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No. 53258 ID: 626b5e hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  Not like there's anything else going on vg related.

Crazy music choice, I like it.
>> No. 53259 ID: 626b5e
  Oh, no wonder, the trailer song's music video has everyone in it dressed up like Mordian Iron Guard.
>> No. 53261 ID: 58a76a
File 142393095241.jpg - (99.94KB , 1132x800 , culterheavyart.jpg )
Yeah, I could play this game.
>> No. 53275 ID: d7c33f
pls gibe game
>> No. 53276 ID: 1ff7b7
  Having only now seen the trailer, this video make a lot more sense.
>> No. 53277 ID: 626b5e
File 142404665637.jpg - (113.94KB , 610x609 , MexicanAstarticans.jpg )

File 142048451669.jpg - (753.40KB , 1920x1200 , dragonfallWall1920x1200.jpg )
52262 No. 52262 ID: b57627 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
So I just beat this game and I have to say its probably one of the best RPG I've played in a long time. Combat is good if you enjoyed the new Xcom turn based combat. Dialog choices are pretty good, its a very well written story. The ending is fucking great too. Also there is no romance, which to me is pretty good because I came here to wear leather and wield a samurai sword, not jack off.

My only main problem with it is that there really is no way to do a pacifist run through the game, no matter what you're going to have to kill a lot of dudes. Hopefully they fix that in the Hong Kong expansion they're coming out with.

Currently I'm checking out the mod scene for it. Seems pretty good, theres even a reboot of the SNES Shadowrun game in the works.
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>> No. 52833 ID: d3a0fe
Shadowrun: Hong Kong has hit over 1 mil @ Kickstarter.
>> No. 52838 ID: 9ae0c2
Wut?. No it has not.


At the time of this post it is at $725,545.
>> No. 52844 ID: cb5ffa
He probably meant it hit its mark now the devs are shooting for $1mil to back what I think is probably going to be DLC. I hate it when kikestarters do this, but I have to admit at least their funder awards are smarter and more creative than others.
>> No. 52865 ID: d3a0fe

Whoops, my bad. I misunderstood a comment by someone else... I guess he meant that all funding goals had been reached (at 700000) & that the new "bonus" stretch goal is now 1 mil. (That or he somehow meant that the devs would make up for the rest of the missing funds to 1 mil)

Sorry about that.
>> No. 53272 ID: 4e70cc
File 142399345365.png - (406.20KB , 700x394 , 166211c21c4f4eb47a7eff691c12fa8d_large.png )
>25,766 backers
>$1,003,613 pledged of $100,000 goal
>56 hours to go

If anyone still wants in cheaply, now is the time. You can get the game cheaper at kickstarter than what it'll be at release.

File 141776626231.jpg - (34.36KB , 450x247 , 1290333741-31.jpg )
51684 No. 51684 ID: d4df2e hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
Post stuff about whatever peripherals that you use or prefer for whatever video games you play.

Guides on building stuff, fixing them, where to purchase, what's hot or not are all welcome.
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>> No. 53118 ID: cdd558
>> No. 53120 ID: 0dcdc8
Logitech G502
Have owned and used a Rat7, which was ok but had definite QC issues. Rat was retired due to constant skipping.

Logitech G510

>Joystick + throttle
Thrustmaster warthog hotas
Saitek Pro Flight Combat Rudder Pedal

Microsoft of old and assuming Razer of new has always been a consistent good alternative choice for me. I have many of their mice and keyboards floating around.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 53123 ID: 885afe
My longtime gaming buddy has mostly used a ball mouse and he is just fine with fpses and such.
>> No. 53126 ID: cdd558
Oh and speaking of pedals, which are the best ones for combat flight sims? I read that the CH ones are way too narrow and need to be modded since your heel can't touch the support.
>> No. 53197 ID: 06a0fb
There really aren't any for under several hundred dollars, and into the thousands for well-made replicas of actual flight hardware setups.

I'd like to get a cyclic/collective setup for better flight sim control as helo controls are more appropraite approximating the typical control schemes in most modern space flight sims, but I don't have $3-4 thousand to drop on the controls and installation and button mapping software.


Be damn nice for Arma, Elite and Star Citizen, for sure. Get a USB throttle quadrant and it could be just fine for fixed wing aviation too.

Gah, student loan debts suck.

File 142301526339.jpg - (11.96KB , 512x304 , clarence-boddicker.jpg )
52980 No. 52980 ID: 2fe518 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
So the battlefield Hardline open beta started today.

