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PBE Shield Stickers and Deagle Boltface Patches On Sale Now!

No. 56364 ID: 0a0a1a
  Just FYI, the cold-war to modern day World of Tanks went open beta today, for those of you that are interested. Seems less grindy than War Thunder, also there's a really solid co-op game type as well, instead of just PVP.
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>> No. 56365 ID: 0d5577
It is actually bretty gud. Much better than WoT, arty not annoying at all and MM seems to be better too. Also, I never felt that I'm useless in a game.

I was at tier 4 during closed beta, I hope they didn't wiped.
>> No. 56367 ID: 254d85
It seems like PVE awards pretty much the same amount of XP but less credits. IMO it's pretty nice because you can just go do some easy coop missions until you've got everything upgraded.

The BMP line is fun. Sheridan plays like a missile TD rather than a light tank. Wheeled TDs feel like bottom feeders so far but the AMX-10-90 is great. Leopard line is underwheliming but the T-62 and M60 lines are fun. Haven't played arty but I hear it's actually fun and useful.
>> No. 56368 ID: 0a0a1a
File 144433461431.jpg - (116.84KB , 439x439 , 1443790320048-1.jpg )
I've been having a blast playing AFVs and Recon. Just started into the BMP line.

Add me if you want to squad up, ingame name is kalakukko
>> No. 56369 ID: 0a0a1a
File 144434193421.jpg - (130.45KB , 828x506 , ocdonutsteel.jpg )
I should also note that I'm on the North American server. Hit me up on the mumble if you want to squad up.
>> No. 56370 ID: a34477
Downloading now
>> No. 56371 ID: 2404e6
My IGN is BaronVonBoBo

Feel free to add me. We should make a guild or whatever when one of us has the money.

I was having a blast just smashing through buildings. Albeit the starter merican tank sucks ass.
>> No. 56372 ID: f2400b

They wiped between closed and open, but it's honestly not that hard to get back up to where you were.


The M113, or the M48 Patton?
>> No. 56373 ID: 2404e6

I like its maneuverability/speed, but I dont like its main gun. I feel like even on the back armor of an enemy it takes like 3 days to kill.
>> No. 56374 ID: f2400b

Autocannons were kind of a big issue during the beta because of how quickly they can kill, actually. They've been nerfed heavily though; AC HE doesn't do shit against a lot of things, not even other barely armored cans. The AP can still go through a lot of things from the side, or you can try hitting the commanders hatch on an MBT not paying attention to you.

PVE might just be your solution to skip past it though.
>> No. 56375 ID: 8aafcd
File 144436555148.jpg - (136.43KB , 904x497 , south-park-the-stick-of-truth.jpg )
Imagine my surprise when I heard this is coming from OBSIDIAN ENTERTAINMENT. I was getting all hyped for the game, but when they said the company that mainly cranks out RPGs is doing a vehicular PvP game, I was like "holy shit."
>> No. 56376 ID: a34477
I ended up getting 7 kills in my m113 on my double haha.

Add me ImBobDole, just unlocked my Patton and v-150 and already almost have the v-150 completely pimped out from one battle.

Working on my pt-76 almost done with unlocking the t-54 and M-41
>> No. 56380 ID: 2404e6
I think im done with that tier, havent checked.

However I did enjoy holding a position on a desert map then going "FUCK IT IM CRAZY RAAAA" and balls charging the front lines of the other team. got 3 kills before they finally caught on and wasted me.

I just REALLY dont have the patience in games like this (war thunder, etc) to do the "inch forward fire retreat" thing for 30 minutes.
>> No. 56381 ID: 254d85
It feels like GOTTA GO FAST isn't as punished as in WOT. You're not invulnerable but you also don't die as soon as you're spotted without contributing anything.

My strong independent CAV woman who don't need no ground pounders is now at level 5, all my other commanders are still at level 3.
>> No. 56384 ID: dae2a3
I'm liking it so far and I was afraid that this would've happened.

