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Patches and Stickers for sale here

File 146092215726.jpg - (19.49KB , 480x360 , your stolen goods are now forfeit.jpg )
57836 No. 57836 ID: 90a126 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
So I thought I'd go play Oblivion. You know, that game starring Tom Cruise, some cute Ukranian chick from Quantum of Solace, some cute redhead bitch, and some Morgan Freeman.

I have a couple questions, should I answer yes when the evil robot lady asks me if we are still an effective team? Should I play the obligatory canyon chase level with the obligatory Statue of Liberty? Should I embrace the teaching of Xenu?

No but serious Opchan recommended mods to make it not look like so much anus and maybe add some cool shit.

I've never actually played the game before, part of those games I missed while I had nothing to play it on and as the very definition of a slowpoke gamer I'd like to give it a try now.

Also anybody know if its possible to port shit from Fallout 3/NV to Oblivion? There seems to be guides to do so for the opposite way, Oblivion to F3/NV but nothing to bring Fallout 3 or New Vegas assets to Oblivion.
>> No. 57837 ID: 8be205
>Also anybody know if its possible to port shit from Fallout 3/NV to Oblivion?

Not as far as I know. Armor/clothing meshes are assembled differently for Oblivion (needing to be multi-part to equip the hands, upper torso, legs, etc.) and Fallout (pretty much one-piece body and a head items.) You can assembled the meshes from Oblivion into one full mesh for FO3, but it's very hard without a lot of work to break it into multiple parts and then assign it the right identifiers for each location.

Some weapons, I believe, can be ported from FO to Oblivion but the textures need downgrading for the most part due to Oblivions console-first nature requiring most meshes be below certain width/height sizes to fit into XBox 360 and PS3's 512mb ram limitations, and the firearms will be wonky because of the much more limited projectile physics simulation.

So, pretty much, stick to stuff made for Oblivion for mods. Also dependencies might get fucked for a lot of older mods which authors have abandoned.
>> No. 57848 ID: a03eb7
  Play Morrowind. It's much better than Oblivion and OpenMW is looking pretty good so far, someone has even managed to even integrate working multiplayer. Basically people made a new engine and are porting over morrowind in it's entirety.
>> No. 57850 ID: 8be205
That is awesome.
>> No. 57927 ID: 072b94
I haven't played it in years, so I don't know which mods are still around and compatible with what.

The Unofficial Patches would be a good start.

From what I remember, the important mods were the huge overhauls, FCOM would somehow combine them all into one super-mod. I was very bandwith limited at the time, so I played with the TIE mod. It used all standard components, but removed the enemy and loot scaling. Enemies would be very dangerous from the start, and becoming actually fair once you leveled some.

Unique Landscapes had some utterly beautiful scenery. Eerie forests, scenic coastlines, stunning canyons, and actual farms.

Deadly Reflex was good for a laugh, and decapitating or cutting people in half.

Magic mods were cool for adding new spells and actually making magic useful, but they also made you insanely powerful. I would cast a speed spell on my horse, and it would run faster than the world could load on my admittedly weak machine.

Open Cities would remove the gates to cities, making the world more free flowing, but it had lots of incompatibilities with other mods.

No. 57862 ID: 4c768d hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  Anyone else playing Battlefleet Gothic: Armada? This game is fun as fuck. Pretty fun space/tallship RTS, with an added bonus of being in the Warhammer 40k Universe. You basically create an admiral and level up/grow your fleet of spaceships. Campaign is Imperial Navy only so far, but in Solo Skirmish and Multiplayer you create separate admirals allowing you to play different factions or have different types of fleets within factions.

Still in beta but I've only encountered some minor stuttering during cut scenes. Also all the Imperial navy ships look the same...but that's just a lore thing...
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>> No. 57889 ID: 691674
File 146195852283.jpg - (325.02KB , 1366x768 , battlefleet_gothic_armada-06.jpg )
So, is this game any good now that you guys have played it for a while? How's the campaign?
>> No. 57896 ID: 691674
Eh fuck it. Bought it.

Hopefully won't regret it.
>> No. 57905 ID: 4c768d
I like the campaign, has story missions than side missions over different systems in the Gothic sector. Basically trying to defend against Abaddon's 12th Black Crusade, and fight off other xenos.

