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File 141504888941.jpg - (793.74KB , 1024x768 , canadian_forces.jpg )
50848 No. 50848 ID: cc5b23
I don't know how many people know of this games existence but its essentially a large BF2 mod that implements some ultra-realistic components into a massive (2-5km) maps that allows for some large scale warfare. The community is very much still alive usually with a full server in either PvP or Cooperative. Loads of fun, and nobody can appreciate it as much as OPERATORs.

The mod itself is free and is about 6GB.
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>> No. 50850 ID: 06a0fb
Many of us have been following PR since before .5 or .6. It is a popular mod around here.
>> No. 50856 ID: 972633
Insurgency a shit but AAS is bretty fun. Too bad what's left of the community is mostly asshats.
>> No. 50857 ID: 0ea1a5
File 141510212611.jpg - (20.82KB , 300x223 , goodfellas-joe-pesci1-300x223.jpg )

Playing hide and seek with tanks as insurgents is a thrill.

>> No. 50858 ID: 972633
I just think it's shitty. Insurgency is either a long drawn out dicking by a coordinated and vastly better armed Bluefor or a tedious reenactment of the Vietnam war where apathetic Westerners (Or Chinese on Black Gold) get their asses slowly nibbled off by a nimble team of dedicated insurgents.

Either way it's a long hard slog that's chock full of totally assinine game rules (fun fact, if the Insurgents never leave their dome of death they win by default after two/three hours and there's not a goddamn thing bluefor can do about it, there is literally no way for them to generate a win condition). PR players like it because they inexplicably treat it as a vacation from such nonsense as teamwork or coordination in favor of 'johnny jihad's rock and roll lonewolf hour'.
>> No. 50867 ID: 0ea1a5

>> No. 50889 ID: 80afa2
I don't like how you can't attack mains. Fobs have to deal with sniper fire IRL why can't they?
>> No. 50895 ID: 35d70d
isn't it server admin only decision? b/c back then when i ran cia clan our forte WAS suppressing the fobs so our forces could setup a network of mines and ieds.

best time i've ever had for a game was PR
>> No. 50896 ID: 35d70d
speaking of, im down to play with anyone
>> No. 50902 ID: 972633
Because you spawn with a vulnerable avatar and no situational awareness, so mowing down dudes as they pop into existence is easy and risk free.

There has to be one place where you can safely orient and get ready to enter the fight, hence main bases are off limits. FOBs and RPs offer no such protection.
>> No. 50915 ID: e365e5
Funnest game I've had in a game ever was in PR, when CIA ran Kokan 24/7.

>Be American in squad with 2 friends who are playing for the first time.
>Fucking cause neither team is doing much of anything
>One friend leaves
>Shit gets serious
>Me and other friend happen upon dead US sniper
>Take his kit, friend has grenadier
>Realize a cache is nearby
>Notice 2 seperate squads of insurgents operating together setting up a fob and other defenses
>He starts calling targets
>I start popping skulls open
>For the next hour or so, we sit on a roof of a small house taking care of business

Not horribly exciting, but the feeling of that situation and how we handled it was pretty fucking awesome.
>> No. 50922 ID: 504794
  Been playing since .3 project reality is the best team work game i have ever played bar none. I mean how often are you going to get a Shack Tac type round out of any arma title? Not often to say the very least. If you know your asshole from your elbows in PR you can have an endless amount of amazing rounds. Stay away from shitty squads and get into rounds from the beginning and you will be on your way to operator heaven.
>> No. 54759 ID: 437ea1
When 1.3 is released you will no longer need to have Battlefield 2 installed.

>> No. 54760 ID: 7d3d94
File A10.webm - (2.78MB )
This is really good news as I loved the shit out of PR for so long but i've sence lost my copy of BF2. I would really love to get back into it once 1.3 drops.
>> No. 54763 ID: da03bf
The tricky part is joining a good squad. Also if your team doesn't have a transport squad or is shit at managing resources expect to do a lot of walking. Half the fun though is the pacing. Nothing like the buildup to a round winning offensive or spending a good part of the round setting up FOBS and defenses and you see rooskie tanks and dozens of infantry come over the hill.
>> No. 54781 ID: 7d3d94
File 143260108457.png - (130.92KB , 304x304 , be advised.png )
1.3 scheduled for release this weekend or earlier.

Standalone confirmed.
>> No. 54782 ID: 254d85
Hopefully Forgotten Hope 2 will do the same too.
>> No. 54783 ID: 0ea1a5

>> No. 54784 ID: 3dd6f8
>Updated Dutch and Canadian forces to have appropriate amount of black soldiers. Don't riot plx.

das racist
>> No. 54785 ID: 890faa
>Insurgency made harder for Blueforce for (I think) the 5th content patch in a row despite a "majority" of Blue losses according to one of the devs a few weeks ago.

Good to know game balance continues to be a low priority. Why can't they drag this shit out behind the woodshed and shoot it. There's an open grave next to Extraction.

Of course, why would they care? People only play Muttrah or that Kashan replacement anymore.
>> No. 54788 ID: ca37e4

To be fair, Insurgency has always been a shit game mode that is impossible to balance.

The problem is that, primarily because of the spawn mechanics, squad coordination isn't a high priority. Spawn on a cache, camp a window and mow down some imperialists, and as long as the blufor team isn't working like a well-oiled machine then you're probably set.

A better insurgency mode would just be regular AAS with weapon cache side objectives to drain tickets faster, but not required. But having weapon caches as the primary objective is just fucking dumb, you'd never throw away hundreds of lives just to brute force your way inside some house to knock out a fucking RPG crate. It allows the Ins team to play completely defensively, so it's like playing Counter-Strike or some BS, with an arbitrary objective and a boring offense/defense team setup.

Which is why I'm scared for Squad or whatever that successor game is, because it looks like they're just going full-steam-ahead in the Ins department which has always been PRs weakest offering by a long shot.
>> No. 54789 ID: 0cb322
Right. What this team fails to grasp time and again is to be a "game", any sort of game, be it a sport, boardgame, pnp, etc. there has to be a rule set that makes sense and you have to streamline realism and challenge with gameplay.

When you ramp up the complexity, you also ramp up the tediousness of gameplay and the learning curve. Essentially these guys have worked themselves into a corner, and are trying to sell Axis and Allies to RISK players, or Settlers of Catan is to Monopoly players(ie the CoD and Battlefield crowd).

Add in their limited abilities of the team and their refusal to address core brainstorming problems with the game and rules, like Insurgency mode, the game gets in the way of the game itself.

It's like when I would try and play Axis and Allies with my old group of friends and stuff; everyone would be on their cellphone and not paying attention, some guys would take forever and so on, insist they knew the rules then tried to do things that were against the rules, and after 3 hours we'd made one complete round of turns.
>> No. 58668 ID: 3bc818
File 147579244249.jpg - (82.38KB , 1199x800 , Best squad.jpg )
Any of you fucks still playing this?
>> No. 58669 ID: 369bd6
I still have it installed and play infrequently. Mostly a factor of time and a faulty microphone.
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