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File 149163106956.jpg - (281.13KB , 1568x661 , yohenginturret.jpg )
21628 No. 21628 ID: 45e3a1
A general thread for some of the stranger vehicles to be put down on paper or built.

Starting with a tank concept by the H. L. Yoh company that involved putting the engine in the turret...because reasons.
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>> No. 21629 ID: 45e3a1
File 149163209643.jpg - (387.83KB , 1770x1213 , image_4de86496b6fb7.jpg )
A soviet drawing for a 2 man rocket powered death trap sled...armed with additional rockets to presumably enact the exploding speeder bike scene in star wars push back those fascists.
>> No. 21630 ID: 738f4f
AN engine, sure. Gotta track fast, yeah.

Chili dogs!
>> No. 21632 ID: 303669
File 149165607222.jpg - (217.41KB , 1280x795 , Russian WW2 assault Aerosan 1930 delivering books.jpg )
Not rockets, but a motor driving a propeller for a Soviet Aerosan, here in 1930 delivering books.
>> No. 21633 ID: 303669
File 149165614711.jpg - (116.46KB , 907x724 , Russian WW2 assault Aerosledge NKL-26 & GAZ-98.jpg )
Russian WW2 assault Aerosledge NKL-26 & GAZ-98 armed with Degtyarev DP-27 LMG.
>> No. 21634 ID: 303669
File 149165622072.gif - (85.50KB , 1083x812 , Russian WW2 assault GAZ-98 (or RF-8) 1941 skimobil.gif )
Soviet GAZ-98 (or RF-8) 1941 assault skimobile armed with a Degtyarev DP-27 LMG.
>> No. 21635 ID: 9dcda2

Convenient that it's coffin shaped.
>> No. 21636 ID: 45e3a1
yeah, I noticed that while trying to thing about how one would except from such a contraption. They appear to be strapped into the thing with a harness, requiring them to get both their hands to their waist to fiddle with the straps to free themselves. As far as exit locations, the rocket launcher and it's backblast would probably prevent the region directly behind from being an exit, so I assume they would have the sides in the back open up, which seems like it would be awkward to enter and exit. I can't imagine they could convince anyone to climb into such a thing, but life was cheap in the soviet union at the time.

And then of course their is trying to imagine how it's use in an attack might take place...
Visibility is strictly limited in the forward direction, limiting situational awareness and target spotting, so I would imagine you wouldn't climb into the thing without knowing exactly where the enemy is. The attack would presumably involve speeding towards the enemy, relying on your speed and the enemy's sheer disbelief anyone could be stupid enough to climb into such a thing to avoid being obliterated. After unleashing the rockets with questionable success, you now have the task of escaping the enemy. Assuming you still have propulsion rockets to fire, I would imagine this thing would not pull 180 degree direction changes flawlessly. It is easy to imagine why this didn't make it to production...but then again this was from the same people that brought the world anti-tank dogs.
>> No. 21637 ID: 45e3a1
File 149176282056.jpg - (731.56KB , 1545x2297 , trackfree soviet tank.jpg )
This idea of a tank, if it can still be called a tank, seems to have been thought up from someone who only recently received the spark notes version of WWI in 1941. They seem to have taken inspiration from the large British and German tanks for the first world war, and seemed to appreciate the increasing role of aircraft on the battlefield...but everything else seems to show a detach from reality.
>> No. 21641 ID: 45e3a1
  As far as I can tell, everyone involved with this thing is dead serious somehow. Behold the awesome might of Ghana.
>> No. 21646 ID: c48423
File 149270785676.jpg - (14.03KB , 300x180 , m_tank300.jpg )
Looks Serbian in origin.
>> No. 21764 ID: 45e3a1
File 150034993884.jpg - (115.43KB , 960x717 , 1500331816615.jpg )
Found this new attack helicopter from Ghana. Has some revolutionary design features. Might even surpass metal gear.
>> No. 21767 ID: 9dcda2
My very favorite part is the security camera on the nose. And the "rocket pod" that's aimed at the cockpit. And the ATV wheels.
>> No. 21768 ID: 45e3a1
yeah it has some comical shit glued on, but the odd thing is... the rotors really stand out. A bit too thought out looking, as I can't imagine them bothering to make a swashplate, which makes me wonder if under all that crap is actually a helicopter they purchased. I would have guessed some sort of ultralight kit plane, but I think it would be too complicated for that.
>> No. 21769 ID: 3e9aae
Yeah it looks kinda similar to the hub on a Schweizer 300 series.

Apparently the guy making all this stuff is some preacher selling Chinese kit cars as locally made.
>> No. 21776 ID: 9dcda2
File 150163903617.jpg - (1.43MB , 4317x2866 , Alouette-III-EPFL-05.jpg )
I figured it was the rotorhead off an Alouette. Just based on it having 3 blades and the French doing a lot in west Africa. Seems to be missing the wires?
>> No. 21778 ID: 45e3a1
File 150183056863.jpg - (365.03KB , 2000x1331 , AC310.jpg )
the way the rotors attach seems different and I doubt this guy had a budget for any French aircraft. I think it could be a Chinese knockoff of a Schweizer / Hughes family of light helicopters. Here is an image of one the Chinese call AC310, the way the rotors attach seems very similar, and this guy already works with the Chinese to "design and build" Chinese cars. If it is, then it is probably safe to assume it really is a jumble of spare parts and not a full aircraft being visually modified. Reason being I doubt he would go through the effort to modify the typical simplified tail on these helicopters. (tail rotor at the end of a straight drive shaft instead of a two part design required to have the rotor further up the tail.)
>> No. 21779 ID: 45e3a1
File 15018307268.jpg - (254.40KB , 1024x768 , Schweizer269C-G-BWAV_JPG.jpg )
further reference, here is a Schweizer S269C. Looks like the Chinese copied it down to the bolt. Still not sure if this is what was used, just thought the blatant copying was amusing.

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