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File 141268048021.jpg - (215.34KB , 2560x1440 , 2014-10-07_00024.jpg )
49931 No. 49931 ID: 36ea41 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I've been playing Alien: Isolation for about 4 hours now, and let me tell you, even spooky skeletons don't compare to the amount of pants shitting I've been doing. The alien is fucking terrifying and relentless, you can't kill it and boy, I've tried everything from pipe-bombs to revolver rounds and that just pissed it off more.
The game is visually stunning and seems to be well optimized my GTX680 was able to crank all settings to ultra at 1440p and stays well above 30 FPS. Visual design is top-notch and does an excellent job of invoking the movies.
It has been criticized for being a bit drawn out and repetitive but I'm only 4 hours in so I can't really tell.

overall 9/10 get it now(or try a torrent to see if you like it)
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>> No. 50188 ID: 185883
Alright, put a bunch of hours into it now, final verdict: fuck IGN, gamespot, or anyone else who gives this less than an 8/10. This is legitimately the greatest Alien game that's ever been made, and easily one of the top 5 survival horror games I've ever played.

It has some rough edges here and there, to be sure; namely in the frustration department because of the manual save system. I still consider that an excellent design decision, but sometimes there's just a little bit too much distance between manual saves and I quickly become neurotic in the search for another before I'm horribly mauled. Maybe it's because I'm playing on "hard" and the Alien has seemed to have caught on to my "hiding in lockers" trick and has now started checking them pretty regularly, to my unabated horror.

It has so much emergent, random gameplay, both with the alien, the survivors, and interactions between the two. I was exploring a small cluster of rooms connected to a hallway, and after seeing several blips approaching me, I ducked into one of the rooms and got into a locker. I then witnessed 2 people run by, and then right in front of the door (in view by me) some guy gets tackled from behind by the alien, and the other guy gets wrecked seconds later. This wasn't a scripted event, I could've easily been in another room entirely and never saw that, so I have to expect it was just one of the many "emergent survivor deaths" that I've already witnessed several of.

I torrented it until now but I just dropped the 50 clams on Steam, because honestly I haven't been this entertained by a game in a long while, and I'm kinda worried that creating such a niche product for alien and survival horror/stealth fans wont work out for them, monetarily speaking, and it certainly deserves at least 10x the profits the travesty that was Aliens: Colonial Marines saw.

To anyone on the fence, I recommend watching a few streams. I think Angry Joe did one for a few hours on Twitch, and I'm sure there's a bunch of others. Guy in >>50060's video also did a good one. He has a system set up where anyone who donates to his stream triggers a loud scream into his headphones, so it's fun to watch him nearly have a heart attack during the tenser parts of the game.
>> No. 50189 ID: 863b0d
There's a few times in the game where the alien isn't strictly scripted (ie, it's idly camping the vents and listening for noise), but for the most part, its behavior is directly triggered by where you are and what you're doing. The level/quest design forces you to traverse certain corridors in a certain order, so placing the alien to ambush you (ie, those times when you see the drool or hear it in the ceiling) is very easy.

Looping back to old areas doesn't make a game an open world or realistic, it makes the game designers lazy. It also pads the length of the game from 2-3 hours out to 15 hours. Instead of immediately progressing into a new section of the map, you have to spend half an hour backtracking through old sections first.

Making door opening take about 10-20 seconds worth of minigame (ie, cutting locks and removing braces) doesn't make the game realistic, it is called padding. And it's done almost EVERYWHERE, even in parts where it doesn't add tension or prevent you from skipping ahead to late-game sections.

Also, this game isn't anything like an open world or a sandbox. They very carefully constrain you from going outside of a very narrow range of map locations by making doors item dependent (ie, doors only opened by plasma/ion/gas torches) or having them only activate when you do certain things (kill the androids, talk to the NPC, etc). And this is on top of the game having NO JUMP BUTTON and generally being a long network of corridors and vents. It's nothing like half life (also a linear corridor crawl) where you could use jumping and weapon knockback to skip map sections.

Fighting slow moving androids is boring. Forced crouch walking (another way to pad the game and make it take longer) is boring. Making noise to have the alien take out humans is neat... the first time. Then it's boring.

Don't even get me started on the ending of the game.
>> No. 50190 ID: 863b0d
>greatest alien game ever made

That's not saying much.

The first AVP (marine campaign) was decent IMO, but mainly due to the unforgiving difficulty and lack of saves, but most of the entire genre has been a complete shitfest.