Seems to be a lot of other stuff like losing planets to chaos, worlds having forts/defenses, But haven't gotten super far so not sure if any of that has really come into play.

Just a heads up, there was a game breaking bug/cheat that recently started popping up. Basically you'd be in the middle of the game and lose your camera and the game would crash in a fatal error. Apparently this is a cheat or some kind of exploit, but the devs have responded and started VAC banning so it may be fixed now/soon haven't played in a few days.
>> No. 57908 ID: 691674
I'm not enjoying this as much as I thought I would. It's not a bad game, but gets frustrating easily and the "story"/characters are just stereotypes. I was hoping for a more interesting story, I guess. More backstabbing.

I'm resorting to RAM ALL THE THINGS (and spam boarding actions) with a few long ranged ships in support.
I'm frustrated by the pause thing not being a full pause, though I understand why they did that.
>> No. 57916 ID: 691674
File 146254446632.png - (84.26KB , 409x189 , no.png )
Finished it. Turns out to be very repetitive & often frustrating.
The dialogue that is supposed to make it all work is also subpar.
It's also called Battlefleet Gothic: Armada, but there's no mission were you actually have a HUGE fleet at your disposal. I was hoping for the final mission to have a retarded amount of ships in it, since most missions up to it only allow you to take a few ships.

It's extra retarded to have enemy ships go to -1 HP on their hull, but by Deus Ex Machina warping out anyway. At least make them warp out at say 25% or let them pop the 10 second shields you have as well to allow the suspension of disbelief to do its work.

Meh. Would not recommend. There's an endless things to improve in this game. From story & dialogue, to better logic (like unable to reuse the same ships within a given term, so you're forced to make use of your fleet), to fixing inconsistencies (when your ship steals info from the enemy and warps out, finding itself 'lost in the warp', you somehow have the info & the story continues? how the hell is that possible?) and bugs (crashes & stuttering mostly). Overall feels unfinished.

File 145694449323.jpg - (156.28KB , 1519x1078 , vive-price.jpg )
57541 No. 57541 ID: f44962 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
So two things.

1. My summer Holiday is going to be spent home
2. I will be traveling to places you cannot imagine, to see the C-beams glitter at the Tanhhauser gates, all these moments in VR, like tears in rain.

Man I was expecting a premium after the Rift debacle but pulled the trigger anyway, got my confirmation email 7 minutes after preorders launched so I'm pretty confident I'll get mine shipped on the fifth of April.

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>> No. 57811 ID: 8be205
>Next up this evening is Elite Dangerous with my crappy joystick

This is the kind of stuff I'd like VR for. Vehicle driving sims, like ED and Rise of Flight/IL-2, SimBin race games, and shit like Squad, Arma, and other headtracking FPS games. RPGs and shit might be fun with it too, or games like The Witcher or definitely Mount and Blade.

The whole motion controller rig stuff can suck a dick until force feedback can be added in a real-world analog manner.
>> No. 57816 ID: f44962
  Russian roulette is fun
>> No. 57842 ID: 7d8bca
Ordered mine late, so it gets here next month. Bummer.
>> No. 57843 ID: f44962
Trust me the wait is worth it.
>> No. 57876 ID: 7d1c98
I think this shit's still a good 3 or so years away before it's actually worth owning for anyone who doesn't just have an early adopter fetish.

I do believe in the tech and I think someday it will dominate the market, but maybe more around 2020.

File 145720931775.jpg - (73.78KB , 800x536 , 4993802-clash+royale+cheats+3.jpg )
57569 No. 57569 ID: ae87b5 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Well this is stupid good.

