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No. 48256 ID: 4b5424 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  Any one here play this?

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>> No. 48934 ID: ee1c7f
*costs as much as
>> No. 48956 ID: 2c6b97
Installing now. Any advice?
>> No. 48959 ID: 4c768d
play germans or skirmish maps so you don't constantly get buttraped by tanks
>> No. 48960 ID: db56bc
find a ts3 to play on i can suggest the heros and generals open team speak at
great guys over there, I have no internet till thrus so I wont be able to introduce you to anyone but say you are a friend of max cups and just getting started they should be some help.

for real advice, save up dont buy modified ammo for your guns it drains credits like no other. play 'training' before you do anything else and im not talking training missions. after you play training you get a free lvl and a free perk/badge.

capturing points is ther only thing that matters in matches, they net you both the most xp and credits but they also help you to win the match. unlock the kubal or jeep as quick as possible then I would say get a rocket launcher as your first new weapon but its crazy expensive to use so thats up to you. every vehical minus the motocycles have the ability to bring either a health and ammo kit or a panzerfaust that takes 30 or so seconds to respawn after picking up. health/ammo kit is essential but there are situations the faust box is better but those are few.

also everything you use needs to be replenished so when viewing the weapon or equipment make sure you have it sent to auto replenish or you will find yourself in the middle of the match with no more gernades or ammo when you spawn.

i would suggest to just start with one character keep him a soldier forever once you get him up in lvl's invest in a second character and see where you want to take him, whether you want to make him a tanker or a pilot or a para or a recon or a general or even just a second soldier but with a different loadout.

different weapons unlock certain other weapons, if you like machine guns keep using the g43 if you would rather use the firehose that is the mp40 you need to use the mp34 shit gun for a while to unlock the mp40. gold can curcomvent all of these unlock things but it aint cheap. using gernades and explosives helps you unlock more explosives, mines, bazokas, more gernades, at gernades ect. same goes for classes you have to have a certain badge para drop nine to unlock the fg42 and same goes for unlocking tanks you gotta grind that tank badge. lucky for pilots the only thing they unlock is more bombs on the plane, piloting in this game is kinda lame in my opinion and only use it rarely when there is a tank that needs to die.

i have the most experience playing as german but i have a couple lvl 10's on american and know every single weapon of theirs to a tee. the tompson is a god send and so is the bar. the bar is probably the best gun in the game at this moment, you see one pick it up.
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>> No. 49113 ID: c1c101
Seems like they've reduced the cost of zooka ammo down by about half. Still too much, compared to the cost of tank ammo and repair, but it's a step.

File 141046093110.png - (203.60KB , 600x340 , 884.png )
49086 No. 49086 ID: f3e2a5 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I read 1632, Nazis in Fantasyland Quest and I want to run a campaign that's similar. I don't think there's a name for such a genre. Zipang, Lest Darkness Fall and a Conneticuit Yankee In King Arthur's Court are other examples.

Instead of a West Virginia town circa 2000AD, though? It'd be a southern Italian fishing village and military port during the 80s, when fascist & communist terrorist groups were running around. And instead of 1632 Europe, it'd be a fantastical setting with magic and gods.

What'd be a good system that can stat out a pikeman, modern soldier, /and/ have magic? Preferably with a crunchy mass combat system.

Does anyone have any links to articles or even pics of the Italian Navy during the 1980s, btw?
>> No. 49087 ID: f2400b
Uh... well, I don't know how accurate this is going to be for your needs, but in very very VERY rough terms, Shadowrun might fit. You can stat out modern soldiers by not packing them to the gills with chrome, it has a magic system, and melee is something built in (including spear/pikemen)

It doesn't really have great mass combat systems, though. You might try asking /tg/ because they'll likely have a better idea.
>> No. 49093 ID: 14bd64
Italian Navy in the '70s: http://www.marina.difesa.it/storiacultura/storia/storianavale/Pagine/crisidegliAnni70.aspx

Mediterranean sea in the '80s: http://www.marina.difesa.it/storiacultura/storia/storianavale/Pagine/mediterraneoanni80.aspx

Italian Navy in the late '80s: http://www.marina.difesa.it/storiacultura/storia/storianavale/Pagine/marinafine80.aspx

Google translate should give you an idea.