I've played a few games on conquest and the other modes and so far hot wire is the best mode. It's limited to 32 players on the pc it seems but you are supposed to capture and drive around marked vehicles and your teammates can hand out the window or the back of the van and mag dump at enemy cars that try to chase you down
>Can you fly, Bobby?.tiff

I'm not in love with the shooting as it all feels inaccurate and ineffective despite people seeming to be more fragile. There also seem to be fewer options in terms of equipment and classes though each class gets unique primary and side arms. You've got four:

Operator-Carbines and Assault Rifles and a medpack and a 92FS.
Mechanic-Engineer equivalent without the anti-vehicle capability. SMGs only. Gets a snubnose 38 as a side arm to start a 40mm launcher which seems to have been hugely toned down.
Enforcer-Shotguns and 308 battle rifles. I'm not sure if they're f/a or not. Fals, Scar-Hs and the like. You get a P30 for a sidearm and an ammo box.
Fourth guy that's the sniper class-can't remember the class name. DMRs and bolt guns and the bolt guns SEEM to be one hit kill center mass but i haven't used them yet, only been shot by them.

There seems to be faction unique weapons so cops get Sig55X carbines and HK416s. Criminals get AKMs and the like. Everybody starts with an AR carbine on Operator, MP5K with low capacity mag on mechanic, 870 on enforcer, and some bolt gun on the guy that no one cares about.

Maps are smaller but the city level is kind of interesting. Transport and scout helicopters are in it but their weapons are replaced with slower firing machine guns. Transport gets M2s and the scout gets .50 gun pods or something. Usable, but not particularly fun to use. Gunfire seems to be the only recourse to enemy air though I think I saw a dude with a stinger, it might be a pick up item. M240 also serves as a power weapon you find on the map.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 53094 ID: 885afe
Ill have to give that a shot.

I also seem to have an easier time picking up headshots on targets who are moving with the sniper rifle from way the fuck far off.
>> No. 53097 ID: 885afe
Lol story

>Hotwire, downtown
>Team is losing bad, I start rolling as cover for one of the hotwired car. Im pushing enemy cars out of the way with my non special car etc.
>See a huge roadblock of 3-4 cars and a crap ton of dudes
>Good bye cruel world
>Slam into roadblock, jump out with m79 and thump a car
>Die immediately, guess fire damages cars a little more
>7 kills
>> No. 53101 ID: cd49aa
Hotwire + driving cars with breaching charges on them while playing Alech Taadi = good times.

Stay mad, 12 year olds. Stay mad.
>> No. 53116 ID: 095a2b
Oh yeah, I also really like being able to open and close doors. Activate security gates, etc etc
>> No. 53117 ID: 095a2b
Sounds minor but it's been absent from alot of games

File 142318766136.jpg - (366.17KB , 1680x1050 , 101675665-4.jpg )
53041 No. 53041 ID: 90a126 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
In this episode of Slow Poke gaming Doomguy plays a game series assbackwards.......AS GOD INTENDED IT!!!

Saints Row 2. I've played through the 3rd game recently and enjoyed it, though it nearly killed my last computer because the requirements were too damn high. A fun game, like GTA but less grim dark and less stupid accents....mostly. Plus Sasha Grey. Or Gray. Fuck if I know. Goddamn english language, fuck you with your different ways of spelling the same word. I know she is massive whore but I'd totally wreck that shit. Of course I wouldn't be the first.

Anyone because I enjoyed it (the game, not the Sasha Grey wrecking sadly) and intend to buy IV soon, I decided to give some of the older games a try so I ain't having to consult the game wiki every 5 fucking seconds to not what the fuck people are talking about. 1 looked like total ass so I decided to try 2 on the recommendation of a friend who said it tried not to be a GTA clone as its predecessor did.

Well it sucks so far. Its ugly as sin despite coming out the same year as GTA4 and strangely has high system requirements. The controls are shitty, the menus are really shitty with either no mouse support or none that I've found, graphics options seem to be non-existent, and did I mention its ugly as fuck.

Seriously I don't mind a game looking bad, I've been playing older games like GTAIII (thanks dude that gifted me it here), Deus Ex, and Red Faction II on my laptop after my desktop killed itself. The difference between those games and SR2 is those games are actually pretty damn old. Honestly SR2 doesn't really look any better then GTA SA despite that game coming out in 2004.

I usually love Volition games but this just seems like poorly optimized, ugly crap.

I'm probably going to play around a bit more with it, google fixes for the suck, then get frustrated and uninstall it and be super pissed that I wasted 5 bucks buying it. I could have bought me some ever decreasing amount of tacos with that money!