Also why doesn't progress carry over on both servers, a la WT?
>> No. 56387 ID: 62da2a
I can see from gameplay videos that the gameplay is a straight copy of WoT, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but as someone who has put nearly 5k hours into WoT and pretty much completely burned themselves out with it, is there anything substantial/non-aesthetic (besides the tech timeline) that distinguishes this from its competitor? Most importantly, is the grind as terrible?
>> No. 56389 ID: f2400b

Grind feels significantly better than WoT.

There's PVE content which isn't absolutely trivial 'games design 101' shit.

The mechanics of how guns and armor interact are significantly different, with there being no premium ammunition and every piece of ammo you are given is useful in different situations (HEAT has the highest damage but a lot of things counter its penetration, HEP/HESH has reduced damage compared to normal HE but does module damage even if the damage is heavily reduced, AP has the best penetration but can also overpenetrate, doing less damage)

Carrying on that line, weapons don't have hard set damage-to-caliber values like WoT does/did for a long while. Higher caliber guns will automatically do more damage, yes, but at the same time a 105mm gun has a damage progression as better ammunition types come in over the evolution of a line.

The vehicle classes are significantly more balanced than WoTs are, with MBTs not completely dominating the landscape and allowing for ridiculous 1 vs 15 situations. AFVs and Light Tanks are actually incredibly useful, since guided missiles are an actual thing and light tanks get reasonable guns this time around.

Artillery is NOT skycancer, surprisingly, and getting hit by artillery does not mean you're absofucked because the rounds don't do more damage than a typical tank shell will.
>> No. 56391 ID: 62da2a

How is the balance overall? Any specific/notable under-performers/over-performers to watch out for?

Also, does the in-game GUI offer an "armor viewer" (such as what is offered in War Thunder's client, or through secondary programs for WoT) to find armor strengths of particular areas on vehicles? I can handle the basics fine, but considering a lot of these armor profiles are going to be 99% fictional anyway (considering most of the more modern tanks don't have publicly available armor schematics), it's gonna be a pain in the ass finding all that out with trial and error.

Minor red flag for me: SilentStalker (the rube who ran the FTR blog for WoT) is apparently a "content manager" for this game now. Dude was a whiny douche half the time on FTR, where it seemed like every 3rd post was him raging about some 15 year old saying "sieg heil" in all chat. Hopefully that doesn't negatively impact the game at all, but Obsidian Entertainment is probably in my personal top 3 for current/not dead game developers, so maybe that counteracts it.
>> No. 56392 ID: a34477
Dude just try the game, it is free. I was questioning playing this game but then downloaded it and have played it everyday since. I was completely burned out on WOT and this is a very fresh take on the genre.
>> No. 56393 ID: 62da2a

I am, but with my shit internet that download is about 8 hours of not being able to use anything but email and forums. Sorry for using an imageboard videogame discussion as a way to... discuss a video game.
>> No. 56394 ID: a34477
No one said your discussion was bad or needed to be stopped. I was just giving my endorsement of the game. Sensitive much...
>> No. 56395 ID: f2400b

There isn't a perfect armor viewer, but you can see a rough display and get a quick tally of how effective your armor is against different ammo types. I haven't needed an armor viewer to figure out where I can pen yet, though; the arrow isn't actually a lying piece of shit.

Balance-wise, right now I would say things feel mostly alright. You have the typical whiners going 'omg <X> is overpowered I can't penetrate it', but they're talking about trying to use an autocannon to go through an Abrams' frontal turret armor. There's never really been a situation like most Tier 3 tanks trying to penetrate a KV-1's armor in WoT; a Tier 3 against a Tier 5 is an obvious situation where the Tier 5 has the advantage, but most armor profiles have large weak spots (lower plate on basically any Russian MBT, cupolas on Pattons, etc) that it's not impossible to kill superior tanks, or even hugely difficult. Just numerically they will win in a pure exchange.
>> No. 56403 ID: 62da2a
Finally downloaded it. Really wish this game was called something more distinguishable than "armored warfare"; makes googling for this kind of shit harder when more than half the results aren't for the video game.

