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Patches and Stickers for sale here

No. 54543 ID: 885afe
  So I dont know if this is out already or its coming out but...

4 new weapons. One of which is a mares leg. Which is a secondary.
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>> No. 54556 ID: d11521
On a completely unrelated topic: should I get BC2+Vietnam for 14 bucks or I'd better wait until the price goes down a bit more?
>> No. 54560 ID: 885afe
Id pay double that for bc2+vietnam. BC:Vietnam so good.
>> No. 54562 ID: d11521
Oh, I already played a lot of BC2 and 1 on lolconsoles, I was asking that mostly because I don't like the idea of buying a dead MP game. And usually the lower the price is the more populated a game is, at least for a week or two, so.
>> No. 54564 ID: 254d85
There are still a fair number of populated servers. Right now BFBC Stats says there are close to 1500 playing on PC.
>> No. 57767 ID: bb2db6
What dumbass cocksucker at dice came up with the 12gauge frag. Some fucking nigger can just parachute in and snipe people left and right because lol fucking nigger boomstick.

Jesus christ it's even more fucking bullshit when they nerf explosives in general and don't let you collect ammo from supplies for your mortar, your grenade launcher, your grenades. But timmy's little press left click to kill everything in a 10 foot radius can just keep on trucking

Damn right I'm mad.
>> No. 57769 ID: 79b400
Before they nerfed everything in BF3, shortly after it came out, me and my friend would hold off the entire team and protect an area with USAS-12s and frag 12 ammunition. It was OP, but we felt it was fair because were the only ones on our team that would communicate and coordinate in a game where that was important.

I would also counter snipe enemies across the map with the 870 and frag 12s.

I also used Johnny-5 (EOD bot) as a motherfucking offensive tool, I used that fucker like an abused pitbull on meth and PCP. I was scary good at getting behind enemy lines with it and killing people. Then they nerfed that thing too. My favorite moment with the bot was when three enemy bots surrounded me in a corner and killed me. Shit was hilarious.

They ruined everything I loved. It's like my friend used to say, "you would focus on that one thing and get very good at it, then they would take it away and you'd find something else to focus on and become really good at that and they take that away. Rinse and repeat." It's true, while I'm a versatile player, I tend get the most enjoyment when I'm doing one thing with something that it wasn't designed for.

I guess the EOD bot wasn't designed for getting air off a ramp and killing people midair. Didn't stop me. :) Until EA stopped me. :(
>> No. 57771 ID: e07445
File 146007859231.png - (38.76KB , 321x322 , 1412729796060.png )
>using the drone to kill people
>cheezing the game so much that you'd normally get 40+ kills
>> No. 57776 ID: 79b400
Pretty much. My K/D ratio was normally 25-3, 20-10 on bad days. 40-0 on exceptional days.

Then I met SwissGuy perched up on a building on Strike at Karkand and learned I was nothing. Jesus Christ, he gave me PTSD.
>> No. 57778 ID: 629c61
File 146014317586.png - (129.73KB , 476x427 , 50centcmonson.png )
You cant leave us hanging like that. Story time?
>> No. 58058 ID: df12a0

...and then there was the one time I killed SwissGuy, and it took me half the match to do it, and the other half of the game on the run for his vengeful wrath. And he was my only kill of that match, too...
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