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File 14294323069.jpg - (48.44KB , 422x600 , a5c0317defe12c6ed15873fa1d60209f_thumbnail_jpeg.jpg )
54286 No. 54286 ID: ef6ae2
Alright well I'm late to the party on this, but who else plays this?

I cannot for the life of me figure out how to even start. So far I've stumbled through 3 of the towns and only been able to find 2 missions, the one in Ciudad de Oro (which isn't even on the map) and the Top Secret one in the military base which is border line impossible to do ATM since I only have a shitty pistol. There doesn't seem to be any walkthroughs or beginner guides on the internet. What the dick do I do? Also I'm broke as fuck from paying bartenders for leads to people that don't even appear in town anywhere. This is using the BSM mod.
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>> No. 54293 ID: df12a0
>I'm broke as fuck from paying bartenders for leads to people that don't even appear in town anywhere

>PBE: The Game
>> No. 54296 ID: 536bff
Go to Santa Maria. There you can find your guide as a drunkard in the bar. Talk to him, complete his quest and acquire companion plus car. Now you need to look for your backpack, which contains a nice stack of cash and most likely a submachinegun. If you don't want to bother with following the bread crumbs looking for the goddamn thing you can go straight to Sagrada, upon approaching the police station Paquito will utter something like "me no like this place puto" and if you get in and talk to the officer you will get what you're looking for. This will also open up Paquito's quest line, which allows you to stay neutral to both government and the rebels while slotting floppies and acquiring high end gear soon in the game.

Pay attention to dialogue and save often bro. Like, different save files, many of them.
>> No. 54297 ID: 536bff
Forgot to mention that this is only pertinent to the Blue Sun Mod in case anyone else is reading, this quest is completely absent in the base game.
>> No. 54298 ID: ef6ae2
File 14295793491.jpg - (768.46KB , 2854x2134 , pDqTo3E.jpg )
Thanks a bunch. I already got that drunk a-hole but I didn't know about the car or gear.

I got another quest too to go kill a rebel leader in that NW city (forgot the name, it's the one that got raped by a hurricane). Is the guy I'm supposed to kill the one holed up in the police station with 4-5 other goons? I lit that place up last night and the locals started attacking me which made me think it was the wrong place/guy.
>> No. 54299 ID: ef6ae2
NE city*
Fuck me I need to proofread
>> No. 54304 ID: ef6ae2
File 142959458919.jpg - (681.49KB , 960x1280 , 142247564786.jpg )
Disregard that, I found the guy and dog tags. This game has a nutty learning curve.
>> No. 54305 ID: ef6ae2
File XoSMXRi.webm - (227.65KB )
Still haven't found the backpack though. Does the guide have it?
>> No. 54307 ID: 7744ef
The officer behind the desk in Sagrada's police station is Paquito's cousin and will give you the backpack and everything, plus quests. If I recall correctly, due to a bug or shitty design choice, you need to select the correct dialogue line when Paquito feels uneasy around the police station, or else the entire quest line will be absent from the game. Try going back to Sagrada and to the police station. If Paquito says jack shit and the guy inside won't talk to you, you're much better off starting the game over again.
>> No. 54350 ID: ef6ae2
File 142975618396.png - (1.00MB , 724x1596 , wnnGEg4.png )
Paquito talked to him fine and all, I just never got it for whatever reason. NBD though, I'm not pressed for weapons or anything anymore since I made it to El Vertigo and found the Vector SMG. I have to say it is pretty refreshing playing a game where SMGs actually have an effective range longer than rock throwing distance.

Last stupid question: Is there an easy way to highlight searchable containers? Or is the only way to find searchable stuff to mouse over every ****ing dumpster and object in the game?
>> No. 54357 ID: ef6ae2
File 142977199187.jpg - (79.28KB , 1137x640 , BrYtdH1.jpg )
Also do the cops/prison guards/etc ever help out? I find it really bizarre that a prison would be attacked by like 8 smugglers and the guards just stand around doing nothing while being shot at.
>> No. 54361 ID: 7744ef
>Paquito talked to him fine and all, I just never got it for whatever reason.

Hah, it might be that you had no room in the inventory and it got thrown on the ground or something. Or perhaps you didn't choose the right dialogue option earlier and he "forgot" all about the backpack. No clue at this point.

