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PBE Shield Stickers and Deagle Boltface Patches On Sale Now!

No. 56442 ID: 27de3b hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
  Who would make a good Fallout movie? My pick would be George Miller.
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>> No. 56928 ID: b47376

Correct, I got my time line wrong.
Activision bought Vivendi (& daughter Sierra) and thus became Activision | Blizzard holding company after Arcanum was out. My bad.
>> No. 56930 ID: 8504f6
Anyway, Godverdomme what did you think of Pillars of Eternity?
>> No. 56932 ID: b47376
File 144930947694.jpg - (688.59KB , 1280x960 , shot02h_jpeg.jpg )
>Anyway, Godverdomme what did you think of Pillars of Eternity?

I played it through twice, but I can't say I was impressed. I doubt I'll play it again.

I was way more impressed by Age Of Decadence. While it has many shortcomings, it's probably the best RPG released over the past few years.
>> No. 56937 ID: adbbc9

>> No. 56991 ID: c7fc1a
File 14505058433.jpg - (105.00KB , 606x606 , cumming.jpg )
Tony-award winning musical director Sam Gold presents the Broadway musical-comedy, FALLOUT 4, featuring Alan Cumming as THE VAULTDWELLER. Premieres November 10th, 2016 at the historic St. James Theater.

File 14210760166.png - (11.23KB , 800x800 , Rust-logo.png )
52413 No. 52413 ID: ca3240 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
If you aren't playing this, you should be.

Sure, it's in early access/alpha, and normally I don't go for that. But a friend got me playing it, and holy crap is it ridiculous amounts of fun.

You wake up naked, on a beach, with nothing but a rock. You then have to gather and build until you don't suck. All the while avoiding other people, because you can't really trust anyone not to bash your head in, just to get the measly supplies you MIGHT have on your person.

The thing I like most about this game: death matters. If you die, you lose everything. If someone takes your base, you lick your wounds and build a new one. Nothing holds your hand and saves your progress in this game, and it's brutal sometimes.

Again, it is in alpha, and they are working on it all the time, but it's still damned fun, and probably the best $19.99 I've ever spent on steam.
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>> No. 52446 ID: ca3240
>it will win you the game the 10% of the time it doesn't get you murdered

It's kind of like life that way. Lol

>Geeks With Games
I've actually seen some of your videos. Funny stuff, keep it up.

It's always weird when life, the internet and a chan all cross paths. Kind of like the time one of my friends was drooling over Precious in some cosplay outfits and I was like "hey, I kind of know that chick's husband on the internet". He called bullshit, until I showed him a damn-it-rudy thread.
>> No. 52489 ID: ca3240
File 142144856268.jpg - (398.30KB , 1392x815 , 2015-01-16_19-52-04.jpg )
They put some pretty sweet stuff in the patch this week. Most notably:
-Rad towns are back
-Blueprint system has been added
-Airdrops work
-and they added the shovel AK

I'm excited to jump in and play, but I have to work this week. :/
>> No. 52524 ID: a3c7ab
Hell yeah. I want a shovel AK. What ammunition does it use?
>> No. 52529 ID: a06c3f
File 142169982419.png - (139.33KB , 753x462 , Screen+Shot+2015-01-14+at+1_03_21+AM.png )
It's not acutely called an AK, they call it an "assault rifle", and it uses the bolt action rifle's round, which already existed and happen to be labeled 5.56.

But I forgive them for this blasphemy because there are only three types of ammo right now (pistol, rifle, and shotgun. And also because, well... shovel AK.
>> No. 56846 ID: 3052f4
File 144867104985.png - (100.51KB , 290x305 , Ebg0Fm3.png )
Old bump but is anyone playing this or want to get into it?

No. 56796 ID: 7eee47 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  Anyone else playing Hard West? Turn based strategy, system is a lot like Xcom, but Wild West setting with some demonic abilities and such.

Kind of reminds me of a cross between Darkest Dungeon and Xcom
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>> No. 56799 ID: 7eee47
yeah I didn't want to spend the money so just sold a bunch of CS:GO skins..worth it!

Really like the different battle types they have, like ambush where you basically start out surrounded, or when you attack a neutral party, they won't react until you attack them, so you can take a couple turns to get set up in good positions
>> No. 56807 ID: bdae0c
Got this wishlisted as well.