Don't know how relevant this is to your purpose but here's an autistic analysis about Italian naval units during the '70s up until 1980 http://www.betasom.it/forum/index.php?showtopic=35681

If you have any questions about the setting feel free to ask, I'll be monitoring this thread.
>> No. 49107 ID: f3e2a5
Do you know how infantry sections/squads would be organized, so I could inventory out firearms? What about shotguns, pistols & SMGs? Or BM59s for recruits? What about ammo, total? Spares ammo/parts/guns that could be on the ship or on base?

I was thinking the military port base would have:

x5 VM 90T Torpedo IMV
x2 Ambulanza VM 90
x1 ACM Iveco 80/90 4X4 Logistics Truck
x15 OF-40 MBT
x18 M113 clones

x5 Agusta-Bell AB 212 Helicopter

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File 141048781043.jpg - (146.43KB , 452x646 , 136637218980.jpg )
49096 No. 49096 ID: 4c768d hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Herpdaderped and bought Borderlands(1) GOTY and Borderlands 2 before I found Borderlands 2 GOTY somewhere else for cheaper.

Anyone want to trade have codes that can be activated through steam, only payed $10 so something around that would be nice.

No. 49059 ID: 4c768d hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  Sort of...
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>> No. 49071 ID: e365e5
Also, from what I hear, it's actually supposed to be a prequel to 2142 type of thing...
>> No. 49074 ID: 185883

I didn't get Battlefield 4 ever. 3 was the last one I gave an honest chance, and 4 was clearly just more of the same (but with Asians and bad netcode).

2142 was the last good Battlefield game, shame its setting is being cannibalized for DLC.


I can't even tell what you're trying to say.
>> No. 49076 ID: 885afe
Well, like getting fucked in the ass you cant really say you dont like it if you have never tried it.
>> No. 49080 ID: 4325d4
>I can't even tell what you're trying to say.
This: >>49071
>> No. 49091 ID: 185883

I don't need to be kicked in the balls to know I don't want to be kicked in the balls. Especially if I was already kicked in the balls earlier, and by the same person (EA).


I can't tell if you're being intentionally nonsensical or if you really can't speak properly.

File 140838350146.jpg - (51.52KB , 700x457 , Pro-Flight-X-55-Rhino-for-PC-01.jpg )
48745 No. 48745 ID: eb2775 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I haven't played many space sims in the past years & most of them that I did play, played well with keyboard and mouse. Heck, nowadays many of the space sims have a large advantage for mouse players due to the finer aim & no need for autoaim.
But I remember from the old days, how much fun I had with space sims & joysticks. It was really part of the experience and it was great.
My last joystick was a Sidewinder & it was pretty good, until it lost the ability to zero itself & would drift off.

Anyhow, with a new generation of space sims coming on, I was thinking of getting a joystick again.

My short list:
Thrustmaster T.16000M: Great precision, good quality, but no HOTAS and shitty throttle.
Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas X: Cheapo HOTAS, but gets the job done. Lacks hats.
CH fighterstick & throttle: Oldskool as fuck, and solid as hell. But looks silly nowadays.The way the X & Y axis interact make me think it might not be the best choice for me, but the hardcore space simmers seem to love it.
Saitek X55 Rhino: Sexy & good all around. Even has split throttle & everything. But it's Saitek... They're known to drop the ball fairly frequently on the X52.

I'm currently leaning towards the X55. But I'm having doubts. The T.16000M might be a better choice to get me going until some new stuff comes along. Supposedly, Star Citizen will work together with companies to make SC joysticks that are a perfect fit for the game's mechanics for instance.

What's your take on this?
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>> No. 48793 ID: 1bddb7
Clean up your fucking desk.
>> No. 48794 ID: 59ebc8
File 140859527893.png - (768.48KB , 1024x576 , StarCitizen2013-10-0215-30-57-70_zpsba6c102c.png )
I picked up my T.Flight Hotas X for peanuts on sale at MicroCenter. Great for the cost.

I'm agreeing with the collected Operators about rudders as I fly in Star Citizen, though. Twist ruddering is annoying. Might have to buy some pedals when I upgrade my video card.