>is the only way to find searchable stuff to mouse over every ****ing dumpster and object in the game?
Precisely. In the base game you would be able to find some really good starting items, so it was both a device to reward "exploration" and a quicker way to start a new playthrough. In BSM not so much.

Depends on the mission, but usually you will be alone against the horde. Having two AI factions fight it out can lag the game quite a bit for some reason.
>> No. 54374 ID: ef6ae2
File 142984262994.jpg - (85.80KB , 960x933 , rP8OjGL.jpg )
Awesome, thanks a bunch

Final 2 stupid questions I mean it this time
What's the earliest I can buy decent rifles (like M16s or whatever)? I've got about 8 hours of playtime now and so far the only merchants I've found still only sell pistols, SMGs, and some low tier shotguns.

Also is there a map online somewhere? I'm trying to find where Cali-Cantinos (spelling?) is
>> No. 54384 ID: d11521
Being able to do custom loads in shotties and revolvers when?

Blue Sun Mod becoming balanced fucking when? Like seriously, it has a metric fuckton of bad aspects but the one that bothers me the most is that balance in it is basically inexistent. Other than the fact that some weapons practically never show up such as the Obrez, and the usual vidya shit where gear is "in tiers" and higher tier stuff never shows up early on, even if it would be perfectly reasonable for marauders to have ARs and so on.
>> No. 54386 ID: 6f5909
To get better weapons you have to kill lots of bad dudes. Basically shops' selection is tied to your "threat level" which raises every few dozen kills. Then again the shops in Cali Cantinos generally have the best gear. Bottom right corner of the map. No clue about an external map, get exploring nigga.

Oh, and turn the camera by holding RMB and dragging instead of MMB, it works so much better. Took me HOURS to figure that one out.
>> No. 54387 ID: 6f5909
Silvergirl's Armory rebalances all weapons other than adding a fuckton more, you should try that.
>> No. 54388 ID: d11521
Does it have the same features as BSM such as additional, horribly written missions, more items, etc? Does it remove weapons from vanilla? And, most importantly, is it even in English? I remember reading about some mods that sounded really cool, but they were only in Russian.
>> No. 54389 ID: 7744ef
Sorry, should have mentioned it's an addon specifically developed for the Blue Sun Mod. Probably requires a fresh game start but maybe not. Check the BSM forums yo.
>> No. 54419 ID: ef6ae2
File 142994484468.jpg - (23.02KB , 552x476 , 138985657540.jpg )
>Day 68
>Just now discover you can scroll the map by grabbing it with the mouse
>> No. 54422 ID: d11521
Alright, I'll check that out.

I seriously hope you're joking.
>> No. 54511 ID: ef6ae2
File 1429598890814.webm - (553.14KB )
I wish I was. I just assumed arrow keys were scroll map but broken by a bug or something.

And good christ the CGL/gun balancing in this game is silly. I'm CGL 5 with some decently skilled mercs now and still the best weapons I can buy are low tier MP5s.
>> No. 54585 ID: d11521
Let's say I want to make some minor mods. Do I need tools or anything like that? I'm playing Silvergirl Armory or whatever, and while the balance changes are nice there is still stupid shit like a C4 charge being as powerful as a TNT charge and weighing almost double the amount, which is fucking stupid. It should be the other way around.

Also clip, clip everywhere.
>> No. 54589 ID: ef6ae2
File 143055445110.jpg - (56.33KB , 710x645 , 7eaxr7Q.jpg )
Holy fuck this game is fun once you get over the learning curve

Sneaking around inna Jingo bunker with supressed Five Sevens, TL with a 10" 416, ATL with a P90, scout with an M14.

I still think limiting guns by CGL is pretty silly but w/e
>> No. 54590 ID: ef6ae2
File 143056038552.jpg - (29.81KB , 500x500 , 1337592071129.jpg )
I need a new car though, this POS ford can't hold anything. Someone care to tell me where to buy the Gaz?
>> No. 54591 ID: d11521
IIRC you don't buy it, it's a quest reward from Willy Krauf.