For instance, what is the range for the penetration values on the stat cards? At the muzzle, or farther?
>> No. 56404 ID: dae2a3
I read on 4chan that the armor inspector is a planned feature.
>> No. 56410 ID: 38f673
Dropped the dosh for the Lord of War pack.

Holy shit, this game is just fucking leagues better over WoT in terms of grind, mechanics, and balance.

The only thing that kinda peeves me so far is how the Dealer techtrees are set up and how the BMPT appears both as the Terminator at Tier 6 and the Ramka-99 at Tier 8. Talk about lazy.
>> No. 56412 ID: 62da2a
To be honest, this is mostly just a pet peeve, but I'm really not a fan of the way they've made so many statistics into fictional balance characteristics. Take for example shell damage/penetration: two identical shells in this came can be incredibly disparate, e.g. 20mm DM-63 APDS does 22 damage and 63mm of penetration on the M113, but that same shell does 37 damage and 120mm of penetration on the VBL, or 105mm M456A2 HEAT doing 616 damage and 461mm of penetration on the MGS but 368 damage 242mm of penetration on the OF-40.

I know this isn't Steel Beasts or something, but at the point where you're using those things as totally arbitrary balance characteristics, why not just keep HP levels (which are naturally just arbitrary balance characteristics in the first place) comparable across tiers and then keep the shells similar in performance? It makes it really hard to predict how much damage an enemy tank is going to do, or how likely they are to pen, when literally every single shell in this game, even when it's the same shell model fired from the same gun, has different performance.
>> No. 56413 ID: 254d85
The crews of the higher tier vehicles are handloading their ammo to +P or +P+.
>> No. 56414 ID: 8aafcd
>I know this isn't Steel Beasts or something, but at the point where you're using those things as totally arbitrary balance characteristics, why not just keep HP levels (which are naturally just arbitrary balance characteristics in the first place) comparable across tiers and then keep the shells similar in performance?

Because WoT did exactly that and even they eventually decided not to do it anymore when they determined they were wearing an unnecessary straight-jacket to get things more balanced.
>> No. 56417 ID: dae2a3
They just pulled prototypes they never existed out of their asses and gave them equivalent of modern guns instead.
>> No. 56418 ID: 0cb80e
It's an easy way to give a sense of progression and because people want to feel like their time spent grinding has earned them something.
>> No. 56419 ID: 38f673
Admittedly, WoT would have been entirely fucking boring without some exotic looking tanks to supplement the real ones. Paper-prototypes that actually look believable like the E-series are fine in my book. They're just refined Panthers and King Tigers with at least the E-100 having a chassis actually being built. It's only the fucking Waffeen series with their fucking absurd gun performances that grinded my gears.
>> No. 56422 ID: 667a5a
Where do I get this?
>> No. 56423 ID: 62da2a


Been quite a while since I've ever felt compelled to use this.
>> No. 56424 ID: 667a5a
nvm I don't want the associated shady Russian bloatware
>> No. 56425 ID: 8aafcd

But you're entirely too paranoid.
>> No. 56426 ID: a34477
You know it is made by a Californian game company right?
>> No. 56427 ID: a34477
You know it is made by a Californian game company right?
>> No. 56428 ID: 06a0fb
yeah, this is developed by Obsidian Entertainment, and the publisher My.com B.V. is based in the Netherlands.
>> No. 56429 ID: 2404e6
my.com also does Skyforge, which is a pretty damn entertaining MMO where you play a human turned immortal demigod in a sorta technological age fighting robots, goblins, dead people, mermaids, etc
>> No. 56430 ID: 0a0a1a
File 144474221395.jpg - (110.12KB , 592x573 , fullyerect.jpg )
I played Skyforge for a bit, and while better than most F2P mmos, it was still just your typical MMO fare.

