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File 153674602088.png - (938.63KB , 1000x563 , Helicarrier_Up-view.png )
21914 No. 21914 ID: 339526
Let's just gloss over the fact that it can fly and be invisible (apparently defying the laws of physics), let's discuss the helicarrier's flight deck design. Going by this picture, the flight deck is on two levels: Takeoff from the fo'c'sle, straight out of the hangar in a similar bi-level design to HMS Glorious. Landing is on an upper flight deck, which is angled. Given that the Quinjets are STOVL, the need for an angled deck is questionable, since there is no arrester gear and thus no risk missing it and having to "go around". There is also no ski-jump, but Quinjets may take off happily without one.
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>> No. 21915 ID: 55fdd6
They also fly F35 B-variants in and out, as seen in the first Avengers. It's capable of STOVL but that design allows for less fuel-draining traditional take-off and landing and also allows adaptability for other non-STOVL aircraft to take off and land as well.
>> No. 21917 ID: 69150e
Not to shit on your morning brownies but Marvel Films©®™ are (im-)purely U.S. propaganda mouthpieces, for all the money and manpower from the U.S. Dept of Defense that gets invested in them at this time.


>> No. 21935 ID: 91237d
The benefit of aircraft carrier is that they use a more dense medium (water) to efficiently transport vehicles that use a less dense medium (air) which is less efficient to travel through, to carry out their mission.

Putting an aircraft carrier in air is pants on head retarded, absolutely nothing is gained by the arrangement.
>> No. 21946 ID: daa8a7
File 157276780796.jpg - (108.70KB , 800x540 , cloudbase_main_pic.jpg )
Also, I couldn't talk about the Helicarrier without bringing up the similarities with Cloudbase from Captain Scarlet.
Yep, it's another flying aircraft carrier. The only difference is this one can't go invisible.
>> No. 21968 ID: 132e8e

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