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No. 55674 ID: 2404e6 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  Hype train is full steam ahead mateys!
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>> No. 55866 ID: 2404e6
Dont over extend your military, dont over build your military to where your taxes cant afford it. Dont capture a shit ton of areas if you cant hold them and pay for the force holding them.

Conversely: Cheat to get all the moneys.
>> No. 55903 ID: abd539
Slow down your expansion, become worth as much as possible in trade, and pigpile.

If somebody is at war with two or three factions, attack them. Even if you just declare war and never actually move towards them. Easy relations boosts and occasionally easy land.
>> No. 55906 ID: a4bc16
  But really though, next month Warhammer gets its last real game, set in the "end times" before the world eats itself and the Ground Marines show up.
>> No. 55907 ID: a4bc16

Yes, its co-op warhammer left 4 dead skaven edition, and I am going to play the shit out of it.
>> No. 55912 ID: 2404e6

File 143924584239.jpg - (105.22KB , 1080x720 , maxresdefault (1).jpg )
55790 No. 55790 ID: 8aafcd hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
What's OpChan's general take on realistic shooter VS unrealistic shooters?

I know we all regularly sperg out over games that try to simulate real life firefights as closely as possible, but do we like games that intentionally present an unrealistic, stylized, even comical game mechanics attached to shooters? Games like Team Fortress 2, for instance.
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>> No. 55885 ID: 4930b8
The biggest problem I have with simulation oriented games is the interface is usually too unwieldy. When literally every key is a different ability and there are god knows how many combinations of Ctrl+ I get irritated. Especially when there's multiple control settings in game like for tanks and helicopters and aircraft and shit.
>> No. 55894 ID: 23ad48
they should make a new silent scope.
also RP socom, operation flashpoint & conflict desert storm.
you will be missed.
>> No. 55895 ID: 23ad48
>> No. 55896 ID: 7d9420
File thisisthebestplanever.webm - (2.78MB )
This part has to be my favorite from the first game.
>"Calm down everyone, the criminals are *hiding* somewhere in this stadium"
>"Wow! What great action"
>"The players from both teams are chasing them, SHOWTIME!"
I ended up picking the harrier route because it was quicker, though.
>> No. 55901 ID: de0bec
File 144020750891.jpg - (238.92KB , 1024x768 , 2004-10-26-16-02.jpg )
This unrealistic shooter is the only one I ever really cared for. I played the shit out of BZflag from 2002-2010, at which point I basically stopped playing games for the most part.

File 143884917795.jpg - (586.92KB , 1280x720 , 1438827426785.jpg )
55719 No. 55719 ID: 0e0cc0 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
What, no talks about Dark Souls 3?
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>> No. 55788 ID: 5effdd
>-60fps issue (breaking hitboxes and enemys attack rate)
Also affects roll I-frames, weapon degradation, parry frames, possibly poison's effect too.
>> No. 55798 ID: 87a83f
Poison effect and Weapon degradation not.
At least i haven´t noticed any difference after locking the game on 30fps with NVidia Inspector.
I was surprised how easily i could dodgeroll and parry the attacks then.
>> No. 55804 ID: 8ae717
It's pretty unfortunate too since the level design and universe of the souls games is interesting and something I'd like to explore but aspects of the combat are objectively bad. It'd be pretty cool if it was a proper rpg too where being a dedicated spellcaster was a viable option as opposed to being a ner fed melee haracter with some spellcaster g ability.
>> No. 55811 ID: 5effdd
>Weapon degradation not.
That was fixed in the last patch. Try an older build and see for yourself. Protip: attack dead bodies, they absolutely wreck your weapons.
>> No. 55887 ID: 10838f
I havn´t played with the latest patch yet, but thanks for letting me know. But i assume, the i-frames bug on 60fps hasn´t been fixed?
Btw, is this bug fixed in Scholar of the first Sin? Or do i have to lock it on 30fps to not to get async attack animations?