>hipfiring the SAA is as hilarious as ever
>SVT takes .60S to aim
>no more stupidly high tier stuff in the army base
>> No. 54593 ID: 7744ef
Willi gives you the Ural truck, which is awesome. You can also buy a Willis Jeep from the Con Artist in Santa Maria once you complete a quest for him, not sure which criteria open that up, probably reputation (the coloured number below city icons in the travel screen) and CGL. It's pretty expensive nonetheless.

Not sure if you have noticed yet, OP, but vehicles do take damage, and that carries over between fights. You can inexpensively patch them up by talking to any barman and ask him to keep your vehicle for a few days, then talk again to get it back shiny and new.
>> No. 54612 ID: d11521
File 14307287366.jpg - (745.51KB , 1920x1080 , Immagine.jpg )
>> No. 54613 ID: d11521
File 143072884878.jpg - (529.47KB , 1920x1080 , Immagine.jpg )
What? I wonder if they even bothered with playtesting this thing. As in, the mod.
>> No. 54614 ID: d11521
I noticed something else too, this bullshit doesn't take ammo from boxes, only from loose rounds. Amazing.

>> No. 54615 ID: ef6ae2
Well I failed that Willi mission already lol

I couldn't beat the border gaurds and there was no peaceful option so I just said fuck it and got them arrested.
>> No. 54616 ID: d11521
File 143076905844.jpg - (1.00MB , 1920x1080 , Shot_2015_05_04 21_48_35.jpg )
Do you even loot?
>> No. 54617 ID: b72f40
Ask on the BSM forums, nigger.

I like your style. Selling loose mags is autistic hobo tier though.


Right here, second question, might help you with your car problems. The 10000 + 60000 eldos deal he talks about is Santa Maria's Con Artist's quest.
>> No. 54619 ID: ef6ae2
File 143078511516.gif - (813.70KB , 844x560 , gQwTZHy.gif )
>100 kg

I guess I forgot to ask, what do the red dot sights and Eotechs do? Do they make it slightly quicker to snap shot?
>> No. 54622 ID: d11521
I never ever sell mags or ammo. Or keep loaded mags or weapons with magazines inserted in them in store for that matter.

I guess I forgot to ask, what do the red dot sights and Eotechs do? Do they make it slightly quicker to snap shot?
That I don't know myself either, my guess would be that they reduce "aim at spot" time. I don't really bother much with those myself, so.
>> No. 54624 ID: d11521
File 143082086316.jpg - (829.95KB , 1920x1080 , Shot_2015_05_05 12_05_49.jpg )
For the newbies out there, looting 101:

1. Go near the rebel camp, wait for one of their units to go out on a sortie.
2. Follow them. You can do so by left clicking on their icon on the map, the point should assume the shape of four red arrows. Not that they when the rebel symbol disappears they actually entered a city instead of just bypassing it.
3. Wait for them to engage with the police. Don't get involved in the firefight unless you already picked a side in the main quest.

And it doesn't matter who wins, as long as you don't get involved yourself. What matters is that you get free gear.
>> No. 54625 ID: d11521
File 143082158833.jpg - (862.24KB , 1920x1080 , Shot_2015_05_05 12_06_24.jpg )
Not pictured: some 7.62 Tokarev rounds, some 7.62x54, the MG34's magazines, the car's trunk which is filled with spent bulletproof vests and belts with holsters, which make decent dosh.

Protip #1: clean weapons before selling them. You can do it even with ones that are in storage as long as the cleaning kit is on you before you access the crate, the Barmen's safe or whatever. Why would you do that? Because dirty guns sell for less.
Protip #2: travel with your backpack in your hands, that way you can drop it without spending time. And you'd normally wouldn't want to carry around a backpack that weighs 30 fucking kilograms in a firefight.
Protip #3: if you have a shitty car you won't be able to lug around all the loot. Which is bad if the fight took place in an area that doesn't have a bar. If that happens you can drop it into one of the crates that you can find lying around in some cities/area. If it's in an area like the sticks you're fucked unless you have plenty of people in your team and two backpacks for each of them.
>> No. 54626 ID: 7744ef
You can snapshoot with greater accuracy, that I'm sure of. Apply red dot, right click the gun and select info. From there you can attach\detach addons by dragging them and see their effect, and compare effects on the graph.

The greater the weight of the gun, the faster your merc will get tired aiming it for extended periods of time, or moving around with it at the ready.

