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File 147116235676.jpg - (55.97KB , 575x431 , 22467790004_large.jpg )
21172 No. 21172 ID: 17c524
>Driving shitty 1991 Suzuki Sidekick
>Get pulled over
"oy vey not again"
>cop comes up, asks for the stuff
>hand him debit card on accident
"your break lights are out"
>believe him
>he runs paper work
>asks if any drugs or guns
"oh hey wait, your tail lights do work. I guess."
>gets awkwardly serious about how beautiful the desert is.
>1000 yard stare and everything
"you drive back to the city safe now, the drivers here are crazy"
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>> No. 21178 ID: fd0828
  That's the you-could-have-died version of this.
>> No. 21293 ID: b9d672
File 147413885599.jpg - (73.12KB , 648x937 , copy.jpg )
Alright this is /shitcar general/ now

>Last night
>Going through Maricopa's McDick's
>Gotta get that delicious trashy Double McBeetus
>At window waiting for 'food'
>Driving shitty '82 VW Rabbit Diesel
>Looks as bad as it accelerates
>Dude at window says "damn, that car is bad!"
>Me: "Haha, yeah, it is pretty horrible"
>MFW he was actually complimenting the car's "sick style"
>MFW I (slowly) spaghetti away after receiving bag of fat
>> No. 21301 ID: 6057a8
I feel ambivalent at how I somewhat skipped over the shitcar phase.

>bummed rides until I got license
>got an old cop car
>despite more rust than paint, pretty much everything worked
>except for the parking brake
>and the AC died a few months before I sold it
>bought a Matrix
>all is well

There was that time the body of the P71 rubbed against the wires going to the computer until it cut through a bunch of them. Lost all my lights went out (all of them) but the car still ran, managed to ninja my way to a bro that patched it all up properly for a case of beer.

What I mean by ambivalent is that both my cars weren't that great but they were both worth something in my eyes. They weren't like a tercel that's only holding on by the teeth of its skin, or a wobbly, fear-inducing dodge neon that won't start 9 times out of 10 and turns itself off when driving at random intervals or something. The crown vic always ran, always had no trouble passing people on the highway, always had that lovely low end torque. The matrix, despite being slower, is just practical and better on gas. They're both cars I liked, and still like, and I never felt like really abusing the shit out of them.

I really want to buy some fucking piece of shit just to beat on. Like a real 80s garbage mobile hyoundai excel to off-road in until it just goes "CRUNCH" and I have to get it towed to a scrap yard.
>> No. 21302 ID: cc91ac
File 147460097056.jpg - (30.55KB , 440x561 , CupStfu.jpg )
>Alright this is /shitcar general/ now
>>Driving shitty '82 VW Rabbit Diesel
>'82 VW Rabbit Diesel
>> No. 21303 ID: fb3bdd
> hyoundai excel
Funny, that's my current ride...
>> No. 21305 ID: 70b549
My first car was a 1995 Geo Tracker. At the time of it's death, the muffler was shot, I'd barely passed the California smog test, the oil leaked, I had to role down the driver side window to open the door, and I kept a gallon jug of water in the back to top off the leaky radiator. It was the quintessential "college experience" car (I learned of it's final fate. The charity we donated it to turned it over to Camp Pendleton where marines practiced extrication drills on it). From there, I went to a hand me down 2000 Ford Windstar which finally died at something like 225,000 miles when it shit its tranny (sold it to the friendly Mexican who owned the muffler shop across the street from where it died. He replaced the tranny for cheap and flipped it). I've talked about my escapades and expensive repair bills with my 1997 Cadillac Eldorado. Fucking Dexcool. Carmax got that one. The 2006 Ford Crown Victoria I currently drive may or may not be shit as I bought it with a scary number of miles on it. I don't think I've ever NOT owned a shitcar.
>> No. 21306 ID: 444beb
>be me
>living in Maine, working on the blue berry barrens
>be no car
>roommates all carpool to work in the girly-man-roommate's grandmothers car he has on loan (Lincoln Town Car)
>girly-man-roommate flips car doing stupid shit trying to impress a REALLY UGLY girl
>suddenly no transportation
>bum ride to RI because I saw a super cheap car online (97 SL1)
>buy car, visit with family for a few days, drive back to Downeast Maine
>halfway there engine suddenly dies, bad alternator
>sleep in car on deserted Maine backroad (cuz fuck highways if you know the cut through logging roads)
>walk to nearest town in the morning, get car towed to mech
>mech charges almost as much as I paid for the car to fix it, little to know choice as at this point in my life I knew shit about fixing things
>car is fixed finish driving back
>stop at a former bosses place on the way back just to say hi, nab a better job in process
>now my car is the carpool bitch
>sick one day, let pocket-hulk buddy drive so everyone else can get to work
>later that day they come back
>SL1 has 1 nissan wheel, 1 toyota wheel, 1 ford wheel, and the donut on. All tires are different sizes (partially surprised all of the lug patterns matched)
>Pocket-Hulk managed to pop all 4 tires at the same time driving down a barrens road
>Trucker saw it, turned out he had a small junk yard close, decided to help out Pocket-Hulk because he never saw anyone ever have such bad luck all at once
>Next day feel better (not really) I drive
>Exhaust downpipe hits a rock and is ripped off from the rest of exhaust
>never gets fixed, can hear my car coming from >9000miles away, sounds like a jet engine taking off
>keep car another year
>Enlist in the God Emperor's Death Korps of Krieg
>Parents have car crushed while I fight the heretic scourge on Vraks
>receive letter saying that they found the pot in my car and were very disappointing in me
>receive second letter from step-dad telling me that the pot was some damn good shit
>emotion limiter was almost overrun at the realization that I had not in fact been grown in a Vitae Womb
>emotion subsides and I went back to kill the Chaos addled scum

