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No. 55119 ID: 3bf2ae hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  Tom Clancy's OPERATOR OPERATOR, the Game.
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>> No. 55326 ID: 84c4e8
Know how I know how fucked we are?

The best 4 reveals/gameplays shown at E3.

3 Were Ubisoft, and the other was EA.
>> No. 55327 ID: 4930b8
This post was the equivalent of the F-35 detecting an enemy radar lock on it and firing an AMRAAM at itself to beat the enemy missile.
>> No. 55328 ID: 185883
File 14352314213.gif - (907.15KB , 325x203 , 8558_6d2a.gif )

Haven't had to break this sucker out for a looonnng time.
>> No. 55330 ID: 84c4e8
File 14352372434.jpg - (61.39KB , 400x400 , 1418168784803.jpg )
Dunno, I think at this point both sides (pro tk and anti tk) are acting like friggen children. So I apply your picture to both sides and add another.
>> No. 55331 ID: 185883

Yeah, arguing about arguing puts your maturity head and shoulders above that of everyone else.

I hope your sarcasm detector is operational, comrade.

File 14294323069.jpg - (48.44KB , 422x600 , a5c0317defe12c6ed15873fa1d60209f_thumbnail_jpeg.jpg )
54286 No. 54286 ID: ef6ae2 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
Alright well I'm late to the party on this, but who else plays this?

I cannot for the life of me figure out how to even start. So far I've stumbled through 3 of the towns and only been able to find 2 missions, the one in Ciudad de Oro (which isn't even on the map) and the Top Secret one in the military base which is border line impossible to do ATM since I only have a shitty pistol. There doesn't seem to be any walkthroughs or beginner guides on the internet. What the dick do I do? Also I'm broke as fuck from paying bartenders for leads to people that don't even appear in town anywhere. This is using the BSM mod.
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>> No. 54817 ID: 6de826
This isn't always true though, some weapons are much more prone to jamming than others. In my experience SMGs tend to jam all the goddamn time, while things like the SR25 are surprisingly reliable. Like, I fired more than 60 rounds with it, its dirt level was at more than 50%, and it only jammed three times.
>> No. 54824 ID: ef6ae2
File 143303755389.jpg - (27.45KB , 635x357 , 137861659418.jpg )
Maybe it's related to the durability rating? That would explain some of the bizarre shit like SR-25s and stuff being less jammable than some of the AKs (LOL)

I love this game but I don't think I've ever played anything with such poor documentation of how it works.
>> No. 54826 ID: 6de826
>it's likely minor
The more I play this shit the more I'm sure that it's not "minor" at all. Said SR25 is 32% worn and it's much less accurate than a 2% worn M16A1. Too bad you can't repair weapons in the mini campaigns.
>> No. 55013 ID: ef6ae2
File 143398400173.jpg - (170.78KB , 600x600 , 1404136337347.jpg )
Re: That Jingo peace treaty mission

I fled the fuck out of there because LOLWHOCARES, and I figured I could come back after restocking on weapons, but the location disappeared off the map. Is that mission totally broken now?

Google failed me
>> No. 55329 ID: 7333de
is there a way to quickly buy from shops? dragging and dropping items from store to inventory one at a time takes too damn long

No. 55018 ID: 254d85 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  Are you ready to buy more games you'll never play?
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>> No. 55295 ID: 06a0fb
Bought Hitman 2: Silent Assassin.

That's it. All the other games except Agent 47 I own for consoles I currently have, but Silent Assassin I only ever had for Gamecube.

I am happy with my purchase. Going to try and rush through a few missions to get to Killing Hachimoto.
>> No. 55300 ID: d5e5a4
Pillars of Eternity
Cities Skylines
>> No. 55306 ID: 7b177d

Hell yes. My job often sends me to the middle of nowhere with no cell service where I may be standing by for several hours. If I can't use my phone as a hot spot, I'll just watch movies or play games instead. So I really try to stock up on steam sales and bundles.

I tend to buy a few new smaller titles to try out, and older titles I never played, which are well thought of. So I tend to like about 70-80% of what I buy, and just work through them over time. I think I've got ~110 titles on steam at this point.
>> No. 55307 ID: 84c4e8
Saw a game on steam today (post steam sale) that had me interested.

Go check it out. Its called "Tin Star" its an interactive novel. No pictures or sound effects or anything. But apparently it has roleplaying elements (like stats you build up depending on choices you make in free time and stuff). You play a marshall who comes in to town to bring law to it and many western hijinks ensue.

It has massively positive reviews.
>> No. 55314 ID: c1b115
If you like the text engine, you may want to take a look at Choice of Games. The Tin Star is probably the largest work on that site, but there are several smaller complete stories along the choose-your-own-adventure theme.

File 143490143598.jpg - (18.87KB , 598x337 , dark-souls-logo.jpg )
55255 No. 55255 ID: 38c3cd hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I know I'm super late to this party but I picked this up yesterday from the steam sale. I'm about 2 hours in and pretty hopelessly stuck at the Taurus Demon.