Something less obvious is the balance stat. IIRC, the greater the value, the more weight is on the stock. This will give you better single shot accuracy. Lower values will shift weight towards the barrel, giving you better full auto accuracy.
>> No. 54640 ID: d11521
>Something less obvious is the balance stat. IIRC, the greater the value, the more weight is on the stock. This will give you better single shot accuracy. Lower values will shift weight towards the barrel, giving you better full auto accuracy.
Really? I always thought it was best if balance was as close to 50 as possible, because of shorter aim time and such.
>> No. 54648 ID: d11521
File 143093530699.jpg - (1.08MB , 1920x1080 , Shot_2015_05_06 20_00_49.jpg )
>having to quicksave every fucking 5 seconds because the game keeps crashing all the time while I try to refill magazines
I don't know what to say. On one hand, I definitely didn't miss this kind of shit. On the other hand, it wouldn't be the true 7.62 experience if there weren't bugs popping up all the damn time.
>> No. 54649 ID: d11521
I think I understood what causes the graphic glitch when reloading mags: having large ammo boxes in your inventory. Large amounts of loose rounds are fine. Big ammo boxes cause the ammo types in the reload menu to disappear.
>> No. 54674 ID: ef6ae2
File 143114084410.png - (9.69KB , 384x529 , 1374068883938.png )
Stupid question time, how do you rotate which direction land mines (M18 claymore in particular) face? I blow at Google and every attempt to place them they always point east.

>that satisfying feel when you drop 2 blocks of C4 right in an enemy spawn and send them sky high when they show up

Also goddam the Mk2 HE grenades are fun :D
>> No. 54686 ID: 7744ef
I never figured that out myself. Seeing as the game is a buggy and unfinished piece of shit, I'm just going to assume the option was never really put in the game.
>> No. 54692 ID: ef6ae2
I'd fucking laugh if that were true, and the more I play it the more likely it seems.
>> No. 54720 ID: ef6ae2
File 142959889014.webm - (214.79KB )
Is there any way to access vehicle contents/the trunk during combat situations?

I got into a huge fight in Ciudad de Oro the other day, ran out of C4, and the rest of it was locked in my Gaz fffuuu
>> No. 54734 ID: 6bf08f
There sure is:
1. get two backpacks per character, put the second one in the hands slot, put ammo and shit there
2. press D as soon as the fight starts
3. profit!
>> No. 54738 ID: 439147
No. Infuriating, isn't it.

You guys feel free to post screenshots, after action reports and whatnot, I enjoy that shit. :3
>> No. 54742 ID: ef6ae2
File 14316762048.png - (1.98MB , 1920x1080 , E6_2015_05_09_02_37_40_844.png )
I turned the bar in Ciudad de Oro into a morgue :D
>> No. 54743 ID: ef6ae2
File 143167629247.png - (1.77MB , 1920x1080 , E6_2015_05_10_01_40_42_481.png )
Slightly less amusing is when a pack of baddies gets stuck in a fucking shipping container and you spend an hour trying to glitch into it to kill them.

That's the main reason I was asking about the trunk, I was going to try blasting them out with C4.
>> No. 54744 ID: 7744ef

When an enemy glitched inside a closed off house through a telephone booth (reminiscent of The Matrix, I know) I positioned one of my guys as close to the wall as possible and used the manual fire command on the opposite side to blast through the whole building with a shotgun. At one point the faggot died and flew out of the booth flaying all his limbs, it was hilarious.
>> No. 54745 ID: 6bf08f
File 143174250939.jpg - (1.01MB , 1920x1080 , Shot_2015_05_16 04_12_49.jpg )
First time I get ambushed in this playthrough. Had to leave behind some of those cunts' stuff behind since my car is pretty shit and I can't have 3 backpacks on me at the same time. And no, I didn't get wounded that badly in this firefight. In fact I think the only injuries I got were caused by one of their grenades' fragments which hit my helmet or something. God bless crouching. And silencers. And night, I guess.
>> No. 54746 ID: 6bf08f
File 143174277970.jpg - (0.99MB , 1920x1080 , Shot_2015_05_16 04_13_07.jpg )
Also damn is that .45ACP AR nice. I don't think I'll be dropping it anytime soon, at last until I come across a 5.56 AR that can take a silencer.

