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File 143664631486.png - (37.18KB , 361x440 , ikBsfYX.png )
55481 No. 55481 ID: 254d85 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
It's a bit long and there's obviously some sour grapes because "why aren't people giving this money to me, Derek Smart?", but he basically goes through a laundry list of why Chris Roberts is probably going to either end up getting investigated by the SEC.
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>> No. 56345 ID: 62da2a

Are you simply name-dropping with AFF or have you actually played it?

I bought it yesterday and it's still in a very early alpha state: horrible netcode, non-existent balance between any of the guns (instant kill "Hunting Rifle" vs all the auto ARs that fire at like 300rpm needs 20+ hits). I wouldn't consider it to have "come out" yet, any more than Star Citizens dogfight demo thing. They're both still pre-alpha products that aren't impressive at all in their current implementation.
>> No. 56346 ID: 385f49
File 144414253379.jpg - (142.85KB , 1600x1200 , exploding_carrier_ship.jpg )
It just came into my view and I liked the look of it, however I'm not all that eager to play it as of yet, unless some of my steam friends will dig it really hard.

>horrible netcode, non-existent balance between any of the guns
>I wouldn't consider it to have "come out" yet, any more than Star Citizens dogfight demo thing.
This is not a demo, this is a full game, right there, without additional warm-up. It is still upgradable and configurable, but of course because there are no Big Money behind it, even if it's successful, it won't be long until someone overcomes it. Time will tell. There's a distinct possibility that idea of combined carrier + fighter + trooper gameplay will be reincarnated in some form of BF2142 Titan mode, and at this point, all other games will implode really hard.
>> No. 56352 ID: b86cd3
Yeah so clearly he has no idea what he's talking about and there's no possible way that BLESSED ROBERTS could possibly not deliver a game. (you know, like when he had to sell Freelancer to Microsoft because he ran out of money and quit the devteam) Just like how you should ignore Peter Molynux if he tells you not to over-promise on things.
>> No. 56353 ID: 8aafcd
>At the point where it came to actual ships and hangar reveal I said - oh, this needs a popcorn bowl. I need a big one. I have opinion on a much larger picture of all this process, but I doubt somebody would be interested.

I'm interested. Share with us, please.
>> No. 56356 ID: 385f49
File 144423306262.jpg - (49.48KB , 624x433 , JoeKennedyQuote.jpg )
There was a similar process about 15 years ago, and modern people of respectable age with money were kids back then, but they still not too old and they probably still want to play games. So they most likely have no idea what a dotcom is, and so do I. But my basic grasp of it is that it is an online enterprise, where the owners of some international brand are funneling money into promising projects, only to achieve a pile of barely-working garbage at the end. Most of the money goes into advertisements and creation of nice picture, and development itself is being put on the bus. Gathered money start to live their own life on their own. Years later customer's dreams are shattered, the money are gone and the idea is dispersed into nothing, but there are some guys who got off much better.

Current sort of bubble is actually called "pre-purchase", and as far as I can tell, it's not going to be too big to cause a complete disaster, but apparently some people have been trying to use this type of strategy already, probably to hop on the bandwagon. Homeworld Shipbreakers and Remastered, which is not even a remake per se, a giant sinkhole without purpose. No Mans Sky, which looks like a stupid benchmark. Colonial Fucking Marines. Battlefield to some extent, dropped that game right after PREMIUM bullshit came out. Ok, I'm not going to talk about Steam trade system itself, I hope Gabe knows what he is doing, amirite? Some people are spending money they don't own on games that they ain't going to play and buy them because they are on sale. People ready to give money to certain projects that promise to get big, but don't really contain any original idea. The whole idea for donation for cool items does not lack certain sense in it so it is probably fail-proof. Probably. I perceive there was some outrage of some towards the structure of big gaming companies or something, but it was so jumbled I never really bother to read through any part of it. I learned to live through all of it without putting too much hope on anything.