Even the movies have been a mixed bag tending towards the shitty side:
-Alien (1979)- a masterpiece
-Aliens (1986)- another masterpiece
-Alien 3- a steaming, nonsensical turd
-Alien 3 Assembly Cut- almost decent
-Alien Resurrection- crap
-AvP- crap
-AvP2- holy shit, it gets even worse
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>> No. 50195 ID: cd7424
File 141330137364.jpg - (402.34KB , 1900x1069 , Call-of-Duty-Black-Ops-2-2.jpg )
This game might be more your speed. No boring 'padding' everything is blazing fast and in yo face roller coaster Hollywood guitar riff
>> No. 50204 ID: 185883

>Looping back to old areas doesn't make a game an open world

Nobody has claimed this game is "open world".

>Making door opening take about 10-20 seconds worth of minigame (ie, cutting locks and removing braces) doesn't make the game realistic, it is called padding. And it's done almost EVERYWHERE, even in parts where it doesn't add tension or prevent you from skipping ahead to late-game sections.

Blatant hyperbole doesn't help your case. Literally like 3 or 4 doors per hour of gameplay actually require you to do an unlocking minigame, it's not frequent at all. And those doors that do require it are meant to force you to keep the alien off your tail rather than just sprinting from one end of a level to the next, and they literally add maybe 5 minutes in total to the overall game length. And to call the door braces a "minigame" is ridiculous, it's literally "hold LMB/RMB, and press A" or something similarly simple.

>Also, this game isn't anything like an open world or a sandbox.

Again, who said it was? Did you copy/paste this response from some source elsewhere, or what?

>And this is on top of the game having NO JUMP BUTTON and generally being a long network of corridors and vents. It's nothing like half life (also a linear corridor crawl) where you could use jumping and weapon knockback to skip map sections.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 50054 ID: 7744ef hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  Are you faggots ready? Because PR2 is apparently quite close to being in a playable state.
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>> No. 50097 ID: 071281
Also, this.
>> No. 50160 ID: 9b1120
so many ops-core's ... ehhhhh
>> No. 50165 ID: e365e5
Looks to me like the PR guys realized that tard kids love CoD more and have decided to make it fit that style better...
>> No. 50172 ID: 635641
That build didn't have a stamina system so they could constantly sprint and the movement values are probably very placeholder-y.

Squad is separate from PR2 but is comprised of PR:BF2 devs. They seem to intend to want to create a true successor to PR. The prealpha build in the video is their first working test of the game and probably isn't representative of how the game will feel by the time they release the public alpha scheduled for December 2014.

Apparently some internal drama is occurring and PR2 is both moving like molasses and is planned to basically be PR:BF2 with updated graphics, very little enhancements to gameplay or something. Squad has a lot of the best developers from PR:BF2 involved so it should be worth watching.
>> No. 50184 ID: e9341d
Dude, it's just the movement speed that's wack.

No. 50123 ID: 5af121 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  I know we've had a thread about this game before but im hella late to the party and holy fuck it rules.
>> No. 50142 ID: 7e83e9
does it have online multiplayer yet?

Might have to organise an OPERATOR game.
>> No. 50146 ID: 9ae0c2
Cortex Command is pretty damn fun.

File 141157674873.jpg - (204.64KB , 1100x611 , 1411571553420.jpg )
49559 No. 49559 ID: 5b9651 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
So current happenings:

>#GamerGate broke a million muhfuggin tweets! Breddy gud >:DDDD

>Wikipedia has denied to review bias in the #GG article. Real fucking professional there. They take one unproven source as fact and deny a dozen cited articles as unreliable. Fucking SJW cunts.

>New hits from Milo in the form of a complete list of members of GameJournoPros and more emails of "game journalists" shitting on devs and gamers as a matter of course.

>Possible discovery of their organizing ground on a low-profile semi public webforum. Shit was locked down like Ft. Knox the instant we started poking but a few screenshots made it out.

>Gamasutras traffic is plummeting off a cliff. We may actually kill it soon. Kotaku is on a minor upswing which we're working to combat.

>TotalBiscuit is pissed off about journos ditching him for interviews. On top of that, Milos latest leak has some of the GJP members shit talking him in private. We may see something big there once he gets wind of it.

