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Patches and Stickers for sale here

File 146535345222.jpg - (362.50KB , 1200x1197 , E3 scorecard.jpg )
58105 No. 58105 ID: ade114 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
Just how shitty will this one be? Will Ubisoft have some sick MEMES? Will EA announce another Madden and FIFA? Will Microsoft beg people to buy their shitty controllers and xbone?

What are your predictions?
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>> No. 58203 ID: 90a126
File 146669204374.jpg - (271.82KB , 683x1024 , 4917251508_595fab51eb_b.jpg )
>weird ass controls

Isn't that like the whole point of the Resident Evil series, weird controls? Even the most recent one I played, RE 5, still had kinda stupid controls. The old games were completely pants on head retards when it came to controls and were made worse by the stupid as fuck camera.

I couldn't even get into Resident Evil until 4 because of that shit. I played one of the games, maybe 2, where it starts out with some chick on a motorcycle or something and she wrecks and is surrounded by zombies and burning cars. Couldn't even make it past that I was having such a tough time with the controls and camera, flung my N64 controller in frustration.

A Resident Evil game without some stupid control set-up or silly gimmick is like a Telltale Games game with actual gameplay beyond what you'd find in an early 90s Lucasarts point and click game.
>> No. 58204 ID: 6989cb
I think RE2 on the N64 did have an option to have movement relative to the camera instead of tanks controls.
>> No. 58205 ID: 79b400
And those awkward controls were with the earlier games, for everything else they provided in the games, it was somewhat bearable.

My complaint is with the USS spinoffs. They all lack depth and their awkward controls make it worse. None of them feel like they're in the RE world and it lacks immersion.

I could handle lack of depth if they just made the game fun, which they never do. Every task feels like a chore.

Like I said, I just want Rainbow Six with BOWs and story. It could easily work and be fun.
>> No. 58211 ID: 2ce51f
>Isn't that like the whole point of the Resident Evil series, weird controls?
No. Tank controls are a necessity born from the camera angles. Try playing Fatal Frame - it has the same kind of "cinematic camera angles" shit as RE1-3 but without tank controls, which makes controlling the character awkward unless you're using the camera which puts you in first person.
>> No. 58219 ID: 79b400
  Okay, enough of the dopey RE shit.

Let's get to the REal shit.

I'm extremely curious about the direction they're going with this title. Lots of questions.

No. 57807 ID: 037541 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  I cannot contain my need to play as Hungary. This looks awesome. Sadly HOI3 cannot fulfill my thirst for this style of gameplay. HOI4 is just so vibrant and rewarding compared to the bland and boring HOI3.

Anyone else been following these streams? Anyone else going to be day one purchasers?
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>> No. 57948 ID: db411e
I almost forgot, you can play from CK2 all the way to HOI through save converters. But due to Paradox having a massive hate boner for alternate timeline shenanigans WW2 will probably never fire because you need France, the UK, Germany, Russia, and Poland to all exist which normally doesn't happen after 1300 years of game play.
>> No. 58004 ID: 037541
  Holy fuck that amazing defense of Poland.
>> No. 58110 ID: d0041a
The game is out what are your impressions?

I personally liked HOI2 more than 3 lay it on me straight because I'm about to jump on this
>> No. 58117 ID: 037541
I had only played 3 and yes it was fun it was extremely visually unappealing, there were too many tech trees and figuring out the divisions, using planes and ships was just notoriously bad/hard. Diplomacy was iffy and the whole neutrality system fucking sucked.

Supplies, resources and production work amazingly in this game it is so much better then HOI3 it is crazy. Trade works super nicely and the mix between civilian factories and military factories is super helpful. I really like how you now have production lines for equipment and numbers for different types then just "supplies" as a single resource. You dont just produce supplies you produce basic infantry equipment, planes, tanks, support equipment, artillery, ect.

Planes are super simple to use. Assign to airzone (ex: All of Mexico is one air zone) ships are the same, one flotilla can be assigned to up to three sea zones. Those sea zones are just as big as the air zones. Diplomacy is more clear. Division designer is dope, you gain experience and that experience allows you to edit your divisions. You can make them anyway you want. Like if I wanted to give only the most basic equipment to a select division design I could and they would only use the basic equipment. If I then want that same deployed division to get the nice equipment I set it and bam they now will be reinforced with the good equipment and the basic will return to storage.