Join the clan PBE.
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>> No. 57577 ID: adbbc9
had to uninstall it, i cant take it constantly telling me i have chests to open.
>> No. 57737 ID: ae87b5
File 145951568226.jpg - (187.35KB , 1080x1920 , AMoks9p.jpg )
>> No. 57743 ID: 4c5f05
File 145981255824.jpg - (42.78KB , 654x534 , 164972834.jpg )
I hate phone games especially the cancer that is clash of clans but this game for some reason is actually fun
>> No. 57786 ID: dec327
Yep. Abagofferrets
>> No. 57851 ID: ae87b5
File 146112528871.jpg - (408.52KB , 1242x2208 , FxavUJ5.jpg )

No. 52609 ID: cb5ffa hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  So I redownloaded Doom and installed Demonsteele, Brutal Doom, and Project MSX and I'm McFucking lovin it. Give me all your doom .wads, your crazy, your difficult, and your stupid. Just gimme em.
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>> No. 57766 ID: 254d85
Rage could best be summed up as a game with some really good gunplay, and tons of wasted potential for everything else. With some Far Cry/Shadows of Mordor style open-world elements and a actual plot it could have ended up being a serious competitor against Fallout, so I have no dobut Beth/Zenimax killed Rage 2 because of that.
>> No. 57770 ID: 90a126
File 146002665140.jpg - (62.10KB , 590x405 , Doom+cena+not+mine+but+yall+don+t+care+regardless_.jpg )
Pretty much exactly as you said, it had alot of potential. Good gameplay, good background story, excellent environments at times, and okay characters. Just the plot itself was paper thin, the ending was terrible, and alot of the driving areas were really freaking bad. Plus it ran like crap on the systems of the day.

With a bit of refinement it could be a truly excellent game. It was already fun as fuck but needs a bit more polish to make a bit less mindless.

I think like Prey 2, Rage 2 is probably not going to happen either for quite awhile if ever.
>> No. 57787 ID: cfaec1
Has anyone done doom mods but with different topics?

Like dinosaur hunting, or ARMA, or TF-2 themed stuff.
>> No. 57818 ID: 5d583f

There was this game called Turok in the 90's
>> No. 57820 ID: 254d85
Check out Pirate Doom. I found it a couple weeks ago and it's pretty great.

There's Hexen and Heretic if you want swords and sorcery. And Strife was a really early prototype of components that would eventually show up in games like Deus Ex. But generally it seems like back then total conversions ended up being released as commercial software instead. (I remember reading there was great bitching when Evilution went commercial hours before release)

There was a survival horror themed WAD called Cold as Hell released years ago but I heard it doesn't work with modern source ports due to bugs? There was a open-world survival TC that released some screenshots last year, but I forget what it's called or if it's still being worked on.

The Build engine (Blood, Duke3D, Shadow Warrior) also had NAM and WW2 GI, which were terrible.

No. 57804 ID: 9723b1 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  Like Kerbal except for airplanes, it's cheaper and a much lighter build that lets it be used on phones.
>> No. 57805 ID: 9723b1
>> No. 57806 ID: 9723b1
>> No. 57810 ID: 82a3e8
Yeah I watched a bunch of that guys vids this morning and some of those creations are hysterical.
>> No. 57813 ID: e9c0bd
at first i was excited... but the physics look like shit so ya naw im out

No. 57665 ID: 576963 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  So this just happened and it's looking better than I thought.
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>> No. 57733 ID: 369bd6
I either don't recall or blocked those moments from memory. I recall the frantic firefights of Sea Rigs, the blackhawks coming in under heavy fire over Lost Village (no Para), a night map were the CAR-15 and VSS reigned supreme, I remember holding a small isolated flag on El Al against a combined ground and air attack. Also the A-10 was fun.
>> No. 57792 ID: 0014cb
Bought RO2/Rising Storm during Christmas 2014 Steam sale.

Downloaded, installed, played about 2 hours worth of matches where I would simply spawn and die in under 5 seconds because I'd immediately get cut down by MG fire upon spawning. Promptly uninstalled, tried to get a refund, couldn't.

For all the praising I saw about RO2, that game can go fuck itself. RO1, despite Arad being seemingly the only map ever played, was infinitely superior. Bought Insurgency on a whim and it's better than RO1/2 could ever hope to be while getting a fraction of the recognition.
>> No. 57794 ID: 4c768d
>played about 2 hours worth of matches where I would simply spawn and die in under 5 seconds because I'd immediately get cut down by MG fire upon spawning

that's my exact experience with RO1 lol
>> No. 57796 ID: 576963
  >I should NJP all of you
>> No. 57800 ID: 53e7c0
I think you guys are being a little critical. That's been my experience in just about any combat-oriented FPS type game for years.
It's why I'v kind of gravitated to more "hardcore" type stuff like ARMA, and am interested in Squad, etc. and don't play arcadey shit lie CoD, TF, etc. anymore.
If you can literally throw a knife/axe/grenade from the spawn without taking a step, and hit enemies; your maps are too fucking small.

