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File 14135090728.jpg - (791.41KB , 1900x993 , 2014-10-11_00001.jpg )
50289 No. 50289 ID: f3e2a5 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
What mods do you use for ArmA 3? What SP/MP missions did you download?
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>> No. 50642 ID: 41fe81

Seems to me more like a bunch of people angry that a lead developer of a video game could be so belligerent and confrontational over a user bringing to light potential security issues in their product. Especially concerning when you consider that it isn't their product they're compromising, but instead the base game (ArmA 3).

Imagine if you downloaded a user created map for Space Engineers or a weapon for Garry's Mod, and it phoned your CD key for the base game home to the map maker. If that doesn't seem like a potential security issue (especially when the developer is quite evidently immature and confrontational with his users) then I wish I had that naivety, but I'd be clicking the uninstall button at that point too, if I wasn't already sick to fucking death of these DayZ-style games.
>> No. 50949 ID: f3e2a5
Hey Shadow, can you tell me wtf happened? You removed me from your friends list and I never got a response from phantactical. I feel like I've been dicked over out of nowhere.
>> No. 50956 ID: 1bddb7
Only mods I've been doing so far are for the helicopters/jets, where you'll get random strike missions. I've been meaning to try out Pilgrimage (you need to search Altis for your dead brother's body) and MERCS. (you're a Sudanese deserter and refugee who gets kidnapped and forced to fight for a shadowy PMC)
>> No. 50971 ID: ef6d16
>> No. 50972 ID: ef6d16
  OMG YES...



File 141539004831.png - (112.37KB , 656x500 , 1411661944875.png )
50957 No. 50957 ID: 29838e hide watch quickreply [Reply]

Humble is giving away copies of 2033 for 24 hours. Have at it boys.
>> No. 50959 ID: 90a126
File 14154018657.jpg - (207.47KB , 1419x563 , roadside_picnic_1_by_5ofnovember-d6fr473.jpg )
Thanks bro. I already got a copy but passed this along to some of my pals.
>> No. 50962 ID: 885afe
Thanks for the tip, I have it, but mentioned it to all my gamin friends.

File 141525525877.jpg - (214.82KB , 1280x720 , VWJNder.jpg )
50919 No. 50919 ID: 1bddb7 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
A couple screens of Just Cause 3 got leaked.
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>> No. 50921 ID: 7ebf68
Where are my fucking grappling hooks, damn it.
>> No. 50923 ID: 687719
Is that a fucking INSAS?
>> No. 50924 ID: 5577d8
No sir,I will not have it. Id rather wait a year and get it on steam for 5 bucks with all the patches and DLCs. Dont even have a proper pc now anyway.
That said Im curious about the features.

>blasting Highway to the Danger Zone while jet surfing
>> No. 50925 ID: 06a0fb
I think it's just a generic weapon model styled after an AR. The previous two games didn't try to stick to real world variant designs much anyway.
>> No. 50952 ID: 1bddb7
File 141538670558.jpg - (170.74KB , 1475x720 , iPzALwY.jpg )
>you tried to grapple something more than 25 meters away, would you like to spend 150 causecoins to upgrade your wire thing?

File 141530560699.jpg - (592.34KB , 1800x858 , screenshot_combat-mission-black-sea_1800x858_2014-.jpg )
50930 No. 50930 ID: f6f95d hide watch quickreply [Reply]
>Combat Mission: Black Sea is a military simulation depicting a fictional 2017 conflict between NATO and Russia in Ukraine.

>Combat Mission: Black Sea depicts modern and near-future combat vehicles and weapons used by the above formations in exacting detail. Tactical combat is more precise and lethal than ever: airburst munitions, laser and GPS-guided precision artillery rounds, top-attack anti-tank guided missiles, UAVs, infantry night vision and thermal imagers, advanced explosive reactive armor, and active protection systems permeate the battlefield.


Well, I guess it's time for me to finally start playing Combat Mission games. Combat Mission Shock Force Demo status - downloading.
>> No. 50931 ID: c044b5
Sweet, use to play the Shock Force demo a lot. Defending the town from Iraqi assault was one of my favorite missions.
>> No. 50936 ID: 41fe81
Shock Force is great, but I recommend downloading the Red Thunder demo for a more up-to-date representation of what you're getting. The graphics haven't really improved much, but there's a number of new GUI and AI improvements.
>> No. 50942 ID: 00ab25
When are the CM games coming to Steam? I'm not going to buy off their bullshit platform anymore.
>> No. 50944 ID: 1bddb7
Quite unlikely because grognard companies hate making money. Their logic is that they're better off selling a game that costs $80 to 2,000 people, instead of selling it for $30-40 to a much wider audience. Plus they tend to subscribe to the "Sales cheapen your IP" logic.