Drive a 2007 Ram 1500 ST nowadays. Good truck but the 3.7l is still a little anemic even with all the mods I've done to it.
>> No. 21307 ID: 685058
File 147482719785.jpg - (257.68KB , 1024x685 , car, Lincoln Town Car 4-door sedan 1984 1.jpg )
Flipped a Lincoln Town Car?
You know what year?
- 1984 Lincoln Town Car 4-door sedan
And check out this 1959 Lincoln Continental formal sedan (Town Car) http://www.operatorchan.org/v/res/16755.html#17557
>> No. 21308 ID: 685058
File 147482730564.jpg - (292.87KB , 1024x685 , car, Lincoln Town Car 4-door sedan 1984 2.jpg )
You're gonna drive me to drinkin' unless you stop drivin' that hot rod Lincoln.
>> No. 21309 ID: 685058
  Commander Cody - Hot Rod Lincoln https://youtu.be/NjfPQnGpIjY
>> No. 21310 ID: 685058
File 147482766245.jpg - (173.10KB , 1280x960 , car, Lincoln Continental Town Car sedan 1977 1.jpg )
1977 Lincoln Continental Town Car sedan.
>> No. 21311 ID: 685058
File 147482772383.jpg - (187.03KB , 1280x960 , car, Lincoln Continental Town Car sedan 1977 2.jpg )
>> No. 21312 ID: 444beb
don't know off the top of my head
>> No. 21314 ID: addd7a
IHC, when will you realise that retro 'dubs are cool? Especially a Golf.
>> No. 21318 ID: d3919a
I have no problem with the body style, it's just everything else about the car that's terrible.

>> No. 21333 ID: fc3614

No, no, his is N O T.

MY dads rabbit converted to a buick three barrel carb with a big chrome air cleaner sticking out of the hood and a dash to floor switch panel after a wiring fire.......that, was cool. Especially when it could roast em.
>> No. 21378 ID: 51379e
We had a 77 Continental with a 460, my dad ended up selling it because the gas mileage was shit, I don't know what he was thinking when he bought it.
>> No. 21404 ID: a628ab

