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File 140373698978.png - (1.23MB , 1360x768 , Untitled.png )
47860 No. 47860 ID: 233f41 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Anyone ever try World of Guns? It's free on Steam.

Basically, it is a gun porn game. You can field strip, disassemble down to the last nut and play with how the weapon operates, where you can view an x-ray of the weapon's internal parts as it is operating and slow it down to see the mechanisms in action.

There's a pretty big range of weapons to choose from. Anything from a Ruger Mk. II to a Flak 88.

Some of the firing sounds are kind of cheezy, but overall I like it and would recommend.
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>> No. 48104 ID: 58a76a
It might be time to go outside for a little while.
Hit "a" to activate rather than clicking on arrows. Also, when you finish disassembly, hit enter to start assembly rather than clicking the start button.
>> No. 48105 ID: d5e5a4

Turn off autofocus, it seriously slows you down.
To get the best times, never move the camera unless you absolutely have to.
>> No. 48108 ID: d5afc2
>Hit "a" to activate rather than clicking on arrows.
Or just double click the part, it'll skip the arrow.

>pause menu (hotkey [P]) is handy
this is incredibly cheap but if you're have a hard time, especially on hardcore, spam 'esc' so you don't lose time eve moving your mouse. it's how I just got high score in hardcore on the MP5.
>> No. 48261 ID: 13bf69
File 140579164676.gif - (33.30KB , 679x607 , disarm.gif )
Protip: You can force anti-aliasing on through the Nvidia control panel. Go to game specific options and select "disarm.exe". (Add if necessary.)
>> No. 48262 ID: 13bf69
File 140579174446.png - (1.05MB , 1360x704 , disasm 2014-07-19 11-45-16-36.png )

File 140393083763.jpg - (260.98KB , 1024x768 , bocage1.jpg )
47916 No. 47916 ID: e9341d hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I got this to distract myself from my studies, and I have to say I'm pretty impressed. Multiplayer is pretty much dead at this point though; anyone wanna do some tactical shootan?
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>> No. 48182 ID: 043652
Anyone playing tonight? Steam name: Birkebein
>> No. 48183 ID: 043652
I get this wierd error message when trying to connect to one of the servers, it says connection failed downloading noork not allowed.
>> No. 48200 ID: 0ea1a5

Sounds like you tried joining COOP #1 without having the Unreal/Na Pali maps setup. You need the first unreal installed to join that server but you don't need anything for #2.
>> No. 48226 ID: 3ca26c
You need to put the Unreal Music and Map Files into your Infiltration directories.....and the texture files maybe
>> No. 48230 ID: 0f74c4
Welp, i was just on the Coop Server but the level changed to a DM Map so I can't do shit now.
Anyone got anymore Server IPs?

File 140525932242.jpg - (135.02KB , 640x640 , marauder.jpg )
48205 No. 48205 ID: e97a2f hide watch quickreply [Reply]
On Steam for $2.49

I liked Brigade E5 and 7.62mm (Even for all their flaws) and I saw today this was on sale for $2.49 for the weekend.

Figured I'd pick it up and give it a go, maybe some of you will feel the same.

Sell some cards, get some Steambux, and pick it up?
>> No. 48214 ID: 0ea1a5
File 140527673817.jpg - (18.55KB , 480x360 , hqdefault.jpg )
The game where you play as Shah from the Russian miniseries "The Storm Gate".
>> No. 48222 ID: 39887e
File 140535639454.jpg - (272.20KB , 1600x900 , fetalfunyl.jpg )
Bandits don't know bout' dat fatal funnel
>> No. 48223 ID: e97a2f
Aw, yours came from downstairs.

I had to make my guy walk backwards up the stairs to kill them.

Also, on the very roof of that building is a 4-shot pump-action shotgun. Might be worth picking up.

And back in the store/warehouse thing you started in is a crate you can break into that has a backpack.

Actually, on the first map there, there's the 4-shot shotgun, the backpack, like 5 lockpicks, and 60 or so rounds of 5.45mm ammo to loot. Besides what you take off the still-warm bodies of your enemies.

File 140388622678.jpg - (117.28KB , 1152x648 , 1287155253_wa_mag_wp3.jpg )
47889 No. 47889 ID: 5b9651 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
So having not played it for a few years after capping my 4th or 5th vet, I found out recently that pic related was taken offline some time ago. It makes me sad to see a game like this die while Battlefield of Duty CMXI trudges on.

What old (or current, I guess) games do you miss that you were just fucking awesome at?

>Glorious SVER slavshit-and-duct-tape master race.
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>> No. 48189 ID: 988d13
File 140520432267.jpg - (119.67KB , 799x599 , 995-5.jpg )
I wrecked so much shit. One of the few games I played online.
>> No. 48197 ID: 67f391
I was never great at online, but I did consistently well in Halo. Started playing less and less as time ran on though.