Looks fun. I think I'll buy it for myself in the next few days since I can't justify buying fallout 4. This is more affordable to feel ok with.
>> No. 56815 ID: 4a55cd
I played it yesterday, beat the first scenario and started on the one with the scientist going mad, but when I came back to it today it was gone, so I must not have saved. Have to say, I'm not a big fan of the supernatural elements, and I would have preferred a straight Western instead of steampunk rifles and spoopy monsters.
Also slightly irritated the Navy revolver does more damage the normal SAA, but whatever.
>> No. 56816 ID: 4a55cd
I played it yesterday, beat the first scenario and started on the one with the scientist going mad, but when I came back to it today it was gone, so I must not have saved. Have to say, I'm not a big fan of the supernatural elements, and I would have preferred a straight Western instead of steampunk rifles and spoopy monsters.
Also slightly irritated the Navy revolver does more damage the normal SAA, but whatever.
>> No. 56817 ID: 4a55cd
Fuck, sorry for the double post, I didn't think it went the first time

File 144571989081.png - (2.22MB , 2953x1329 , vermintide_logo_small_no_bg.png )
56508 No. 56508 ID: b47376 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
So, I've played Vermintide for a few hours now. Gameplay is decent & the game is quite fun once you get weapons that suit your play style. That is if your team isn't full of retards that don't understand that the game is made so that if you try to solo or fail to cooperate, you end up dead. You'd think that'd be obvious, but sadly, it isn't.

There's still a few mission ending bugs it seems, especially when playing with a bot in the party.

I'm currently playing the human soldier. He can tank, but still does a good deal of damage. I'm using mace+shield & a sniper handgun. The sniper handgun is great, since it allows you to one shot kill gatling rats etc if you score a headshot.

If you like L4D and like first person melee, be sure to give this a go.

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>> No. 56520 ID: 0d5577
Don't worry Brother Muhreen, because Space Hulk COOP Fps is in the making!
>> No. 56521 ID: b47376
After Patch 1.0.1, I now had a lighting glitch in the tunnels under the city. Wasn't too bad. Was just very white lighting, but not blindingly so.

Also noticed that weapons don't always display in the skaven's hands.

Anyway, starting to get some pretty rad loot. Sadly, you don't control what you're getting in any meaningful way.
>> No. 56523 ID: b47376
File 144580605130.jpg - (234.16KB , 787x1094 , ratling.jpg )
Turn out my first blue (rare) item is pretty damn good. It's a big warhammer for the soldier which does armor penetrating damage both in the normal & charged mode, and as bonus features has 9% chance to restore 10% health on kill as well as having a chance that the push back action when blocking will not cost any stamina.
The hammer makes tanking harder compared to my shield build, but I can eat through stormvermin in mere seconds.

I've had less luck with my greens. I've gotten virtually duplicate greens twice in a row.

Couple that hammer to my rifle with headshot perk, and you easily take down most armored foes. Except the ogre of course, which remains a pain if your party isn't up to snuff.

Tips for getting off to a good start:
1) Start off with easy difficulty to get some loot & understand game mechanics. Usually I never start games on easy, but here it gives you a better start.
2) Understand the place your character has in the game. It might be good for the missiob stats to go for most kills, but if you're the dwarf, you're really there to try to control the swarm of vermin so the nukers can do their thing. If you're the bright wizard or way watcher, don't go rushing headlong into large melee skirmishes instead of allowing your tanks to go first.
3) In a mission, open all crates you can find, shoot all lootbag carrying vermin first and try to get through the mission as fast as possible. This should yield you extra loot dice.
4) Grimoires consume you & your party's health (for that mission), in return for extra loot dice. This is most likely fine in easy or normal, but don't be an asshole using grimoires on hard without asking your team first.
5) Carrying loot tomes prevents you from holding medical items. If your buddy is carrying a loot tome, tell him where to find healing stuff or even better heal him when needed.
6) On easy & normal, it's fine to draw in Stormvermin patrols. But on difficulties above that, it's bad form since it can easily wipe your party unless you coordinate extremely well. Since you hear them from very far away, you have no excuse. Remember that when initially pulled, they tend to be grouped tightly and pretty vulnerable to firebombs etc.
7) Stick together. At least form pairs. Never solo.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 56559 ID: b47376
File 144624019726.png - (973.81KB , 787x1094 , Stormvermin_Portrait.png )
My god this game gets frustrating if your team is not properly focused and doesn't have its priorities straight. The fundamentals are really not that difficult... But it seems individuality is inbred into so many gamers and that so many games have given them a sense of invulnerability when doing their own thing that they just can't seem to get it into their damn heads that if you do not keep close to your buddies, you or them are dead meat. 2 by 2 is the very absolute minimum in all situations.
>> No. 56811 ID: b47376
  On the 3rd of December, a free DLC will be launched with a new loot tweaking system etc.