But this game, this game, this game is an icing on the cake. Where is the gameplay? Where is the kinesics of the fight? Where is the order of a battle? Is there something behind these flashy animations? What does it mean, "community powered", are we going to think these conceptions for developer so he can put this into the game with his horde of hired hands and get away with it? This whole block of the fund-rising campaign by RSI is like a big thick smokescreen that falls on your eyes and prevents you from seeing anything around. A random guy comes to me in Steam and tells me "this new and very promising thing I
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 144130829149.jpg - (502.58KB , 1919x1079 , 3gLBYFL.jpg )
56048 No. 56048 ID: 92bd8b hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
A bit of a shameless plug, but:

>What if FALLOUT 4 was 2D Isometric? From the developers of Stasis! To celebrate the release of STASIS I wanted to do something special! Fallout was a HUGE influence on STASIS, even with Mark Morgan signing on to do the games beautiful soundtrack! Here is our take on FALLOUT 4 - keeping it in the original 2D Isometric view!
>If you are a fan of 2D isometric games, please check out STASIS now!

Of course, STATIS has fuckall to see with Fallout, but here you go.
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>> No. 56160 ID: 2404e6
Yeah the one that comes to mind with many disks is baldurs gate.

Fuck was flopping disks constantly a pain in the ass sometimes.


"You must gather your party before venturing forth"
>> No. 56163 ID: 7f7712
File 144211840640.png - (13.95KB , 225x218 , HIYA.png )
>> No. 56165 ID: 2404e6
>> No. 56208 ID: d5e5a4
BG1 was indeed 5 CD's, plus 1 more for Tales of the Sword Coast expansion. BG2 had 4 CD's, plus 1 more for Throne of Bhaal.
>> No. 56275 ID: 9ae0c2
>What if FALLOUT 4 was 2D Isometric?
>Those "screenshots"

File 143614549815.jpg - (637.98KB , 1920x963 , 08d08ed374678354982dcf6384634666230ab9c7.jpg )
55434 No. 55434 ID: 6d6cb1 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

What tabletop RPGs are you playing, running, or want to play?

Talk about characters, discuss stats, argue about systems (3 vs 3.5 vs 4 vs PF vs 5 vs urmom), upload PDFs, post images, link resources, et cetera.

~≈Useful links≈~
General tabletop stuff:
http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Main_Page - I swear to Sol Invictus, if you fucks don't know about this site...
http://learntabletoprpgs.com/ - Bro, do you even roll dice? Do you even role characters?

Images and moving images:
http://grognard.booru.org/index.php - Good images which can assist in character development or mood setting.
TheSpoonyOne/SpoonyExperiment - Sage of our modern era. Good guides on how not to be "that guy".
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 55915 ID: 6d6cb1
File 144037529639.jpg - (249.31KB , 1066x749 , 1420161723345.jpg )
Picked up CoC. Time for SAN loss!
>> No. 55919 ID: 630f2b
Currently playing Palladium superheroes. (I'm the team's wizard; he's built as an explorer, but is turning out to be more of a medic/buffer/debuffer type. Because one of the tanks is the ninja already.) PPE burnout is annoying.

Want to play/GM Dungeons: The Dragoning, but need to get some playtesting in first and define adventures in the setting/figure out what shenanigans would involve themselves in the player's business.)
>> No. 55951 ID: e6fbee
So as it stands now I don't have enough time left in the Marine Corps to deploy and my unit doesn't have any major DETs coming up in the near future that I'm on. That means I'm mostly free for gaming.

Is anyone here still doing a game on roll20?

If not does anyone want to start one?
>> No. 55952 ID: 2404e6
Im down for whatever.
>> No. 56274 ID: 360825
File 14427723998.jpg - (48.66KB , 480x404 , 20081118190736.jpg )
Finally picked up Unhallowed Metropolis.


File 144185824272.jpg - (35.35KB , 356x450 , ;3.jpg )
56136 No. 56136 ID: 7be7df hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Already had these games.

Fucked with the keys a bit to stop bots.
Crimsonland: A6E6W-42P4J-366P last character is 0
Neverending Nightmares: LR0E9-6IDDR-WI0I last character is T
Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians: E96F0-L83FC-Z04F last character is R
Strata: W6MPK-FGYBQ-528Z last character is Z
Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut: 8E0QD-FPZLG-8CZM last character is F
>> No. 56137 ID: 2404e6
I was gonna post to say crimsonland is fantastic until I realized I didnt have it. So I took it. Muwhah.
>> No. 56147 ID: 202b56
Grabbed Deadly Premonition, thansk m8.
>> No. 56149 ID: 9c0b51
I took Neverending Nightmare because I've been looking for a good horror game that I can run on my laptop.

Thanks, man!

No. 53936 ID: cdc549 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
  Unfortunately I was busy this entire weekend since I just bought a new (used) car and wanted to get some maintenance done.

