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File 150241922475.png - (33.98KB , 500x443 , fantasy-football-logo.png )
59099 No. 59099 ID: 12329c Stickied hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Its back bitches.


Post an email and ill send you an invite. We have 4 people from IRC atm, but we need 4 more. League is currently set at 8 but can be expanded as needed (doubt we will need that).

This is not serious at all and was fun when we did it last... like 4 goddamn years ago.
>> No. 59100 ID: 13f512
File 150241949663.jpg - (67.06KB , 750x905 , 16265348_10154594115052562_1154131582453851974_n.jpg )
stickied, will be playing
>> No. 59101 ID: 12329c

addendum so people can see whats up

File 148925173298.jpg - (877.49KB , 1184x1192 , zN6FBud.jpg )
58923 No. 58923 ID: 632b3e Stickied hide watch quickreply [Reply]
As you may be aware, we have set up an opchan discord server. Please feel free to use it for all your gaming communication needs.


If it needs to be tweaked in any way to meet your requirements, just post here or let myself or serv know and we'll see what can be done.
>> No. 58924 ID: 632b3e
File 148925180047.jpg - (41.63KB , 742x708 , 17155911_1227167177397662_8276297384063548023_n.jpg )
Sticky because sticky.
>> No. 58943 ID: bc78c2
Server now has music voice and text channels for bot based playing of music.

File 150543138636.jpg - (340.48KB , 910x1200 , 81Zgv2hxG-L.jpg )
59149 No. 59149 ID: 848792 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Anybody here play? D&D, Warhammer, Pathfinder, etc.
>> No. 59154 ID: df12a0
File 150570748945.jpg - (695.63KB , 1799x1570 , white plume mountain.jpg )
Been playing off/on for most of my life, starting with AD&D, an occasional session of 1Ed, taking a long hiatus, heard bad bad things about 3.5, co-started a D&D club for the local HS, and am currently in a campaign being run by a 19 Delta who has set up his home to allow a friend in Colorado and his son who lives two hours away, to Skype in.

Currently playing a Drow Paladin/Barbarian (which pisses off the DM because he hates elves, has a hardon for Dwarves and has placed the campaign mostly underground - lol, loopholes).

Other party members include:

Human Paladin (played by the Colorado friend, who always plays drunk, and ends up overanalyzing simple shit, which drags out certain parts of the game way longer than they need to be)

Human Fighter (played by co-founder of the HS D&D club)

Human Cleric (played by a HS graduate of said club)

Human Warlock (played by DM's Skype-ing son)

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 59155 ID: df12a0
File 150570765036.png - (401.73KB , 1765x1000 , SWEotE.png )
I like a lot of the game mechanics in FFG's SW:EotE RPG system, except for:

1) ...the space combat section is, IMHO, utter garbage. Last time I played in a SW:EotE group, we substituted FFG's X-Wing Miniatures rules (and minis, obviously) for it.

2) ...its noticeable lack of emphasis on the more mundane aspects of the galaxy, far far away. For example, in a campaign being run by a fellow 13 Bravo, the DM clearly wanted us players to get on the Empire's bad side and get our shit pushed in. But we delightfully refused by solidly entrenching ourselves into the much more profitable business of space trucking. Which worked out quite well for us, after spending a couple of sessions and several hours, jury-rigging an economics/freight system.
>> No. 59156 ID: 3e843b
File 150572446851.jpg - (135.72KB , 900x600 , Wh40k_4843be_6312973.jpg )
Used to play some D&D way back in the day with photocopied rulebooks and shit printed from shitty old internet websites. Also played a little Wizards of the Coast Star Wars.

I read Warhammer (mostly only 40k) but never got into the actual tabletop game because of cost and I was mostly out of tabletop gaming by then.

Nowadays I really don't have patience or friends to get into the stuff again unfortunately. I've been tempted to look into some local nerd shops to maybe give me a boot to the behind to get back into it but so far nadda.

I still do enjoy to this day thinking up scenarios to play, occasionally even try to write some of them down to maybe turn into something.

File 147692421233.jpg - (1.66MB , 1920x1080 , TF2_WallPaper_1920x1080_v2.jpg )
58683 No. 58683 ID: 9dcda2 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
My body is prepared.
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>> No. 59073 ID: d4c8ee
  Horde mode on the 25th.

I've been trying to get back into the game but man, I lost all the skill I built up when it came out and I feel like a old dude trying to skateboard.
>> No. 59093 ID: 2001f3
Been playing for about a week now, fun game. That PvE defense mode is great, regenerated my Scorch and Legion pretty much off that entirely. And as much as people complain about Tone, I absolutely hate Monarch even more, fucker just will not die if the pilot is at all competent.
>> No. 59128 ID: df12a0
>if the pilot is at all competent.

