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File 142286316691.jpg - (15.81KB , 251x251 , Untitled.jpg )
52907 No. 52907 ID: f8ad02
The mumble server has been handed off to me, again.

25 slots
Servername: Secure Communications Satellite
Server Address: bilskirnir.mumble.com
Port: 6572
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>> No. 52912 ID: c3e6b2
Sticky Request: GRANTED
>> No. 52916 ID: 81f2d5
File 142289834088.png - (16.00KB , 197x35 , wow.png )
I would definitely recommend Big Gay Mango's House of Tough Love and High-Fructose Corn Syrup to anyone looking to have a good time with friends. Discussion topics range from the market value of injected marijuana to the military coup in Switzerland, and they even sometimes play video games! The best part: They're open 24 hours a day! You'd be missing out if you didn't give this great hangout a chance.
>> No. 52924 ID: 35d70d
ill join you guys
>> No. 52938 ID: f8ad02
Another glowing review from a Sa-tis-fied™ Customer
>> No. 52945 ID: 30f40a
File 142293953945.jpg - (62.68KB , 600x600 , 1380072032978.jpg )
rate bork / 10

meatball good many balls

>> No. 52951 ID: ec8a73
File 14229418131.jpg - (39.70KB , 600x376 , 1520931-take_my_money_super.jpg )
I give this mumble a cool/yes. Would mumble again.
>> No. 53019 ID: 06410c
File 142311923671.jpg - (7.97KB , 172x161 , 1423118326365.jpg )
The new mumble is pretty good. I haven't seen any skellingtons in there yet so I remain unspooked.

Unlike the old one, fucking skeletals in every channel.

Fuck you skullertons.

Fuck you.
>> No. 53620 ID: ce43c5
File 142560747734.jpg - (37.80KB , 640x640 , Allison.jpg )
This mouth full of marbles server is equally pleasing to the eye and the ear. Mockery of vehicular retardation, coordination of strategic and tactical level military and fiscal operations... good times and a bottle of pills.
>> No. 58121 ID: dea436
Nah, I know what you're up to you shifty fleshless bastards
>> No. 58375 ID: c1c101
File 146894274659.jpg - (391.57KB , 1280x1024 , brotherhood_of_nod_logo_cnc3_by_ninjamoves.jpg )
Server is currently under Brotherhood control, as Mango and most of the other regulars have moved on to another VOIP service.

Server remains open to Opchanners to use as they please. If you catch me on and would like a channel dedicated to something in particular, let me know and I will do my best to oblige.

Pretty new at the running-a-mumble-server stuff, but making channels is easy at least.
>> No. 58611 ID: bc78c2
File 147363921729.png - (13.82KB , 300x300 , unnamed.png )
>> No. 58743 ID: 98ca90
Mumble server is lapsing here in a day or two. Jack Burton and I are the only ones who ever use it and I can set up a dischord for free, so I've elected not to renew it.
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