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File 144045571820.png - (157.22KB , 955x375 , 1423043175235.png )
55922 No. 55922 ID: 7f7712 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
which one of you fags wants a free copy of MGS5:ground zeros?
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>> No. 55956 ID: d2e752
Not enough Snake, too many naked albinos.

Other than that, it was great. When I was in middle school, I had a fat friend who would roller blade while wearing a thick duster because of that game. It was hilarious, I still laugh at it.

He was Chris Farley levels of active for a fatty, surprisingly good stamina.
>> No. 56034 ID: f2dc1f
I also got a copy for givings away.
>> No. 56580 ID: da442b
  thing came out
>> No. 56581 ID: da442b
  thing came out
>> No. 56620 ID: fd7157
i can take it off your hands mang.


No. 56572 ID: a34477 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  Any of you guys in any Arma3 groups? Been part of Phantactical since mid summer and love it so god dam much such good times.

-Vid from last night, FT deathmatch 4 v 4 v 4 v 4 v 4 capture the castle and hold.
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>> No. 56595 ID: 1bfae7
I had the strange issue, with every update the performance went up and down. Never knew if they broke something or my PC had seizures. But i want to give it another try during the winter holidays.

Any weapon mods and maps you guys can recommend?
>> No. 56599 ID: 0ea1a5

IF YOU want to operate on such a level of high speed low drag I suggest you join us in this righteous undertaking of slotting floppies in this here Phantactical group.


I apologize to those that applied before. We have different administration now that is on a higher level of chill and awesome. If you're not a douche and show dedication and love for brotherhood you'll fit in nicely.
>> No. 56600 ID: 0ea1a5
  Also I am fucking insane.
>> No. 56601 ID: 0ea1a5
  No seriously
>> No. 56606 ID: a34477
Fucking cheater, remind me never to duel you again.

File 143596883835.jpg - (174.54KB , 800x462 , LUDA I - DD107.jpg )
55413 No. 55413 ID: f2dc1f hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

This time in its own thread. :P
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>> No. 56586 ID: 7b177d
File 14464395029.jpg - (314.51KB , 1308x1281 , killme.jpg )
150k damage against mostly tier 5, 5 kills + 99% of a Konigsburg, and we still lost.

The best part is that I misplayed against a destroyer and ate 5 torpedos for 33k damage. Had that not happened, I'm sure I could have taken those last two new yorks out.

Sometimes these teams get me 100% pooper peeved.
>> No. 56591 ID: 9df540
>why are Japanese Ships at so many tiers out performing American ships of the same tier
Because it's realistic. Real world American ships sucked one vs one against Japanese ships, which had superior technology and tactics. The saving grace of American navy was:
1. Strategy, Japan can't into force concentration and their strategy was retarded from the start, because Imperial commands were corrupted by mid level bureocrats.
2. Manufacturing, America could afford to lose a few ships, Japan couldn't, every loss crippled them.
3. Carriers plugging gaps in performance
>> No. 56592 ID: 103b34
Realism is also 30 USN carriers murder 2 IJN DDs who can't make full steam because there's no fuel left and left port with only two torpedos each. Not the basis for a fun game.
>> No. 56596 ID: fa9665
Damage =/= damage

US DD's have an edge when it comes to artillery, this makes them better VS other DD's than the Japs. They also generally stand a better chance against cruisers.
Jap DD's are really good against BB's. A BB has a vastly larger HP pool than a DD of the same tier.

If the Jap tier X DD does 50k damage against a Yamato with it's torpedos, that's still only 50% of its total health.
If a Gearing does 10k damage to the IJN tier X DD, that's also 50% of its total health.

If you only look at raw damage, measured straight in hitpoints, it would look like the IJN DD made a 5 times larger contribution to the match than the USN DD, but actually they did more or less the same.

SOME IJN ships outperform US ships of the same tier (Nagato VS Colorado comes to mind), but in other cases the reverse is true.
Balancing isn't perfect for all ships, but there's definitely not Japanese Bias, if that's what you're hinting at.
>> No. 56598 ID: d8ab9d
Well I do love taking out the enemy DDs at the start of a match with gunboats like the Gremy.

