C is an upgrade package that would be applied to existing F-15s. The package should keep the F-15 lethal until the U.S. unveils its next generation air superiority fighter—right around 2040. http://www.popularmechanics.com/military/weapons/a17395/boeing-unveils-a-missile-slinging-version-of-the-f-15-eagle/
>> No. 20650 ID: f87148
File 146432166889.gif - (1.84MB , 300x262 , kitteh_cat_mind_blown_flower.gif )

>Sixteen candles fucking AMRAAMs


>> No. 20658 ID: bf9770
>includes the Talon HATE advanced communications datalink

I would have saved that awesome acronym for an actual weapons system.
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