>20 round magazines only take one slot
>fairly light, accurate enough
>those murrikan cunts' AP ammo
>> No. 54750 ID: 6bf08f
File 143191110188.jpg - (598.45KB , 1920x1080 , hv_Shot_2015_05_18 01_42_51.jpg )
This is the second time I'm seeing one of these in vidya.
>> No. 54753 ID: 8f1318
File 143199155092.jpg - (204.08KB , 1024x681 , Carabinieri.jpg )
I see them all the time when Carabinieri set up checkpoints around. :3

Also damn, those gun descriptions are lengthy.
>> No. 54754 ID: e4a35a
It's been a while since the last time I saw one of their checkpoints and at least around these parts they seem to be more fond of the SC70/90 more than anything else.

>Also damn, those gun descriptions are lengthy.
I wonder where they got them from besides lolwikipedia. And I'm pretty sure the V in the VP70 stands for Vollautomatische, not Volks. But I digress.
>> No. 54756 ID: 6de826
Did you guys know that you can throw back grenades?
>> No. 54757 ID: 6de826
File 143210998370.jpg - (557.49KB , 1920x1080 , hv_Shot_2015_05_20 07_02_32.jpg )
Oh and pic: the AI doesn't seem to have good eyesight at night.
>> No. 54758 ID: 7744ef
That's why NVGs are so fun.
>> No. 54761 ID: 7934bd
Even Wikipedia isn't sure about it. The English one says Volkspistole, the German one says that it's officially called Vollautomatische Pistole and colloquially called Volkspistole. I'd say it stands for Volkspistole though, as the semi-auto only civilian version is still called VP70(Z).
>> No. 54776 ID: 6de826
File 143243696620.jpg - (561.79KB , 1920x1080 , hv_Shot_2015_05_21 05_56_19.jpg )
Cute. I wonder if the AR-70/90 also managed to get in. I already saw the HK G41 in Willy Krauf's hands too.

On an unrelated note:

1. I'm pretty sure I missed the convoy mission. The one where you're supposed to save the base trader. Am I fucked?

2. Can somebody suggest me what to do with all that shitty M882 9mm ammo you can hoard from shootouts? A 100 rounds stack sells for a pathetic amount of cash, being 5 eldo, maybe even less. Even if I were to use a 9mm firearm as a main I'd rather just alternate between AP russian stuff and HP than firing that shit. AS of now all it's good for is cluttering up the safes at the bars. And yes, I also happen to have a few UMP9s and 100 rounds 9mm mags.

3. What the fuck happened to Obrezs?
>> No. 54779 ID: ef6ae2
File 143253959896.png - (381.29KB , 400x485 , 133919433540.png )
>Alfa Romeo police car

"Hi 911 can you send the police?"
"Sorry, all of our water pumps and spark plugs are broken"

Can you pay to train mercs somehow? Grinding skills by using them takes ages esp for the less often used ones.

Also do you guys hire mercs full time? The cost for them seems ridiculous, esp if your income is only like 400 eldo a day.
>> No. 54780 ID: 6de826
>Can you pay to train mercs somehow?
Only your character, only as you level up.

>Also do you guys hire mercs full time?
Why would you do that. Paquito and Kelly are perfectly fine for early game, even more so in SilverGirl's Armory, and if you play that Benicia is good too. You can get stupidly good AND free mercs in the BSM campaign. Also your character can become a beast early on if you play boot camp, HPW (beware the last stages are broken, as in glitchy and prone to crashing, to the point of being unplayable) and Evolution of Weapons. The most important stat is experience by far anyways (unless you're some kind of faggot that plays with low adrenaline on), then accuracy. Having at least 40 throwing is rather nice too, high reaction and decent stealth and gunfighting(better hipfire/snapshots) is rather nice as well, same for intelligence.

Also nice maymays.

Also also fuck the AI and fuck its tendency of throwing grenades often and with pinpoint accuracy.
>> No. 54792 ID: ef6ae2
File 14328624063.jpg - (22.16KB , 640x392 , 640x392_58071_184603.jpg )
>Also also fuck the AI and fuck its tendency of throwing grenades often and with pinpoint accuracy.