Isn't that true for pretty much any Titan, though?
>> No. 59129 ID: eb2308
Not really, no.
>> No. 59153 ID: 475f8e
File Reaper_pls.webm - (1.52MB , Reaper pls.webm )
Scorch is the only real Titan that has trouble with Pilots. Thermite ain't cut out for sniping Pilots the same any other Titan can. If anything, Scorch is the underdog Titan as of now.

WTB Triple Threat for Scorch in standard MP.

No. 59148 ID: d64ad6 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  Friends have been showing me the Nintendo Switch, but I asked "where are the VIOLENT games?" If it played shooters like Doom, Wolfenstein, SOCOM, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, Ace Combat, or Vanquish or slasher games like Diablo 3, I would get it. No interest in games like Splatoon, Mario Kart, Zelda, Sonic, or other such games that are not centered on carnage, insanity and destruction. But now I discovered that the Nintendo Switch will have Doom, Skyrim 5, and Wolfenstein 2. Looks like I'm finally getting a Nintendo handheld console.

Doom & Wolfenstein 2 Coming To Switch and Skyrim Switch Release Date! - GS News Roundup https://youtu.be/i2TQjNnxgvo
Skyrim on Switch gets a release date, Minecraft is coming to 3DS, and Nintendo reveals a topless Mario. Yeah, we didn’t need to see that either.
>> No. 59151 ID: 360fc6
>> No. 59152 ID: 3e843b
File 150567035911.jpg - (302.92KB , 640x960 , crg_bd1.jpg )
>Blood Dragon

God damn I loved that game.

On topic, I'm actually getting interested in the Switch now. I could take or leave the first party titles unless they had a good Metroid. Mario is ehh and Zelda looks fun but I'm not a fan of the art style (though I understand why they decided to go with it, people are already calling it a Skyrim clone). Multiplayer and party games hold no interest to me because I have no friends.......I mean I'm not of fan of them.

But if they have some good 3rd party support, which Nintendo hasn't had the last several consoles, I'd be so down for getting a Switch and considering they are now I'm probably getting one sometime during the beginning of next year.

Means I also have to buy a tv. I literally haven't had a tv in over a decade. I got a Xbox 360 a couple months ago to play through all those games I've not played liked Halo 4, Crackdown, The Darkness, and games that I loved like Far Cry Instincts but its been either gathering dust or over at my sisters house with her kids grubby paws all over it.

No. 59114 ID: 49e1e2 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  Anyone else enjoying this game?

I just unlocked M4s and MPXs with Peacekeeper.

Im medium speed with some drag, but I dont care.
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>> No. 59122 ID: 12329c
File 150397732181.jpg - (59.22KB , 400x517 , 400x.jpg )
>paying over $100 to get into a early access game

looks... interesting, but will most likely flop because its trying to deliver too much
>> No. 59123 ID: 3e9aae
And remember how everybody bought the Stalker games for their deep multiplayer gameplay?
>> No. 59124 ID: 12329c
was that sarcasm or uninformed?

i dont really know anyone who bought it for MP, even if it existed. it was all based on SP
>> No. 59125 ID: 3e9aae
Sarcasm of course.
>> No. 59150 ID: 1668cd
Its in closed beta currently. Its pretty polished and gets more polished every damn patch.

Give it a new shot. Youll get a lot of hatchlings for the first week or two after a wipe. But right now you run into a lot of geared guys. I ran out with a tokarev and left the map (customs) with 2 sks, one of which was suppressed with optics and all that, a huge backpack full of 3 M4s, etc etc.

Bro. To get into closed beta you can buy the cheapest pack ($45). Reading is fun.

New wipe coming in a month or so. So tons of people are out with everything. Vaulting coming soon, breach/bang/clear option coming soon. Hideouts coming soon (increase stash size, quests from merchants, etc etc etc).

Or just do what my friends do.

Watch the following streamers on twitch
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 59147 ID: 5dd85f hide watch quickreply [Reply]

File 150453550918.jpg - (815.19KB , 3440x1440 , EliteDangerous64_2017_08_06_01_02_33_148.jpg )
59130 No. 59130 ID: 9dcda2 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Elite Dangerous / Horizons thread.
9 posts and 9 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 59140 ID: 9dcda2
  My bro in the FDL. I ram the target at 0:37.
>> No. 59143 ID: eb2308
Running around in a combat clipper for fighting, explorer fitted DBE for travel/making money.

