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File 142997532361.jpg - (857.86KB , 2560x1600 , gugcv.jpg )
54429 No. 54429 ID: a564e6 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
For those of you who are interested in the Civil War and awesome military strategy games, Ultimate General: Gettysberg is 50% off on steam right now. $7.50. Has completely accurate maps down to terrain and elevation and it's pretty damn fun.

>> No. 54447 ID: 06a0fb
I've been waiting for a sale on this. I used to play the hell out of Sierra's Civil War Generals 2: Grant Lee Sherman. I'd like to see Matrix Games or Battlefront.com do an American Civil War game.
>> No. 54450 ID: 885afe
I got UG: Gettysberg on sale a while back.

If you are an RTS fan I cant recommend the game enough, the controls are intuitive and fucking brilliant, and the AI is really really good.
>> No. 54473 ID: e8f72b
Man this game is hard...
>> No. 54475 ID: 885afe
Yes.. Yes it is.

Last time I played it I was slamming my momentum against the silly yank general who opposed me.

Then he got reinforcements at the worst possible time and one of my units broke which shattered my entire line and the rest of my force got knocked the fuck out.

File 143004363775.jpg - (436.09KB , 1920x1080 , KxUHaU0[1].jpg )
54467 No. 54467 ID: c60bbc hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Some preview videos


File 14293434065.jpg - (135.89KB , 900x675 , 1342028260520.jpg )
54269 No. 54269 ID: 6d6cb1 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Why are you still using non-free software to play video games, most of which are non-free?

I do not understand you guys.
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>> No. 54301 ID: df12a0
>> No. 54306 ID: ac904b
Because I play games to have fun playing games, not to make a political statement.

That companies will use some of my personal information to try to figure out what I want to buy so they can try to sell it to me is a minor annoyance that I feel is worth the price of "non-free" convenience.
>> No. 54353 ID: 6d6cb1
File 142976626338.jpg - (576.80KB , 2052x1540 , 88Jgz.jpg )
I am disappointed that you do not take your freedom seriously.
>> No. 54360 ID: ac904b

I simply do not believe my freedom is threatened by people who want to sell me things I might want to buy.
>> No. 54461 ID: 6d6cb1
File 143002509541.jpg - (1.10MB , 1600x1300 , 1342094487656.jpg )
If only your beliefs were correct.

No. 54376 ID: c044b5 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  Killing Floor 2 is out on early access/beta/whatever. Pretty fucking fun and worth the $30. Only 3 maps right now, but they are big enough to have variety and create different strategies each game.

Weapon animations are better, and there seems to be a decent selection of guns/types as of right now.

Anyone else been slotting some zombie floppies?
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>> No. 54426 ID: 185883
>It doesn't matter what they've done, it matters what they have the right to do.

Then you might as well just get off the internet now, because literally every single multiplayer game you've ever played has this sort of EULA.

This isn't fucking news. It's just like that guy said: the only reason people are even talking about this is because their EULA was made in English and not lawyer speak buried somewhere deep in the game installation directory. It is literally nothing that hasn't been a part of every single multiplayer games EULA for the last 15 years.
>> No. 54430 ID: 0ea1a5
  About to hit 20 with Commando and the fucking tactical reload perk that comes with hitting 15 is Chris Costa as fuck.
>> No. 54451 ID: 78430e
Just got pass 10 and oh my lord, the extended mag is such a fucking godsend.
>> No. 54452 ID: d11521
Playing with pubs is just frustrating. Why do people keep doing stupid shit like
-walking into Hans' grenades/gas
-walking away from med grenades
-shooting Hans when he grabs someone, rather than healing the player he grabbed
-dispersing once Hans kills someone, rather than regrouping
-pissing off Scrakes and Fleshpounds with weak weapons

>> No. 54454 ID: c044b5
Was hoping the tactical AK reload would be this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PvZwkv_NUmU

No. 54354 ID: 885afe hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  Oh please, my dick cant handle this kind of torture.
>> No. 54355 ID: 6951ad
And what luck, it's coming out after Rome 2 so it'll be in the "good game" part of the Creative cycle.
>> No. 54365 ID: 185883

Well, Atilla came out after Rome 2 and it was pretty good/stable at release... so don't hold your breath on this being released in a playable state.
>> No. 54379 ID: 87bfdc
If it's the same engine, it will be fine. They got their shit together with Attila. This will likely be a flavored reskin with magic taking the place of generals powers.
>> No. 54399 ID: 9417cf
  This isn't the first WH:F vidya game to have an awesome trailer that preceded a crap game.

