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File 143004363775.jpg - (436.09KB , 1920x1080 , KxUHaU0[1].jpg )
54467 No. 54467 ID: c60bbc
Some preview videos

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>> No. 57797 ID: c1c101

So...anyone still playing KSP? I'm playing on Career Mode, and fuck I'm having a hard time of it. Build shit that as far as I can tell should be flying straight up gets pulled off at an angle early into the flight, but there shouldn't be any sources of drag to cause that. In a lot of my builds I've resorted to angled fins to stabilize via rotation, but that basically means I'm stuck with a totally vertical first stage, or whenever I'm out of atmo.

Also, goddamn reentry is a BITCH now. Drogue cutes are so far down the line, and because of problem A, my reentries are too vertical.

It's fun to try and problem solve this shit...but damn if it isn't frustrating sometimes.
>> No. 57798 ID: 06a0fb
watch scott manley's videos.


He has tutorials, does a weekly hour+ long stream on twitch, and actually knows orbital mechanics and orbital science calculations.

He also recommends mods like Ferrum Aerospace for better aerodynamics, B9 Aerospace for more parts, Scatterer for better atmospheric renderings.

As far as your stability issues, could be inconsistencies in mods, some formerly massless parts now have mass in post 1.0 release, could be your reaction wheels arent strong enough for your rocket, etc. Aerodynamics arent the greatest either in stock KSP, so a lot of players recommend Ferrum Aerospace, an improved aero calculation system which is coded by a guy who actually studies aero as a profession.
>> No. 57799 ID: e07445
File 146044127893.jpg - (20.29KB , 511x341 , Kgysg.jpg )
Try using a space plane as a first stage and then trying to dock with a refueling station, the fucking package clips through the plane half the time, exploding.
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