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No. 52609 ID: cb5ffa
  So I redownloaded Doom and installed Demonsteele, Brutal Doom, and Project MSX and I'm McFucking lovin it. Give me all your doom .wads, your crazy, your difficult, and your stupid. Just gimme em.
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>> No. 52610 ID: cb5ffa
  Demonsteele is pretty fun to be honest, just got to get used to the combat style.
>> No. 52612 ID: cd4a7e

>> No. 52615 ID: 1bddb7
  Trailblazer, by the author of Russian Overkill, is pretty fun.

The wad used in the video is Hellbound, which is one of the better ones I've played recently. Very fun on both normal or with Trailblazer

Wrath of Cronos is good for Hexen/Heretic.
>> No. 52617 ID: a618c9
I recommend playing Epic 2 in conjunction with Nazis, for an Indiana Jones-y feeling game.

Epic is a map pack set primarily in Egypt while Nazis replaces the enemies with WWII German soldiers and all of the weapons with '40s era guns.

>> No. 52715 ID: d5a47d
I'll second this. That's a good pairing for mod+maps

Found this over at fullchan. It's a 'total conversion' type deal called Grezzo 2, made by italians and mostly deals with satirizing italian celebrities and political figures, but it's fucking hilarious. These are the download links I got from anon, it works fine.

>> No. 52716 ID: f3e2a5
What really surprises me is that nobody has tried to make their own retro-FPS.

Imagine a standalone Brutal Doom with HD 2D graphics, smooth animations, etc
>> No. 52717 ID: 668c44
File 142232526390.png - (1.24MB , 1278x716 , 3_0.png )
>> No. 52718 ID: d5a47d
I played this one a while ago and it was pretty good. If TIGdb was up right now I'd go looking for the other couple of sprite FPS indie games I've played over the years. Some were lower resolution, some were more atmospheric than action-oriented, but there's a fair number out there.
>> No. 52847 ID: 1bddb7
  There's also Wrack but I can't comment as to it's quality.
>> No. 53242 ID: 6c2f78
  One weapons-and-monsters mod I've found kinda fun to play recently is "Shut Up and Bleed", which is simply described as "Doomguy's boots get filled by a wuss. Can he take the heat?"

All the monsters are traded out, and all the weapons are exchanged; there's a reload system in play. For a benchmark of how the new weaponry compares to the old, one magazine of the Calico (100 rounds) usually purges a small crowd (<5-10) of the imp replacements.

The most annoying thing in the mod is that every weapon shakes. It makes sense in-context, and it's not dramatic enough to distract your attention when doing something else, but it's there.

(Note: It doesn't change the levels and music. I don't know what the videomaker loaded to do that.)

>> No. 53270 ID: ac904b

"Oh God. This can't be happening!"

>Slices the pie and mozambiques an imp

"Is this hell on earth? How do I escape from this nightmare?"

>Brrrts a hallway full of demons with ruthless efficiency

The lines follow one after another too quickly and there's too few of them. Neat concept but I think I'd find it annoying
>> No. 53271 ID: 095a2b
Looks cool but the dialogue is irritating, it keeps repeating the same lines. And the ruthless efficiency of the killing doesn't match up with the fearful dialogue. But still, looks great to whoever made this, nicely done!
>> No. 53296 ID: 22d4c0
In the comments, the guy said they were key-bound custom taunts, so I'd assume they won't just repeat automatically.
>> No. 53306 ID: 630f2b
Correct. I just ignore the key in question (I have no idea why taunting, in this context, would be useful.) and go through, trying to survive.

Expect ammo issues early on; there are a good number of weapons with distinct ammo types. On the other hand, every monster in here drops ammo, from what I've seen.
>> No. 57478 ID: a42a3f
File 145589823317.jpg - (452.79KB , 600x657 , 2342320.jpg )



can someone tell me how I set up a coop-game with this?
>> No. 57484 ID: 6d6cb1
>> No. 57510 ID: 1707c2
File 145643895690.png - (244.75KB , 500x313 , 253423240.png )
Doom-Veterans, help pls!

>need to find submod that lets bulletholes glow
>only need that submod

>what mappack is that?