Pic related. Can't wait to start racing it next week.
>> No. 48982 ID: 17ac4c
bumping because I am drunk and lazy right now.

Also because I am shopping and need this photo.

>> No. 49083 ID: 0dcdc8
File 141044906949.jpg - (1.12MB , 3264x1836 , img_00000573.jpg )
THRUSTMASTER Hotas in bound. I wanted to buy the Cougar for the throttle but was unable to find it....

Saitek combat pro rudders along with it.

So much for waiting.
>> No. 49084 ID: e68bea
Cougar manufacturing ended two years ago. If you can find one on ebay unopened, that's really the only way to get one new.

File 141004328255.jpg - (184.29KB , 1024x768 , 14012_166.jpg )
49000 No. 49000 ID: 0e6ce4 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Where can I find my screenshots for stalker soc?
>> No. 49004 ID: e68bea
I believe they save somewhere in the My Documents folder, but I don't have any stalker games installed so I cannot verify.
>> No. 49016 ID: 0ea1a5

File 140025944753.jpg - (194.56KB , 697x724 , adrastia2.jpg )
46857 No. 46857 ID: 58a76a hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Old one's autosaging, time for a new thread.
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>> No. 48903 ID: 58a76a
File 140935418485.png - (692.17KB , 1051x578 , Hellhound.png )
>The "party face" is fire, I thought we just accepted it by now.
I... you have a point. Setting people on fire does have a tendency to get us places.

But yeah, play whoever you want to play, that was just the first thing off the top of my head as to what our party is deficient in.
>> No. 48926 ID: 885afe
Fire and Rip Tear.

My girlfriend is semi sorta tempted to join us lol.
>> No. 48931 ID: 58a76a
Bring her in!
I have a buddy from /k/inder who's interested once his schedule clears, but he's not sure when that will be.
>> No. 48993 ID: 58a76a
Hokay, Enoch's gonna be a bit late. Probably 8CST at most.
But I should be able to make it, at least.
>> No. 49010 ID: 885afe
Shit I just woke up

No. 48580 ID: 4c768d hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  Insurgency is having a free weekend, and is on sale for 50% off. Picked it up the other day and am having a blast with coop and the free hunt DLC.

Nothing like having a little kid scream "Oorah!" into the mic to get you motivated.
>> No. 48585 ID: 845e3a
At least this last expansion thing toned down the super-rpg spam a lot. They do it once in a while, but not a guaranteed 2x per respawn wave like they used to.

Panj is fucking hilarious as a map, if you ever played Peak.
>Hay guize, we realize the bots can see through the foliage on Peak, so we're removing it from all coop map rotations until we can fix it. In the meantime, have a map that's 75% covered in foliage, and a new one-life bot hunt mode! HAVE FUN, FAGGOTS!

I do like how the FAL is in 7.62x51mm instead of 7.62x39mm now, though. It really does feel quite punchy. Way better than the old AK-clone FAL. Not sure if they fixed the SKS's 30-rounds in a 20-round mag thing yet.

M203 fucking sucks dick, dunno about the GP-30, probably the same. Why in the fuck would you add a grenade launcher, with no sights whatsoever, and a huge amount of random spread to boot? Using it is pretty painful, although I'm slowly getting the hang of it. I can get it to pop close to where I wanted it about 50% of the time, which isn't terrible.

Weapon collision sucked when it first happened, although what little I got to play of the post-patch-patch last night, it did seem improved. All it does mean is that now instead of humping a wall as cover, you have to stay a half-meter or so back from it.
Which oddly increases your survival rate vs. bots, because it usually puts you juuuuust far enough back to cut down on some of their magic corner-pen shots. Something to do with source engine and corners; it appears to be there but as far as penetration is concerned it isn't or some shit, I forget. It's been an issue ever since forever.

Hunt mode is fucking dope though, as long as your team isn't full of HUEHUEHUEs or XAXAXAXAXAs. Which there are entirely too many of due to the freeeeee weeeeekend. Any team that communicates & provides overwatch for each other can pretty much waltz through the maps, except maybe Panj, for the aforementioned reason.