No. 55828 ID: 254d85 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  Anybody planning on picking up the new Act of War game? I ended up getting really burnt out on Wargame, so I'm hoping it'll be more fun.
>> No. 55829 ID: 2404e6
Id certainly be tempted if I had the money to buy it.
>> No. 55831 ID: a12f91
I'll pick it up in 3 years for $7.50 during a sale but I have seen nothing to make me want to rush out and be able to play it online.
>> No. 55854 ID: f2dc1f
I'm really looking forward to it. The problem with most RTSes I've disliked is how dry they are. They just have no character. I feel lackluster sound design is often at fault. And that's when they aren't a pile of ass to control (I'm looking at you Men of War). I found Wargame to be incredibly dry and boring, but they've billed this game as more CnC-esque, so color me interested.

I've been doing nothing but play CnC Generals Zero Hour (the one game I've never stopped playing), Planetary Annihilation and Company of Heroes 2 lately. I'll be curious if Act of War is up to snuff.

No. 55808 ID: cb5ffa hide watch quickreply [Reply]

>Siege weapons can be fully usable by players and AI. You can choose where to place them before the battle
>improved AI of lords and enemies
>village and castle system revamped
>improved UI
>Seasons which effect your troops and movement
>six different board games
>crafting system

I can't wait to start my own butter caravan company.
>> No. 55809 ID: 2404e6
Sort of hyped.
>> No. 55810 ID: 254d85
Same. I really enjoyed Warband but I think I'll wait on Bannerlord for a few patches and then see how it's doing.
>> No. 55812 ID: 185883
Honestly only 3 things (aside from the graphics) I think they need to change/upgrade from Warband:

1) Battle AI. Fighting 5 enemies by yourself? Be prepared for all 5 of them to clump into a 3-square foot area and walk straight towards you, with no attempt to flank you or even to maneuver at all.

2) More/better sound effects. Specifically sound effect variety.

3) Make the "custom battle" mode not such shit. Same 3 or 4 maps, no ability to customize the battles at all, besides picking from one of like 8 pre-made characters and then the number/ratio of forces. Sometimes you just want a cheap, quick fight, without all the campaign complexity or multiplayer difficulty.

File 143799732389.png - (8.53KB , 240x240 , 26_You_Gotta_Shoot_%27Em_in_the_Head.png )
55604 No. 55604 ID: 13da80 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
OK so after years of memes, peer pressure on /k/ and operatorchan, I decided to try Fallout just to see what all the rage is about.

Purchased Fallout 3, played for six hours... aaaaaaaaaand it's fucking boring, story is boilerplate, characters are uninteresting, no meaningful consequences for actions, quests and gameplay is pants on head retarded, and worst of all the game is utterly unrealistic with regards to guns! Half a dozen headshots to drop a human? Fuck you for wasting my money with shit suggestions and getting me to buy a less interesting Mass Effect clone!

Fallout can go in the trash where it deserves to be, stop mentioning and glorifying this piece of shit >:(
34 posts and 10 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 55727 ID: 34c398
Dude, look at how overhyped they already are, the game isn´t out, Bethesda hasn´t shown/told us anything NEW! And there wont be any significant changes (except a new world of course).

It was back when BF4 has been announced and everyone went batshit crazy, they all screamed "it will be so much better than BF3". Yeah, i already knew it will just be an overpriced mappack, and a few friends of mine who played it confirmed that.
>> No. 55728 ID: 90a126
File 143896815275.jpg - (68.86KB , 1024x768 , 68mqxs7.jpg )
Its not overhyped. People are just hyped. People are excited to have another Fallout game after many a long years since the last one and a numbered Fallout game rather then a sidegame.

Of course people are going to be hyped. Its an extremely popular game series and from what Beth has show us most people think its looks like fun to play.

And of course their won't be any significant changes. People (most people atleast) want another 1st/3rd person romp in some post-apocalyptic wasteland where you can freeze time by looking at your oversized watch.

