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File 147683619053.jpg - (373.25KB , 1251x749 , N0ojMQV.jpg )
21392 No. 21392 ID: bc78c2
I like this custom job
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>> No. 21393 ID: bc78c2
File 147683630930.jpg - (937.87KB , 2822x2117 , lhsIz5M.jpg )
>> No. 21394 ID: bc78c2
File 147683631953.jpg - (359.33KB , 1600x1200 , 5EYv79J.jpg )
>> No. 21395 ID: 50f38c
File 147691418566.jpg - (2.16MB , 2729x1351 , Czech 155mm DANA Samobiezna armatohaubica wzor 197.jpg )
They model that tourist transporter after the Czech DANA (ShKH vz.77) or improved Zuzana wheeled self-propelled 152mm or 155mm howitzer on 8x8 Tatra 813 chassis?
- Samobieżna armatohaubica wzór 1977 is the designation of SpGH DANA self-propelled howitzers in service with the Polish Land Forces.
>> No. 21396 ID: 50f38c
File 147691440165.jpg - (304.25KB , 1280x853 , Czech 152mm DANA self-propelled gun-howitzer vehic.jpg )
Czech Republic army soldiers of 1st Platoon, Field Artillery in DANA 152mm self-propelled gun-howitzer vehicles maneuver to an objective during exercise Combined Resolve at the Joint Multinational Readiness Center in Hohenfels, Germany, Nov. 20, 2013. The intent of the exercise is to train and prepare U.S. led multinational brigades to interoperate with multiple partner nations against a complex threat.
>> No. 21397 ID: 50f38c
File 14769146144.jpg - (245.14KB , 1280x960 , Czech 152mm self-propelled gun-howitzer ShKH vz_ 7.jpg )
Self-propelled gun-howitzer ShKH vz. 77 Dana, Králíky, Ústí nad Orlicí District, the Czech Republic.
>> No. 21398 ID: bc78c2
File 147705882433.jpg - (38.50KB , 640x336 , MUTTvidpic%20(Small).jpg )
Before concluding it was a custom built people wanted to say it looked like passenger vehicles they use inside mines.
>> No. 21399 ID: bc78c2
File 147705892225.jpg - (100.48KB , 620x350 , pro_mac10d_big.jpg )

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