Also, if it's not entirely clear, Smoke isn't worth a fuck in any coop mode. If you're near the outside edge of the cloud, bots can still see you. If they knew where you were prior to the smoke going off, they have a very good chance to see and fire on you, depending entirely on how the bot config is set up. If you're playing on hardcore, you're fucked, basically.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 48994 ID: a4b763
I hate Panj in multiplayer. Muj always stomp ass because Bravo point becomes a killzone and they can outflank US.
>> No. 48995 ID: 7744ef
It's like modern RO in Iraq, but fun. Get it.
>> No. 48998 ID: 0ea1a5

Fucking smoke and hose it with 249's and push. Gotta be aggressive as fuck on that one. Especially in Push game mode.

File 140997320138.jpg - (24.94KB , 720x960 , fuckit.jpg )
48983 No. 48983 ID: e697d7 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Yeah yeah, I know, MMO cancer and all that.

The short guide to how to get into the Archeage Open Beta:

>download Glyph
>redownload Glyph again
>install Archeage Beta
>try patching again
>uninstall Glyph
>reinstall Glyph
>try to patch
>uninstall AA
>uninstall Glyph
>reinstall Glyph
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 48986 ID: 885afe
Welp I thought about trying the beta. Ill pass now. Kthx for that update.

Shit I remember Anarchy Online original launch was pretty fucking horrendous. At least that game turned out to be good.
>> No. 48987 ID: 58a76a
Sounds like a shitty time. At least you know to expect problems during beta and early adoption stuff. It serves a purpose. You get an early peek at the game except not in this case apparently, sorry m8 and they get user feedback on problems. Other people benefit from your suffering.
The real problem is when they leave in gamebreaking shit after the actual release.

"Hey, let's release a day-one patch to fix our shite game, but let's have the patch cause random corruption of user game profiles. Then let's take two fucking months to fix the problems created by our patch."
>> No. 48988 ID: e697d7
As a minor update, I finally got in! I clicked on the server that was listed as having a que instead, those clever bastards. Got in!

Spent 30m going through the minigame of character creation.

Got past that!

Clicked play!

Loading screen!

"The gods have disconnected you"

Fuck god. I see some bitch walking around with gold ribbons and seifuku calling herself Haruhi, ima fuck that bitch. Hard. So hard the fucking Thought Integration Entity gets involved, feels sorry, and retcons everything to make the Endless Eight never happen because Haruhi was too bust getting fucked silly.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 48989 ID: e8f72b
File 140998454518.jpg - (3.52MB , 3872x2592 , DSC_4061.jpg )
Well played OPERATOR, well played.
>> No. 48990 ID: f2400b

You know, speaking as someone who's actually played the game...

When all the dipshits aren't spamming the servers so bad it's fucking up everything (some idiots were doing a DDoS which screwed a lot of stuff up) it's actually quite fun. It's a mixture of Haven and Hearth, EVE Online, and a 'traditional' MMO.

File 140933406533.png - (43.04KB , 762x363 , 1409331373001.png )
48899 No. 48899 ID: b338a2 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
prepare your anuses
24 posts and 6 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 48953 ID: 28f40c
File 140962359884.jpg - (79.81KB , 456x386 , 3847448-1396301315431.jpg )
>NSWG constantly reminds the board of what horrible shit taste he has
>> No. 48955 ID: 388296
File 140962958722.jpg - (31.17KB , 396x312 , wait_what.jpg )
>> No. 48961 ID: b338a2
File 140967825574.jpg - (49.05KB , 474x356 , penistato.jpg )
He's saying you taste weird
>> No. 48971 ID: 7b6cef
Kind of funny for them to tote the SJW badge when Blood Dragon delightfully went don't-give-a-fuck 80s complete with dude-banter of "yeah I know you're a black cyborg that likes dudes, faget".

More annoyed that Far Cry 2 did such a piss job of letting us indulge in the interesting dynamics of an African Bushwar. I want to slap the guy who came up with the smarmy ingame "Oh by the way while you work for my faction my boys will still shoot you to keep up disguises. >:^)".
>> No. 48980 ID: cb4bfc
File 140995675764.png - (327.21KB , 500x689 , 500px-Hector_Voorhees.png )
Unofficial business. If you can't take the heat, China, we'll find someone else who can!

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