>8chan is now partnered with 2chan and has more board functionality than 4chan did. Traffic is sky high and more people are moving in every hour. Moot tried to make a "H..hi guys...?" thread on /sp/ and got Assravaged by his own userbase for 2,200 posts. He had to unsticky his own topic.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 50210 ID: 39d4a6
Alright, Fuck the video game industry! I'm glad I don't buy more than 1 game every 5 years!
>> No. 50234 ID: a64a11
>She'll make claims, and when people provide proof contrary to what she tries to assert, she disappears never to post in the thread again.

That's called "I had to go to sleep and then work, and didn't want to necro a descending thread like a crazy person." I realize forums like to pretend we dont have lives outside the website but come on now.
>> No. 50239 ID: 392726
Try me. I work 12 hour days in a factory, and since it's "the busy season" right now, we're forced to work mandatory overtime.

Since you can't manage to recall on your own I'll help out with a couple examples, 1 from this very thread:

Another user, f3e2a5, describing your posting practices from the last thread:

"Clio acted like an ass at the start of the last thread and then tried to derail it into everyone arguing with her so she could lecture everyone (instead of people discussing GG proper), then tried to derail it to discuss race."

Another user responds "So basic Clio huh?"

"If you don't like the thread, then hide it and move on instead of trying to pull a Clio."

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 50240 ID: 392726
Ran out of room in the other post:

Case in point:

Snark, attitude "I have a life".

Really well your posting habits from /n/ and your phone kinda argue otherwise.
>> No. 50362 ID: f6550d
File 141368588671.jpg - (451.42KB , 4040x626 , the degredation of a fanbase hobby - how a nerds f.jpg )
I know how you feel. Nerd/geek used to be a description of someone's inability to perform in a socially acceptable manner. It's being an outcast, it's being lonely, it's being the person that people snicker about and mock. Being a nerd is an unpleasant and long term situation.

And now there are these insane hedonists who have somehow managed to acquire a significant amount of power, claiming that they are totally nerds, while pointing their fingers at us declaring how fucking terrible we are because we are perfectly normal.

I mean, what the actual fuck.

File 141280493855.jpg - (171.17KB , 1600x1600 , JASF Jane's Advanced Strike Fighters 2011 PS3.jpg )
49974 No. 49974 ID: 1e7cc7 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
JASF: Jane's Advanced Strike Fighters - an arcade styled flight simulator developed by Trickstar Games and published by Maximum Family Games in October 2011 for the PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3, it was the first game to have the Jane's title in over a decade.
Do NOT buy this nonsensical, aggravating garbage!

Even when you find this game in the bargain bin or garage sale, just leave it alone. It's HORRIBLE. It promises so much with the Jane's name as Jane's Information Group publishes all manner of defense industry information, from the popular Jane's Fighting Ships and Jame's All the World's Aircraft, to their magazines like Jane's Defence Weekly, Jane's Intelligence Review, and even books and periodicals on aerospace, police and transportation. Jane's knows their stuff. And Jane's is no novice to computer games as they have made Jane's Combat Simulations under license to Electronic Arts from 1996 to 2002. That's why it was so surprising to see how amateurish and sophomoric this game is!
12 posts and 8 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 49995 ID: 6da3ec
It will never die off.
>> No. 49996 ID: 1e7cc7
File 141283308935.jpg - (463.52KB , 1280x720 , Ace Combat 4 F-22 Mobius One ISAF 4.jpg )
Me, too! It would be more interesting to play realistic modern air combat games set in real locations, such as Europe in the early 1980s to fight the Cold War heating up in a massive NATO vs Warsaw Pact smash-fest. Or set in the contemporary Korean Peninsula where China and Russia are insanely aiding the tottering belligerent state of the Kim family. Or even just rename the region Kosan, like what the Pentagon does with some of their wargames.

The Strangereal world of Ace Combat was actually done pretty well. But it would be interesting if Bandai/Namco made an Ace Combat game where your character and your squadron mates are aggressive and belligerent instead of whiny pacifists (what are we doing? this is why I hate war!). Hostile ministers of death, praying for war! And ecstatic that war has broken out for them to prove that they are the killer elite. Flying low, over the trees, pilots doing as they please; dropping frags on refugees. Napalm sticks to kids.
>> No. 50020 ID: 388296

>> No. 50047 ID: 58a76a
File 141300296551.png - (115.04KB , 500x333 , HWApRmp.png )
>Flying low, over the trees, pilots doing as they please; dropping frags on refugees. Napalm sticks to kids.
>> No. 50094 ID: ef6ae2
File 141308843266.png - (215.31KB , 635x356 , 1Afq3cU.png )
It will eventually, just like the retarded amount of WW2 games 5-10 years ago