TS Sabin (Arturo Sanchez) is probably best overall player. Who knew he had a rushdown Dhalsim?

Smug vs. Daigo for hypest match. If Smug hadn't whiffed the EX uppercut I really think he could have taken it to third round for the second set.

Kazunoko repping r/Kappa, along with Infiltration and KitasenjuDJ. Kazu fought his way out of Loser brackets and made top 8 winner's side, but Infiltration lost to Ricky Ortiz, which is no big deal considering how him and Poongko performed at Cannes Winter Clash (France) and the Nine States tourney (Japan). Speaking of Kappa, Tampa Bison beat LPN 2-0. He's probably the most improved player besides Arturo Sanchez.

SaltySuites got a little too salty and somebody punched and stuck a knife in a wall, so they got removed from the venue.

Other matches I'm aware of:
Xian beat Filipinoman, and Dafeetlee of all people beat PR Balrog. Biggest upset other than the fact that Empire Arcadia is still relevant is probably Snake Eyez beating Bonchan with E. Ryu instead of his usual Zangief, and the west coast scene is never going to let anyone forget it. Momochi apparently has a pocket Elena.

Justin Wong, GamerBee and NuckleDu seem to have underperformed this time around.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 55596 ID: 798a48
File 143785916261.jpg - (20.05KB , 600x450 , CKvgmw2UcAEb5ze.jpg )
Those of you who've seen the LTG vs Viscant video might be entertained to see Yung Viscant.

I knew he had that Tim Buckley 90s-kid hair look later on, but dem locks.
>> No. 55606 ID: 798a48
File 143800589757.jpg - (343.16KB , 1600x1067 , RP2_2414-X3.jpg )
Photographer is Robert Paul.

The crowd reaction shots and player pair shots have a bit less of the oomph that last year's photos (also from Robert Paul, and David Zhou) did, but I really like the closeups for individual players and announcers, color and b&w.

David Zhou's 2014 album: http://imgur.com/a/BPC1y?gallery
Robert Paul's 2014 album: http://gallery.rmpaul.com/Esports/Evo-2014
>> No. 55654 ID: 798a48
  Alpha for Rising Thunder was released a couple of days ago. It's a new fighter in the works with Seth Killian and the Cannon brothers attached to it, so you know it's genuine.


Those of you who believe inputs to be one of the greatest barriers to executing combos and by extension, preventing a wider fighting game audience, you might have what you want here.

See if you can recognize which characters these robots take some of their moves from.

>> No. 55696 ID: 798a48
File 143867808680.png - (1.00MB , 983x887 , cammygao.png )
>> No. 55726 ID: 798a48

Quite frankly since their latest KOF/FF release is some stupid mobile game, I think it's an improvement.

File 14396185456.png - (600.59KB , 501x853 , Viv Emails.png )
55827 No. 55827 ID: cbf3af hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I haven't tried making one of these since the trouble with the last one, but we have a major happening coming up that kind of demands it, I think.

Tomorrow the GamerGate panel at the Society for Professional Journalists will be streaming the live debate on modern media ethics and the GG cause.

The Countdown:


Present will be Mark Ceb, a /v/ regular and oldschool #GG supporter, as well as Breitbart reporter Milo Yiannoupolis and Christina Hoff Sommers of the Factual Feminist channel. The event is styled as a presentation and debate of the journalism issues encompassed by the GamerGate scandal, and is to date, the first formal, professional hearing of our grievances to be had in the public square.

Updates and the livestream link will be made available via the SPJ's Airplay site at: http://spjairplay.com/guide/

As an aside, we got some good coverage by a neutral reporters from GamePolitics the other day, one Brad Glasgow, who did a series of interviews on our Reddit hub over the last month.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 55946 ID: 66d1a0
>like means only

Are you even trying anymore?
>> No. 55961 ID: 0faf0a
>Anti-white, anti-straight gay black man (seriously) shoots 2 news reporters dead.

>A member of Million Dollar Extreme (a troll group if you dont already know) gives the media a complete bullshit tip that the shooter was a avid GamerGate supporter.

>Media spreads the "info" with no proof and doesnt bother to check if its legit info in the slightest.

>All while still completely covering up that the shooter is anti-white & anti-straight.

Media at its finest.
>> No. 55962 ID: a34477
Story is a little off for million dollar extreme had no connection to the creating of said video.