File 143536837067.png - (164.43KB , 736x412 , steam link.png )
55346 No. 55346 ID: 7d8bca hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Anybody else getting one of these? I got the nVidia Shield dumaflotchie for shiggles and I like it, though I had to get a wireless router upgrade for it to work without terrible latency.
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>> No. 56457 ID: 7d8bca
File 144500660540.jpg - (218.42KB , 1277x718 , WP_20151016_10_36_38_Pro.jpg )
Stuff came in. Unfortunately I have to go to work, but Maybe I'll get to play with it tonight.
>> No. 56477 ID: 134a40
File 144538648992.jpg - (6.58KB , 300x300 , 1a5VkBZ.jpg )
Make a headless steam machine by building a gaming rig or server and using one of these hdmi display emulators to trick the graphics card. then you can game from anywhere on your network.
>> No. 56478 ID: 2404e6
Im interested in the controller, I eagerly await your review.
>> No. 56485 ID: 7d8bca
  This dude pretty much sums it up. I think they just wanted a controller to ship with the Link. The Link is awesome though.
>> No. 56534 ID: f44962
This guy found a nice way to work around some of the problems. I will be getting a steam controller sometime this year but I'm not a "TV and couch type of player so it will be platformers and driving games thing only I think.

No. 56385 ID: 0d5577 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  My body is ready
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>> No. 56496 ID: 23df7a
Far Cry Ooga Booga Cryat returns.
>> No. 56501 ID: d8ab9d
>tfw all Crysis and Far Cry sequels were in no way, shape or form anywhere near as good as the originals.
>> No. 56504 ID: 90a126
File 144558501487.jpg - (103.20KB , 460x814 , 10801774_766511783425565_7340282487862642864_n.jpg )
Ehh, I wouldn't go that far. I enjoyed the fuck out of Crysis but only the 1st half whereas Crysis 2 I enjoyed all the way through. I kinda liked Far Cry Instinct and its sequel a bit better then the original Far Cry and FC 3 and 4 are both equal to FC 1. Blood Dragon was goddamn technicolor amazing and Far Cry 2 was meh.

The only games I haven't played are Vengeance because it looked Wiitarded, Crysis 3 because it ain't on Steam and I haven't seen it onsale anywhere else, and Classic which strangely looks worse in some ways then the original Far Cry despite being an HD remake and runs a hell of alot worse despite being a 10 year old game.
>> No. 56505 ID: d8ab9d
What? The aliens were sweet.

People just went into the game with certain expectations and the aliums were not that.
>> No. 56507 ID: 90a126
File 144563247118.jpg - (36.94KB , 540x321 , funny-age-verification-Crysis.jpg )
The aliens compared to fighting the Norks was boring. I didn't mind fighting them but just fighting them sucked and the entire back half of Crysis the Norks were gone. I liked how they did in in Crysis 2 and to a degree in Warhead where they'd mix and match the enemies, sometimes you were fighting humies and sometimes the aliens, and sometimes both.

It also helped in Crysis 2 that the aliens were closer to a traditional enemy and were more intelligent making them considerably better then the boring squid bots you fight in 1.

File 144454264778.jpg - (132.11KB , 1600x1035 , Dark_Arisen_Logo.jpg )
56397 No. 56397 ID: 798a48 hide watch quickreply [Reply]

>> No. 56411 ID: 0134da
File 14446131637.jpg - (113.77KB , 1277x606 , 1.jpg )
Duchess Aelinore, here I come!
>> No. 56473 ID: d9b152
Only 2 years too late?
>> No. 56474 ID: 798a48
Yep, better than what we thought was never.
>> No. 56475 ID: d9b152
To me it seems kind of pointless to make a PC port this late - at this point everyone that cares about that game already played it, save for the NEETs that can't afford a modded 360/PS3. I think the only people that would buy it on PC are the hardcore DD fans that don't want to play at cinematic framerates and that's it.

t. NEET that has a 360 that cannot be modded and would rather not spend money on a PS3.

File 144096707522.jpg - (52.81KB , 720x468 , battle_of_jakshit.jpg )
55976 No. 55976 ID: df12a0 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
So OpChan's going with PS4, right?
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>> No. 56379 ID: 2404e6
>Turning radius is too big
Did you try slowing down?

>It feels grounded
Youre right, you would have issues with any fps star wars game. What you want is pre cu star wars galaxies.