>Go to open door
>The potmetal bellcrank that operates the door latch broke
>Reach in through the window to open door
>Jam right foot in footwell as far as it will go
>Shove ass against seat back
>Attempt to sit down
>Right knee jams into steering wheel
>Curse your 2” above average frame!
>Pull cold start timing advance out
>Turn key on
>Wait 30 seconds for glow plugs
>Wait 5 minutes
>Push cold start timing advance in
>Pull cold start timing advance back out
>Wait an additional 5 minutes
>Push cold start timing advance back in
>Ok it's ready to drive
>Get going
>Street clear
>Speed limit 45
>OK no problem
>Get to 40, now there's there's a pickup behind you
>You note that it's a 2010 Chevrolet ¾ ton
>It has a 4” lift, immaculate 21” rims, and absolutely perfect paint
>Oh. Oh no. It's a brotruck.
>You get to 45
>He mad because you're not going 25 over
>You can almost hear the names he's calling you above the engine's roar
>haha fuck you
>Get on freeway
>Speed limit 65
>Rabbit maximum cruising velocity 55
>Brotruck faggot getting madder
>haha fuck you again
>Oh god there's a 5 mile long 2% grade up ahead
>Remember that mild inclines are to this car what fans are to Koreans
>Drop gear
>Floor it
>Still slowing down
>Try to drop into 3rd
>CLUTCH OUT *clunkclunk* CLUTCH IN
>God dammit that's 5th
>Actually get it into 3rd
>Fuck now I'm down to 40
>That chuggle struggle
>Brotruck is right on your ass because he's too stupid to realize there's a left lane
>Finally you're at the top of the hill
>Your exit is coming up
>You exit the freeway, glad that the rad hose didn't blow off
>Brotruck is exiting the highway behind you
>You wonder if he's going to the same area or just consumed with rage
>He backs off
>You start to feel relieved. He actually got some sense in him.
>He's a hundred feet back
>You see a cloud of black smoke behind him
>He's getting closer
>He's almost upon you now
>You realize he's not trying to pass
>Your reflection in the mirror is mighty pale
>Can this compact take the impact
>There's a diesel on your tail
>> No. 21410 ID: f87148

>It has a 4” lift, immaculate 21” rims, and absolutely perfect paint
>Oh. Oh no. It's a brotruck.

Fukken kek/10; as an Okie, I know this feel all too well.
>> No. 21411 ID: 072837
>first car was a 78 oldsmobile cutlass supreme
>350 rocket and daytons.
>traded it for a 98 honda accord vtec with fuel rails and NOS.
>traded that for a supercharged 2000 plymouth neon.
>still driving that. looking for another bone stock honda

yo, i should be finding cars for roadkill.
>> No. 21412 ID: a90ce2
File 147898111252.jpg - (1.04MB , 2307x1108 , car, Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme 1978 1.jpg )
A 1978 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme?
Interesting first car.
>> No. 21413 ID: a90ce2
File 147898208029.jpg - (248.82KB , 2048x1536 , car, Dodge Charger Super Bee 1971 2.jpg )
I remember a spoiled rotten kid in high school, back in 1985, who said his Dad was giving him an early '70s Dodge Charger Super Bee. And he did not think this was a big deal because it was 15 years old or so. Ingrate bastard! Son of a BITCH!
>> No. 21414 ID: a90ce2
File 14789821423.jpg - (252.18KB , 2048x1536 , car, Dodge Charger Super Bee 1971 3.jpg )
>> No. 21415 ID: a90ce2
File 147898224197.jpg - (501.31KB , 2048x1536 , car, Dodge Charger Super Bee 1971 4.jpg )
>> No. 21416 ID: a90ce2
File 147898282081.jpg - (763.32KB , 3006x1872 , car, Dodge Charger Super Bee 1971 5.jpg )
1971 Dodge Super Bee: the Last Bee
Originally appearing as a more advanced version of the super successful Road Runner, Super Bee used the same recipe – take a simple cheap model, install a V8 engine as powerful as possible, and that’s it. Coronet model has been taken as a basis. The recipe worked quite well until 1971, when Coronet lost two-door versions. Then, in the case has entered the body from the then-produced Charger. That’s why the 1971 Dodge Super Bee is unique – is in fact the last classic Super Bee and the last used concept of a simple, cheap, but powerful muscle car.

Despite the fact that the Super Bee was positioned as the affordable muscle car (the cheapest 1971 Super Bee cost $3,300), the engines were not weak, and in fact in no way inferior to the more expensive and advanced competitors and “relatives”.

Super Bee of the 1971 model year was the first and only model with the base engine small block V8, just 5.6 liters of displacement, however producing enough power – 275 HP. Then ordinary big-block V8 engines were avaialble: 383 cubic-inch (6.3L) producing 300 HP; two 440 Magnum (7.2-liter) engines, producing 370 or 385HP (due to different settings and fuel system).

Hemi engines, which widely used on another muscle cars made by Chrysler corporation, could be installed in Super Bee only optionally. Nevertheless, it was the most powerful modification, producing 425 HP, with 426 CID of displacement. http://carswithmuscles.com/1971-dodge-super-bee/
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