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File 140788396436.jpg - (25.31KB , 256x359 , Stalker_Call_of_Pripyat_cover.jpg )
48635 No. 48635 ID: f57e28 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
How can I fix this xray 1.6 engine crash?

All the forums I've read wereabout the steam version.

I've re-installed twice with no success.

I Have
windows 8.1

Processor; 1.60GHz AMD A8-4555M APU w/Radeon HD Graphics

RAM: 4.00gb

system type: 64-bit
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>> No. 48640 ID: e68bea
A8-4555m has a 7600G card integrated.
>> No. 48649 ID: 8aa99e

I was playing the game all the way up to the pripyat underground.

why do i have to update my graphics driver and directx.
the crash did'nt happen during gameplay
>> No. 48650 ID: e68bea
Just because you played to a certain point doesn't mean they haven't become corrupted or made a bad call to resources due to errors in installation.

And driver installs are quicker and easier than backing up your save, uninstalling, reinstalling, and repatching the game. CoP has many known errors with DirectX and graphics drivers because it is a base DX 9.0 engine with DX 10 and 11 effects tacked on without thorough testing for performance and compatibility. That's just compounded by the poor architecture of Windows 8's kernel.

Quicker and easier, and you wont lose all your progress. IF these don't work, it is a bad game install. Nuke it, clean out all folders and reinstall clean.
>> No. 48651 ID: 626b5e
...post the damned crash report so I can actually see what's happening maybe? How is posting the tiniest bit of your system specs in any way going to tell me what's crashing and why?

If you're using the steam version, it's in Steam\steamapps\common\stalker call of pripyat\_appdata_\logs

If you're using a non-steam version, it's in your windows user profile's appdata folder.

Zip up xray_yournamehere.log and the most recent minidump file, stick them on here, and I'll tell you how to fix your shit.
>> No. 48652 ID: 626b5e

Also list any mods you're running, any 3rd party graphics enhancements and other related software, etc. If it's relevant, post it.

No. 48559 ID: 3a9f13 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  I dont know how I feel...
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>> No. 48598 ID: 07ad6c
  Compare with this. Squares invade rectangles, the game.

I mean, yes, you can zoom in and it looks fantastic, but you'll never spend more than 10% of your time at that level. Also you might as well turn your speakers off. I'm not saying it has to be over the top like CnC usually is, but you need some kind of personality.
>> No. 48599 ID: 07ad6c
I guess I'm letting my jimmies get rustled cause I get hype for RTSs, and it's hard not to with a trailer like that, but ultimately the final product has been so different from what the trailers are. I'm skeptical the game will be anything I personally am looking for out of an RTS, but how do I wish it will resemble that.
>> No. 48609 ID: e36d81
File 140767825891.jpg - (222.66KB , 1024x768 , aowht-2008-05-07.jpg )
Nice to see this in development after 'C&C Generals 2' was cancelled by EA.

I hope you can build ships at a shipyard type building, and engage in naval combat like you could in Act of War - High Treason.
>> No. 48610 ID: 51ad27
>>CnC Generals minus the EA
plus more awesomeness
>> No. 48612 ID: af3192
I bought Red Dragon during the summer Steam sale and I'm very happy with it. I enjoy it more than ALB.

There's the constant whining about balance and overpowered this and that, but I enjoy it and I thought it was well worth the money.

File 140701506357.jpg - (256.50KB , 1920x1080 , ilyamuromets.jpg )
48459 No. 48459 ID: 484054 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

You do like flying sims, don't you? You did enjoy Rise of Flight, didn't you?
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>> No. 48494 ID: 1bddb7
The Gotha is already in Rise of Flight, along with the Handley Page 0-400.

Basically what happened (IIRC) was that a Russian historical society put up the money for 777 to model the Ilya and make a Eastern Front map for the game. The historical group gets a game they can wheel out at events, and 777 gets the prestige and can release it as a low-cost version of RoF for people who are maybe interested in the game but aren't ready to start spending a lot of money on it. (I managed to luck out and grab the game and most of the DLC on Steam for 75% off during the last Christmas sale) Hopefully it'll do well and they'll be able to model some of the indigenous Russian fighters later on.

Personally I can't wait for them to finish IL-2: Battle of Stalingrad. That's the main thing I'm looking forwards to.
>> No. 48497 ID: e68bea
File 140715669692.jpg - (199.09KB , 1308x480 , Riesenflugzeug_Siemens_Schuckert_VIII_1918.jpg )
I'm talking about these:

Mainly because I want to fly a Zeppelin-Staaken R.