I loved Strangereal. It was such an immersive environment it almost felt real. It blows my mind they switched to real Earth :/

No. 41339 ID: 3ee1ef hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  Anyone else try it? Shit's pretty cash if you've gotten bored with the stock bodies

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>> No. 49907 ID: ea9f31
  more to the point vid about changes in ksp 0.25
>> No. 49953 ID: 17d908
File 141273250523.png - (1.57MB , 1600x900 , screenshot54.png )
As someone who thinks Squad is one of the worst game devs ever and encouraged others to pirate the game, this update looks pretty fucking good.
Sure Spaceplane Plus parts were mods before and theyre just absorbing someone elses work but they are great parts, they look great and(at least in the mod parts) aren't too cheaty. Though the largest part of the SSP parts are we now have STOCK CARGO BAYS, thats amazing...

On top of that it seems like we're getting a lot of stuff we should have got a long time ago, and while late its better than never, mainly crew transfers and advanced navigation ball markers. While I'm not the type of kerbal player who likes to blow stuff up I'll admit that the new explosion effects look really good and the destructible buildings are interesting, it makes me wonder if the other buildings on Kerbin are destructible or if its just KSC buildings. Some neat difficulty sliders for Career mode even though I only play Science so... Oh and new grass texture that I don't really notice...
>> No. 49954 ID: 17d908
File 141273260363.png - (1.00MB , 1600x900 , screenshot58.png )
just trim it out
also these engines are from Interstellar
>> No. 49955 ID: ab612b
God this game updates slowly, I haven't played it since they released career mode like 6 months ago and they are just now releasing a new update? Fucking Space Engineers updates every week.
>> No. 50022 ID: efc59e
...And God forbid you should have the audacity to criticize them on the KSP subreddit page, I swear those people would drink the dev teams concentrated ball sweat from a wine glass.

File 141283218714.jpg - (128.23KB , 1280x800 , Bioware-Developing-Ati-Eyefinity-Compatibility-For.jpg )
49994 No. 49994 ID: 59ebc8 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Free Download as a promo for the new one coming out:


The offer lasts until the 14th.

As a wise man once put it "Free is sometimes better than good."

File 140956142997.jpg - (14.57KB , 250x264 , ja2-aim.jpg )
48941 No. 48941 ID: ef6ae2 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
So I'm obviously late to the party on this, but who else plays this with the 1.13 mod?

I just started tonight and have no idea wtf I'm doing, but it's fun anyways.

Dumbass question though, do all pouches fit on all LBE gear or does it only fit on some stuff, like MOLLE on Blackhawk or whatever?
42 posts and 15 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 49745 ID: 46fbb4

>picking all IMPs your first playthrough

Man what the fuck is wrong with you
>> No. 49918 ID: ef6ae2
File 14125573083.png - (0.96MB , 705x765 , 1404115711791.png )
What's the best AT weapon for taking out tanks? RPG-16 with HEAT warheads? Are there any that one shot tanks or are they all 2+? The M72 doesn't seem to do dick.

Are tanks weaker in the rear/sides or is the same armor all around?
>> No. 49922 ID: 5577d8
File 141258517044.jpg - (2.39MB , 3872x2592 , 60mm_mortar_round_being_launch.jpg )
I use a spotter with binoculars and a mortarman. Ive never had a difficulty reaching someone with the smaller, commando mortar, so I see no real reason to lug around the other one which weighs 3x as much.

As for disposables, Im a fan of the Aglen, best bang for your buck, reasonably light while still powerful. I think a Shmel might be a one-hit kill, that is if you hit the target of course, also weights a lot.

The RPGs I didnt use so cant chime in on that one.

40mm is laughable unless going thermobaric and high arc of fire.
>> No. 49958 ID: ef6ae2
File 141274815717.png - (210.99KB , 345x356 , 1287158969441.png )
What the fuck, tanks respawn?
>> No. 49962 ID: 5577d8
If you attack the sector with militia, and they stay there, they will take them over.

No. 48629 ID: df54fc hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  >Antimatter Games partnered with Impossible Pictures and National Geographic in 2014 to deliver an action-packed six-part hour long documentary series to international television markets that recreated the most daring raids of World War 2 using the Red Orchestra 2/Rising Storm game engine.