We are getting that. Mission accomplished.

And there are new features like the base building, armor building, power armor that feels like power armor, more weapon mods then you can shake a stick at, probably weapon mods for a stick, improved pip-boy, and new dialogue system.

Games in a series don't have to be some massive improvement over the last if people enjoyed the features over the last.

For all the flack Carl on Duty gets for not innovating, its clearly because the people buying it in droves don't want some super duper newper game with whiz bang new features. They want a game they enjoy.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 55789 ID: 8aafcd
Most Fallout 3/New Vegas haters I ever met were people expecting an open world Call of Duty (Far Cry 3/4 in other words) and could never wrap their head around VATS or the RPG mechanics driving the game.
>> No. 55799 ID: ae11c2
File 14393098456.png - (87.09KB , 608x580 , 1368216186351.png )
>Most Fallout 3/New Vegas haters I ever met were people expecting an open world Call of Duty (Far Cry 3/4 in other words) and could never wrap their head around VATS or the RPG mechanics driving the game.
>> No. 55802 ID: a4bc16
File 143931870860.jpg - (184.48KB , 1024x768 , stalker.jpg )

>open world shooter

They went to the wrong zone.

File 143910486961.jpg - (43.16KB , 599x424 , B_UVpwoWkAIkflo.jpg )
55761 No. 55761 ID: cbf3af hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I ain't even making it up.


>It's worth pausing to note that Galvez, who put together the Topsy chart showing that these are not a few isolated tweets but rather part of a larger and organic response, is no stranger to sexist hate campaigns himself. When he criticized the sexism of the "GamerGate" movement, which opposes gender equality in technology, members of that movement harassed him extensively, including calling in a fake police report that got a SWAT team sent to his home.

>GamerGate and Donald Trump might not seem obviously connected, but they are: both are expressions of a disturbingly prevalent belief in the United States that not only is it right and good to hate women, but that hating women is so right and good that anyone who tells you not to hate women is a threat to core American values. Some believe it is such a threat that it is appropriate to punish them by, say, blanketing them in online harassment or calling in a SWAT team to their house.
Trump, in response to the controversy over his comments, a backlash that has included condemnations from many in the GOP establishment, has not backed down one iota. Rather, he has encouraged the wave of online sexist hatred against Kelly, for example by retweeting this seemingly random twitter user who calls Kelly a "bimbo".

Man when I got into this shit I never expected to become the bogeyman of the entire leftist world. This is like the 1990s gun rights battle all over again.
18 posts and 9 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 55783 ID: 56ddd0
File 143918543869.jpg - (107.18KB , 720x720 , UN7Cnab.jpg )
>Like the ~50,000 people at our Reddit hub?

What? I thought you disavowed Kotakuinaction because they're even bigger asshats than the 8chan crowd. If they're your main hub now that explains A LOT.

>You know Hollywood just made a horror movie with us as the theme, right?

Honestly didn't know. What one?

>And we've been blamed for the new FF movie and Pixels both tanking?

By who? Anyone anybody would actually believe? Because both movies were panned across the board by people you'd call sjws, Pixels especially.

>And Donald Fucking Trump (whatever you think of him) tweeted our hashtag?

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 55784 ID: 40fc42
>We're basically the resistance against a moral panic in the tech and media sectors.

Looks more like a bunch of petulant manchildren throwing temper tantrums over their electronic luxury goods where having a character look at their bloody hands and say "what have I become" gets you a BAFTA.

>our reddit number is so big! that means something! we're the reason Adam Sandler can't make good movies!

I see that the cheer squad of user IDs that never post anywhere else on the site are here.
>inb4 "bu-bu-but I have a dynamic IP that makes it so I only ever have this ID in babbygate threads!"
>> No. 55785 ID: cbf3af
>Looks more like a bunch of petulant manchildren throwing temper tantrums

Funny how you sound just like a liberal talking about people who buy guns whenever an antigun Democrat gets elected. I mean exactly like one. All that's missing is the penis analogy.