Pic related, largest aircraft to fly in WWI, a Siemens Shuckert VIII.
>> No. 48498 ID: e36d81
File 140715890497.jpg - (225.98KB , 1920x1200 , Pic4.jpg )
One of the few WWI Eastern Front games available.

I hope they will include some Austro-Hungarian aircraft soon, though I suspect that is what they are working on.
>> No. 48499 ID: e36d81
  The first game trailer.
>> No. 48511 ID: 484054
File 140727509217.jpg - (24.51KB , 400x258 , 714_rd.jpg )
I bought the early access version of this game.

Damn. These Ilya Murometses don't go down easily.

Also, I'm really, really hoping for some KuK aircraft.

No. 48503 ID: a5c0f3 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
>> No. 48504 ID: a5c0f3

File 140665833218.jpg - (114.60KB , 800x427 , N560GTX-Ti-01-big.jpg )
48404 No. 48404 ID: a5dca8 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

I want to get a bigger monitor, but I have no idea what's good. I have a 20 inch right now, powered by a GTX 560 Ti. I'd like to get a 24" or maybe a 27", but I don't know what specs I should be looking for.
My current monitor uses a DVI cable, and my GPU has no HDMI port, just DVI and mini HDMI. It doesn't seem like many monitors come with DVI ports. I've read that the primary advantage of HDMI over DVI is that it has audio, which I don't really need. I use headphones 99% of the time and when I don't I plug my stereo system into the audio out on the MOBO. Should I look for HDMI anyway? Should I get a mini HDMI to HDMI cable and use that? Should I get a new GPU to power the larger monitor? So many questions...
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>> No. 48489 ID: bde969
I'm a 16:10 fanboi, so the following is safe for you to increase your sodium intake if you so care to read:

Golden ratio. Gotta love it. Sucks ass for most vidya gaymen. What a shame. It was mostly killed by a cheap as fuck video industry. It's a damn fucking shame. That aside, if your most played video games support it, you run windowed mode, or you're using Xorg stuff, then go for 16:10. If this is a dedicated vidya playin machine or you watch a shitton of movies, then I guess you could be a pleb and get 16:9.


IPS can be really slow if you don't pick the right ones. But this is mostly a complaint if you play shmups, fightan games, FPSs, music games, and other really fast paced games, as I do. So be warned. Otherwise, it'll get the job done. Especially if you want really nice color and angle viewing.

Also, this thread has gone on this long without the logical increments post?

Come on, guys.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 48490 ID: 988d13
Well besides the fact the more expensive one also has superior display quality, yes, do get the extra 120 pixels. Always get the extra 120 pixels. You can always letterbox into 1080 but never expand to 1200.
>> No. 48491 ID: a5dca8
>IPS can be really slow if you don't pick the right ones. But this is mostly a complaint if you play shmups, fightan games, FPSs, music games, and other really fast paced games, as I do. So be warned. Otherwise, it'll get the job done. Especially if you want really nice color and angle viewing.

So, is this one of the right ones? I play FPSs pretty regularly, will I notice lag?
>> No. 48493 ID: 0ea075
>5ms GTG
You tell me. Look at the math:
Edison (pretty sure it was him) said that most shit should be, at minimum, 42FPS. Otherwise, eye strain occurs. Fuck that shit. We're in the 21st century. Let's go to 60FPS. The speed of most fighters and shmups.

Frames per second: The number of F5s your game makes to your display buffer every second.

ms: milliseconds.

60 frames / seconds.

Take the reciprocal of this and you find out how long a frame is. 1 second / 60 frames.

This is 0.016... seconds per frame.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 48495 ID: 7fcde8

DP will daisychain on equipped monitors at certain resolutions
DP 1.2 will do 4k with a single cord to a monitor at high refresh rates

4k + HDMI = dual HDMI if the monitor AND card will support it... if you want above 30hz for the refresh rate. You'll have severe input as well as display lag if you run 4k at 30hz which is all you can poop out of a HDMI cable with off-the-shelf equipment (read, not developer shit sitting in the SCIF at Nvidia, etc)

Not that I have been researching displays due to wanting some serious area to work with or anything for the DerpBox and my duties for work (yay, work at home, tax writeoff for my computah maybe)

No. 46436 ID: cb4bfc hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
  Sadly, Far Cry 4 is rumoured to take place in Nepal and not based Africa with awesome diversity of terrain and settings.
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>> No. 47160 ID: f15682
Also: beginning of the game Vaas plays with your phone. He even says, "This is really nice fuckin' phone."
>> No. 47194 ID: 74e254
yeah I am serious ...and btw relax your anus . I didn't say FC3 was in ANY way a "bad" game or really even that flawed .

