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File 140237297616.jpg - (316.38KB , 1632x918 , image.jpg )
47464 No. 47464 ID: fa5374 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
wat am wrog wit comp???
>> No. 47487 ID: f59923
>Using Intel brand motherboard
>Not Asus
>> No. 47490 ID: c5728c
File 140240754535.jpg - (1.21MB , 1846x1923 , image.jpg )
>not being a good goyim.
>> No. 47495 ID: f59923
>allowing intel motherboard production to remain profitable and therefore sustainable

Intel should stick to making chips. Let Asus do the boardmaking, aight?

File 140223061280.jpg - (45.52KB , 450x242 , 1381679958236.jpg )
47381 No. 47381 ID: 2287f4 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
PS3 games worth getting?
It happened to me, I have a PS3 with literally no games.
Been thinking infamous, prototype 2, metal gear rising and maybe a dynasty warriors title.
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>> No. 47406 ID: e80f51
File 140231014116.png - (139.44KB , 273x220 , corgi3.png )
>gamestop games for $2.99
Holy shit, over here in yurop we're lucky to find a $10 game in that store.
>> No. 47452 ID: 62b0d4
>The audio is incredibly fucked up. 60+ percent of conversations abruptly cut off before finishing and the lip sync is way off.

Was this an issue with the console version? I never noticed what you described when I played through on my PC version.
>> No. 47474 ID: d6e397
Entirely PS3 issue as far as I know, according to reviews I read it only started happening after a game breaking save bug was "patched". Never had an issue on the 360 version.

It's the same kind of bullshit that was pulled with the PC release of Dead Space 3 (every kinetic door rattles like a diesel engine). Severe immersion killing bugs that are simply denied by EA and friends. It's playable, but it's incredibly annoying, especially if you've played a good version.

The only thing that kept me from buying the PC version of the trilogy was the fact that they seriously never added gamepad support on 3. I just prefer using a controller for ME type stuff. I have a legit copy of Pinnacle game profiler, but it's always janky no matter how well someone maps it out.
>> No. 47475 ID: 52b35a
Was there ever a lot of people playing it? It looked fucking terrible. Good concept with shit-tier execution.
>> No. 47480 ID: 49c924
Resistance was a ps3 launch title with some... interesting mechanics. It wasn't too bad, although it played more like a PS2 game than a "modern shooter"

File 137644980856.jpg - (201.99KB , 630x529 , Payday-2-Coming-in-August.jpg )
36994 No. 36994 ID: 9484a8 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Considering it's plastered all over the front page of Steam (at the time of this writing), I doubt I need to let anyone know it's been launched now. I'm just curious if anyone else is OPERATING in this game, so maybe we could coordinate an OpChan get-together for a few heists sometime. Anybody game?

Thought I saw Bob Dole already in-game, just didn't say anything to him because I wasn't sure if it was THAT Bob Dole.
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>> No. 47338 ID: d3252a
File 140203260898.gif - (871.82KB , 500x216 , 1362784103882.gif )
>implying im actually offended
Im not gonna stoop to your level and turn this into a flame war. Because that would be silly.

In all honesty though you are a fucking moron and you could have googled your question in the span of about five seconds you worthless piece of lazy shit with some serious superiority issues since you seem to think you are right and everyone else is below you. Fuckin fite me irl and not online phaget.

Note, the above is a satire on your posts. Just in case you didnt catch that. I am not actually serious. Because it is a joke.
>> No. 47341 ID: 332150

I don't really need to imply anything; it should be quite clear to anyone reading that you've become personally offended, just because someone casually corrected you on the internet over a topic of miniscule importance. But if it'll do your sense of self-worth a favor, you can have the last word. Just give me a better gif this time, seen all those already.
>> No. 47352 ID: 76caa2
>> No. 47372 ID: a95062
File 140219168379.jpg - (55.79KB , 593x263 , 137940578217.jpg )

Anyone notice how newfags are unable to shut the fuck up?

>you can have the last word


Just stop posting, man. It's that easy
>> No. 47375 ID: 332150

But then I wouldn't get to amuse myself watching bumpkins like him and yourself making fools of yourselves.

That's what I like about this place. There's just enough smart posters to keep threads worth watching, and just enough dumb headstrong ones to keep it from getting anodyne and monotonous.

No. 47346 ID: 59ebc8 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  Didn't see any threads now that the dogfighting alpha has been released, so I figured I'd start one.

Any other operators try this one out? I think I need to upgrade my system to make it playable.