That channel were the ones who made it happen and only name dropped million dollar extreme and Sam Harris

"This video is by: https://www.youtube.com/youhadtodoit

...hat tip to this channel and also to the hacker known as "Anonymous" for the name drop, thank you and cheers :)"

But yeah fuck the media these days if it doesnt work towards the companies bottom line they will not report on it.

-Video in question, description posted in quotes above
>> No. 56109 ID: 9aea35
Literally Who #? made another video where she lied a lot
>> No. 56110 ID: 360825
Literally who cares?

No. 55953 ID: 8f3926 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  Satellite Reign has been released today (dev through Kickstarter, released through Humble Bundle & Steam).

The team worked on Syndicate & Syndicate Wars. It's supposed to be its spiritual successor.

Hope it'll be neat, but looks a lot less dark than the originals.
1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 55971 ID: 8f3926
File 144092798174.jpg - (99.51KB , 1280x720 , maxresdefault.jpg )
Just cleared the first district. Decent so far, not stellar.

So far, the game is somewhat repetitive. Missions often bring you back to something that you already did before.

Most annoying to me is how weak/inaccurate the standard gun is. I was expecting a more Syndicate War style FUCK EVERYTHING approach, minigun style. Even the standard Syndicate & Syndicate wars weapons were pretty effective when you have 4 guys with SMGs focus fire onto a single enemy. That's pretty much the end of the enemy right there & then. In Sat Reign, the enemies don't go down quite as fast, even when you focus fire.

That's probably because they aim to make the game more stealth oriented than what S/SW was. Which isn't bad, but somewhat awkward at first.
>> No. 55974 ID: 76b35f
File 144094331466.jpg - (182.83KB , 2000x1250 , dc88d636460511435987bf2a1dc17a4f_jpeg.jpg )
Tactical intense squad managing in dark dystopian world like in Blade runner? yes, please. YES!
>> No. 56046 ID: 92bd8b
Once you get the miniguns and beam guns, shit does get easier to fuck around with when coupled with various abilities (like EMP etc).
What's somewhat weird is that the early grenades keep owning just as hard through the entire game.

Most annoying bugs so far:
- Civilians walking through check points using a wrong wandering path, causing guards to open fire & checkpoint doors to malfunction. 2 of my agents got caught in the crossfire and it all went to shit.
- After getting caught in an enemy grenade blast, my infiltrator somehow got stuck after being knocked back and briefly stunned. Could swap weapons but nothing else. I had to lure guards in with my other agents to kill my infiltrator to remove the effect. Bummer.
>> No. 56069 ID: 92bd8b
Finished. Ending was somewhat predictable. But OK game overall.

Vid: let's go oldskool:
>Every satellite in UTOPIA's network of geo-synchronous orbital platforms is equipped with a stockpile of tungsten-uranium alloy rods on a steerable mounting. When these rods are launched, the process of atmospheric re-entry heats them to the point at which they liquefy, producing a plasma rain with true battlefield potential. We can now successfully over-ride the system lockouts triggered by Harbinger. By transmitting re-initialisation protocols, the system can be placed at your agents' disposal. This can be done using a hand-held activator but caution should be exercised; the cost of firing this system is extremely high.
>> No. 56070 ID: 92bd8b

No. 55972 ID: 3a7d83 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  Any of you niggas play this?

It's a mafia simulator directly inspired by ShackTactical's Dark Business mission.

You enroll in a corp, get missions to trade with other corps, exchange cash for sensitive data on a floppy... Or just give them an empty suitcase and hope they hesitate to check inside.

Or maybe you do give them the money, but you want it back, so you set up an ambush close to their base, kill them all and bring the money back.

It's still alpha but fucking amazing already. Video is old, guns seem a bit more lethal in the latest version.

>> No. 55973 ID: 67a968
I played a good amount of the early alpha and loved it. One of the most high-stress video games I've played.
>> No. 56039 ID: 432d17
Anyone from Europa playing it? I really want to try it but doing it solo is probably not so much fun.
>> No. 56042 ID: bbfe61
I tried to figure out if development was actually active and it doesn't seem like it, but I like the idea.

I don't actually mind the blocky no texture graphics, but the reason for that kind of trade off should be a heavily populated world, and this seems fairly empty.