I'm probably then install the vidya game Pariah that I bought along with it. I've actually played that game before and enjoyed it but that was like 2006 and I'm interested to see if my memory of it holds up to real thing.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 53042 ID: 885afe
Saints Row 1: Trying way to hard to be a serious GTA
Saints row 2: Starting to realize fuck being a serious game. Lets go ham
Saints row 3: Even more ham, even more amazing.
Saints row 4: You start off as the president, the game is you fighting aliens.

Im curious why you are having control issues. I dont recall having any issues whatsoever when I played through SR2 with a friend. Mouse worked fine, system ran it just fine, etc.
>> No. 53053 ID: 687719
Loved it, but I always had weird framrate issues. Couldn't use any of the motorcycles.
>> No. 53059 ID: e8f72b
Yeah, the PC ports for both Saints Row 1 and 2 were horrid.
>> No. 53063 ID: 90a126
File 142325084016.jpg - (282.43KB , 1280x720 , pic1.jpg )
My system is running it fine, it damn well better being a quad core in this here future year of 2015, but its just really fudging ugly for a game with such high requirements for its time. The best way I can describe the world is lifeless and really close in. Cars go slightly down the street and disappear, the city doesn't feel like a real city but some cartoonish garbage. I know I'm probably be hard on it but compared to its own sequel and GTA4 which literally came out around a month of when it did, its just so goddamn bland.

The controls probably aren't bad for their time but coming from playing SR3 with pretty damn great and responsive controls its just feels bad. A bit like going from a modern Resident Evil game where the controls are actually built for people who enjoy playing games to the older games where the controls were built for people who enjoy smacking into walls, though not nearly as bad.

The mouse problem feels like a problem of a straight port from consoles. You have to use the shift and control keys to go through menus rather then just clicking on the fuckers. Its apparently a problem Resident Evil 4 had for its initial PC port though from what I've heard that was fixed in the Steam re-release.

If I can figure out a fix for the graphics to not look so godawful, enable mouse support, and maybe find a voice pack (the cockney Protagonist is the least irritating out of the dude voices and the lady voices ain't much better) it would probably an okay game but so far I've not been able to find much to fix those problems.
>> No. 53067 ID: 06a0fb
That's what happens you you port from PowerPC-based systems with a max of 512MB RAM and a single GPU configuration and give it thousands of fucking hardware configurations, none of which the program was originally coded for.

No. 52931 ID: 7cafb2 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  Not sure if there are any RT fans here, but Monty passed away today after an allergic reaction during surgery. For those not familiar, Monty dropped out of high school and spent most of his time producing video game related animations. He worked on several projects with Namco and Midway before finally getting picked up by Roosterteeth where he produced RWBY as well as the animations in the later Red vs Blue episodes.

This was the video that got him noticed as an animator back in 2007.
>> No. 52933 ID: 7cafb2
  He was a bit of an oddball in terms of style, but he was certainly talented when it came to animation.
>> No. 53030 ID: ca3240
My daughter is a big fan of RWBY. She was super bummed to hear about this.

File 142251719125.jpg - (5.26KB , 113x249 , Ish.jpg )
52848 No. 52848 ID: ddcf9f hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I've played about 3 hours of it, and I'm not to thrilled by what I see. It appears to have the same weapon system as Dead Island, electrified weapons and all. I got to the first night section and it appears to have an annoying stealth mechanic, buffed up enemies will rape you if you run or get near them. I believe they will also use something similar to the malaria in FC2 forcing you to rely on pills. The color palette is also brown and bloom

This is a pirate or a rent in my honest opinion so far.
19 posts and 6 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 52978 ID: 90a126
File 142301402322.jpg - (57.95KB , 600x337 , scooby-doo-zombies-1-600x337.jpg )
Even in single player the threat can be from other people, just AI controlled people.

Take for example STALKER. Zombies in that game are a bit better then normal zombies considering they use firearms. They still ain't shit though. Compare then to enemy STALKERs or bandits or the military. Those are the shit. In like Call of Pripyat you'll have times where jew are fighting zombies and humuns. The zombies are at best a threat when they sneak up on you while you are busy dealing with some douche in a hoody and a broken ass AK.

More likely they are just a minor annoyance that will only fuck you if you completely ignore them.

And I agree with the hate of multi games. While I like occasionally playing them with a couple friends mostly I prefer just doing my own shit in single.
>> No. 52979 ID: 185883
>Take for example STALKER.