>need more from this Author

>fucking hate it when people don't put their mods in the description!
>> No. 57511 ID: 8a51c8
File 145648847018.png - (78.32KB , 1024x768 , circus2.png )
is there a total conversion of Doom into System Shock 2 somewhere?

because these are clearly SS2-enemy-voices:

>> No. 57583 ID: 773157
  moon doom is pretty fun
>> No. 57613 ID: 254d85
  john carmack strangles a man
>> No. 57616 ID: 6d6cb1
File 145819333262.jpg - (22.56KB , 400x275 , How-Bad-Do-You-Want-It.jpg )
>> No. 57742 ID: 254d85
Anybody else play the Do4m multi beta?

Feels like somebody took a modern Halo/COD arena shooter and tried to make it more like Quake 3, again the key word is tried because it really just feels like Halo with a mod.

Also it's pretty obviously been developed console-first.
>> No. 57761 ID: 254d85
File 145997574980.png - (228.28KB , 500x394 , IRizutA.png )
>Each DLC pack will cost $14.99/£11.99/€14.99. A season pass will also be available for $39.99/£29.99/€39.99. The first premium DLC pack are as follows:

>Three new maps
>One new weapon
>One new playable demon
>One new armour set
>One new piece of equipment
>New hack modules and taunts
>New customization colours and patterns

straight into the trash.
>> No. 57762 ID: 53e7c0
Looks like people are finally figuring Bethesda out.
>> No. 57765 ID: 90a126
File 145998873893.jpg - (92.49KB , 750x450 , DOOM_movie.jpg )
With the exception of shit like fucking Horse Armor most Beth DLC isn't too terrible. Even if its minor shit like Hearthfire its usually only like 5 bones and adds some shit to the base game.

This shit and on MY fucking game is straight up EA level bullcrap, multiplayer only pinkyshit paid skins and shit that probably should have been included with the damn game.

I swear to fucking christ the more I hear about this game the less I want anything to do with it. I mean I loved every single fucking Doom game before this with the exception of BFG edition. The original Dooms are still fantastic. Doom 3 is fucking perfect for modern big screen monitors and surround sound (still the best horror game ever, but then its the only horror game that doesn't make you fight the fucking controls or some other gimmicky bullshit). Even the console ports were pretty fucking good. I got Super Doom and Doom 64 and am still looking for the Praystation and GBA versions. I mean I even got the comic and movie though think the comic is far, FAR superior.

But Doom 4 or whatever, just kinda seems.....meh. From all the bullshit in getting it made to its fucking quasi Xbox One style name to this bullshit. It might be fun but I dunno, the passion I should be having for it considering I'm a goddamn Marine on goddamn Mars needing to play games about myself because I'm just that goddamn vain is not there. Its fucking Battlefront all fucking over again.

I still want Rage 2. Beth needs to cancel this bullshit and do that.
>> No. 57766 ID: 254d85
Rage could best be summed up as a game with some really good gunplay, and tons of wasted potential for everything else. With some Far Cry/Shadows of Mordor style open-world elements and a actual plot it could have ended up being a serious competitor against Fallout, so I have no dobut Beth/Zenimax killed Rage 2 because of that.
>> No. 57770 ID: 90a126
File 146002665140.jpg - (62.10KB , 590x405 , Doom+cena+not+mine+but+yall+don+t+care+regardless_.jpg )
Pretty much exactly as you said, it had alot of potential. Good gameplay, good background story, excellent environments at times, and okay characters. Just the plot itself was paper thin, the ending was terrible, and alot of the driving areas were really freaking bad. Plus it ran like crap on the systems of the day.

With a bit of refinement it could be a truly excellent game. It was already fun as fuck but needs a bit more polish to make a bit less mindless.

I think like Prey 2, Rage 2 is probably not going to happen either for quite awhile if ever.
>> No. 57787 ID: cfaec1
Has anyone done doom mods but with different topics?

Like dinosaur hunting, or ARMA, or TF-2 themed stuff.
>> No. 57818 ID: 5d583f

There was this game called Turok in the 90's
>> No. 57820 ID: 254d85
Check out Pirate Doom. I found it a couple weeks ago and it's pretty great.

There's Hexen and Heretic if you want swords and sorcery. And Strife was a really early prototype of components that would eventually show up in games like Deus Ex. But generally it seems like back then total conversions ended up being released as commercial software instead. (I remember reading there was great bitching when Evilution went commercial hours before release)

There was a survival horror themed WAD called Cold as Hell released years ago but I heard it doesn't work with modern source ports due to bugs? There was a open-world survival TC that released some screenshots last year, but I forget what it's called or if it's still being worked on.

The Build engine (Blood, Duke3D, Shadow Warrior) also had NAM and WW2 GI, which were terrible.
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