Still having a blast with AW though. Arty is ridiculous amounts of fun, both in counter-battery phase and mopping up the opposition with a scout phase.
>> No. 56431 ID: 381ee6
The owner is Mail.ru, a Russian compoany, it's just headquartered in Amsterdam and has an office in California
That's like saying Facebook is a Nepalese company because they have an office in Nepal

The bloatware is some kind of game platform system which hijacks my connection and starts streaming gigabytes of files OUT of my computer
No thanks!
>> No. 56432 ID: dae2a3
>Admittedly, WoT would have been entirely fucking boring without some exotic looking tanks to supplement the real ones.
That I can only partially agree with.
WoT has plenty of IRL exotic tanks. Said exotic tanks have to duke it out with WW2 stuff, the latter being at a disadvantage because of the simple fact that some WW2 designs - mostly axis ones - are fucking stupid. Add to that a REALLY bad case of arbitrary balance which results in intentional powercreep, RNG and a godawful community unless you play in the Pidor Russian server, and you get a really inconsistent experience.
>> No. 56433 ID: 254d85
>The bloatware is some kind of game platform system which hijacks my connection and starts streaming gigabytes of files OUT of my computer No thanks!

that's called torrent seeding smart guy.
>> No. 56434 ID: 0a0a1a
File 144475918559.jpg - (127.97KB , 733x508 , savior.jpg )

>p2p seeding that takes 5 seconds to turn off
It's OK guys he was only pretending to be retarded.

In other news, HESH is love, HESH is life. Fuck your internal modules and crew while I'm at it.
>> No. 56435 ID: f2400b

Which you can disable.
>> No. 56436 ID: b3c7a4
File 144476454650.jpg - (93.50KB , 1300x866 , 18422283-Close-up-of-smiling-man-Stock-Photo.jpg )

>George Zimmermann
>> No. 56439 ID: b86cd3
The TD commander (Greek gas mask edgemaster) is great in a Scorpion with the gunner's module damage skill. Burn engines every day.
>> No. 56451 ID: 9dc901
I for one was at first weary of the specific launcher and shit, but to my surprise it turned out to be very lean and clean. By that I mean it doesn't sniff around the computer like Origin for example.
>> No. 56452 ID: 254d85
Apparently AP rounds are currently bugged to have a 15% damage reduction if they overmatch.

HEAT is damn amazing on some tanks but seems to cause less module damage than AP.

HE seems very random. Sometimes I'll hit a light vehicle with a HE shell and take out most of it's health, then hit it with another shell that does about as much damage as if I had shot it at the front of a MBT-70.
>> No. 56453 ID: 8aafcd
>Apparently AP rounds are currently bugged to have a 15% damage reduction if they overmatch.

Bugged? I thought that was intentional? I saw on several videos that overpenetration is a thing in this game.
>> No. 56455 ID: 62da2a

I thought that too, but a dev post confirmed it was unintentional earlier today or yesterday.
>> No. 56456 ID: dae2a3
Italian. If his surname is his real one that is.
>> No. 56476 ID: d9b152
Grinding arty for getting the only commanders worth half a shit on MBTs is agonizing.
>> No. 56480 ID: 254d85
Though it's only like 500 gold to bring both of them up to 50%. And it doesn't seem to be documented but applying reputation to a vehicle's progress is also added to it like regular battle reputation, and spending free rep on vehicle modules gets added to it's progress.

The Goosevika commander is good on MBTs and his acceleration boost after firing while offroad is nice, the M109 commander seems like she'd be good on the "combat" AFVs like the Bradley and Terminator instead of scouts since she's got a skill that boosts ROF and therefore DPM, but I haven't leveled her up yet.
>> No. 56498 ID: d9b152
While those free xp exchange rates are really cheap I don't want to spend money on AW just yet, even if the 7€ pack is tempting me.
>> No. 56499 ID: d9b152
Also, playing PvE arty in the two new maps (plane crash and railway) is not only fun but also viable thanks to the xp gain changes.
>> No. 56525 ID: 254d85
Cavalry is funny because if you're in a light tank/AFV you can rush the objective and make a bunch of enemies spawn on top of your teammates.
>> No. 56528 ID: d9b152
Speaking of AFVs: how am I supposed to play them in PvP? Hell should I even bother with bringing low tier AFVs in PvP considering that in PvE I can consistently do more than 4k damage therefore get more than 800 xp?
>> No. 56529 ID: f2400b

It depends on the AFV a lot, but if you've got autocannons... remember that your DPM is absolutely goddamn ridiculous. Penetrating might be difficult against MBTs, but all you really need to do is wait until you can hit the weaker armor and don't be an idiot.