Also rumours of 2 additional maps, but that is unconfirmed.

File 14179681263.jpg - (120.97KB , 800x600 , 3.jpg )
51788 No. 51788 ID: a2bcb4 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
1.45 Dev server already up. They're currently doing a slow roll out of American tanks (two to start with, one reserve and one Tier I) for testing. More to follow.

New damage and flight models. Planes getting x-ray mode like tanks. A few new aircraft (mainly tanks, however). Planes wings can now be shot/torn off at various stages, from just losing a the very wing-tip to having no wing at all.

If like Ground Forces, this is going to be a big patch for you.
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>> No. 56040 ID: 1e7925
File 144127469942.jpg - (264.45KB , 1280x720 , 23kills.jpg )
At the end of the game there were 4-5 teammates going after a Swordfish, and I was like, should I do it? Climbed up and fired one short burst to get kill 23. Lol.

Arcade mode( of course) and did most of the work in an A-36.
>> No. 56776 ID: f44962
File 144768070585.jpg - (22.02KB , 393x262 , XP55bw.jpg )
The recent patch roused me out of my War Thunder break and I'm back in action. Just in time to witness the broken premium plane of this patch, Gaijin must have not been happy with the low sales figures of the XP-55, the thing is an absolute beast now.

-No compression effects
-14G turns at 500+kph IAS, no problems, the wings are made of a titan stalinium alloy
-Turns better than zeroes and then you pop the landing flaps and laugh at the biplanes
-BR is laughably low due to the long stint as the FM buttmonkey

If you want to seal club in an American UFO look no farther
>> No. 56795 ID: 667a5a
It used to be really shit, I was eating them for breakfast in my P38
>> No. 56827 ID: 995cb5
That thing is a seal clubber.
>> No. 58951 ID: 45e3a1
  an ancient thread, I know. But rather than create a new thread I figured it would be best to bump this one.

While fewer seem to be playing WT, this year's April Fools Day patch is as good as previous years and is pretty fun.

They Added the T-90, Leopard2, AH-64, and Mi-24 Hind. Yeah, modern tanks and attack helicopters. Not sure if this is there way to test the water for a modern WT game or what, but right now you can play with the new things in an event battle.

Helicopter controls are a bit wonky and their hit detection is pretty weird, but they can be pretty deadly little glass cannons with ATGMs, rockets, and cannon fire. The Modern tanks come with stabilizers allowing them to be relatively accurate while moving, smoke grenade launchers (G key) [already my favorite feature], and a pretty good variety of ammunition. The T-90 has gun launched ATGMs which are pretty effective against particularly dense chopper pilots. Leopard 2 has fewer ammo options but feels a bit more effective in terms of armor and sabot rounds.

No. 55845 ID: 798a48 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Rising Thunder's limited alpha has now opened up a bit. It's a pretty quick download. I've just installed it and haven't played it, but from everything I've read and watched about it, this might be just what the poster who was talking about the difficulty of combos and executions needs.

You get three buttons corresponding to the strength of your normals, three special buttons, a throw button, and a super button. You have a 'loadout' of three special moves that you can pick 'n' mix from for each character that you can reconfigure between rounds, plus you can switch between two extra functions, one being a limited smash attack or a dash/jump cancel. Think of FAs from Street Fighter being separated from DCs. The round scheme itself is best of three, which offsets cheese/gimmick strats against less experienced players somewhat.

The following copy/pasted from 8ch /v/:

>Edge - Zero, has a sword, short range projectiles, literally unpunishable slide that gets him through fireballs and the neutral game entirely, amazing pressure tools that almost never let up unless he wants to avoid a DP, and a reasonable DP of his own.

>Chel - kind of a mix between chun li and ryu, fullscreen projectiles that recharge when they go off-screen/connect, but with a large recovery window in which you can be punished, a DP that can lead into a knockdown for free, and some leg kick thing that is fairly safe unless they misjudge the distance and wind up going over your head if you're crouching in which case you can go for a big punish. Normals are great for spacing/footsies.