My main complaint with the turrets (which almost nobody uses so its a moot point) is the mouse sensitivity is off the fucking charts. A minor adjustment just about swings the turret around 360deg (im exaggerating but still.) The sensitivity shouldnt be completely different than my default gun/person sensitivity.
>> No. 56408 ID: 254d85
File 144460253161.gif - (4.27MB , 553x306 , VDO0jZX.gif )
>> No. 56409 ID: c1c101
File 144460803731.jpg - (225.83KB , 1750x2500 , female-stormtrooper-costume.jpg )
Vehicle aiming is garbage. Turrets as well. Mouse sensitivity is fucked and not smooth at all, and for all distances, I find myself having to use about half an inch under the bottom of the aiming reticle as point of aim in both of the walkers.

I agree that the jump pack is available too easily. Too low a rank and too cheap in the credits. I'm also of the opinion that the cycler rifle needs a longer recharge rate. Also a little too available in my opinion. I'm presuming that they nerfed the requirements to obtain some of this stuff to make it easy to obtain for the beta.

The blasters feel like marshmallow guns. There are times when I find them effective, but most of the time it feels like I'm landing dozens of hits and getting little in the way of kills and assists.

All that said, I've had some fun with it playing with Chairsoft and Jack Burton. I hope for some more content to come out with the second beta...but as I recall with Hardline, they only really showed off a single map through multiple betas, so perhaps that hope is in vain.

Also I'm pretty sure I was playing a female stormtrooper on a few occasions, judging by the voice overs.
>> No. 56416 ID: 505429
The beta is 100% trash. The only thing I enjoyed were the sound effects, but much like the Battlefield series, DICE is going to ruin a great IP yet again.
>> No. 56454 ID: 360825
File 14449833875.png - (26.71KB , 500x362 , 1405744719787.png )
A company that is a subsidiary of Satan's Game Factory makes another game in a dead series using IP from another series once owned by Belfagor who buttfucked it to death with prequels and toys and then sold it to Lucifer and they're planning to have it chained to the piss quatro.

And you're getting upset about this like there was something left to ruin?

File 14262961682.png - (717.04KB , 1000x1000 , artic-cheetah-concept.png )
53777 No. 53777 ID: 2fe518 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Old thread has slipped over the horizon. Pour one out, or don't. I'm not a cop.

Anyway, here are some new bits.

Zeus and Grasshopper in-game screenshots are out there somewhere on the internet. Maybe like two pages back. It's a mystery. They drop for people with walking around money on the 17th.

Get it? Because they're robots.

Shut up, it's funny.

There is a special event this weekend. http://mwomercs.com/news/2015/03/1126-pot-gold-event-starts-march-13th
Basically, get a minimum of 30 points in end of game score and you get extra cbills (100,000 -150,000 per match depending on type of mech) to be doled out at a later date.

Lastly, the art for the Arctic Cheetah is out. I think it kind of looks like the guy from marathon or Samus' power armor.
157 posts and 23 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 56291 ID: 06a0fb
>I'm running into shit like ravens that try to duel my ac-10 packing panther at point blank, while torso twisting. With an xl.

You've got the 10P Panther, the one fucking non-all energy variant that they didn't give out for the Resistance packs. All the others, the only difference is whether you want 3 or 4 energy hardpoints in your right arm, and then one or two missile slots for 6 tubes in your torso. I swear, My stats on my jenners suck but that's because I bought lights first thinking "cheapest is easiest" and lost sooo fucking many rounds. Panther's, I just can't get to work well with my playstyle (and, sadly, my impatience and forgetting to torso twist and use that shield arm.)

Although I did zombie a fucking Jager and Nova 2 on 1 to win a match with only 1 srm 4 left in m CT once. Maybe I should just build one to focus on SRM damage more.
>> No. 56298 ID: fa080e
I actually prefer the one with the er-ppc and quirks. The ballistic variant is a joke mech, hence me having an ac-10 for a primary on a 35 ton machine.
>> No. 56310 ID: 06a0fb
preapre your anuses.
25 hours as of posting.
>> No. 56361 ID: 06a0fb
HBK-4J is treating me well. The dual LRM-10s are very nice.