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>> No. 47353 ID: 21f04c
I'm a backer, but am a bit unsure if I should jump in already or not.
>> No. 47355 ID: e28d25
File 140215603835.jpg - (22.57KB , 250x333 , blog-gender-confusion-article-pic.jpg )
You are a backer
Not sure if you should download the alpha client you backed?
>> No. 47356 ID: 1bddb7
I liked the part where they tried to upstage Elite: Dangerous but ended up delaying because they couldn't figure out how to do even BF4 level netcode.
>> No. 47370 ID: 332150

What he is clearly trying to say is that he's not sure if he wants to start playing so early in the game's development. Which I can completely understand; so many times, a game goes into beta/early access stages a year or more before it's actually a full, feature complete game. Yet by that stage I've simply put too much of my time into the test versions, so by the time the full game releases, I'm kinda burned out. For most people, early access/beta is something best enjoyed in moderation.
>> No. 47373 ID: ba2636

My only complaint, which I think most are agreeing on their forums right now is to rework the whole decoupling idea and provide full range of motion with the ships (with what they are capable with the thrusters they have) without having to switch modes like it is right now. I do like that the gsafe and comstab is able to be disabled though. I find them useful at times.

File 139965419265.jpg - (160.87KB , 1152x864 , B25YankeeWarrior10oClock.jpg )
46658 No. 46658 ID: be5e9c hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
So I logged into War Thunder and found out the Soviet lend-lease bomber is on sale for only like 700 Golden Eagles. So I bought it in a moment of weakness.

Turns out that was a good idea. This thing shits out Silver Lions because it has a 200% reward bonus.
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>> No. 47296 ID: e97a2f
File 140192773554.jpg - (112.29KB , 1440x900 , aces 2014-06-04 19-10-24-95.jpg )
I guess it's not so terrible if you're fighting shit-tier starter tanks.

At least I unlocked the Fuse ammo and some other junk.
>> No. 47299 ID: d230e3
I thought the t-28 starter shells were not half bad if you faced a target you knew the waypoints of. It penetrates surprisingly well for a shrapnel shell and is brutal when it explodes inside the armor. Fused ammo is a huge improvement in penetration and explodes inside to make every shot devastating.
>> No. 47316 ID: 1e4596
I fucked up and redownloaded war thunder again.

Haven't played since a little bit before 1.3 I think.

The tank battles are pretty cool though I'm only on the first couple Russian tanks. I suspect that like the air battles, the lower tier fights are going to be where I get the most fun.

Had a game where I went 14 and 0 siting on the reverse slope of a hill zapping dudes to my left. Only one guy ever came at me and he charged up the hill and got a belly full of 45mm for his trouble.
>> No. 47317 ID: 332150

Make sure to jump into BR 4.3+ Soviet vehicles on a day where you're otherwise very calm and patient, because it will jump your blood pressure up significantly. T-34/85s and IS-1s vs Panthers is probably about as balanced as Panzer IIs vs T-50s, respectively (which doesn't happen hardly at all anymore, as T-50s had their BR bumped up to 2.3, which is mostly tier 2 matches).
>> No. 47332 ID: 1e4596
I've just got the BT-7 and T-60 so its going to be a while.

I did just get fancier AP ammo for the t-60 and got more than my fair share of kills.

I seem to spend most of my time shooting dudes in the back of the turret.

File 139430643841.jpg - (492.96KB , 1920x1200 , 397325.jpg )
44989 No. 44989 ID: e508eb hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
>soon brothers
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>> No. 47072 ID: 3c6dbb
File 140128315553.png - (882.55KB , 750x645 , Alva.png )
Cosplay as Alva the Wayfarer.

Most swaggi' yoloing armor in the game.
>> No. 47083 ID: 626b5e
File 14012995632.png - (429.67KB , 500x457 , YOLOSWAGMLG.png )

>completely overlooking the one thing you needed to do
>not being a legend
>dying at some point
>not being MLG
>> No. 47089 ID: 3c6dbb
File 140131413395.png - (718.21KB , 533x717 , THE DRAGON.png )
>Havelyn Smelter Hexers instead of fast-rolling Zaphander Giant Dads

Honestly, I'll take on Zaphnder Dads over any other meta DaS2 has going on at the moment.
>> No. 47213 ID: fbf69c
The first Dark Souls is free on Xbox live right now if any one is interested.
>> No. 47322 ID: 63f2d2
File 140200564782.jpg - (83.24KB , 1407x791 , image.jpg )
So you guys remember when From soft. said there would be no DLC for DkS2 because the game they were delivering to us would be complete? Nope.

File 140166589113.jpg - (216.94KB , 1440x900 , StateOfDecay 2014-06-01 14-51-37-60.jpg )
47211 No. 47211 ID: e97a2f hide watch quickreply [Reply]
The fact that Mucking the Latrine is even a thing amuses me greatly.

Too bad I can't actually assign people to that as a full-time job/punitive detail. I'd love to see what Samquanch, Esq.'s opinion of that would be.