Battle plans are AMAZING, the AI is great at fighting your wars for you and reshuffling your lines. Honestly it is a must to use front lines and offensive battle plans. You can micro once those plans are launched without effecting the plans. I hated the theater and HQ system of HOI3 and the ai was terrible at fighting a front for you here I put 100% faith in the AI. My friend won a campaign as China aka killed all axis with zero micromanagement of battles. He just launched his battle plans and sat and focused on make new battle plans and making sure everything was being produced correctly. He was so excited about it all he forced me to watch his stream to show off.

I could go on but this game is awesome, if you had any HOI experience in the past you will love this game. Highly suggest watching some of the gameplay videos just in case.
Highly suggest this guy he is the really good player from all the videos in this thread. 2000+ hours in the game so far and is a QA tester for HOI4. Highlights much of the good of the game and he sold me day one.

I started a El Salvador campaign with historical mode off and on medium difficulty, I took all of Central America except Panama. I then staged a coup in
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 58118 ID: 037541
File 146548813070.jpg - (587.52KB , 1920x1080 , ElSalvador.jpg )
And yes I have the biggest air force in the region. It's my work around for having no man power.

File 145926978680.jpg - (123.79KB , 1920x1080 , maxresdefault.jpg )
57695 No. 57695 ID: 4c768d hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
So my Steel Series Siberia V2's crapped out after around 3 years of almost daily use, and I'm in need of a new headset. Any suggestions for a good quality gaming headset that's less than $100?

Was thinking about buying another pair of the V2's as I really liked them, but after looking up my issues, and seeing they are pretty common(left side losing sound, and shitty wiring in the mic/volume control box that leads to them not working) and not getting fixed might be in the market for something else.
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>> No. 57998 ID: 0a9273
>cannot hear ANYTHING other than the headphones when you have them fully on.

this. with any stereo type headset.
how am I suppose to hear rekuawn de'shawn kicking in my door?
>> No. 57999 ID: 82a3e8
I have dogs, They act as my 2 stage alarm.

Dog 1 barks at anything and everything he can hear. Dog 2 only barks when noise comes from inside my fence line.
>> No. 58024 ID: 8be205
File 146328120999.jpg - (207.00KB , 1920x1080 , maxresdefault.jpg )
open can design on a decent headset.

it's not rocket science. Really, don't waste money on stupid "gaming" headsets. Buy yourself some decent Beyer Dynamics or Sennheisers.

You're going to be using the headphones for more than playing games, most likely, so why get yourself intentionally hamstrung sound quality just for "better" sound just for gaming? Get a headset you'd want to listen to music or movie audio on.
>> No. 58027 ID: 0dcdc8
>Get a headset you'd want to listen to music or movie audio on.

Waiting for it to arrive with a mic attached.
>> No. 58108 ID: 33338c
Okay, Opchan tech support time, relevant to thread. Yesterday I got my new parts in, and after wrestling with an apparently-corrupted Windows install, I'm now on a shiny "new" build (the old Ship of Theseus paradox comes into play here). Short version is I'm running a Core i7-6700K on a Gigabyte Z170X-Gaming 7, with a gargantuan Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo (and new RAM, but I can't see that being my issue). Problem is, my sound quality is ass now. A lot more buzz and hiss than my old board had, which elevates to a spitting buzz when I start playing anything. My understanding is that it's probably interference from something poorly-shielded, but where/how would I go about mitigating that?

File 146282170743.jpg - (1.24MB , 2000x1503 , NVIDIA-GeForce-GTX-1080-Dual-SLI.jpg )
57979 No. 57979 ID: 0dcdc8 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
So from a rig perspective I have been holding out and skipped the 9X series.

I demand to do 4k gaming on my 50" and was not satisfied with the benchmark reports on the VR front of the 980TIs or Titans....

I was betting on pascal to carry the day and suffered in silence.

Oh how waiting has paid off it appears.