Like, an LAV-150 was able to bring down a full health M60 Patton or a T-62 almost before the MBT could bring its turret around if the LAV driver was smart enough to be shooting them in the ass. It was ridiculous, and they probably still can do that.
>> No. 56530 ID: a34477
>they probably still can do that.

Supposedly they got super nerfed because it takes about two mags from an auto cannon vehicle to kill anything full health now.
>> No. 56533 ID: 254d85
And if you can't pen, HE ammo is actually useful. And there's missiles at higher tiers.

You can also designate targets to increase damage against them from your teammates.
>> No. 56535 ID: d9b152
AMX-10P, XM800T, BMP1.
The AMX-10P doesn't seem to have any redeeming feature, it's big, relatively slow, less camo than the XM800T, exact same weapons as the XM800T.

The BMP1 is a joyride. The only bad things I can say about is is that it has no depression whatsoever. And shells traveling slow as fuck, but that's a thing with every tank in AW.

XM800T also seems to be fun but I feel I'm too reliant on my teammates not being drooling retards when playing it in PvP.
>> No. 56546 ID: f2400b
As a plea to people; If you see somebody in a T-whatever tank facehugging an autocannon vehicle in PVE and their health doesn't seem to be going down... just let it be, they're probably trying to unlock a Chieftain.
>> No. 56554 ID: 62da2a
>they're probably trying to unlock a Chieftain

Best way to do that is in PVE. AI autocannons seem to do way more damage than player ones.

I feel bad for anyone trying to unlock it, though. That entire line is dogshit, start to finish.
>> No. 56555 ID: f2400b

That would be why I stated 'in PVE'. I just had a metric fuckton of assholes kill things after I specifically told them to just leave it be.
>> No. 56579 ID: 9dc901

And they would leave it be because...?
>> No. 56582 ID: f2400b

Okay, I'm going to explain this in the smallest words possible.

There is a tank called the Chieftain.

To unlock it you must bounce a large amount of damage with your armor.

The best way to do this is to get shot by autocannons in PVE.

The best way to do this is to find an autocannon NPC off on its own that you can pin against something so it will fire at you repeatedly and do nothing except bounce.

To make sure that people don't come kill it while you're using it, one can ask in chat that you please do not shoot this NPC, simply go on with the mission as normal.

People are retarded and do not read the chat, kill the NPC you are using to unlock the Chieftain, and leave you without any progress towards the unlock.

Do you understand now?
>> No. 56602 ID: 9dc901

Let me explain to you how things work.

Telling people something does not make you the big boss man.

They are under no obligation to even look at you, let alone mind what you say.

Do you understand now?
>> No. 56604 ID: 369bd6

In unrelated news, the Swingfire is pretty awesome as a fire support vehicle and for harassing the enemy and forcing them to seek cover.
>> No. 56609 ID: f2400b

That would be why it is a request, and people are dicks for intentionally doing the opposite of a polite request. This is how society works, you stupid cunt.

This isn't World of Tanks and if you want to bring that mentality over, go fuck yourself with a knife.
>> No. 56611 ID: 9dc901

>I just had a metric fuckton of assholes kill things after I specifically told them to just leave it be.

That is a direct quote from you. You TOLD them their place boss.

If you want to avoid misconceptions in the future about what you mean, you might want to learn the language a bit chief.

>This is how society works, you stupid cunt.

>go fuck yourself with a knife.

Somehow I think people are right to not listen to you.
>> No. 56662 ID: fd7157
Or you could just not be a dick over a guy wanting to unlock a new tank. You didn't get to blow some shitty APC up, boo hoo. Big deal.