Also, don't get your hopes up too much for the BF5: the Force Awakens either. It's gonna suck and you're going to end up paying 300 dollars for DLC/bugfixes that should have been part of the shipping game.
>> No. 54400 ID: 885afe
Thats because Blur studios makes awesome fucking trailers.

I kinda liked mark of chaos.

>Be mark of chaosing against a friend
>Im playing as empire
>He is orks
>I am seiging a castle
>My army is a warrior priest or three
>And hundreds of flagellants.
>One siege engine to break wall
>Wall goes down, hundreds of psychotic religious nut jobs swarm into the castle
>Few survive the onslaught
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 142932866131.jpg - (248.35KB , 1864x1048 , FS_EA_Screen_03-1864x1048.jpg )
54266 No. 54266 ID: 369bd6 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
There is a new space combat game making the rounds called Fractured Space. You fly massive capital ships and blow shit up online. Pretty simple. Its still an early access game (alpha or beta?) and obviously lacks a bit of content and polish, but it is still pretty fun in my opinion.

Gameplay is currently restricted to a single game mode on a single map, set in an asteroid field populated with space stations you capture and hold territory as you advance towards the enemy base. Capturing stations also generates resources over time which causes your team to sort of elevate a tech level granting upgrades in firepower and performance. (if it says Upgrade available, just fly close to one of the major stations to get it automatically) Also there is a single unique cap zone which is only active for a limited time (it gives you a warning before it goes active), capturing that yields a temporary bonus for the successful team until the next opportunity to cap it exists.

I've seen people compare it as a space version of World of Warships, but honestly it feels more like Team Fortress 2 with kilometer long capital ships. Each ship fills some sort of niche and has it's share of pros and cons. There are support ships that can repair and provide various bonus effects to friendlies (corvette), there are large slow ships with high armor and health that can soak up damage and dish it out at close range (the Flagship), there are aggressive and fast ships designed to close the distance and lay out the firepower (Hunter, Brawler), and there are also stealthy ships (Assassin) and the Sniper.
Each ship comes with a set of abilities, amounting to various primary and secondary weapons as well as tools. You can upgrade ships to tailor them to your playing style however not all upgrades listed in the hanger are currently useable in the game (as far as I can tell).

Overall I think it is entertaining enough for being unfinished. Developers seem to have some ambitions, so it will be interesting to see how this develops.

Also for this weekend only they are running a promotion, download and play the free weekend on Steam and you get to keep it. (The Devs have expressed a desire to transition to a F2P system)
16 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 54366 ID: 8a8888

I was saving up for a destroyer... now i'm not so sure.

I have the brawler, which can be pretty decent when i'm able to use it correctly. The assassin sounds pretty neat though.
>> No. 54368 ID: 885afe
Fought my first destroyer earlier today with a friend.

The range on that thing is phenomenal. I was getting hit in a hunter from the mid capture point back in my base just about.
>> No. 54369 ID: 369bd6
the range is great...but at max range it is like a 5 sec travel time. 3 secs at the optimum range. You can usually dodge them if you just change your direction/vertical position every 2 or so secs. Shells are also very inaccurate, which can be a blessing or curse as it might score a few hits where your aim is off and miss entirely even if you are dead on target.

Yeah, I would suggest skipping the destroyer for the time being. Its OK, just not that remarkable as the game currently stands. Soon there will be more large slow ships that might make it more useful, or maybe it will get buffed.
>> No. 54370 ID: 885afe
>Can usually dodge
Not when a partnered flag ship disables you :*(

As it is, my two favorites are the disruptor and the assassin. The disruptor is woefully weak in return fire, but its harass potential is off the charts.
>> No. 54390 ID: 381ee6
This game is actually challenging

File 142308592313.jpg - (176.10KB , 1152x720 , 127795817242.jpg )
52990 No. 52990 ID: b170fe hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Star Wars™ Knights of the Old Republic

Star Wars™: Dark Forces

Star Wars™ Battlefront™ II

Star Wars™ Knights of the Old Republic™ II: The Sith Lords™ - (thats allot of ™)

Star Wars™ Empire At War: Gold Pack
27 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 54222 ID: 885afe
Triple post.