Was pretty damned good at Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved. Had a high score of like 3.5 mill and managed all the game's achievements. Other than that, not too much
>> No. 48199 ID: 52b35a
>Time crisis two

Mah nigga

That and Crisis Zone (Where you had that badass Submachinegun) were fucking great because it was designed in a way where if you were fast enough and good enough, you could beat the entire game on your first dollar.

Everything that came after felt like it wasn't possible, the time ran out way too fast.
>> No. 48201 ID: e36d81
File 140522467027.png - (301.07KB , 864x384 , CNCR_Nod_Freighter.png )

I hope the Renegade X team recreates the original C&C Renegade campaign as well. I really want to play the Stowaway mission with Havoc on board the Nod freighter in Renegade X.
>> No. 48202 ID: 988d13
Yeah that would be great.

Their own mission pack was kind of meh. I think it bugged out at some point for me.

File 140486575445.jpg - (313.18KB , 1680x1050 , Sniper-Elite-III.jpg )
48123 No. 48123 ID: 58a76a hide watch quickreply [Reply]
So apparently this came out last week.
I've only played through the first couple of levels so far, but it's bretty gud. They improved a lot of things over the last one, especially stealth-wise. Enemies no longer know exactly where you are once you fire a shot, cover is easier to move in and out of, and movement in general feels more fluid.
They did add an impact indicator that shows up if you steady your aim, though. Not sure if that can be turned off.
>> No. 48144 ID: 988d13
Is the bullet drop less ridiculous than previously? Is the scope no longer zeroed for 0m?
>> No. 48145 ID: 988d13
Oh, and is there a static range with distance marks where I can make ballistics notes somewhere?
>> No. 48154 ID: 58a76a
  The Garand seems to have quite a bit of drop, the scope seems to be zeroed at 50m from what I can tell, and no, there is no static range.
I'm not really sure what's up with the last one, the other big sniper series out there has a target range, I'm not sure why Elite doesn't.
>> No. 48156 ID: 9507dc
Is there any impetus to ever play as anyone other than German with shorts?
>> No. 48157 ID: 58a76a
I haven't actually played the multiplayer yet, but assuming that the same character has the little safari hat, no.

No. 48109 ID: 49c924 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Blessed by the Toady One, the update cometh

No. 48060 ID: 25e2ca hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  It's a speed run (with cutscenes) of Metal Wolf Chaos. The most patriotic 'Murican game ever made by the Japanese and never released here.
>> No. 48062 ID: 443f0b
File 140459472418.jpg - (80.90KB , 799x518 , LOL.jpg )
>"You've tarnished the good name of the US military and your reputation as a hero... and now you'll die for it!"


No. 47407 ID: 974f93 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
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>> No. 47817 ID: a70d39
File 140348834896.png - (160.83KB , 435x324 , 1376791050096.png )
Oh you dirty bastard. Cant unsee
>> No. 47852 ID: 5caf49
Looks like a cool FC3 mod.
>> No. 47854 ID: 9eea57
Oh, THAT's what I was thinking while I watched it.

This version of the game is better.
>> No. 47855 ID: 1bddb7
File 140368907190.jpg - (35.06KB , 500x300 , anderson-cooper-net-worth1.jpg )
Have I ever told you, Wolf, what the definition of insanity is?
>> No. 48047 ID: cb4bfc
  I'm surprised nobody has posted this yet. The gameplay looks FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC.

It's like the opposite of 'cutscenes of the patriots' with its nauseating plot and never ending cinematics (and I like story driven games, but come on).

This kinda reminds me of the Sniper Elite games, mixed with dat Far Cry 2 feel with the veneer of MGS to wrap it all up.

File 140250272764.jpg - (36.70KB , 596x300 , t_2014_steam_summer_sale_01.jpg )
47543 No. 47543 ID: 0ea1a5 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

168 posts and 31 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 48020 ID: 5bfb6e
Or you could just unlock it all for free with a simple LUA injection. Google payday 2 dlc unlock lua, should be on unknown cheats.
>> No. 48021 ID: 5b2b4c
Yeap, bought all, except the Big Bank. I hope it will be on sale also after they launch the new one.
>> No. 48022 ID: 885afe
Big bank just came out like a week or two ago. So itll be a bit before it hits sale.
>> No. 48025 ID: cea930
I downloaded it and lunched it, showed me the intro to The Big Bank dlc but it asks me to buy it.
>> No. 48042 ID: 395bae
So? You dont even need to buy it to play it, you just cant host a game with it.

File 140368270152.jpg - (203.01KB , 600x1005 , gimmedatbooty.jpg )
47853 No. 47853 ID: 896c8b hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I got some games to gift that I don't care about.

Spec Ops: The Line
XCom+Elite Soldiers Pack+Sligshot DLC
8 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 47970 ID: 896c8b
COH1+expansions are left for grabs~
>> No. 47974 ID: 9917ca
I'll take the Cod1, been itching to play through the campaign again Steam: kitton.mittons
>> No. 47975 ID: 9917ca
kittonmittens actually, sorry
>> No. 48000 ID: 388296

Dammit, Kitton! Get it right! Heheheheheheheheheheheheheheh
>> No. 48040 ID: 896c8b

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