Battlefield 4 was a shitstorm of shitty coding and botched decisions and management. I'm still shot feet behind cover, near 10-15 seconds after I ran behind it, on a Cable modem.

Plus they make a point of advertising these games as so "tactical" and "realism mechanics" then it's all look at this sooper awesome gun never made, Desert Eagle bullshit; oh look we're Swedish so we'll make the AK5 amazing even though the last time Sweden was involved in a war we paid Nazis not to invade; full auto fire while sprinting nonstop around the map; but an LMG is worthless unless prone and with a bipod; you can carry only 2 grenades, an either a defibrillator or an undermount grenade launcher, but an engineer can carry a full combat loadout, 5 AT4s, and an EOD bot or C4, etc.
and what's backblast lol? especially in a scout helo? So that a scout helo can have triple the firepower of an attack helo?

I don't mind not necessarily "not true to life" but at least be consistent (in BF4 the Desert Eagle did 80 dmg when first dropped IIRC but main infantry rifles do about 30) .

Also they need to find some sort of mechanic where spawn camping can't happen, like you guys suggested, and you can't just be swamped by a mass of X fresh spawns all at once just appearing out of thin air and wrecking someone who has been fighting hard to cap a point just by virtue of he can't aim and fire in 7 different directions simultaneously. It's 2016 guys. We can do better than the same map mechanics with the same problems as BF1942 (released 2002).

File 143004363775.jpg - (436.09KB , 1920x1080 , KxUHaU0[1].jpg )
54467 No. 54467 ID: c60bbc hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Some preview videos

>> No. 57797 ID: c1c101

So...anyone still playing KSP? I'm playing on Career Mode, and fuck I'm having a hard time of it. Build shit that as far as I can tell should be flying straight up gets pulled off at an angle early into the flight, but there shouldn't be any sources of drag to cause that. In a lot of my builds I've resorted to angled fins to stabilize via rotation, but that basically means I'm stuck with a totally vertical first stage, or whenever I'm out of atmo.

Also, goddamn reentry is a BITCH now. Drogue cutes are so far down the line, and because of problem A, my reentries are too vertical.

It's fun to try and problem solve this shit...but damn if it isn't frustrating sometimes.
>> No. 57798 ID: 06a0fb
watch scott manley's videos.


He has tutorials, does a weekly hour+ long stream on twitch, and actually knows orbital mechanics and orbital science calculations.

He also recommends mods like Ferrum Aerospace for better aerodynamics, B9 Aerospace for more parts, Scatterer for better atmospheric renderings.

As far as your stability issues, could be inconsistencies in mods, some formerly massless parts now have mass in post 1.0 release, could be your reaction wheels arent strong enough for your rocket, etc. Aerodynamics arent the greatest either in stock KSP, so a lot of players recommend Ferrum Aerospace, an improved aero calculation system which is coded by a guy who actually studies aero as a profession.
>> No. 57799 ID: e07445
File 146044127893.jpg - (20.29KB , 511x341 , Kgysg.jpg )
Try using a space plane as a first stage and then trying to dock with a refueling station, the fucking package clips through the plane half the time, exploding.

File 145943627098.jpg - (202.76KB , 1920x1080 , 20653-1-1412031614.jpg )
57729 No. 57729 ID: 629c61 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
After finishing NV for the milionth time, I caught a slight nostalgia to repeat F3.
What mods to get to make the experience better? Im interested in graphical improvements foremost.
Also, where does one get mods other than nexus and moddb?
>> No. 57731 ID: 71cd0c
File 14594447266.jpg - (19.99KB , 299x185 , perkgag10.jpg )
>Make Fallout 3 great again

But that would imply it was ever great, anon.

File 145896075442.jpg - (208.64KB , 1152x648 , Guardians_2_destiny-media.jpg )
57679 No. 57679 ID: 2cd162 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
any operators still playing destiny on ps3?

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