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PBE Felix and Deagle Boltface Patches On Sale Now!

File 15153457249.jpg - (652.80KB , 565x850 , flashywhips.jpg )
21859 No. 21859 ID: 6a47c8
Everyone tells me my scissor lift APC build dream is retarded
.. now I understand it looks stupid and is very slow but hear me out

you could armor it up and sit up there with a sniper rifle..
you could roll it up to areas unacessable to cars and provide ground support with a mobile gun carriage ( also can throw shot up homies in it as a medical vehicle)
... you could even pull up to 20ft windows and R6S it up and window entry right?

im not really worried about people trying to tip over my armored giraffe on account of how dang heavy these things are and sniper rifle
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>> No. 21860 ID: 6a47c8
File 151534598647.jpg - (200.28KB , 600x733 , mini dingli.jpg )
they also have these tiny ones.. they look damn near bulletproof
and they are also a little faster and you cold even drive them through
a fucking door probably..
>> No. 21861 ID: b86a7d
Having OPERATED these many, many times I can say: they're fucking slow.

Slightly above walking pace is max speed.

And they're pretty damn wobbly once the extendocock is extended.

>you cold even drive them through a fucking door probably..
Well, yeah, that's what they're designed for. Unless you get into the larger diesel powered models, but those are for outdoor use only.
>> No. 21862 ID: 03f678
File 151542474024.jpg - (47.00KB , 460x354 , MS%2035-4-L%20Telescopic%20Boom%20Forklift.jpg )
Get a boom lift.

>They're faster and more manuverable.
>The forks can be replaced with a basket or be used for breaching doors.
>higher ground clearences

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