Gonna get two of these straight away and laugh at all the 980s flooding the market/trashcan.
24 posts and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 58075 ID: 8be205
fuck me again, ASUS can do their own PCB designs as well. Their ROG lines are fucking impressive.
>> No. 58087 ID: 0dcdc8
File 146483030478.png - (36.56KB , 250x250 , 19490454.png )
>In certain scenarios, according to Radeon Technologies Group Senior Vice President Raja Koduri, one Radeon RX 480 card could hold its own against a single Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 (from last generation), and two could deliver equivalent or better performance as a single GTX 1080 card—for about $200 less.


>In certain scenarios
>certain scenarios

Only in ashes....

We shall see what the benches come back with, but I am not sold.

Nvidia can have 200 dollars more for being top shelf on performance.

I do however see a space for the AMD cards in say HTPCs eventually once they get them down to fanless in two year or maybe even one of those backpack jobs.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 58088 ID: 88a6f1
You'll be waiting for a long time. It's in Nvidia's interest to try to stretch out iterative performance jumps per generation if there's a lack of competition from the other side.
>> No. 58089 ID: 53e7c0
This is the mainstream tier. If you want a 390X or Fury replacement, you're going to have to wait for Vega or Full size Polaris.
>> No. 58099 ID: d4c8ee
File 146518539114.jpg - (175.79KB , 1200x676 , AMD-APU-Slide-1.jpg )
This is certainly a graph.

File 145408748578.jpg - (646.61KB , 2560x1440 , TheDivision 2016-01-29 11-10-47-11.jpg )
57293 No. 57293 ID: 01b665 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Anyone playing The Division? Seems neat so far, If anyone is playing the beta on PC i'd love to play with some operators
155 posts and 22 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 57758 ID: d3cd3e
As if the game wasn't already a boring grindfest... Well, that confirms it, the game is dead to me.
>> No. 57760 ID: 82a3e8
Im ok with it. It really should have been like that from the start.

Instead they didnt think about it and now most of the people playing had all of the best gear you could get basically a day or two into launch.

Thats ok, I still have path of exile :D
>> No. 58059 ID: df12a0
DZ update: Now you can cut the rope to the helo, so the loot doesn't get extracted.
>> No. 58076 ID: 82a3e8
That is super assholey. I love it.
>> No. 58077 ID: 12481e
Does anyone play on PS4? What's your gamer tag?

No. 54543 ID: 885afe hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  So I dont know if this is out already or its coming out but...

4 new weapons. One of which is a mares leg. Which is a secondary.
5 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 57769 ID: 79b400
Before they nerfed everything in BF3, shortly after it came out, me and my friend would hold off the entire team and protect an area with USAS-12s and frag 12 ammunition. It was OP, but we felt it was fair because were the only ones on our team that would communicate and coordinate in a game where that was important.

I would also counter snipe enemies across the map with the 870 and frag 12s.

I also used Johnny-5 (EOD bot) as a motherfucking offensive tool, I used that fucker like an abused pitbull on meth and PCP. I was scary good at getting behind enemy lines with it and killing people. Then they nerfed that thing too. My favorite moment with the bot was when three enemy bots surrounded me in a corner and killed me. Shit was hilarious.

They ruined everything I loved. It's like my friend used to say, "you would focus on that one thing and get very good at it, then they would take it away and you'd find something else to focus on and become really good at that and they take that away. Rinse and repeat." It's true, while I'm a versatile player, I tend get the most enjoyment when I'm doing one thing with something that it wasn't designed for.

I guess the EOD bot wasn't designed for getting air off a ramp and killing people midair. Didn't stop me. :) Until EA stopped me. :(
>> No. 57771 ID: e07445
File 146007859231.png - (38.76KB , 321x322 , 1412729796060.png )
>using the drone to kill people
>cheezing the game so much that you'd normally get 40+ kills
>> No. 57776 ID: 79b400
Pretty much. My K/D ratio was normally 25-3, 20-10 on bad days. 40-0 on exceptional days.

Then I met SwissGuy perched up on a building on Strike at Karkand and learned I was nothing. Jesus Christ, he gave me PTSD.
>> No. 57778 ID: 629c61
File 146014317586.png - (129.73KB , 476x427 , 50centcmonson.png )
You cant leave us hanging like that. Story time?
>> No. 58058 ID: df12a0

...and then there was the one time I killed SwissGuy, and it took me half the match to do it, and the other half of the game on the run for his vengeful wrath. And he was my only kill of that match, too...

