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No. 54015 ID: f9161e hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  I never see much about MOBA's on here and I've been out of gaming for around 5 years or so, but my brothers and I got into the closed beta for Blizzard DOTA All-Stars Heroes of the Storm and I am thoroughly enjoying it. It takes a more team-based approach than LoL or DOTA 2, no items, no money, shared XP, selectable abilities, varied maps with different mechanics and optional objectives. For beta it's pretty well balanced too. Matches run 25 minutes on the long side and can be done in 12. It's free-to-play along the lines of DOTA 2, with cash purchases for skins and such.

The only thing I dislike, though do understand the need for, is the low return on in-game currency for buying the heroes. A rotation of half a dozen free-to-play characters each week gives you a good opportunity to see which you'd usually like to "purchase" and I've got my main 3 picked out, but unlike DOTA 2 you can't just log in and pick any from a pool.
>> No. 54018 ID: 218242
Doesn't increasing reliance on random teammates make the gameplay of an ASSFAGGOTS harder? People talk about fighting their own team more than the enemy in DOTA and LoL.
>> No. 54019 ID: f9161e
I contend no, because the maps are smaller, it's harder to get out of position, the burstiness has been turned down in favor of smart CC and there's no stupid last-hit-money mechanic that cripples any kind of support character like in DOTA. I find myself in team fights significantly more often compared to my experience with DOTA, where it's more of a one-man race to an early advantage and completely steamroll the entire other team thing.

Also, unlike in DOTA 2 where a newer player who hasn't mastered the boring, frustrating last-hit mechanic gets left behind in levels and becomes a liability in the endgame, the shared XP means nobody gets left behind. I've had games where my team came back to win from a 3 level disadvantage because we finally organized correctly.

No. 54006 ID: bdc075 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  This is some luzy shit.

Watch it. Yes, kinda long, totally worth it though.
>> No. 54007 ID: cd49aa
I want a cool uncle like Scottie.

There's a place near here where I can get simunition training. I'm working on becoming a server so I can afford frivolous things like shooting at each other with detergent filled bullets.
>> No. 54008 ID: 5517b2
Hahahaha that was great.

No. 53899 ID: 98ee91 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  So many spess games coming out, it's like I'm in heaven.
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>> No. 53915 ID: 667a5a
I was an ISK multi billionaire and I realized I couldn't sustain myself playing one day a week, so I just left

PLEX used to be 200 million isk, which while tough was still possible for people with fully upgraded miner... then it went to 500mil isk, which you need a few alts for, but it was still doable... now it's fucking 800 mil-1 bil isk? I'd need 15 alts to make enough money!

Not going back until one PLEX starts costing less than twelve months labor in game
>> No. 53916 ID: ac904b

>200 million isk

That's what it was at when I left. Why did it go up? Were too many people cashing in and not buying subscriptions with real money?
>> No. 53921 ID: 9aea35
When I left (550-600isk per) suspicion was that CCP is creating an artificial scarcity of PLEX in order to prevent people from playing "for free", and markets are just automatically responding
>> No. 53926 ID: 164309
>suspicion was that CCP is creating an artificial scarcity of PLEX

Isn't CCP the sole producer of PLEX, so that's the only possible explanation? It's that the only thing they have real price controls over?
>> No. 53927 ID: 381ee6
The other theory was that a shadow cabal monopoly formed that artificially raised PLEX prices

But that was considered extremely unlikely by anyone except those that didn't understand free markets

File 140181284749.png - (876.14KB , 800x448 , worldoftankslogo_jpg.png )
47255 No. 47255 ID: b338a2 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
>be scout
>rush to scout point
>friendly arty, TD and heavy on team stays at spawn
>im supported by mediums
>i get slaughtered along with the mediums
>friendly arty, TD and heavy still at spawn
>oh my god... they can't be... theyre fucking camping
>8 of them get flanked and murdered by 2 enemy heavies
Now I remember why I uninstalled this POS
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>> No. 53112 ID: cdd558
I wish there was an IL2 1946/BOS/Rise of Flight equivalent for tankfags.
>> No. 53128 ID: e8f72b
Closest you are going to get, that is free to play is War Thunder Tanks.
>> No. 53133 ID: cdd558
No thanks. Fuck that business model and fuck both WoT and WT's playerbase.
>> No. 53913 ID: fa8530
File 142688080136.jpg - (626.81KB , 1600x900 , shot_012.jpg )
>First time I've decided to play in weeks
>9.7 Public Test
>New French light tanks
>New French IX and X

Look guys! Now you can have 3 different Leopard 1's in your garage.
>> No. 53920 ID: 9aea35
>after a month not playing
>get in my trusty vk 36-01
>game start
>"all right lets go"
>suddenly lose 90% of health
>on fire
>fire burns through remaining health
I just got oneshotted in spawn by hummel

You know that saying, luck of the irish? Well there's a luck of the serbs too, except it works in reverse

File 142644494552.jpg - (60.52KB , 500x659 , 1341786149111.jpg )
53798 No. 53798 ID: 885afe hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
So Dole and I were talking about this a while back while we were playing it.