File 141504888941.jpg - (793.74KB , 1024x768 , canadian_forces.jpg )
50848 No. 50848 ID: cc5b23 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I don't know how many people know of this games existence but its essentially a large BF2 mod that implements some ultra-realistic components into a massive (2-5km) maps that allows for some large scale warfare. The community is very much still alive usually with a full server in either PvP or Cooperative. Loads of fun, and nobody can appreciate it as much as OPERATORs.

The mod itself is free and is about 6GB.
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>> No. 50895 ID: 35d70d
isn't it server admin only decision? b/c back then when i ran cia clan our forte WAS suppressing the fobs so our forces could setup a network of mines and ieds.

best time i've ever had for a game was PR
>> No. 50896 ID: 35d70d
speaking of, im down to play with anyone
>> No. 50902 ID: 972633
Because you spawn with a vulnerable avatar and no situational awareness, so mowing down dudes as they pop into existence is easy and risk free.

There has to be one place where you can safely orient and get ready to enter the fight, hence main bases are off limits. FOBs and RPs offer no such protection.
>> No. 50915 ID: e365e5
Funnest game I've had in a game ever was in PR, when CIA ran Kokan 24/7.

>Be American in squad with 2 friends who are playing for the first time.
>Fucking cause neither team is doing much of anything
>One friend leaves
>Shit gets serious
>Me and other friend happen upon dead US sniper
>Take his kit, friend has grenadier
>Realize a cache is nearby
>Notice 2 seperate squads of insurgents operating together setting up a fob and other defenses
>He starts calling targets
>I start popping skulls open
>For the next hour or so, we sit on a roof of a small house taking care of business

Not horribly exciting, but the feeling of that situation and how we handled it was pretty fucking awesome.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 50922 ID: 504794
  Been playing since .3 project reality is the best team work game i have ever played bar none. I mean how often are you going to get a Shack Tac type round out of any arma title? Not often to say the very least. If you know your asshole from your elbows in PR you can have an endless amount of amazing rounds. Stay away from shitty squads and get into rounds from the beginning and you will be on your way to operator heaven.

File 141391388488.jpg - (11.62KB , 500x381 , 31qehcy+8QL.jpg )
50479 No. 50479 ID: d94be2 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Some years ago I was given a Nintendo DS and I've never really played it much. Recently I've been playing it more often because I've been having to hang out in waiting rooms a bit, and it's also a nice time killer before clocking in.

Except, I don't have many games. I have Resident Evil: Deadly Silence (if they took out some of the extras so they could have space for a faithful mansion layout, it'd be perfect), some Brain Games thing, Pokemon Red for the GBA, Metal Gear Solid for the Gameboy Color. When I get a chance, I look at DS games in the store and none of them catch my interest, they're all for toddlers or tweens.

So, do you guys have any suggestions for good (preferably cheap) Nintendo DS games? We all seem to have similar interests here, so I'm not going to list any particular genre. I trust your tastes.

Picture related, my DS is FABULOUS.
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>> No. 50811 ID: 988d13
The screen and lithium-ion battery are the only good things about the SP. Its awkward to hold and the hinges arent great. I never understood why people bought them over the regular GBA despite the screen. Never really had much trouble with unlit screens, TBH. Didnt know any better.
>> No. 50820 ID: d94be2
I didn't know any better either, but when I discovered the backlit screen there was no going back.

I never found the SP to be uncomfortable, to be honest, I actually preferred it. The hinges could definitely be an issue, I've seen many people's broke. Mine remained strong, though. I don't know if it's because I took care of my shit, but I never had any issues.
>> No. 50822 ID: 988d13
Taking care of your shit always helps.

Comfort though... the SP is more like holding the GBC with the screen a bit at an angle, hands close together and all that. When I first got the GBA and the SP didnt even exist, I was kinda sceptical about the new way of holding it but that very quickly changed and I started to prefer it over the GBC. I don't mind the GBC much, but the SP is thinner and narrower, and my hands were already overlapping somewhat on the GBC even as a kid. On the SP, the few times I tired one, they simply got in the way of eachother.
>> No. 50832 ID: d94be2
Maybe you have bigger hands than I do, I never really had any problems holding it. While they're not super small, they're dainty as hell.
>> No. 50916 ID: 988d13
Fair enough.