File 14626941966.jpg - (61.21KB , 1440x900 , Ragnarok2.jpg )
57950 No. 57950 ID: c2499b hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Does anyone play Eve Online and streams them and uses Twitch? If you do please let me know. I love to see your game play.

Please send me your e-mail to:

8 posts and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 57990 ID: 0dcdc8
File 146285375544.png - (495.19KB , 510x692 , 144862128841.png )
>Does anyone play Eve Online and stream

This all day.

Never would I give up my position, how much ISK I really have, what I was flying and the mods on it, or any of the contract scams I pulled or anything of that nature on a stream.
>> No. 58037 ID: 5a6ad6
File 146358760313.jpg - (56.05KB , 907x712 , 52db51e6ec.jpg )
Jita 4-4 You'll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villany in the galaxy
>> No. 58043 ID: 385f49
Strangely enough, this is also a safest place in the cluster. It contains most of game's wealth, it is virtually indestructible and it is top priority to everyone to watch over it since if it's contents will be lost, the game would be as good as dead.
>> No. 58047 ID: 5a6ad6
File 146379153552.png - (7.70KB , 287x277 , 4788ce43d0.png )
For sure. Though you can still get dead in Jita but it is much much rarer to see Jita ganks these days.
>> No. 58049 ID: fd0828
This would be interesting as an Eve social experiment. Sort of like how that guy has had a game of Civilization II he's run forever and it ended up with 1700 years of nuclear war between 3 supernations.

You could run a transparent Eve stream and try to make it work against the additional difficulty of people knowing where you are and what you're doing. I imagine it'd make for incredibly conservative play and you'd reach a glass ceiling too.

File 145364342958.gif - (4.24KB , 300x300 , mario-box-question-mark.gif )
57242 No. 57242 ID: bbadd8 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
This thread is about the games you loved which weren't met with huge commercial success or weren't recognized as niche/cult games.
What did you like/love, but did not really make a mark on the industry?
These games do not necessarily have to be "special", just being fun is enough to qualify.
36 posts and 22 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 58019 ID: 98c1a2
File 146327940175.jpg - (128.53KB , 1280x595 , seiken_densetsu_3_duran.jpg )
Some quests could be a little tedious, with some walking back and forth from one town to another, and videogame "logic" may apply to the resolution of quests, like "how do we fight off this castle invasion" having the answer be "get a magic hammer from an old lady at the black market so you can meet a tiny old man to get a wind spirit so he can spread sleep-flower over the enemy" but if you pay attention and talk to NPCs, it isn't completely mental. Some (most) maps are mazes and some even go the extra distance and get all bent-space on you (fucking elves man), this can be a little discouraging but it isn't that bad.

You end up revisiting a lot of places more than once, but they never seem to get old, you have access to different areas previously blocked first time around and so forth.

I have to say that this game has little new, but the execution is top notch. If you're into a magical adventure on the SNES and can remember that this was all done on a 16 bit system with less than 5 fucking megabytes (LESS THAN FIVE MEGABYTES), give this a go even if you haven't played other SoM games.

Secret of Mana and Legend of Mana for the PS1 were awesome too, and you should play them too of course.

also sorry if the art is a little animoo you can ban me if you want

tl;dr give it a try it's pgud
>> No. 58033 ID: 11a389
One of my favorite titles also. I beat it like 5 times.
>> No. 58034 ID: 6de9de
Fury 3: a space planet shooter for Windows 95 (that isn't the third part to anything, so why is it 3?).

I remember playing this when I was 4 years old, getting the most value out of the family's first computer with a GUI. Now that I think about it, this is probably the first game with 3d graphics I'd ever played.

You fly around maps that I remember feeling as if they were the curved surfaces of a globe, and accomplish objectives by shooting lots of shit. You pick up special weapons and ammo from the shit you destroy. Every 3rd mission has a bitching boss battle, and then you move on to the next planet. The game is pretty easy and arcadey, easily controllable solely with the keyboard. Because I was only a small child, I had no way of knowing about or being able to purchase a more advanced pc space flight sim like X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter.