I hear that the first few hours are the hardest in the game is it just that you get used to it or does the game genuinely get a bit less frustrating later?
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>> No. 55269 ID: 6d6cb1
File 143493585944.jpg - (154.34KB , 640x506 , mCRjZzO.jpg )
>> No. 55271 ID: 38c3cd
rerolled as a knight a steamrolled through to the parish in ~20 minutes (well, minus the time I spent shooting arrows at the dragons tail)

despite being pretty shit at it I'm enjoying the game thus far.
>> No. 55277 ID: 6d6cb1
File 143494251182.jpg - (19.68KB , 736x413 , e29b338bfc5ba9a627de8356d4ece57a.jpg )
>fat rolls
>using bow to get drake tail
>getting drake tail at all
The dishonor in this one is great. After all, there is only one tail that is truly worth getting... or protecting... or petting.
>> No. 55280 ID: 0c08f2

Don't bog him down with needless shit on his initial playthrough. If he sticks with the game for multiple runs and builds and gets into PvP, he can worry about advanced shit then.

One great thing about the Souls games is that you can play through your first blind run however you want, even if it is not the most efficient way, the game is beatable even if you're fucking up big time, a first run should just be fun for the player.

Most of the fun comes from learning new things with each playthrough, kind of like Deus Ex.

OP, just play it how you want for now, after you finish your first run, you can get into the finer mechanics and stuff. The game is intentionally designed with a lot of hidden and subtle shit and if you just get walked through your first time, it's really not as fun, it's not the true experience.
>> No. 55302 ID: 0e0cc0
File 143503585249.jpg - (526.59KB , 1920x1080 , 2015-06-13_00043.jpg )
>not using CE so you can invade Painted World and kill the half-breed whore as a dark phantom

Shigga wadda.

No. 54877 ID: cd4a7e hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
  Doesn't look that much different from it's predecessors. I doubt it will be disappointing but I don't want to play the same game again with some changes.
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>> No. 55233 ID: ca37e4

The reason I can't see its demographic is because it ended up, in the long run, being far more expensive than just buying a console or gaming PC. Not to mention it required relatively high end internet speeds. So its niche wasn't for those looking to save money, nor was it for those who weren't capable of finding a decent console/PC in their part of the world (because anywhere in the world with that speed of internet surely has those amenities too), so it literally had no market.
>> No. 55234 ID: 90a126
File 143475554638.jpg - (40.40KB , 660x425 , OnLive-Video-Gaming-Service-TV-PC.jpg )
It would probably have a market further down the road if and when US internet speeds aren't fucking stupid and there isn't download caps. As it was then and now it would cost way too much to get internet fast enough and with a high enough download cap to make it worth game streaming.

Already alot of people are running into problems of video streaming, it eats through their monthly allotments fucking fast and will be glitchy as hell if your speeds are shite.

Streaming games would be those problems but even worse.

In the future streaming games might get popular again but again that needs some changes to US internet. Streaming could be really popular with tablets and other lower power devices that normally couldn't handle a full power game. Imagine having some iPad 7 or Android whatever with an Xbox controller plugged in and playing the latest PC releases on it.

Thats where it would shine, expanding into a niche that isn't already filled by consoles and PCs and normal handheld and mobile games.
>> No. 55237 ID: 8c6790
File 143478604333.png - (174.55KB , 580x1100 , connection_speeds_distrib.png )
As long as it exists...

The demographic is anyone without a gaming capable platform (or anyone with a Mac) who wants to play current games ASAP.

Cloud gaming is viable for most the US according to this pic. The problem was marketing and a mediocre management team.
>> No. 55239 ID: ca37e4

Except people who can afford both fast internet to stream those games, and who can afford the cost charged by OnLive for a subscription, and for rentals and "full" purchases (which is more of an unlimited rental than an actual purchase), can by extension usually afford a decent gaming PC or at least a console. As it stands, you're paying almost as much or more in the long-haul, for a flatly inferior experience because of issues like input lag.

They already sell consoles well below material cost just on the assumption that the person will make them money through the purchase of future games, peripherals, and subscriptions. Furthermore, anyone that can afford a god damn Mac of all things, can probably afford a console, and if they can't... why are they paying for super-fast internet, an OnLive subscription, and a Mac? The only argument I can see in the case of OnLive is like Doomguy said: streaming to your tablet or other mobile device. But even then, a company would need to muscle out other services like Nvidia Gamestream and PS Vita remote play.

Which is really a far smarter system anyway. I'd personally much rather stream a game I actually own elsewhere, through a service like Nvidia Gamestream, than I would "buy" games from a straight 100% cloud service like OnLive only for them to disappear the second the company goes under.
>> No. 55240 ID: 84c4e8
I just reinstalled fallout and am having another play through since ive only beaten it once even though I have like 400 hours in the game.

Siding with the no gods no masters ending. Made a guerilla warfare specialist. Guns, sneak, explosives.

File 143285638595.jpg - (65.38KB , 536x640 , MHeCkYwigkCVG84gXWwF.jpg )
54790 No. 54790 ID: 5a7a93 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Gonna run a little game give-away. Rules are simple; first come first serve, needs to have some kind of contact so I can dump keys. All keys are for Steam.