Funny you mention that, I've had several instances of the AI trying to throw grenades and having them bounce off a tree back into the group of baddies. So far the record TK I've seen them do is 6.
>> No. 54795 ID: ef6ae2
File 143287433582.jpg - (25.79KB , 630x357 , 453bd13b64c48.jpg )
How does wear in this game work? Do things function as normal to 100% wear, or is there a gradual decline?
>> No. 54797 ID: 6de826
What are your AI's settings?

I'm pretty sure the more worn out a weapon is the more often they jam, at the very least. Body armor just provides less protection the more worn it is.
>> No. 54798 ID: f2400b

It feels like wear and dirt go towards just how often it jams. I haven't noticed anything else except, I guess, sale price.
>> No. 54813 ID: 7744ef
>It feels like wear and dirt go towards just how often it jams.
Yep, that's how it is. Probably has something to do with accuracy as well, but it's likely minor. Weapons between 0 and 10% wear should be good to go, take it any further and jamming becomes an annoyance.
>> No. 54817 ID: 6de826
This isn't always true though, some weapons are much more prone to jamming than others. In my experience SMGs tend to jam all the goddamn time, while things like the SR25 are surprisingly reliable. Like, I fired more than 60 rounds with it, its dirt level was at more than 50%, and it only jammed three times.
>> No. 54824 ID: ef6ae2
File 143303755389.jpg - (27.45KB , 635x357 , 137861659418.jpg )
Maybe it's related to the durability rating? That would explain some of the bizarre shit like SR-25s and stuff being less jammable than some of the AKs (LOL)

I love this game but I don't think I've ever played anything with such poor documentation of how it works.
>> No. 54826 ID: 6de826
>it's likely minor
The more I play this shit the more I'm sure that it's not "minor" at all. Said SR25 is 32% worn and it's much less accurate than a 2% worn M16A1. Too bad you can't repair weapons in the mini campaigns.
>> No. 55013 ID: ef6ae2
File 143398400173.jpg - (170.78KB , 600x600 , 1404136337347.jpg )
Re: That Jingo peace treaty mission

I fled the fuck out of there because LOLWHOCARES, and I figured I could come back after restocking on weapons, but the location disappeared off the map. Is that mission totally broken now?

Google failed me
>> No. 55329 ID: 7333de
is there a way to quickly buy from shops? dragging and dropping items from store to inventory one at a time takes too damn long
>> No. 57532 ID: 0bab2c
I was about to make a new thread, but I found this one so I'll just ask here: does BSM or Silvergirl's have the Obrez? Also, how is Hard Life?
>> No. 57535 ID: def098
File 145689141470.jpg - (351.42KB , 1920x1080 , 306290_screenshots_2016-03-01_00001.jpg )
>does BSM or Silvergirl's have the Obrez?
Pretty sure they both have it, it's a vanilla weapon after all.

>Also, how is Hard Life?
Hard, cryptic, poorly translated (but perfectly understandable most of the time). Allows you to do stealth melee kills quite easily, which is great. It's very different, has a well fleshed out survival component (your character needs to eat and drink, you can fish and cook food for example). Overall I enjoy it, but I can only recommend it if you have beaten the game at least a couple times.
>> No. 57537 ID: 0bab2c
>Pretty sure they both have it, it's a vanilla weapon after all.
I'm asking because I've been pretty far down the storyline in both BSM and SGA and never saw it outside of the cheat menu, while in vanilla it was among the first non-pistol weapons you could get.

Also Hard Life sounds nice, except for the "poorly translated" part. Does it modify how the AI behaves? Can bullets go through bodies?
>> No. 57566 ID: 7744ef
File 145704161615.jpg - (402.90KB , 1920x1080 , 306290_screenshots_2016-02-29_00001.jpg )
>Can bullets go through bodies?
Sadly no.

>Does it modify how the AI behaves?
Not really, but very often you will find yourself with non controllable AI companions.

For example, by doing missions for the Rebels you will soon be entrusted with a rebel squad. You can give them general orders through dialogue while in combat, for example "spread out", "form up on me", "hold position" and so on.

Or in another case you will find yourself arming peasants with old ass Winchester rifles to resist a horde of bandits who raid the village. Gave me an epic Western vibe, easily one of the best quests I've played in a game.