Who would be interested in setting up a blood bowl league on steam?

>pic sorta related
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>> No. 53866 ID: 885afe
>> No. 53873 ID: 58a76a
You know I would, but my PC is basically a potato plugged into a wall outlet.
>> No. 53888 ID: 285294
I've never been interested in handegg, so handegg with elves doesn't appeal to me
>> No. 53891 ID: 885afe
Not that I am trying to convince you, but blood bowl isnt really similar to handegg, I dont like real handegg either.
>> No. 53909 ID: 45acd1
I love real handegg :|

No. 53738 ID: 5517b2 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  No Hotline Miami 2 thread yet? For shame!

I'm about 3/4 of the way through it and really enjoying it so far. There's a greater emphasis on the (somewhat convoluted) story and a lot of little graphical and gameplay tweaks.

A frequently voiced criticism pertains to the level design and renewed focus on gunplay. There are a lot more gun-toting enemies and many of the stages are far more open, with much longer sightlines for the AI to take advantage of. This kind of rewards a very cautious, peek-n-shoot style of gameplay. It works, but certainly feels different than the visceral, high-intensity room clearing of HM1. Your mileage may vary.

Anyone else playing it? Thoughts?
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>> No. 53776 ID: 6d4ccf
File 142629537945.png - (10.45KB , 478x525 , mfw hotline.png )
>> No. 53781 ID: 6d4ccf
It's great. Music is great. Gameplay is great. I guess there's a story, but I'm not one to care about such things.

I really dig the new characters and the different gameplay styles.

> It works, but certainly feels different than the visceral, high-intensity room clearing of HM1.

A lot of HM1 could be solved by running through the rooms punching (Tony) or swinging a bat.

2 hours in, and I'm digging it so far.
>> No. 53783 ID: 7744ef
This. Storytelling is a bit eh, feels less fluid so to speak, but it's alright. Characters are ok. Everything else is a straight improvement.

8.5/10 so far, fine fucking game.
>> No. 53788 ID: cdc549
I love the twins, they're too stronk. Their only major weakness as far as I can tell is that while they can certainly melee the fat enemies, the delay is long enough to leave Alex open to get hit by someone else (especially if you're using gunshots to bait a stack) unless Ash has a clear shot.

I think the more cautious style works great on the soldier missions, but to me it feels out of place for the other characters, especially on the harder setting where the view is inverted, particularly with Jake--I found his nunchaku mask to be the most effective to clear the third level of Withdrawal.
>> No. 53890 ID: d06709
Whew, finally got done with the final stage. Grabbed an A for it. :3

Great game overall, don't regret spending money on it.

File 141005128157.jpg - (2.45MB , 1920x1080 , gage.jpg )
49005 No. 49005 ID: 1bddb7 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Anybody else playing? They just patched it to massively increase the XP gain. I did a OVK Firestarter earlier today and made like 500k XP.

Haven't used the Gage Assault Pack weapons much but the Galil is pretty good. FAMAS is decent but the ROF is a bit high, on the upside if you play ghost it's "suppressed barrel" mod doesn't decrease damage.

Also Diamond Store gives +50% if you stealth it now.
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>> No. 53581 ID: b86cd3
File 142549841057.png - (302.55KB , 755x500 , msk_overkill.png )
>"YES! YES!"
>> No. 53609 ID: 1bddb7
File 142558289199.png - (490.71KB , 1000x1100 , infamy_mask_android.png )
Infamy 2.0 is out and it's kinda disappointing, we're now up to 25 levels but the new ones only unlock 7.5% and 10% XP boosts. Personally I would have preferred to get minor bonuses (eg 2 zip ties, extra ammo and accuracy for subguns, etc) or something similar. I'd even argue for rolling the Fugitive tree into Infamy instead.

Though the masks are cool. Gonna rob a bank as Daft Punk.
>> No. 53769 ID: 197bab
  It's spring break fellas.
>> No. 53770 ID: 369bd6
I broke down and got the Minigun/RPG-7 DLC. Have to say,the minigun with SwanSong and/or BulletStorm and Fully Loaded is pretty awesome. You can have 25+ secs of continuous fire at 3,000rpm. Unfortunately the low accuracy makes it less suitable at medium-long range and there is almost never enough targets to make it practical. Also you can't pick up ammo drops, so you rely on ammobags (which seem to work better). There doesn't seem to be many skills that improve accuracy or stability, even the ones supposed to work for "all weapons".

The RPG-7 will take out groups or a Dozer (ANY dozer) in a single shot, making it an effective secondary anti-dozer weapon if you don't want to haul around a 50cal in your primary slot.
>> No. 53773 ID: 218242
Is it just me or does the RPG have problems with hit detection if you go for center mass?