File 140744296115.png - (191.52KB , 267x393 , t5_2rcuz.png )
48533 No. 48533 ID: e098cf hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
It's time for OPchan Fantasy Football again! League will once again be commish'd by an impartial, neutral and unbiased Swiss (aka me) and hosted on NFL.com.

URL: http://fantasy.nfl.com/league/2027157

Password: last name of a famous early-20th century firearms designer noted especially for a semi-auto handgun and a full-auto machine gun.
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>> No. 49117 ID: 0ca0e7
File 141060063134.jpg - (445.52KB , 1240x786 , 1410575199315.jpg )
ayy lmao
>> No. 49730 ID: ef6ae2
I might beat shitrock w/o a full roster. TYBDM
>> No. 49732 ID: ef6ae2
Edit: SHIT
>> No. 49735 ID: 0ca0e7
File 141196680278.png - (71.21KB , 1264x903 , 4e4f11ac_o.png )
Fucking Byepocalypse... which is of course the week Foles, Sproles, Rainey, Garcon, and Shorts all decide to collectively shit the bed and put up less than 5 each. Fuck.
>> No. 50881 ID: bb683b
File 14151471074.gif - (0.97MB , 236x224 , jagsguy.gif )
Y'all niggas need to find the Waiver Wire, Bye weeks don't mean the player is experimenting with they sexes, it means they wont get you shit for points that week.

No. 50682 ID: 589c7c hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  What the actual fuck....

Am I tripping or is Frankie being sexually abused in ArmA 3 by a husband and wife team!!! lol

>Frankies naked now, look for a leacky bum bum and a donkey!
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>> No. 50746 ID: b65e5e
Part 1
>> No. 50748 ID: b65e5e
And part two. If he used cheats to stage videos with a few friends it's fine, if he used them to slaughter noobs he's a total dick and part of the cancer that killed DayZ for me and a lot more people. I don't really give a fuck anymore but eh, this is the evidence and you be the judge.

One of the very first things he says in the first picture sounds like a blatant lie, it has been calculated that he makes around 5000£ a month just from his youtube channel. Which, unless he was rich before making videos, seems more like a job than a hobby.
>> No. 50774 ID: 36f650
File 141470254913.jpg - (320.56KB , 1360x768 , 2014-10-29_00005.jpg )
My biggest issue with all of the DayZ hero youtubers is how they decide who are bandits and who aren't. Like "see this guy on this roof up here with a mosin? He is probably up here sniping new spawns because thats the only reason anyone is on the roof of any building, please ignore that I am on the same roof."


"See this guy hiding in this bush near the airfield, he is a bandit just waiting to snipe anyone who runs across DIE BANDIT yeah I'm a hero."

Who the fuck doesn't prone in a bush and watch the airfield for a bit before trying to loot? The dumbest possible thing you can do is run blindly into an airfield for loot and only retards do that.

Basically anyone who has a gun and isn't running around out in the open like a retard is a bandit. Anyone who runs in a group is a bandit.

There are no "heros" in dayz, just bandits and bandits who pretend they are friendly.
>> No. 50803 ID: db7b1c
>i like to watch
lol he's gonna get online raped
>> No. 50810 ID: 931a99
  >There are no "heros" in dayz, just bandits and bandits who pretend they are friendly.

Yeah that is ture...

As for Frankie being an out right hacker I think the evidence is moot point because DayZ is buggy and whos going to spend hours and hours going through video footage to find proof and then present it to the world to find out nobody gives a shit.

If he dose cheat for what ever reason (make him self look good or make it easyer to film) he's dick for doing so.

Vid related: Player is hero, every one else bandits + OMG you shot me, you must be a hacker 1111

No. 49983 ID: 17d908 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  I've been playing XCOM:EW a boat load lately mainly thanks to the Long War mod.

It gives a HUGE breath of fresh air to a game many of us have played to death by now.

It extends the game length and makes you feel like you're really fighting off an invasion. Aliens have resources they must manage just like you do. If you take enough resources you will get easier missions than otherwise. Aliens will also play Eco-rounds just like in Counterstrike, You could have two light UFOs with just three sectoids squads then get hit by two terror mission back to back. Aliens will invade continents and build bases and spread out from those attacking nearby nations, infecting the whole world and you're able to launch missions to retake the base and get them back into the XCOM project. Aliens also do their own research by unlocking new perks and upgrades for their own weapons and will launch missions that you can intercept to ruin their research, giving you a short advantage.