Played this for 2 days and love it. Currently working on getting the m60, maxed out my Patton, still working on unlocking the new tree though. Love how the grind doesn't even really feel like a grind, ie WoT
>> No. 56663 ID: a36556
File 144713580651.jpg - (58.88KB , 689x568 , 1416536059648.jpg )
>Or you could just not be a dick over a guy wanting to unlock a new tank.

Unlocking the Chieftain is literally trivial. Boo hoo some guy killed your APC in a PVE match. Now go play 10 games in the T-64 like everyone else.


>This isn't World of Tanks

>> No. 56664 ID: 254d85
Yeah getting the Chieftain is pretty trivial if you just play the T-62/T-64 normally in PVP and focus on going hull down.

And speaking of, the T-62 Veteran is going to be awarded to anybody who logs in from the 11th to the 22nd. Apparently it's a premium T-62 with camo paint and a gun that does slightly more damage but fires slightly slower.
>> No. 56690 ID: 9638f7
>it's a premium
They specifically said it's fucking not. Also I don't seem to have gotten one. Not like I care too much.
>> No. 56710 ID: 278d52

Exactly, don't know what he's even crying about, it's easy getting the required deflects.

If he should cry about anything it's upgrading the artillery.
>> No. 56714 ID: 9638f7
The arty commanders are getting moved to AFVs/LTs anyway. Possibly the retrofits too, and thank god for that, I might add - at least skycancer will get played by people that are actually interested in it, which means less MBT cancer on PvP and less wasted slots on PvE).
>> No. 56716 ID: 9dc901

I could. But why wouldn't I be a dick to a dick? It's a natural response to not treat impolite people politely.


I don't get it, what's that going to do?

In my opinion, they should remove the incoming warning tanks get when you're shooting at them. Since arty shells do so little damage anyway, between that and the constant counterbattery, enemy scout vehicles trying to rush-bum-fuck you (with the team obviously rushing forward and leaving you to fend for yourself), and the easy ways to take cover from arty, it's really not that useful in the game.
>> No. 56720 ID: 9638f7
Exactly what I wrote in my post: many less arties taking space in the queue which means that the people actually interested in playing it will not have to wait 5+ minutes for getting a match, the shitters that play it only because of the commanders and retrofits will stop playing it and shitting things up since they're goddamn awful, leaving only the people that are interested in it actually playing it, which are actually good at it or are at least trying to get good.

>In my opinion, they should remove the incoming warning tanks get when you're shooting at them.
Either that plus giving away the arty location to everyone in the enemy team (since the enemy arty will ping the sector you're in anyway), and/or giving arty the possibility of changing the shell's travel arc and travel time according to it.

>it's really not that useful in the game.
It has its uses, in maps that aren't total shit you can use it for making faggots weave off/rout. Try coordinating yourself with your team too, I usually ask my teammates to lure MBTs out of cover and it works. Smoke grenades are also useful.
>> No. 56722 ID: 9dc901

Don't know, never found the queue times to be that long. Because they lump you in with level 7 tanks if there's none in your level avalible. Which only exacerbates the low damage problem.

I don't mind the location giveaway, I think that should stay like it is now with artillery duels. Arty doesn't get the warning they are being targeted, and it makes the arty player move every time he gets the warning. Should be same with the tanks, you see arty shooting, better gtfo or risk getting hit. Tanks would get less incentive to camp and it would remove the need for your team to pin down a target so you can engage it.

Smoke grenades are useful, but coordination with the team never worked for me. I kept telling them not to rush forward, and at least half the team always does and dies.
>> No. 56725 ID: 9638f7
>Don't know, never found the queue times to be that long. Because they lump you in with level 7 tanks if there's none in your level avalible. Which only exacerbates the low damage problem.
>coordination with the team never worked for me
Let me guess, you play on NA.
>> No. 56730 ID: 9dc901

Nope, Europa.