>Talos - Zangeif and Abel together, just a stable grappler. Lacks a DP, but has Abel's air throw and armor on a big boot with a great hitbox to make up for it. Pretty good stagger pressure is possible on knockdown, and a little dash punch that leads into a knockdown on hit and linkable from jabs, but is punishable on block/whiff.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 56463 ID: c3579d
that would be Fruity Rudy.
>> No. 56516 ID: 798a48
  Ends tomorrow at 4PM. It's not the same as PS4 where they left in all the characters as they were revealed, but at least server connectivity isn't nearly as bad.

Generally everyone's LPs and LKs (crouching or standing) don't seem to be viable for footsies anymore, and are purely meant only as part of a combo. The return of the crush counters is fucking awesome.

Mika is the first choice I'm focusing on since I want to develop a pocket pick outside of maining Ryu. Other than her peach attack having a much faster recovery this time, I don't know anything about how she played in Alpha. Her EX Peach can be a pretty good wakeup, and so's any of her qcb command grabs in a mirror match if the opponent wants to go for a grab, but where she really shines is corner control. Her forward-MP can be confirmed into an Irish whip to reverse positions if she's the one who's trapped, and if the opponent's close enough to the wall it creates she can follow-up with a two-footed dropkick into sweep or something similar on the rebound. Air grab is pretty good for escape too. I love her Marvel-style V-Trigger.

I haven't touched Karin, but a lot of her shit is so safe and easy it's unfair. Considering Japanese players have been clamoring for her comeback for quite a long time, I don't think she's going to be nerfed even after beta. The only con I can guess with her moveset is that she doesn't seem to have much for aerial options. By contrast, Rashid is pretty dirty and unsafe. Despite Ono's teaser, he doesn't play like Cody at all.

Chun-Li's got the lowest HP out anyone, maybe even Cammy, but that's likely to change just like everything else, especially when everyone else's health is 1000 or 1050. She's got the most built-in pokes that move her forward, but it seems that next to Nash she's the weakest character so far even accounting for her being meant for pixie play.

Nash was on a tenuous hold when it was just him, Birdie, Ryu, and Chun, but in light of the other characters he's going to need some serious improvement. Omega SFIV has been a good indicator of where things were going to go in V's beta, and the fact that Omega DeeJay is his precursor, they need to look closer at his moveset in Alpha.

Bison is definitely OP, with his V-Trigger allowing him to pull off his specials without charging, so the inputs become a lot like V-Reversals minus having to block first. Speaking of charge, I think the changes to Vega in changing his Barcelona to DP inputs, the ability to put away his claw, and his extra command grab when unclawed make him a lot less gimmicky and I think he will be more likely to make appearances in tourneys than he did in IV. Glad to see they fixed his face a bit.

But they didn't fix Ken's face nor his banana hair. He plays a little bit lik
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 56532 ID: 798a48
I watched a friend's Mika beat NY's Finest's Karin 2-0 and he disconnected the instant the game was supposed to tally fight money and league points. Sure, it'll probably be wiped with the beta anyway, but that's not the damn point.

What you think about his art or his photoshop or whatever is one thing, but that's supposed to have no bearing upon him as a player.

This guy is supposed to be a visible member of the FGC. I now have no respect for him game-wise online or offline. If this is the kind of garbage that's supposed to represent the east coast scene, then no wonder Spooky's ditched NLBC to stream WNF.
>> No. 56537 ID: 8af0c6
  Dhalsim confirmed, with beard and turban.

Six more characters to be unlockable after initial release.

>> No. 56780 ID: 95d8c0
Arizona's first major event was last weekend. I haven't gotten around to watching top 16, but AZ fell with Velociraptor coming in at 3rd. Visiting warriors Tommygunz's Hakan in 2nd from Texas, and best of the West coast Snake Eyez reigning supreme.

File 144045571820.png - (157.22KB , 955x375 , 1423043175235.png )
55922 No. 55922 ID: 7f7712 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
which one of you fags wants a free copy of MGS5:ground zeros?
18 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 55956 ID: d2e752
Not enough Snake, too many naked albinos.

Other than that, it was great. When I was in middle school, I had a fat friend who would roller blade while wearing a thick duster because of that game. It was hilarious, I still laugh at it.

He was Chris Farley levels of active for a fatty, surprisingly good stamina.
>> No. 56034 ID: f2dc1f
I also got a copy for givings away.
>> No. 56580 ID: da442b
  thing came out
>> No. 56581 ID: da442b
  thing came out
>> No. 56620 ID: fd7157
i can take it off your hands mang.


No. 56572 ID: a34477 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  Any of you guys in any Arma3 groups? Been part of Phantactical since mid summer and love it so god dam much such good times.