File 142626115627.jpg - (303.45KB , 1919x1079 , T7WgnJt.jpg )
53762 No. 53762 ID: 4067c6 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I have been playing zone of alienation lately, but there is something with that bugs me a lot more than it should. Reloading animation for the double barrel shotguns. If you have played that mod you propably have noticed that even if you fire both shell, you always reload only one. Is there any way to fix this? Using some other mods reloading animations perhaps?

File 142590989118.png - (323.23KB , 717x383 , free2play-4-header.png )
53693 No. 53693 ID: c3e6b2 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
* In game money

I got these codes from buying videos card for the store hope you guy get some use out of them. They only work once so if you claim the number please post a reply stating which code you've claimed. They are all $50 in game cash, I have no idea how much stuff you can buy in game.

These expire 10/14/15

Infinite Crisis




Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
3 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 53705 ID: 885afe
I grabbed the first Infinite crisis code.
>> No. 53710 ID: 0dcdc8
>I'll release it from sticky once all the code has been claimed

They are all dead.
>> No. 53721 ID: 097fc9
All used up? Cool, I hope you guys enjoy them in game.
>> No. 53732 ID: 0dcdc8
I got none. They were all gone when I tried.

But thank you for posting them.
>> No. 53733 ID: 885afe
Just to make sure, you went to the geforce website to the code redemption part right?

File 142527498372.gif - (1.16MB , 475x225 , Drugsrbad.gif )
53525 No. 53525 ID: f2f3f4 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Finally got off my ass and decided I like guns enough to make a game with an ass ton of em.

My art is shit but I'm gunna try anyways.
I'm not going for that retro hipster shit, I actually can't draw.

>Over 96 craftable guns currently
>Things to shoot at
>Story based
>Kill everything other people love

Give me your votes if you like the idea.

Here's my greenlight
23 posts and 7 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 53607 ID: 7744ef
Please make penetration an important game mechanic. I see you have put the statistic in already, congrats, but will it really affect gameplay meaningfully? I'm thinking armoured enemies, shooting through cover and so on. You could even code in ricochets and have them work to your advantage.

Good luck with the project mate, so far it's looking very nice.
>> No. 53614 ID: f2f3f4
Haha I can understand what you mean. Old habits are hard to part from and thank you.

Homemade feels .. just so damn right. You know exactly how everything functions, no place for confusion. Unless you're coming back to an thing you haven't touched for years..

Penetration currently only determines how many enemies a bullet can penetrate before stopping.

I'm considering adding an Armor stat for enemies, but it's hard to working with that mechanic without making any non 5.56/7.62+ caliber weapons useless.
>> No. 53639 ID: 71107d
>Homemade feels .. just so damn right. You know exactly how everything functions, no place for confusion. Unless you're coming back to an thing you haven't touched for years..

Or if your product become really successful and decide to hire 2-3 new guys. You can find a "lot" of developers with Unity or whatever experience, but none with your home brew system. :(
>> No. 53640 ID: 7744ef
>I'm considering adding an Armor stat for enemies, but it's hard to working with that mechanic without making any non 5.56/7.62+ caliber weapons useless.
Sounds like a nice progression mechanic right off the bat. :3

What about playing with weapon accuracy and enemy weak spots? SMGs would be ideally more accurate in full-auto, able to send a tight long burst right where you need it (for example somewhere armor doesn't cover). I see the apocalyptic theme allows for big ass mutants and bosses so this could be somewhat feasible. Rifles on the other hand could be more accurate in short bursts. Have you thought about a CS-like bullet spread? Long full-auto bursts would send bullets over the crosshair in an increasingly erratic pattern, more so with rifles and less so with SMGs.

And finally you could think about playing with exaggerated ballistics as to give different weapons their own feel and purpose, video related.

Sorry to project my expectations and autistic ramblings over your project, but I love detail and I'd definitely drop a few bucks on it if it featured some of this stuff. Similarly to your philosophy about weapon degradation it could affect gameplay but not cripple it, making it much more interesting (to autists like me).

Definitely play SOLDAT if you haven't, it has great 2D weapon feeling.
>> No. 53671 ID: f2f3f4
Thanks for the input yo.
I've been thinking about the handling, primarily the recoil.
Right now, high recoil weapons shake the screen more, but I'm thinking of maybe having an aim reducing over sustained fire.

As of now, the main difference between assault rifles and smgs are:

SMGs are much more efficient at short range burst DPS while ARs are better at medium range with sustained damage output.

SMGs are also balanced to have larger magazines and enjoy better effective capacity/fire rate upgrades compared to ARs.

Weapon condition mainly affects to jam chance (1% chance @ 50% condition and has a greater curve when condition falls below 50%) as well as the accuracy of the weapon.

Repairing is not difficult to do and critical repairs can put your weapon above 100%, giving it enhanced performance.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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