Few days ago we had a brilliant match where at the end it was like 6 or 7 of us versus the one remaining guy. Two of our team were artillery.

So he's taking cover (that map with the highway bridge on one side) behind some rocks where artillery can't easily hit him. So I tell the team artillery is moving into position to hit him. And instead of that being a signal to wait it out and jointly take out the guy with little risk to themselves, I guess that signalled to everyone that I wanted to get the kill. They all start driving into that guy and he takes out all of them. So in the end it was 2 arty versus an MBT. Soon it was just one arty with the tank closing in on me, I dived into the river committing seppuku to the foaming texts from the rest of the team calling me an idiot.

Like I give a fuck, if they're too dumb to wait out a guy camping, they deserve to lose.
>> No. 56732 ID: da34c8
still better than NA, where most people driving high tier MBT don't even understand the basic concept of "always face your front to your enemy, because the armor is the thickest there." Most will seemingly purposely face the enemy with their side armor showing at a nice 90 degree angle. I don't know if its laziness or just stupidity
>> No. 56835 ID: df12a0
>I guess that signalled to everyone that I wanted to get the kill.

Did you further tell the team to wait/hold, or did you just let them die piecemeal?
>> No. 56838 ID: 254d85
File 14485908264.jpg - (49.81KB , 732x305 , vfm-merc.jpg )
[cobra commander intensifies]
>> No. 56964 ID: 3d25a3
Holy shit.

The fucking m60 is a god. damn. BEAST.

5 kills last match, 2k damage bounced-and I was the last man alive for three of those kills. Surviving enemeis were on average one shot from eating it.

Before that, killed three mbts at close range.

I'm also enjoying the fuck out of the x800. It does a ludicrous amount of damage played right.

Shit, so far, everything does. I've yet to encounter a vehicles or class that I don't enjoy.
>> No. 56971 ID: 9dc901

You going to blame me if I didn't?
>> No. 56980 ID: 38f673
File 145014577042.png - (152.80KB , 500x438 , Thick and Broad.png )
>he hasn't gotten to the M60A2 yet
>> No. 56981 ID: 254d85
I didn't think it was a huge pain.

But then again I played the KV-2 a lot.
>> No. 56997 ID: 3d25a3
>> No. 56998 ID: 963c4b
File 145069179027.jpg - (0.96MB , 3840x2160 , US M60A2 Starship tank CG drawing 1.jpg )
Starship no good?
>> No. 56999 ID: 963c4b
File 145069180878.jpg - (0.96MB , 3840x2160 , US M60A2 Starship tank CG drawing 2.jpg )
>> No. 57000 ID: 963c4b
File 145069182287.jpg - (830.53KB , 3840x2160 , US M60A2 Starship tank CG drawing 3.jpg )
>> No. 57001 ID: 963c4b
File 145069184114.jpg - (1.17MB , 3840x2160 , US M60A2 Starship tank CG drawing 4.jpg )
>> No. 57002 ID: 963c4b
File 145069191239.jpg - (778.04KB , 3840x2160 , US M60A2 Starship tank CG drawing 5.jpg )
>> No. 57003 ID: 963c4b
File 145069197320.jpg - (825.30KB , 3840x2160 , US M60A2 Starship tank CG drawing 6.jpg )
>> No. 57004 ID: df12a0

Your preceeding post seemed to indicate your acceptance of blame; be that as it may, the point remains that you didn't have to tell them to wait for the arty to reposition.

If they'd charged regardless of you notifying them arty was moving up, it would've remained their fault for rushing in like lemmings to the cliff anyway.
>> No. 57005 ID: 38f673
>no AP rounds, just HEAT
>missiles are reloaded once every quarter
>missiles suffer from low-tier HEAT being all around terrible
>poor armor layout and multiple weaknesses when compared to the T-62
>can't use its 20mm cannon to defend itself when reloading its main gun

AW suffers from the same bullshit as WoT, no multiple turret-support for tanks that have it. The MBT-70 and Starship being prime examples.