Features are too many to list, but for example you can make a stash to save any weapons that are left on the ground after a fight. Your vehicle will break down periodically and you can fix it yourself if you have decent mechanic skils, tools and spare parts, you can push it to the nearest city or leave it in the jungle.
>> No. 57568 ID: 25e598
>Sadly no.
Too bad, that's one of the aspects of 7.62 that I really can't get over.

>For example, by doing missions for the Rebels you will soon be entrusted with a rebel squad. You can give them general orders through dialogue while in combat, for example "spread out", "form up on me", "hold position" and so on.
I hope the friendly AI doesn't become hostile because of not-so-near misses like in vanilla/BSM.

>for example you can make a stash to save any weapons that are left on the ground after a fight. Your vehicle will break down periodically and you can fix it yourself if you have decent mechanic skils, tools and spare parts, you can push it to the nearest city or leave it in the jungle.
That sounds fucking amazing.
>> No. 57595 ID: 7744ef
File 145782900527.jpg - (217.60KB , 1366x768 , 20160312221132_1.jpg )
>I hope the friendly AI doesn't become hostile because of not-so-near misses like in vanilla/BSM.
You literally have to kill a couple of them before they turn on you, I'm happy the mod creators aren't idiots.

Fixed up a beaten GAZ-69, been running contraband between Algeira and Palinero with a fake military ID and making mad dosh. Currently hoarding confidential information from bartenders and illegally distilled alcohol. Prohibition fuck yeah.

Apparently there are various stages of breakage for vehicles.

Minor malfunction: easily fixable with or without basic parts, if your mechanic skill is high enough to detect them.

Serious malfunction: Happens when you ignore the warning signs, requires spare parts and takes longer to fix.

Major malfunction: Push it to the nearest city and hope there's somebody who will fix it.

Pic is mah toolbox and its contents. Having it along with the specific maintenance manual for the vehicle will raise your mechanic skill while checking or fixing your car. The GAZ I've got is a piece of shit, it keeps having problems every 200km or so even after I've had the Santa Maria guy run a full checkup on it. I'll probably bite the bullet and buy the completely overhauled Willis from the rebels, gah.
>> No. 57596 ID: 7744ef
File 145782914848.jpg - (228.06KB , 1366x768 , 20160312221145_1.jpg )
Some of the wares I'm pushing, along with the empty water bottle I poured into the boiling radiator.
>> No. 57597 ID: 7744ef
File 145782942813.jpg - (314.52KB , 1366x768 , 20160313002555_1.jpg )
And for an action shot, me dumping several 600 round BB magazines into this guy's back hoping it will raise my hipshooting skill. It doesn't work very well. :(
>> No. 57598 ID: 7744ef
Oh and I forgot to add, with some tools you can build sandbags and barbed wire emplacements!
>> No. 57609 ID: 7744ef
File 145798368733.jpg - (358.05KB , 1366x768 , 20160314193208_1.jpg )
Integrally suppressed AK carbine: 3562 eldo
JHP AK rounds: stolen from bandits
Finding the native guerrilla you shot in the leg a minute earlier, passed out and bleeding after crawling some 15 meters towards the level exit: Priceless
>> No. 57666 ID: 456a85
File 145877192885.jpg - (373.67KB , 1920x1080 , 20160324002303_1.jpg )
>try out the hard life mod
>first "real" mission
hoo boy
>> No. 58210 ID: 2ce51f
I have two questions about the Hard Life configurator: How do the "Max hunger percent" and "Max weapon wear" work exactly?
Does setting "Max hunger percent" to 0% make so that mercs don't suffer from hunger? Does setting "Max weapon wear" to 100% make so that enemies can get weapons that are falling apart?
>> No. 58302 ID: 6c205f
How am I supposed to use the sight adapters like the WR>Mini14 one? I tried dragging it over the weapon, using the toolbox while my character is holding both the weapon and the toolbox, I tried dragging and dropping a random sight on the adapter, none of that seemed to work. Pls help.
>> No. 58303 ID: 6c205f
Nevermind I'm retarded, I just realized I was trying to mount a scope meant for an M24 on a Weaver rail.
>> No. 58304 ID: 6c205f
Alright, I have another question - what are the crafting recipes? The steam forums say that there's a file with all of them in it and yet I can find it. So far I only managed to make tripwires. For example I can't figure how to install fuses on the mortar shells you can buy at the rebels' camp.
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