-Vid from last night, FT deathmatch 4 v 4 v 4 v 4 v 4 capture the castle and hold.
5 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 56595 ID: 1bfae7
I had the strange issue, with every update the performance went up and down. Never knew if they broke something or my PC had seizures. But i want to give it another try during the winter holidays.

Any weapon mods and maps you guys can recommend?
>> No. 56599 ID: 0ea1a5

IF YOU want to operate on such a level of high speed low drag I suggest you join us in this righteous undertaking of slotting floppies in this here Phantactical group.


I apologize to those that applied before. We have different administration now that is on a higher level of chill and awesome. If you're not a douche and show dedication and love for brotherhood you'll fit in nicely.
>> No. 56600 ID: 0ea1a5
  Also I am fucking insane.
>> No. 56601 ID: 0ea1a5
  No seriously
>> No. 56606 ID: a34477
Fucking cheater, remind me never to duel you again.

File 143596883835.jpg - (174.54KB , 800x462 , LUDA I - DD107.jpg )
55413 No. 55413 ID: f2dc1f hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

This time in its own thread. :P
102 posts and 30 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 56586 ID: 7b177d
File 14464395029.jpg - (314.51KB , 1308x1281 , killme.jpg )
150k damage against mostly tier 5, 5 kills + 99% of a Konigsburg, and we still lost.

The best part is that I misplayed against a destroyer and ate 5 torpedos for 33k damage. Had that not happened, I'm sure I could have taken those last two new yorks out.

Sometimes these teams get me 100% pooper peeved.
>> No. 56591 ID: 9df540
>why are Japanese Ships at so many tiers out performing American ships of the same tier
Because it's realistic. Real world American ships sucked one vs one against Japanese ships, which had superior technology and tactics. The saving grace of American navy was:
1. Strategy, Japan can't into force concentration and their strategy was retarded from the start, because Imperial commands were corrupted by mid level bureocrats.
2. Manufacturing, America could afford to lose a few ships, Japan couldn't, every loss crippled them.
3. Carriers plugging gaps in performance
>> No. 56592 ID: 103b34
Realism is also 30 USN carriers murder 2 IJN DDs who can't make full steam because there's no fuel left and left port with only two torpedos each. Not the basis for a fun game.
>> No. 56596 ID: fa9665
Damage =/= damage

US DD's have an edge when it comes to artillery, this makes them better VS other DD's than the Japs. They also generally stand a better chance against cruisers.
Jap DD's are really good against BB's. A BB has a vastly larger HP pool than a DD of the same tier.

If the Jap tier X DD does 50k damage against a Yamato with it's torpedos, that's still only 50% of its total health.
If a Gearing does 10k damage to the IJN tier X DD, that's also 50% of its total health.

If you only look at raw damage, measured straight in hitpoints, it would look like the IJN DD made a 5 times larger contribution to the match than the USN DD, but actually they did more or less the same.

SOME IJN ships outperform US ships of the same tier (Nagato VS Colorado comes to mind), but in other cases the reverse is true.
Balancing isn't perfect for all ships, but there's definitely not Japanese Bias, if that's what you're hinting at.
>> No. 56598 ID: d8ab9d
Well I do love taking out the enemy DDs at the start of a match with gunboats like the Gremy.

File 143536837067.png - (164.43KB , 736x412 , steam link.png )
55346 No. 55346 ID: 7d8bca hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Anybody else getting one of these? I got the nVidia Shield dumaflotchie for shiggles and I like it, though I had to get a wireless router upgrade for it to work without terrible latency.
22 posts and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 56457 ID: 7d8bca
File 144500660540.jpg - (218.42KB , 1277x718 , WP_20151016_10_36_38_Pro.jpg )
Stuff came in. Unfortunately I have to go to work, but Maybe I'll get to play with it tonight.
>> No. 56477 ID: 134a40
File 144538648992.jpg - (6.58KB , 300x300 , 1a5VkBZ.jpg )
Make a headless steam machine by building a gaming rig or server and using one of these hdmi display emulators to trick the graphics card. then you can game from anywhere on your network.
>> No. 56478 ID: 2404e6
Im interested in the controller, I eagerly await your review.
>> No. 56485 ID: 7d8bca
  This dude pretty much sums it up. I think they just wanted a controller to ship with the Link. The Link is awesome though.
>> No. 56534 ID: f44962
This guy found a nice way to work around some of the problems. I will be getting a steam controller sometime this year but I'm not a "TV and couch type of player so it will be platformers and driving games thing only I think.

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