M60A3 is worth it, but my friend despises the XM1 for not having any penetration to speak of.
>> No. 57010 ID: 381ee6
>no AP rounds, just HEAT
>152mm L/10 or whatever
>AP rounds
Niggawat? Did it even have AP in real life?
>> No. 57011 ID: 3d25a3
doesn't matter. The lack makes it FUCKING USELESS in game.
>> No. 57013 ID: 5ad515

How, though? Any AP fired from a gun that short would have the same or worse shell velocity, and *abysmal* penetration (~100mm or potentially less at the muzzle). Not to mention that AP in AW does less alpha than HEAT generally speaking. So how on Earth would AP make the A2 any better?
>> No. 57014 ID: 38f673

Because from my experience so far, HEAT has significantly less reliable penetration when compared to AP equivalents. I don't even bother with using HEAT rounds unless it's the only thing available or I'm playing PvE, even then, AP is largely more reliable.

Regardless, there's nothing redeeming about the Starship unless they give it the 20mm gun to deal with non-MBTs when balancing its checkbook.
>> No. 57018 ID: 667a5a
For the same mass of gun it would have maybe a 40mm bofors, up to you if you think that's superior considering what its facing
>> No. 57023 ID: 3d25a3
I'd rather have that. 110% better, even for shooting at the front of LOWER TIER mbts.
>> No. 57025 ID: 9df540
>40mm bofors
The 152mm launcher is 1200 pounds, 40mm is 4300 pounds. It would have to be a cut down Bofors, with maybe 3x less penetration.

152mm is a beast for the weight.
>> No. 57028 ID: 5ad515

But like I said, you're looking at what is most likely sub-100mm of armor penetration (and given the barrel length, likely sub-80mm) were such a round even made (which AFAIK, it wasn't). Aside from perfectly perpendicular side-shots, this is wholly inadequate against any MBT. And given the A2s piss-poor worst-in-tier speed/maneuverability, you're not really going to be able to get many of those perfectly angled flanking shots anyway. So like I said, it would be literally just as useless of a vehicle even if it had an AP shell. A finicky HEAT shell is better than completely non-viable AP shell. At that point, just shoot HE. I would bet the penetration on HE would be comparable or even superior to this fictional AP shell, anyhow.

I'll concede that a 20mm would be nice, but it would require a bit of remodeling as well, as the in-game model has a the .50 installed, not the 20mm hispano.

Really what the A2 needs is to be dropped from the tree entirely. But drop it down a tier, play with a few of the stats (whether buff or nerf) to keep it balanced, and make it a premium. I could think of several replacements that would counter T-64s better.
>> No. 57037 ID: 9dc901

I don't see where I was indicating acceptance of blame. I am blaming the people who go into a prepared position peacemeal. Now if they would have went regardless of what I said, I don't know, as nobody replied to my message.

And again, I don't know what half the people are doing every damn match, they just rush forward in MBTs and get slaughtered by people with more sense than them who actually use spotters and hide in cover. Fucking retards then complain in the chat why the rest of us are "camping".

>> No. 57039 ID: bbab6e
Did they implement french and chinese tanks yet? Is the Starship still shit, and if so, did they at least fix the tumor weakspot? Did the T-72 armor get fixed?
>> No. 57042 ID: e59f1a

Type 59 is free if you log in right now. That's about it for Chinese tanks so far, but hey, it's free.
>> No. 57043 ID: 3d25a3
I managed to get good with the starship, but most people will justifiably find it to be total shit.

Tumor is still in effect and will fuck you.
>> No. 57226 ID: 9dc901
Camouflage system came out in the latest update.
>> No. 57232 ID: 360765
Wasn't the tank shit in real life? If so Armored Warfare should be praised for their approach to realism...
>> No. 57239 ID: 3d25a3
It is worse than it should be.
>> No. 57249 ID: 9dc901
The tank actually isn't that bad. It'll dish out a decent amount of damage, and protect against shot placement well enough, but the reload times and speed of the tank itself are awful.

Positioning is all, don't be the one who rushes forward with no scouts in the open.
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