You sure you're not lost and looking for the DU forums?
>> No. 55786 ID: 798a48
>> No. 55795 ID: 185883

How does this garbage belong here? All I see is a bunch of political shit, not stuff about video games.

File 143914993221.jpg - (461.20KB , 1920x1080 , 2015-08-09_00001.jpg )
55754 No. 55754 ID: a34477 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Ended up re purposing a friends turret that he never built more of then a base off and turned it into a missile tower with 42 missiles. Behind 2-3 layers of metal with ammo and ai all built into the middle of this glorious and deadly box.
>> No. 55755 ID: a34477
File 143915000861.jpg - (272.33KB , 1920x1080 , 2015-08-09_00002.jpg )
Accidentally turned off staggered fire and this happened.
>> No. 55756 ID: a34477
File 143915006086.jpg - (496.11KB , 1920x1080 , 2015-08-09_00003.jpg )
Sadly they were too short range at this iteration, needed more fuel tanks.
>> No. 55757 ID: a34477
File 143915015398.jpg - (382.48KB , 1920x1080 , 2015-08-09_00005.jpg )
Missiles crashed into the ocean only 500 meter short.

Once fixed missiles ended up raping everything on their own it was glorious. Missile defense systems just get too overwhelmed.

No. 54837 ID: 39601e hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
  So brand new XCOM game just got announced. Post Enemy Within, where apparently the aliens took off the gloves and curb stomped humanity. XCOM is now the under-dog aggressor, fighting against the controlling aliens/human government.

>full steam workshop integration. highly modable
>procedurally generated maps. new mission types to fit with the offensive theme
>more customization/gear/abilities/weapons
>stealth/surprise mechanics
>new alien/enemy types
>more soldier classes
>silent storm style casualty evacuation

Consider me thoroughly optimistic about this.
77 posts and 21 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 55653 ID: c561cd
  Listen to Dance with the Dead when playing Xenonauts. It's par-fect.
>> No. 55695 ID: 798a48
Don't know if any of you have gone on Goldhawk Interactive's boards, but they've been discussing a sequel for about a week now, so now is a good time for input for those who care.
>> No. 55698 ID: a4bc16

Maybe they could do a buggy, ridiculously difficult underwater one with a horrible visual filter!

Or would that be too obvious?
>> No. 55700 ID: 798a48
I guess that was a little bit witty.

Here's a link for those who are interested in the discussion.
>> No. 55703 ID: c561cd
File 143878869399.png - (13.51KB , 320x200 , tactical_004.png )

Too obvious. Also, TFTD was palette-shifted. That's before filters were a thing.

I thought I had some screenshots from TFTD, but those are on my other computer.

I stopped playing after I got blaster-bombed multiple times.

No. 55661 ID: 4d1df1 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  10 bucks on steam.

Minecraft in space, basically. I actually like it better than Space Engineers, considering the depth of exploration within the game.
>> No. 55666 ID: 6c2f78
File 143838160134.png - (1.60MB , 1280x874 , starmade-screenshot-0000.png )
Tried my hand at the copy they have on their page, once.

It stopped rendering blocks when I tried to run the demo, and attempting to go it on my own resulted in it eventually crashing.(pic related.)

I know the page says "Update your intel drivers", but Intel says my drivers are up to date.

Still, it's a nice idea.
>> No. 55681 ID: 4d1df1

FYI this is actually a free game, purchasing on steam just means when things get charges bumped up further on down the road as it gets from alpha to beta to proper release...



Gaming on a potato usually results in a poorly baked potato at best.
>> No. 55697 ID: 630f2b

Maybe it's a potato, but GLaDOS ran on one, and it's the only potato I have right now. Then again, it runs some modded Minecraft fine, so I suspect there's some cheese and sour cream in this potato, even if it isn't bacon-worthy.

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