I don't think many people would hold Stalker in the high esteem it has if it was just a game about shooting bandits, especially given the really spotty NPC AI of the series. It's the fuana of the Zone that makes Stalker the atmospheric hellscape that it is, which is sorta my point: if you're going to do monsters, have some variety and be creative about it.

Sticking to one type of enemy, and having it be some kind of cliched, low-risk mass appeal bullshit like zombies to boot, precludes a game from being interesting in either setting or gameplay.

Hopefully the next Metro game has some more open/free-roamy portions like they toyed with in that one DLC mission. They know how to do post-apocalyptic singleplayer games right.
>> No. 52988 ID: 90a126
File 142307331494.png - (3.04MB , 1920x1029 , metro-last-light-1.png )
Stalker was pretty much just an example of a game with zombies but where they aren't the main focus. They are there, they're queer, get used to it.

And I disagree that the monsters make the Zone. Its the well armed people, you not being well armed, and the literal hellishness of the Zone that I think that make the Zone hellish. Monsters add to that too, yes, but aren't the lynchpin of it.

Though zombie games can take a page from STALKEr's monsters to make the zeds more interesting. A snork is a hard motherfucker to beat and its pretty much just a zombie. Ain't much of a difference between a fast zombie and a bloodsucker other then the invisibility. Psedogiants are pretty much like the big heavy bruiser zombie type.

Metro was an awesome game, the sequel seemed decent what little I could play of it with my mightily struggling system (really need to reinstall now that I'm on a new rig).

However they aren't zombie games, which is pretty much what we are discussing and what people are wanting to buy.

Zombies can be interesting if done right and like you said, more then one type of enemy.
>> No. 52995 ID: 185883
>Monsters add to that too, yes, but aren't the lynchpin of it.

You could remove everything from Stalker except two things, and it would still be an amazing and atmospheric game series: the monsters, and the anomalies. The bandits et al. were all generic FPS style enemies (though Monolith was sorta interesting until you figured out their shtick). They contribute to the setting, to be sure, but I don't feel they're overly important, whereas I feel Bloodsuckers and such are much, much more critical to preserving the atmosphere of the game.

>A snork is a hard motherfucker to beat and its pretty much just a zombie. Ain't much of a difference between a fast zombie and a bloodsucker other then the invisibility. Psedogiants are pretty much like the big heavy bruiser zombie type.

This is silly crap. Sorry, but it is. With that logic you could call a velociraptor a zombie "because they both run and bite you". You're distilling things down too much and losing sight of the overall picture.

Zombies can obviously be fine if they're just one type of enemy in an otherwise non-zombie game, sure. But zombie games, e.g. games that feature zombies predominantly as the sole monster (the kind of game I was originally posting about) are universally boring garbage, without exception. Games like Stalker, or as another example Resident Evil, don't count because they feature a variety of enemy types aside from just shuffling zombies.
>> No. 53004 ID: e1fa77
Before I say anything, let me preface this with a little note: I use the Complete mods for STALKER and set it up to zombify any NPC Stalkers outside during an emission, so I probably see more of them than most.

That said, STALKER zombies tend to rate slightly below the scenery in the threat pyramid. At worst they're a slight inconvenience anywhere past very early in the game, at best you can pop them and grab their ammo. They give the Zone a bit more life, you'll see patrolling stalkers in Yanov and Zaton getting into occasional gunfights with them, and they make it so you need to think a bit more about what you're doing even if they're no real hazard.

Metro? Metro's totally different. More mutants, nastier environments, more Weird Shit, and very little real civilization (as opposed to STALKER, where you've constantly got people and commerce going in and out of the Zone). The Metro is maybe two dozen habitable stations, and as far as the games and original books go, may be home to the last humans on earth. Plus it's all tunnels, so you don't have the option of avoiding whatever freaks are around, unless you're crazy enough to go to the surface, which is usually worse. In STALKER, if you spot a Pseudogiant stomping around a couple hundred meters off, you can go around it or wait for it to leave. With Metro, you don't usually even see mutants before they're on you, and if you need to (for example) get to Polis during the nosalis migration? Good luck buddy, you're either going through a shitload of ugly-ass mole mutants, or hauling ass through Moscow hiding from Demons.

No. 52285 ID: cbf3af hide watch quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
  No complaint about the lack of sticky, just replacing the old one since its going to fall off.

Attached vid is a nice view of the other side of this whole thing.