Would be nice to see what could be done with a copy of some portion of New York City with a population of NPCs on the order of 100,000.
>> No. 56061 ID: 432d17
It seems active to me:
>> No. 56064 ID: bbfe61
Ah, the steam news is updated more regularly than their website and google+, makes sense, but a bit confusing, also I should have checked reddit of course.

I'll wait at least 6 months before I check this out.

File 144082982813.jpg - (46.33KB , 400x438 , pussy snorkeling.jpg )
55957 No. 55957 ID: 7a816c hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

I don't know if anyone else is looking forward to this, but it has me really excited.

Starting out, I suspect there won't be many games that can make great use of the immersive capabilities, but I bet we'll see some really great things in the near future.

So how about you? What are you most excited about? Or are you? Where do you think this will lead in terms of game play?
12 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 56022 ID: 56a253
Three words make me jmoygasm at the thought of the Oculus:

Rogue Squadron VR.

Make it happen, Disney.
>> No. 56023 ID: de0bec
I don't really play games any more, but reading this makes me hunger for a "Tie-Fighter: Oculus edition"
>> No. 56024 ID: 06a0fb
I'd much prefer Rise of Flight and IL-2 series, Ilya Muromets, etc. Racing games as another OPERATOR said would be awesome, like the Sim Bin Race games, and then the obvious stuff with basic head tracking integration already like Elite and Star Citizen.

There are a few first person shooters i'd love converted to IR compatibility, namely the Hitman series, Killing Floor, and Quake and Doom series.
>> No. 56025 ID: 7a816c
File 144116924026.jpg - (50.38KB , 722x349 , NIGHTMARE VISION.jpg )
>survival horror

>Amnesia: The Dark Descent or P.T. with rift support.

>> No. 56026 ID: 2404e6
I would absolutely love a survival horror game on oculus.

Shit I still havent finished amnesia and I cant bring myself to get farther in alien isolation. I dont get nervous by gunfire, most spoopy things, etc. But jesus those games unnerve me when played with headphones in a dark room

No. 55888 ID: ae11c2 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  Release day, chummers!
>> No. 55889 ID: bbfe61
I still haven't finished Dragonfall, time to power through the rest of that and then play Hong Kong a couple times.
>> No. 55898 ID: ae11c2
>I still haven't finished Dragonfall, time to power through the rest of that and then play Hong Kong a couple times.

Why power through it? It's not like SR:HK will run away on you? Enjoy the games at their own pace while it lasts, they're not exactly very long.
>> No. 55913 ID: ae11c2
File 144035174050.jpg - (435.41KB , 1920x1080 , srhk_TeahouseShootoutWatermark_0.jpg )
And done.

My playthrough took around 25 hours.
Overall a pretty decent game. As you get nearer to the end there are more and more bugs and sloppy design though. Too bad, but nothing really game breaking. I hope they'll patch it soon.

Certainly a $15 well spent on kickstarter. I'll play through it once more now and will probably come back to it later.

My first playthrough was with a decker, I think I'll go melee this time. I also suspect mage would be pretty good since there isn't an NPC mage with a storyline available afaik. Maybe I'll do a physical mage?
>> No. 55914 ID: f0bd12
25 hours, not bad, good to see it's a full campaign.
I guess holding off on playing this for a few weeks wouldn't be a bad idea, I can wait for the first few patches.

I was having trouble with a fight that's why I stopped playing, I didn't want to have to change the way I was playing, but I couldn't make it through the fight very well as it was, meh, I'll do it some time this week and it will be fine, not far to go from the end I think.
>> No. 55920 ID: ae11c2
>I was having trouble with a fight that's why I stopped playing, I didn't want to have to change the way I was playing, but I couldn't make it through the fight very well as it was, meh, I'll do it some time this week and it will be fine, not far to go from the end I think.

You can lower the difficulty "on the fly", if you want. It's in the options menu. Personally, I started playing SR:HK on Normal, but bumped it up along the way since I was barely taking damage. At the start, you feel kinda weak though, since your NPCs don't all contribute a whole lot in fights.

During the first section of SR:HK, there's a passage where I thought "well, that's going to suck if you use an adept or melee focused street samurai", but I just replayed that and it was pretty easy. The NPCs provided could pull it off without any help from you if you guide them right and use their skills correctly.

I also think near the end would suck without a good decker character, but I guess Is0b3l will do fine? We'll see, since in my current playthrough I'm going as adept instead of decker.

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