If you haven't run the road to riches, do it. I'm working through it a few systems at a time and making an absurd amount of money.

Vulture is sweet.

Get rid of that MC and replace with an actual cannon. Subtarget power plants and you can pop even big three ships at record speeds.

Also get a courier. Don't ask questions, just do it.
>> No. 59144 ID: eb2308
Also, get rid of the point defenses.

You don't need them, the vulture can dodge the shit out of missiles.... and if you roll more boosters you won't need to.
Not sure why you're rolling b grade thrusters.
>> No. 59145 ID: 5bf26c
> Not sure why you're rolling b grade thrusters.

I'm 2.8% over with the two shield boosters, which is made up for with cargo hatch.

Of course this is all non-engineered stuff. I did a little bit of tinkering to that multi-cannon, but nothing much.

> point defenses

Every time I get wrecked, it's the missiles that kill me. I might swap one back to a chaff launcher.

> replace with an actual cannon

I've had assbysmal luck with cannons. Gimbaled cannons hit 1/10 times. On the ASP I tried fighting a cobra mk3 and barely made it out alive. I might try some fixed cannons.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 59146 ID: eb2308
You're remembering to deactivate your FSD when in combat, right?

Vultures SHOULD be over the power limit. Set the FSD for priortiy 3 or 4 on power and get A grades.


Boost, FAS, Boost in another direction. You should be able to get away form missles consistently. One PD is pretty good, really.

Chaff is useful against playes, but NPCs ignore it.

If missiles keep wrecking you, consider a military grade hull and replacing Hull reinforcements with module reinforcements. A grade thrusters should more than make up for the weight.

File 143221790615.png - (566.75KB , 800x600 , hellrisinghand.png )
54764 No. 54764 ID: 46335a hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Hey so I was told to post here, 4chan's /v/ and /b/ are currently playing this game and we are looking for allies and members.

The game is a horror survival mmo/simulator. You play as a character stuck in the quarantined city of serling. You can play as a human, vampire or zombie and try to fight it out and survive. It has gameplay similar to Urban dead except with more options like trading/crafting and 73 skills to buy rather than 40.

Anwyays give it a try if you want
Here is the group join if you want
>> No. 54772 ID: 6d6cb1
>urban dead
Ages since I last played.

Mite bee cool, except why would we want to join /b/ when we can make our own?
>> No. 57649 ID: ac0e21
Then just make your own group
>> No. 57656 ID: 6d6cb1
Holy necropost, Batman!
>> No. 57658 ID: 46335a
Yeah man I dropped off the face of the internet for a while
>> No. 59141 ID: 71b957
Time to do it again

No. 59116 ID: bf333d hide watch quickreply [Reply]
>At least partially inspired by PKD & Blade Runner
>Rutger fucking Hauer

OK, I'm fucking sold.


Wish me luck.
>> No. 59117 ID: 3e843b
File 15037407857.jpg - (102.52KB , 848x942 , the_haste_by_novembear-daowdcd_png.jpg )
Looks interesting. The fact there is no combat actually has me interested. I love combat games but having something a bit different sounds kinda cool.

Main thing I wanna know is about the soundtrack. Highly narrative games can be made or broken I think depending on the soundtrack.
>> No. 59118 ID: 9dcda2
I just watched my buddy play for like 20 minutes. It's a horror game.

> trippy shit happens
> jump scare
> more tripp JUMP SCARE
> will you reach into the hole?
> losing your mind
> objects turn into spiders and walk around the room
> people get dismembered
> walk down hallway to exit room
> door is now locked
> turn around, room is now different
> read some email
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 59120 ID: bf333d
File 150385773680.jpg - (103.15KB , 700x394 , ObserverScreensR2-1.jpg )
Played it for just shy of 2 hours. I like it so far, I just wish they'd allow you to change the field of view. something feels off for me. Tried to find it in the config files, but didn't find anything obvious sadly.
>> No. 59127 ID: bf333d
File 150420729722.jpg - (248.74KB , 1200x675 , observer-1.jpg )
Finished it in 7 hours.

If you like nice visuals and are a cyberpunk addict, you should probably give it a try. It's somewhat iffy if it's worth 25 bucks though.
If you dislike slow story telling and hate jump scares (though most aren't that annoying), this isn't the game for you.

My main gripe with the game aside from the field of view and jitteriness of the graphics (on purpose, but playing too long makes me a bit queasy) is that one of the two main endings is significantly superior to the other.

It should be rather obvious though from the previous hints that he can't be trusted and is manipulating you. His hate for you is real and he clearly has no morals when it comes to taking life or manipulating people. As such, rejecting the offer gives you the most satisfying ending.

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