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File 147222795370.jpg - (84.26KB , 799x555 , camping.jpg )
21230 No. 21230 ID: 88977e
hello there OPERATORchan

i am looking for the most practical and economic way about going about financing and purchasing a camping vehicle...

i don't need one that is very big, or expensive, or fancy... just something that is practical and economic friendly (i.e... value for money)

...perhaps one with a shower, and good AC

thank you! <3

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>> No. 21231 ID: 8effed
File 147223281729.jpg - (412.69KB , 1024x768 , car, Cadillac ambulance 1974 1.jpg )
Back around 1988 or so, I bought a 1974 Cadillac ambulance for $500. I got it for an RV to go on hunting and camping trips. And it worked out! I removed the paramedic's chair, put a bed in and it was all set. That gigantic car had a 472 CID V-8 engine and a 27 gallon fuel tank. The 1975 Cadillac had a 600 lb 500 cubic inch (8.2 liter) engine.
The 1974 model year was impacted by the oil embargo of late 1973 and early 1974, which hit large cars especially hard, as fears of rationing drove people to buy smaller cars with better fuel economy.
>> No. 21232 ID: 8effed
File 147223380545.jpg - (369.70KB , 1024x706 , car, Cadillac ambulance 1974 2.jpg )
That ambulance probably weighed around 6000 pounds and probably got around 7 miles per gallon. Not a very economical car to take to the wilderness, but you could stand up in it.

I know that the EPA had only a single (not separate city/highway) MPG rating list in 1974 and I think that was the first year for it. In Thos. E. Bonsalls "Cadillac The American Standard" there is a reprint of an advertisement Cadillac sent to dealers in 1974 to run in local media, this one from Valley Cadillac. It states that the Environmental Protection Agency made a study recently of gas mileage delivered by 376 new automobiles and that the Cadillac Eldorado was found to deliver 10.4 MPG, the de Ville 8.9 MPG (I dont understand why thered be a difference), and also listed some other cars including Lincoln 7.9, Chrysler 8.4 and smaller cars like the Pontiac Le Mans at 8.4 and Oldsmobile Cutlass at 7.3. 1973 and 1974 were probably the two worst years for fuel mileage on GM cars with very restrictive emission controls which gave both poor economy and poor drivability. In 1975, all GM cars got catalytic converters which allowed the engines to perform better and give better economy. By 1976, the EPA was listing both city and highway mileage and I still have the EPA window sticker from my 76 350 4BBL (Olds engine)Cutlass which shows 15 city and 21 highway. http://forums.cadillaclasalleclub.org/index.php?topic=85736.0
>> No. 21273 ID: 5c1d8c
File 147351693336.jpg - (60.00KB , 433x300 , img_1778.jpg )
>> No. 21287 ID: 044fd0
My GF and I went on a couple road trips last year in her Prius. Didn't have a shower but with the back seat folded down it had more than enough room for her and I to sleep. Prius sucks balls in town for lack of acceleration but it's quite adequite on the interstate. Got about 65 MPG in the Florida Keys and about 55 out in Arizona and Nevada.
I also have a 94 Chevy Astro LT AWD that was formerly registered as an RV. It could fit a large futon in the back. Didn't get the best fuel economy and the 28 gallon tank was a real pain in the wallet to fill but it could cruise along at 100mph all day and no cop ever gave it a second glance. Took it to Florida a couple of times back when the AC worked. Climbed the embankment closing off the lost highway at Centralia at drove around there one time. Once drove it around for more than a month with a broken torsion bar.
>> No. 21313 ID: 9dc901

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