>Using a new 'machinima' like approach to documentary filmmaking, real locations were painstakingly recreated from research and reference materials to function as 3D sets for the action. Players then moved through the space like actors, recreating from testimony and source materials real historical events at a level of detail impossible using traditional reconstructive cinematography. Further enhancements were made using post-production effects and pre-rendered sequences to highlight specific factual detail.

So is this stuff going to be added to RO2/RS or is this just for National Geographic?
35 posts and 10 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 49707 ID: 0ea1a5

>> No. 49708 ID: f3e2a5
>> No. 49715 ID: e1fa77
Okay, had to share this one.
>playing Allies on Iwo Jima
>charging up the hill next to a flamethrower guy
>start clearing bunkers
>come out through door and find myself behind like four Japs
>suddenly, someone comes on team VOIP and yells "COME ON YOU APES, DO YOU WANT TO LIVE FOREVER?"
>flamethrower is on the right flank, we simultaneously open up and wipe out the whole nest

And then there's the time I was running a machine gunner on Saipan and somehow managed to stumble into enemy defensive positions twice, and cleared both of them with my 1911. Two perfect heart shots, two headshots.
>> No. 49795 ID: 195903
>playing RO2 after getting it for free
>be driving a panzer and switching to radio/gunner if needed
>playing on laptop so the ground quite literally glitches out of existence
>tank commander is giving me directions while manning the gun
>best tank crew in the match
I do appreciate the teamwork on some servers, don't much care for getting kicked for "hacking" because my computer can't handle high graphics though. I got really good at hiding in strange places and picking off reds with my Kar98 before I stopped playing it.
>> No. 49925 ID: a6d6de
once you get glitch, try to open console(~) and type umbra culling, it should help.

File 141159193890.jpg - (74.26KB , 800x487 , dg-sicaran.jpg )
49571 No. 49571 ID: f3e2a5 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
What are some Early Access games that made it, and some that failed?

I know Spacebase DF-9 turned out to be shit. They're going to release the alpha as "1.0" with some bugfixes. Made by doublefine, btw.
9 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 49706 ID: 959caa
>Endless Space

That game was kind of a big disappointment for me, but I keep playing it every couple of months. I'm not sure why.

I broke down and bought Vector Thrust. It's PS2 Ace Combat on pc but still early as hell. If it makes it out with a modicum of polish then I'd say grab it, but until then unless you're really really curious hold off. The number and variety of planes is kind of crazy. Like upwards of 7 different varieties of F104s including VTOL demonstrator.
>> No. 49780 ID: a14c56
From what I heard, the rather slow dev process is because it's being made by one dude, all by himself. Color me impressed, even if it'll be a while for any sort of progress from where it is already.
>> No. 49794 ID: 195903
Starbound has so far failed, kinda...

A lot of people are pissed that the devs threw a bitch fit and stopped work on the game to go work on other early access games, which is pretty fucking reasonable considering the lack of fossils and other promised content. I can completely understand the anger over the game and the hatred that the devs get (not all but most anyway), I will say that the game in it's current state is not bad though. The devs have started to work on the game again and have been posting logs of their development process and nightly builds.

Thanks to the help of the wonderful modding community the game has actually more or less survived with a small but close and decently friendly community while the mods, simple as fuck coding and procedural generation have helped give new life to the game.
>> No. 49806 ID: 185883

The problem is that Starbound is an example of one of those games that never really sees a "finish" or "completion". It's like Minecraft or Kerbal Space Program, it's a game of ever-expanding content and functionality. I bought it a bit less than a year ago, and honestly feel I got 5 times my money's worth with all the content in the game at that stage. Then take mods, and easily multiply the value 10-fold.

That they took a huge-ass break is really unfortunate but honestly inevitable. There's only so much work you can pump into an endless, never-complete game like that before you're just drained and exhausted and need to focus on something else for awhile.
>> No. 49841 ID: 1bddb7
I guess at least they're telling people what's going on unlike the Stomping Land devs? Who I gather just dropped off the face of the earth for like six months.

Anyways, the Planetary Annihilation devs are trying to kickstart another game:

>Games are evolving. You don’t just “finish” them anymore. We see them as services, as active things that grow over a length of time. Planetary Annihilation’s vision has been achieved or else we wouldn’t have launched it, but that was just one journey. We embarked on a more adventurous one the second we updated it to 1.0.

You can't just FINISH making games maaaan! You've gotta string them along with new content until Steam refuses to feature it on the front page any more, than just push it out the door with whatever is finished!

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