I'm going to steal part of the official OP from GitGud for this:

>"#GamerGate?" Read:
• FAQ: http://gitgud.net/gamergate/gamergateop/blob/master/FAQ.md

>Summaries of "#GamerGate":
https://archive.today/23Fde - GamerGate: A State of the Union Address
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ipcWm4B3EU4 - #GamerGate in 60 Seconds

>Background and evidence for #GamerGate (Read and spread these!):
• The #GamerGate Dossier: http://press.gamergate.me/dossier/
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
500 posts and 150 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 53987 ID: cbf3af
File 142743736057.png - (76.01KB , 993x212 , Gotcha fuckers.png )
So yeah. /gg/ was a trap.

Still owned by Niko and possibly Teridax. We have caps and a log leak, despite attempts at damage control.

BRB, Hot Pockets are done.
>> No. 53992 ID: f013be
File 142749804890.jpg - (58.96KB , 576x1024 , ayyy faggots.jpg )
>> No. 54000 ID: 5b9651
Ayyyteam and GNAA have been forcibly evicted from the new board.

And Hotwheels has given both his blessing and a contingency plan. Future looks bright.
>> No. 54010 ID: fddc81
Nice GET. So, what's it like having effectively committed a bloodless coup?
>> No. 54016 ID: cbf3af

Feels good man.

92% approval rating from the userbase as of today. I think we're sailing clear waters at last.

File 140495599670.png - (110.39KB , 512x512 , mumble.png )
48153 No. 48153 ID: c183df Locked hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I host a mumble server that is free for OPERATORs and their friends to use for gaming. This is the information required to connect:

address: vx38.commandchannel.com
port: 8359

In order to access anywhere but the default room, you will need to contact myself or one of the other listed admins to register yourself with the server (through Steam or whisper in the mumble server). Registered users can create a temporary room that will delete itself once you have left the server.

I ask that you remain courteous and that you do not bother people in other channels unless you know them. I also ask that you do not flood the server as slots are limited, and they will be given to those who have been around for awhile first.

Failure to abide by that will be met by a ban that is not able to be appealed.

Any changes to the IP or other such things will be available in following posts. In the event that the server is down please do not spam the admins, it will be addressed when it can be.
2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 52563 ID: 39f0c8
It means "no scrubs allowed". If you think the circle jerk on opchan or the irc is bad it has nothing on the mumble server
>> No. 52626 ID: 38da84
File 142198891662.jpg - (24.51KB , 466x310 , 1419759679099.jpg )
lolol someone's buttmad they got banned for being a shitlord
>> No. 52627 ID: 55a622
Fuck you breach I'll fight you irl
>> No. 52633 ID: b8b420
File 142200295991.jpg - (28.54KB , 747x125 , gooch.jpg )

breach died in a horrible electroconvulsive therapy accident

but you can fight me instead, i'll bring the horse dildo bats, you bring the hoppes #9

1v1 on the sun in Old Man Star
>> No. 52913 ID: c3e6b2
Request for unsticky: GRANTED

File 142211510433.jpg - (51.99KB , 960x720 , 343e82_4838104[1].jpg )
52668 No. 52668 ID: 92cfa2 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Well blow me over they are going to finalise development of Kerbal Space Program.


>As development in Beta has progressed, one thing has become very apparent, Kerbal Space Program is about to reach a state in which every single one of the original goals for the game has been reached, and we can say that our original design document has been fulfilled.

>Because of this, the next update will be our 1.0 release, and with it we will be leaving Early Access. This is a landmark moment for us at Squad, as after over four years of development, we feel that KSP is finally ready to be viewed by all as a complete game. However, this is not the end by any means.

plan for update 1.0

* New Drag Model:
>We’ve redesigned the way drag is calculated, now it will take into account things such as part occlusion, facing, and got rid of the calculation being based on part mass.

* New Lift System:
>Corrected the lift so that it is now (properly) a function of the square of velocity, not linear. This allows for far more effective, and accurate, wings.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
4 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 52876 ID: aea905
G'day OPchan, does anyone have the OPERATORchan KSP flag?

I used to have it but I losted it ;_;
>> No. 52880 ID: db81c7
File 142274802566.png - (72.40KB , 1800x1200 , 133202752740.png )
You just resize any image and put it in the flags folder, I think its under Squad.
>> No. 52882 ID: 1ff7b7
File 142274850134.png - (14.54KB , 256x160 , PBE.png )
>> No. 52885 ID: 392726
Actually Keen Software Warehouse were a bunch of "volunteers" (modders) who made a game studio, and have 40 full time employees, and are still hiring.
>> No. 52886 ID: 06a0fb
and also stole money from fucktards like me who bought into Miner Wars alpha access. That turned out to be a fucking shitpile, and it is a wonder to me people still buy in to Space engineers despite the Miner Wars fiasco.

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