Yeah it has it's flaws. The enemy a.i. is still kinda dumb even on the hardest setting , and the non carnivorous animals are way too dumb as well this is a populated island and they would know after generations to avoid the ones that walk upright on two legs whenever possible.

The menu system is sort of non-immersive but I'm not going to nitpick it as as you mentioned : smartphone.

As far as generational curve FC3 is flat out better than 2 and by extension 2 is better than 1 . Placing FC3 as top dog of the heap by de fecto.

I have high hopes for 4 even though let's be honest Ubisoft will still focus on consoles first and invariably fuck something up ..for the most recent evidence just look at the WAY beyond overhyped watchdogs.

If they genuinely cared as opposed to played strictly according to the triple A publisher playbook and focusing exclusively on sucking shareholder's knobs we would already have a "perfect" deification hits osculation in paradise simulator FPS.

but the real question is : Would it make a profit ?

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 47205 ID: cb4bfc
Seriously dudes, if anyone has this for 360 they just released a patch that must have come out only a few months ago (which is odd for a 2008 game) and I notice significant changes in the AI behaviour. You literally can stealth now, it's still difficult but not as flawed, and no more xray vision enemies. Even without the camo suit, I can evade and engage much easier just by staying crouched.

Don't ask me how or why this happened 6 years after the game was released, but there you have it. Slotting floppies has never been this glorious
>> No. 48433 ID: a312ec
  Far Cry 4? They killed the monkey.
>> No. 48448 ID: 1bddb7
File 140696682689.jpg - (53.50KB , 626x435 , dvd-pictures45_JPG.jpg )

No. 48397 ID: 5dff15 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  I recently rediscovered the standard by which I judged all driving games when I was 10 years old. To this date Whiplash stands alone.

It is abandonware now, cd image and installation instructions can be found here: http://get-good.net/index.php?title=Fatal_Racing I'm playing on easy mode because I suck.
1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 48426 ID: 2a3729
File 140676622429.jpg - (8.35KB , 480x360 , holly.jpg )
>Kryten, Holly
>Those NPC names
>> No. 48437 ID: ffd9a5
File 14069136138.png - (243.46KB , 630x459 , Capture.png )
All the AI names are references to famous AI/robots.
>> No. 48442 ID: 5dff15
File 140695007961.png - (96.36KB , 766x482 , app.png )
I've created a quick and dirty app that makes it super easy to run. Just unzip this folder and open WhiplashLauncher.exe. Makes it easy to setup multiplayer LAN games too: https://mega.co.nz/#!xVw3SSZQ!YGEJ0ghg2R17qiiEAH-1xT9WSLXrtJyz3cVcq6x92SE
>> No. 48443 ID: 5dff15
this is me for those suspicious whores on IRC
>> No. 48447 ID: a70d39

File 140651621520.jpg - (67.12KB , 400x271 , mini.jpg )
48384 No. 48384 ID: ef6ae2 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Is anyone else here autistic enough to enjoy this game or is it just me?
1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 48388 ID: 22596b
Embrace the aspie..it'll all be ogre soon.
>> No. 48390 ID: 388296
File 140653522367.jpg - (140.43KB , 800x600 , OGRE.jpg )

>> No. 48393 ID: 0ea1a5

That's real cute.
>> No. 48405 ID: 22596b
See, you're getting aspie over the game. Just learn to love it.
>> No. 48407 ID: 0ea1a5

I'd rather put my dick in a blender and have Woody Harrelson solve the murder.

File 140619428147.png - (68.41KB , 286x364 , peany.png )
48321 No. 48321 ID: af76b4 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
ITT; games currently installed on steam.
You have nothing to hide, right, veegee?
13 posts and 9 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 48383 ID: ef6ae2
File 140651286977.jpg - (30.04KB , 240x400 , 1284545107819.jpg )
Does Pants still come around here? That dude seriously has like 12 pages of steam games, its fucking nuts.
>> No. 48391 ID: 885afe
Ive got an asston as well. SOmething like close to 400 games.
>> No. 48392 ID: 44e957
File 140656771861.jpg - (179.42KB , 280x827 , installedgaems.jpg )
i had a lot more installed but my 2tb gaming hdd shit the bed a few weeks ago so i'm using my main 320gb drive atm until i get a new one.
>> No. 48394 ID: d9ad8e
I have 1195 steam games, you dudes is small potatos
>> No. 48402 ID: 89ab69
>I have 1195 steam games, you dudes is small potatos

It's currently -installed- games, you big potato. :)

No. 48398 ID: 9ad361 hide watch quickreply [Reply]

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