Anyway, basically, it's different from the base game. You start with a couple Army guys, and you have to secure your base from the zambeez. Afterwards, you have to go extract some HVTs from the zombie-infested city, and after every other mission or so, or after a while of fucking off and looting stuff, you have to fight off a zombie assault on your base. If they survive, you get to extract the civvies and get goodies for doing so.

I'm actually having more fun with this than I did with the base game/Breakdown, probably partly because of the new area, and partly due to kicking so much zombie ass.

It is also significantly harder than the base game; everyone got a downgrade in their survivability and the zombies got a little tougher, especially because if you try to, say, just roll into downtown you're going to get nonstop mobbed by zombies until you escape. Vast portions of the map are no-go zones.

However, to even the score some, you can call in several different kinds of arty or drone strikes ('cause you's da army), along with something like 40 new shooters (As well as being able to find all the Breakdown guns, if you have that too). I kinda like tooling around town in my up-armored pickup truck wielding a CZ Evo 3.

Haven't beaten it yet, because I'm still too busy trying to evac all the civies I can find.

There's even an obnoxious hippy communist radio announcer for you to hate on.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 47223 ID: cfae21
Squawsnatch seems like an ok dude
>> No. 47228 ID: e97a2f
Has he sent you to fight fat boy yet?

Shoot the damn thing in the guts (not the head) until he leans over, then whale on him. Much easier than letting Squanch try to fist-fight it to death.

No. 46436 ID: cb4bfc hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
  Sadly, Far Cry 4 is rumoured to take place in Nepal and not based Africa with awesome diversity of terrain and settings.
89 posts and 17 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 47153 ID: d3252a
Have you used smartphones these days? I bet you could program a smart phone to look like that.
>> No. 47159 ID: f15682
>Bullshit, what phone looks like that?

Yes, because Ubisoft is going to make an iPhone or Nexus in the game. Jesus, look at Watch_Dogs.

As for the capabilities - it's not stretching the imagination. Smart phones are doing some pretty amazing shit now. Even in the storyline of the game it makes sense - you have to activate towers that jam comms. You can't even use your map (read: no cell coverage) in areas you haven't de-activated towers in. The in-game "almanac" thing is also access in the pause menu "phone" as well. Notice how whenever you kill or discover something you have to enter it to read it? The CIA guy that writes the passages about shit on the island sends it to you a'la a text message.
>> No. 47160 ID: f15682
Also: beginning of the game Vaas plays with your phone. He even says, "This is really nice fuckin' phone."
>> No. 47194 ID: 74e254
yeah I am serious ...and btw relax your anus . I didn't say FC3 was in ANY way a "bad" game or really even that flawed .

Yeah it has it's flaws. The enemy a.i. is still kinda dumb even on the hardest setting , and the non carnivorous animals are way too dumb as well this is a populated island and they would know after generations to avoid the ones that walk upright on two legs whenever possible.

The menu system is sort of non-immersive but I'm not going to nitpick it as as you mentioned : smartphone.

As far as generational curve FC3 is flat out better than 2 and by extension 2 is better than 1 . Placing FC3 as top dog of the heap by de fecto.

I have high hopes for 4 even though let's be honest Ubisoft will still focus on consoles first and invariably fuck something up ..for the most recent evidence just look at the WAY beyond overhyped watchdogs.

If they genuinely cared as opposed to played strictly according to the triple A publisher playbook and focusing exclusively on sucking shareholder's knobs we would already have a "perfect" deification hits osculation in paradise simulator FPS.

but the real question is : Would it make a profit ?

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 47205 ID: cb4bfc
Seriously dudes, if anyone has this for 360 they just released a patch that must have come out only a few months ago (which is odd for a 2008 game) and I notice significant changes in the AI behaviour. You literally can stealth now, it's still difficult but not as flawed, and no more xray vision enemies. Even without the camo suit, I can evade and engage much easier just by staying crouched.

Don't ask me how or why this happened 6 years after the game was released, but there you have it. Slotting floppies has never been this glorious

No. 47191 ID: d3252a hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  Sup. As many of you know I am not a fan of MOBAs but I really really like smite.

Until monday you are able to play all the gods for free. They also recently released Janus, and balanced a bunch of shit.
>> No. 47196 ID: 332150

Expect them to just sort of up and drop all support for it at a random interval when their shareholders or whatever decide it's not profitable to continue.

RIP Tribes

File 140134474536.jpg - (83.51KB , 460x456 , stop-focusing-tank.jpg )
47102 No. 47102 ID: ee1c7f hide watch quickreply [Reply]
BF3 is available for free from now until june 3rd. Just the base game, I think, but if anyone has been meaning to try it, it's available.
>> No. 47128 ID: d444df
I miss playing bf3 with RED.
>> No. 47181 ID: 78a7dc
Aw. Miss you too.
>> No. 47182 ID: 78a7dc
Been busy with RL stuff. I'm still down to squad up.

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