It adds a plethora of new weapons, armors and perks. You start right away with a squad size of six which you will need. You can get up to a Squad of 12 troopers with the new Super Skyranger on some specific missions. You might think that with only four classes that would be unneeded but each 'class' got cut in half to become more specified like you can have a gunner for suppression or a rocketeer for that hard punching firepower, but you dont get both in one package now. And those shitty Enemy Within medals? They have been changed over to an Officer system, promoting troops to give your squad overall bonuses. Troopers now become fatigued after missions, you cant take the same troops on the same misisons over and over till they get wounded, you need to give them a little vacation time. You can put a fatigued troop on a mission but t hey they have to wait longer, so it lets you way options if you need that one specific troop that could make or break a mission.

Many perks and enemies have been reworked. Outsiders now have regenerating health and a larger health pool. Most alien pods will have a 'Squadleader' alien, a type who will have more than normal health and some extra perks to really give that pod an edge. Some perks were redone probably the largest is Lightning Reflexes, its no longer a 100% change to break overwatch, but 90% on the first shot and 70% afterwards so even doing things you used to know were safe aren't and adds just that little pucker effect.

Lastly the Air Game is now incredibly tough. There are new crafts and your own pilots can now be named and earn experience with kills they get. Don't be surprised when it takes two or three stock fighters to take down a light scout in the first month. It really makes you weight the benefits of attacking the craft o
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
4 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 50595 ID: e701ce

The amount of soldier customization via gear is very reminiscent of the original one.

Chryssalids are effectively as bad as original now. The squad leader mechanic will pucker you up, especially when they start getting lightning reflexes and regen. Their AI is also suitably annoying, especially around civilians. Their first priority seems to be "raise an army."

Mass seeker rushes are really annoying and their AI is also improved. Come to think of it, even shitty enemies like floaters are dangerous now, what with the constant flanking.

Skyranger is a lot more like the original and squads are larger and more expendable.
>> No. 50608 ID: 17d908
File 14142310808.jpg - (366.74KB , 1920x1080 , wrongneighborhood.jpg )
The new Beta 14 is out and its harder than ever. AI got upgrades and lots of bug fixes and minor fixes as well that are slightly saddening. No more Bradford calling swamps populated urban centers anymore...
I'm pretty far in my current campaign so I'm holding off on updating but from what I've seen so far its ridiculous. We're talking four Seekers uncloak near your sniper and gun him down in a single turn.

Beagle ended up rage quitting on this weeks TNX though I can understand.

Terror Missions are really weird, I either have a really hard time or just like a few TMs ago I had two packs of Lids and about five pods of just zombies, needless to say it was a pretty easy mission. Protip: Chem Grenades don't work on Chyssalids, even after you start to replace flash bangs with them in normal missions I still take them on Terror Missions

I've never played any other Xcom other than EU/EW(heresy, I know) but from my experience with Xenonauts it seems that items are a lot more useful now, probably with the huge addition of new ones (flashbangs are your friend, seriously) and allows you to have much more diverse squads.

Another thing I've also tried doing lately is stepping away from classes and going more for roles. I used to just use a cookie cutter perk tree selection for every class but now I'm mixing things up. A good one is Rocketeer focused around covering fire and supporting the team instead of demolitions, slap covering fire and suppression on them and they're a slightly slower infantry with a rocket in case things go bad. They're perfect for those splashed Scouts to support your army of rookies.
>> No. 50626 ID: 402c4b
WTF is that, dear lord.

I've been watching beagles videos and his TNX and really enjoying it, think I might re-dl the game and install Long War. There major changes planned for B14 already?
>> No. 50627 ID: 17d908
File 141427570819.jpg - (157.14KB , 1279x719 , butdathealththo.jpg )
Long War also changes enemy sizes. though its just cosmetic it sure does have an effect.
I'm not really sure what you mean by changes planned for B14, I'm assuming you mean to fix the broken stuff I would guess Seekers will get changed, they seem to prefer shooting over strangling which makes sense seeing how its more effective but that's not really the point of the Seeker.
A neat change in B14 is Sectoids get Gunslinger so they're deadly accurate and actually pose a threat now and also maps have about four to five random drop locations so you're not starting at the same spot every time you play a map, leading to different strats that you could otherwise never get a chance to do.