Post in this thread what you want.


- Dawn of War
- Dawn of War 2
- Dawn of War 2: Retribution
- Company of Heroes with expansions
13 posts and 8 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 55005 ID: a4bc16
File 143392176129.jpg - (407.74KB , 1920x1080 , spacehulk_deathwing-07-noscale.jpg )

Sometime in the fall or winter, they say. I'm glad they're NOT holding to a hard release date, this shit had better be good.

Also it isn't just tight corridors...
>> No. 55006 ID: a4bc16
File 143392178189.jpg - (232.27KB , 1920x1080 , spacehulk_deathwing-06-noscale.jpg )

Oh fuck, tight corridors...
>> No. 55011 ID: 84c4e8
Also related.
>> No. 55016 ID: e8f72b
My hype levels are at an all time high. I am officially scared.
>> No. 55017 ID: 84c4e8
I kno rite?

File 142860629032.gif - (475.24KB , 415x303 , incredulous-gif.gif )
54122 No. 54122 ID: 3da9d9 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
>See preload option for GTA V on Steam
>Oh, cool
>mfw 65 gigs

Might actually be done downloading by the time the fucking game is released.
68 posts and 20 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 54959 ID: 7c1f6d
I was actually pretty annoyed to find out the windows in the insurgent arent bullet proof.

However its really easy for me to run "Flood the LS river" mission for cash when my friends arent on to do heists.
>> No. 54965 ID: 8820ba
The armored Kuruma is actually better protected from gunfire, strangely enough. It's difficult even for players to kill you unless you're not moving.

There's been a few missions, like the Heist preparation mission when you have to steal the plane for the prison break where I never got out of the car and simply ran down and drive-byed the enemies without even taking a hit myself.

That said, while it might be armored, the Kuruma is still gonna die from a single RPG shot.
>> No. 54988 ID: 84c4e8
Yeah armored karuma makes life easier. I might get one in a bit. I just spent all my dosh on a tooled out Z type and a tooled out zentorno. Back to heisting and farming in case this casino DLC that is coming out does in fact have mansion properties you can buy (as the rumor suggests)

Also races for pink slips pretty much confirmed.
>> No. 54989 ID: 84c4e8
Double post for posterity!

My friands and I are thinking of putting a "cheap car challenge" play list together. Specifics are undecided but its either gonna be compacts, sedans or similar car type. We are gonna have a set amount we can spend (example: Pay no more than $40,000 for your car via website, leftover change goes into modifying it (not including body kits or paint).

The playlist I think is gonna be:
3 primarily offroad races
3 primarily on road races
3 rally cross (offroad and onroad) races
And maybe a drag race or other fun race.

Any pc bros interested in joining us?
>> No. 55014 ID: 84c4e8
Update Operators.

If you didnt know the ill gotten gains pt 1 released today.

Which has:
A bunch of high dollar outfits and clothes items
A friggen sweet sports classic called the "Stirling GT"
And a new super car called the "Osiris"
Also a new SMG which is essentially a copy of the MPX

Tip, scrape out your bank accounts. I bought both cars and the gun and some close and I burnt through close to 3 mil.

File 143370505633.jpg - (5.33KB , 196x91 , th3XAKR8LL.jpg )
54968 No. 54968 ID: d1bd83 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
how do I change the language in the game its all Russian I need it to be English, thanks m8s
>> No. 54970 ID: e8f72b
If it's in your team library right click it, properties, language, switch to English.

I went into my game and couldn't find a way to do it that way but if you bought it through steam that's the only way I have found to change the language.

No. 54810 ID: 7d3d94 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

It begins.
2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 54823 ID: 7d3d94
Initial impression is good. There's the predictable team killing by new people, although i'd probably classify myself as such as I haven't played in 5+ years.

Audio is awesome and I really dig the integrated mumble, when I finally got the key bindings to work correctly.
>> No. 54835 ID: fa8530
Played it consistently throughout today, lot's of new players who are willing to learn and it was actually nearly more enjoyable than any time I played PR before, people haven't really seemed to understand the game modes and stuff like that yet, but I'm sure they'll learn, in the mean time, it's fun as hell.
>> No. 54836 ID: 7d3d94
I'm getting the game modes down but I still consistently find myself hitting dead ends in alley ways and such as I don't know the maps very well.

IFF is hard as fuck sometimes in the games with russia vs france.
>> No. 54960 ID: fa8530
OPERATED with a few other OPERATOR's last night for a round, good game guys lol

Been having some great games lately, now that the majority of people are starting to get into the groove of PR rules, and have started to play correctly.
>> No. 54964 ID: c1c101
We saw your name at the end of the round and were like "Oh hay I know who that is." Shoulda squadded up with Jack Burton and I.

Vid is an interpretive summary of what happens when I sneak up on an MBT, but only have a grenadier kit.

File 143351258366.jpg - (595.46KB , 1920x1080 , 2015-06-05_00002.jpg )
54926 No. 54926 ID: 41f3a6 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Screenshot thread.
Goddamn cities skylines is comfy.

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