I don't think I've ever heard anyone refer to this game in person, or on the internet.
>> No. 58038 ID: 8be205
Fury 3 was just a Windows 95-native Terminal Velocity, which a lot of people have played (and used to come in a bonus disc as shareware with some versions of Windows 95 as alongside Netscape Navigator and other such programs people might want.)

You can still buy it on GoG.com or steam.
Runs in dosbox, and Terminal Velocity was pretty fucking fun for me, back in the day. PLayed the Shareware version of EP1 that was on the bonus shit section of my Duke Nukem 3D disc.
>> No. 58039 ID: 8be205
File 146359844120.jpg - (33.59KB , 640x480 , 113213-SWIV3D.jpg )
I also had a lot of fun with SWIV 3D, a helicopter voxel-graphics arcade flight game, kind of like Desert Strike and Soviet Strike. Differed in that everything was voxel rendered, and you had rotation control of the camera. Also had altitude control of the helo.

Kind of fun, it and Mass Destruction pretty much fulfilled all my mindless vehicular combat game needs back in the day.

No. 57722 ID: a4c0e9 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  Haven't had a thread in a LONG time, most of you probably thought we were dead. I don't want to make a thread on /k/ quite yet but I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm still working on the game (amazingly).
6 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 57744 ID: 1238bc
You're doing God's work, sir.
>> No. 57788 ID: cfaec1
Here's a helpful table for when your users bug you about what the game can run on.


That game looks very clean, I bet with low settings it can even run on integrated netbook cards.
>> No. 57826 ID: a4c0e9
Absolutely, not very CPU intensive. You do need a good GPU to run it well on high but that's due mostly to post processing, plus we have real time global illumination which can be quite taxing.
>> No. 57856 ID: a479ff
What happened to that little multiplayer demo from a while ago?
>> No. 57995 ID: a4c0e9
People are still fucking playing it lol, we ended up completely scrapping it because there's no fucking way we can afford to sustain any decent sized multiplayer game on our budget. Those little multiplayer demos could probably host max like 20 people at any given time.

No. 57858 ID: 254d85 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  Aquinas spoke of the mythical city on the hill, soon that city will be real, and we will be made it's bitches.
24 posts and 6 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 57901 ID: 82a3e8
Good question.

Id hardly call his wife a whore if he forced her into an open relationship and she took advantage of that. Quit living in the 1920s.
>> No. 57906 ID: 90a126
File 146205654364.jpg - (101.92KB , 563x1226 , nu2Mipb.jpg )
Because its heilarious. Some guy who wanted to be in an open relationship to bang broads instead gets cucked, then his wife leaves taking his video game machine, and he tries to be gay but fails at that too. And it happened to one of those piece of shit SJWs who insists on inserting poorly written SJW approved characters in video games.

Don't get me wrong, I've nothing against gay people or other "SJW" topic people in video games but not as a poorly written "gay" character or "trans" character but a character who is gay or trans, not a walking stereotype solely defined by whos pants they want to get in. Someone like Juhani from KOTOR who was gay but was also a well written character who didn't just come right out and blurt "itsa me, the gay character, imma number 1". You found that the pussycat liked pussy organically and you didn't even have to find out if you choose to skip all the dating bullshit.
>> No. 57925 ID: bec165

Sorry, I only fight to the death.

Juhani was bi...
>> No. 57926 ID: 90a126
File 146258325397.jpg - (344.94KB , 848x404 , dick sucking lips wasted.jpg )
You sure? I could have swore Juhani didn't want to let any Revan without a pussy pet her pussycat. I think in the unpatched console version she could be sexed by both but the later patched versions she was straight up lesbo.
>> No. 57985 ID: b79dcf
What a shit answer to the question. It implies all authors who have trouble writing the opposite sex don't consider women to be people. And it can be applied equally idiotically to everything.
>how come you write good villains?
>well bradshaw, i've always considered villains to be people
>how come you suck dicks george ridiculous retard martin?
>well bradshaw, i've always considered dicks to be people
Question is as stupid as the answer considering this dumbass doesn't write good characters, they are all twilight tier mary sues. His only innovation is torturing them to hell, but there's no story arc there, he just tortures them, he doesn't even write it as a tragedy.

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