I terms of missions I got an abductor on a snowy map that I've never played before, I didn't even realize there was a snow map other than Newfoundland. It might have been a LW map but I didn't think they had any custom ones. The first pod I triggered was three Zerkers and three Mutons, tl;dr I had to leave two of my guys behind after two deaths to avoid a total wipe and it was a one of my A-Teams so I'll really be struggling to recover from that.

I also think the aliens can lay ambush UFOs. I shot down a Scout and thought 'oh it'll be an easy mission take some newbies to level up'. I didn't know shot down Scouts could have six pods with a mix of Floaters and Mutons.
>> No. 50628 ID: 402c4b
Almost sounds like the Alien economy was over buffed to have that much off a small UFO o.O

File 141392387213.jpg - (331.63KB , 1360x768 , 2014-10-21_00003.jpg )
50490 No. 50490 ID: 865059 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
So I started playing DayZ and I planned it out from the start, I'd seen the videos and read the stories, I was gonna be a hero, I was gonna help people out and kill those asshole bandits.

That didn't happen.

>Just started with a buddy
>Get some basic weapons, pythons, double barrel shotguns
>Looting Berezino very cautiously
>My partner is looting the grocery store, I am posted behind cover as his lookout
>Guy comes in, my first random player encounter
>Pull my python out, hold him up, talk to him
>Meanwhile his friend sneaks around back trying to flank me but he was unaware of my partner who had remained hidden
>My partner shoots him on site
>They claim it was a misunderstanding but my partner tells me its time to execute
>I protest, instead I bandage the one guy up, give them both food, and tell them to remember that we helped them
>10 minutes later I enter a house to find them both dead at the bottom of a staircase
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
8 posts and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 50543 ID: 81f196
>In real life there is no system in place to prevent people from killing each other on site just to steal their shit.

Well, in some places, there isn't. If the only reason you aren't raping/killing/torturing/ect. is because you're afraid someone else might arrive and fuck you up for it (y'know, "heroes" in this context), then perhaps something is dangerously wrong for you.

I've been in situations in real life where I could have stole something I wanted and almost certainly have gotten away with it. Yet I didn't. Not because it's illegal, but just because it's a bad fucking thing to do. I know how I'd feel if someone stole my shit, so I don't want to do that.

Now if I was starving to death and you had the last can of beans within miles, my "kill you/spare you" scales would start getting seriously unbalanced. But I'd rather not resort to killing someone just to fucking eat.

Truth be told, I really wish DayZ had a big emphasis on killing zombies. I know the awesome DayZ stories stem from human-to-human interaction, but that's also some of the worst moments as well. And it's gotten to a point where the game is just a paranoia simulator.
>> No. 50545 ID: 392726
If you've read the actual Walking Dead novels, or played the game The Last of Us, that's kinda one of the dystopian disheartening things about it. The zombies are nothing compared to the survivors.
>> No. 50548 ID: c565c4
File 141403634056.png - (114.83KB , 600x367 , Shun-the-myths.png )
>comparing the ethics of video game entertainment to real life
>> No. 50568 ID: f3e2a5
I don't think either of you are being completely fair. The game of DayZ is in a state of complete anarchy. There's no police or rule of law. There are no markets. No farming, business or industry. There's no way to survive beyond hunting & scavenging. There's nowhere safe. Remember that when you commit crimes, it's considered to be against society. But DayZ has no society. That is why it's so much more practical to be a sociopath in DayZ.

Now, if someone ran a server that combined DayZ with aspects of one of those City Life mods, and maybe have a clan running the server? That server would likely play out a lot differently.
>> No. 50569 ID: 865059
Somewhat this.

Do you know why I kill people in DayZ? Not only because it gets me easy loot, I mean thats nice and all but I actually enjoy scavenging for loot. The reason I kill is so I am not killed, if I let this guy survive and walk away from here I may find myself taking a few rounds to the head 10 minutes later as he stalks me through the city. Its just survival, nothing personal, if I bring you all out and kill you then you can't kill me. If I am running with a larger group then your chance of being cut loose is a bit better but don't count on it.

I know some people will take your ammo and let you go but guns and ammo are easy to find and I've even seen people with M4s get taken out by a dude with just his fists, its as simple as surprising someone.

I did do a good thing though, I let a guy go yesterday, I even let him keep his sporter and his ammo because I assured him that if he took a shot at me he would not kill me but my friends Mosin would definitely kill him.

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