EBJ is a bit harder for me, for some reason. Following BTDT's build pretty much to the letter right now, but havent broken 350 damage in a map yet. Maybe its been bad teams with everyone rushing to mater their Resistance 2 mechs, maybe I'm just not used to the profile of it and keep sticking shit out from cover when I think i am well protected. Either way, I'm liking them both. Tried out my VTR-9K last night too. Still works very well, but it's definitely not a frontline assault at all, especially post quirkening. Still pulls very respectable damage, with 600, 700 damage maps easily.
>> No. 56382 ID: 06a0fb
made it to tier-3 for like 5 minutes, then my teams proceeded to suck ass, and I suck in panthers and died with low damage dealt, and now I'm like 6 matches away from tier 3 again.

No. 56035 ID: f2dc1f hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  So we got a MGS5 thread already, but I hid it out of fear of spoilers, and wanted something more focused anyway.

What music are y'all using for custom music? If you don't know, you can use custom music in game by pasting it into the "Customsoundtrack" folder in the game's directory.

I was never really into 80s music, so I'm struggling to think of anything to use in this. All I got that's period appropriate is some Queen, but It's Raining Men is a great fulton-crazy soundtrack.
32 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 56347 ID: c25f25
The Fox Engine has been used for Pro Evolution Soccer since 2014, nothing on third party titles yet because Konami hates money.
>> No. 56348 ID: 2404e6
  I have two entries for custom music.

>> No. 56349 ID: 2404e6

>> No. 56350 ID: 2404e6
Oh, friends bought me MGSV for my birthday (in a week or two). So come at my bases bros.
>> No. 56363 ID: 095a2b
File 144427321755.jpg - (59.07KB , 1024x768 , IMG01496-20151004-2249.jpg )

Check it out, I can use custom music on my 360 version of Ground Zeroes but apparently this feature doesn't work with the XB1/PS4 versions of GZ/TPP which is a kick in the nuts

No. 55584 ID: e57a3d hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
  Just a heads up if you're a metal gear fan. Some Arab on 4chan got his hands on an early review copy of MGS5 and he's started posting spoilers.

Avoid /v/ like the plague if you don't want the game spoiled for you, I know I will.
255 posts and 97 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 56437 ID: df12a0
The in-game descriptions of the classes are misleading; the Infiltrator is what most people have been playing until MGSV's MP came out, so damn near everyone is proficient (or at least should be) in its playstyle.
Scout is an easy way to rack up points for a high score, spamming E.Locator grenades & popping Fultons.
The Enforcer class is most difficult, as its lack of speed is a MAJOR hinderance in the absence of a decent team.

Also, the Scout's & Enforcer's "specialty weapons" are practically shit compared to the initial-issue pseudo-M4.
>> No. 56438 ID: 38f673
>Enforcer's defensive capability is just a placebo to give a false sense of security

Not surprising.
>> No. 56440 ID: df12a0

Literally. Playing the Enforcer is like playing Goddamn Cowadooty; you can spray Infiltrators with the highly inaccurate LMGs all day, not get a hit once, get flipped onto your face, then Fultoned.

MAYBE if the Mines were worth a shit. MAYBE if the LMGs were slightly better than water hoses, MAYBE if the "armor" was more than just cosmetic window dressing. Maybe THEN, the class would be worth taking.

As it is, I selected it as my avatar's/primary class, because it looks cool. The Scout's "specialist" outfit looks like ass, and who the hell wants to play "easy mode" Infiltrator?
>> No. 56441 ID: 254d85
konami is the new H&K
>I just realised something, don't know if anyone else noticed, but Konami appears to have patched in an offline tax.

>I just realised this today. Whenever I boot the game, and ever since mission 22 (MB rescue mission) I always go offline before anything else, so I'm even bypassing the FOB tutorial.

>Very recently, as soon as I do this, I get subtracted 250000 GMP, all my placement guns are automatically limited to 6 of each and all my vehicles to 3 of each. Basically, all sorts of things that took a long time to collect in game, and offline, just disappear.

>The only reason I noticed this is because I normally start in the ACC, but when I restarted my game while Snake was in Motherbase, a prompt in the corner informing me of a 250000GMP expense showed up, and I then noticed a pattern. I later realised that the "tax" is also paid even if you are in the ACC, there is just no warning about it.
>> No. 56522 ID: df12a0
I find it interesting that the MGO UN-ARC is semi.

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