This game is really really really fun. Both co op defense mode and vs modes.
>> No. 54223 ID: b170fe
Dragon Age™: Origins

Dead Space™ 2

Bejeweled™ 3

Mass Effect™ 2
- Emailed to Doomguy
>> No. 54224 ID: 90a126
File 14291662814.jpg - (69.19KB , 500x357 , oh shit flying corgis fucking run.jpg )
Hey, thanks brah.
>> No. 54333 ID: b170fe
Wing Commander 3™: Heart of the Tiger, SimCity 2000™ Special Edition, Wing Commander™ IV: The Price of Freedom, and Ultima VII The Complete Edition

>> No. 54349 ID: ef6ae2
File 142975598699.jpg - (77.80KB , 500x669 , sa0LQLA.jpg )
Just an FYI you guys might want to obfuscate these codes as there are a number of bots that scrap the internet looking for them.

File 142100705697.jpg - (64.83KB , 1024x768 , elite-dangerous-logo.jpg )
52393 No. 52393 ID: 94db74 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Did anybody else get this? Lets set up some operating.
146 posts and 39 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 54281 ID: 7160da
So, I'm getting up there in spacebux from copious amounts of RES hunting. Sitting on about 11 and a half million. Looking pretty hard at the Asp. Figure it'll be around 60mil+ to outfit and have a good buffer for insurance/other costs.

Got any recommendations for a straight combat build?
>> No. 54289 ID: 65c27c

Not at all near 60 mil. Maybe 5 mil. The Asp is a decent PVE ship for combat, in PVP it gets demolished. The small hardpoints have a damage penalty against larger ships, the mediums are OK. I tried several fits in it before realizing the Vulture is just a superior combat ship, the maneuverability is unmatched, firepower is great despite only having 2 large hardpoints. Recently I went with a C3 beam and C3 cannon and absolutely rolled faces with it. That cannon just tears apart subsystems and hull. Otherwise two fixed or gimbaled pulses work great and pulses are cheap to boot.

The Vulture takes some good amount of cash to fit and you'll always be working around the limited powerplant but even with mostly D class modules it's extremely formidable. Has a giant ass shield that never breaks, big guns, top tier maneuverability, you can hug Anaconda tail all day as you shred its insides. I dropped the A class shield for a C and then put on a shield cell instead to have an OSHIT button while dealing with those pesky pirate lords.

That 11 mil to a Vulture will give you a much more capable combat craft, if you're already in a Vulture, consider a Type 7 as your next investment to make some money trading in between farming RES. After that, between RES and trading, you're getting ever so closer to either: A Python or FDL, which are respectably some of the best ships in the game. The Python is the most versatile ship there is between combat and trading and the FDL is a beast in combat, just a very hot beast that nearly melts under the heat of it's own awesomeness.
>> No. 54292 ID: 7160da

Thanks for the advice. I'll probably be sitting on something close to 20-25mil by the end of tonight. Now I've got to hunt down a place that's selling a Vulture.
>> No. 54294 ID: 06a0fb
>> No. 54295 ID: 7160da

You're too good to me.

File 142941706858.png - (721.38KB , 899x699 , Iron Kingdoms RPG Artwork (3).png )
54283 No. 54283 ID: 090689 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
okay nerds, i'm trying to get together an Iron Kingdoms campaign together and need at least four players.

For those who don't know the system, some introductory information.

I've got all the rulebooks in PDF for the guys in it and can help you through rolling a character.

No. 54255 ID: f44962 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  Based on this trailer I can say I'm cautiously optimistic about getting a game that will actually be true to the Original Trilogy.

-Absolutely stunning visuals
-Captures the visual style and feel of the movies almost perfectly
-Boba Fett is in it, that automatically makes this awesome.
-No "funny, wacky" Ewok shit to be seen

-No gameplay
-It's published by EA
-Preorder shit
-It will use Origin
>> No. 54256 ID: 9507dc
It's gonna be battlefield 4 but with star wars stuff so it'll not quite work right when it's launched but have some dumb fun shit you can do in the multi-player.

Instead of your vision getting blurry, it'll get all glare-y when suppressed because lasers.

Irish will be in this one too.

>boots on fucking ground Boba
>> No. 54258 ID: 885afe
File 142930343275.jpg - (45.20KB , 290x255 , SpecForce_Training.jpg )
Thought from Sneaky Childhood.

The rebel jungle helmet tops always remind me of a tub of chocolate icecream.

Pic related.

Teaser Trailer: Sure its built on the engine from the game, but if it looks like that Ill eat my own hair.

As for everything else. "Star wars meets battlefield, How hard can it be"
>> No. 54262 ID: 0ea1a5
If this turns out to be shit then the Star Wars mod for Arma 3 will suffice. At least for me.

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