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No. 56842 ID: 3fcfad
  Is this Stalker 2.0?
Dat gunplay, though. Really nice.
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>> No. 56843 ID: d8ab9d
Translated interview

>> No. 56847 ID: 5ad515
>multiplayer deathmatch
>no monsters
>no anomalies
>Is this Stalker 2.0?

Nope. Depending on the scope of the map design and any survival mechanics, I guess it could be DayZ 2.0, but I can't stand games like that anyway so idgaf.
>> No. 56848 ID: ebb4ba
File 144869928321.png - (368.25KB , 557x600 , pPkIwxg.png )
>gunfights between slavs
>"no monsters"
>> No. 56857 ID: d8ab9d
>Depending on the scope of the map design and any survival mechanics
Just read the interview.
>> No. 56860 ID: 5ad515

Just read the rest of my post. Whether it's TDM or DayZ, I do not give a fuck about either. I crtl-F'd "creature", "monster", "anomaly", "single player", and "singleplayer" and found nothing, so fuck it, it's clearly not Stalker.
>> No. 56864 ID: d8ab9d
>Single player
>STALKER's only flaw

Well I can see the rest of your points but I'm not quite sure it takes the supernatural to replicate the fundamental principles that gives STALKER its atmosphere for the most part.
>> No. 56866 ID: 5ad515
>but I'm not quite sure it takes the supernatural to replicate the fundamental principles that gives STALKER its atmosphere for the most part.

Then you clearly don't fully understand or appreciate Stalker. If you're just looking for "Slav operatin'", then enjoy this game, but the supernatural was integral to both the atmosphere and the storyline of the series.
>> No. 56867 ID: b47376
>Then you clearly don't fully understand or appreciate Stalker. If you're just looking for "Slav operatin'", then enjoy this game, but the supernatural was integral to both the atmosphere and the storyline of the series.

It's not necessarily supernatural dissaster really. It depends on which faction you chose to believe. Some say it can be perfectly scientifically explained, others say it's just nature, others say it's fucking divine will.
>> No. 56868 ID: d8ab9d
File 144882813097.png - (84.66KB , 499x657 , 2bd.png )
Nigga don't be talkin' shit if you don't understand. It's about the kind of life where you can't trust no nigga no further than you can throw his ass. You're trying to make it despite everyone and everything being against you, all the time. Trying to live another day.

Mutants and anomalies are just dress-up. Cool dress-up, but dress-up nonetheless.

If you think Slav-operatan is all that's left after taking away a few aesthetics, you severely underestimate the things that make STALKER what it is.

The reason STALKER is great where games of far higher budgets are mediocre is because the world and atmosphere are the driving force. Even the story is just dress-up. An excuse to make you visit all the areas.
>> No. 56869 ID: 90a126
File 144884106181.jpg - (39.08KB , 600x359 , Controller_STALKER_h05.jpg )
>The reason STALKER is great where games of far higher budgets are mediocre is because the world and atmosphere are the driving force. Even the story is just dress-up. An excuse to make you visit all the areas.

That is part of its success, yes, but nowhere near all of it. The world was intriguing, especially for the time when little else was like it, but the story, the lore, the factions, the things that populate the world are a definite part of it.

If the game was just an explorer game with just the environment it would be pretty but boring (I'd probably enjoy it but I'm very boring). Just the same all the story and shit removed the graphics and world would be interesting but wouldn't have the same hook but the story and setting gives it that unique flavor unique from other random post-apocalyptic games.

Its with their powers combined they form the STALKER we all know and love and occasionally hate because its a horribly broke ass game that makes even Bethesda say "jesus ass fuck thats too many bugs".

But with all that said, STALKER is really nothing special especially these days. Its a good game in spite of itself. The game was eternally broken, ugly as fuck even for the time especially the character models, vaporware for the longest time, and has little to distinguish itself from other shooters and post-apocalyptic games beyond some shit cribbed from Roadside Picnic and or the Stalker movie.

What makes the game work so well is mods. Mods fix everything broken and add new shit. Its alot like a Bethesda game in that regard but arguably worse (though also from a far smaller studio that grew much smaller as time past).

Vanilla STALKER isn't that good. Its not that good looking, it doesn't play that good, its was at best mediocre.

Only through dedicated fans who apparently cared more about the game then the devs who made it did STALKER become a truly excellent game.
>> No. 56870 ID: 0ea1a5
File 14488474999.jpg - (63.12KB , 634x356 , 1413373808334_wps_1_Soldier_doesn_t_even_flin.jpg )
I'll tell you right now. That does not look like Stalker 2.0 at all.

This absolutely looks like it though. http://www.moddb.com/mods/ray-of-hope-co-op-online
>> No. 56871 ID: d8ab9d
I agree with the point you're making but that's just saying all the dress-up is important. And yes, it is. But that doesn't take away that Tarkov takes the same foundation and builds what has the potential to be an equal or better game, albeit with a different, but not necessarily worse, dress-up.

If the clothes STALKER wore were what made you (yes I realise you're not the guy I was talking to before) like it, then I see why you may not like Tarkov. If the underlying foundation is what you liked, then I'd tell you to at least give Tarkov a shot and see if it really is what I think it'll be.

As for the mods, that's because people got hooked by the underlying concept of the games, rather than the execution. The thing is that most games (I'd like to say nowadays, but this is true for any time) don't have much to them fundamentally, so the execution and dress-up is all they have. While I personally don't like Bethesda's games, I'm sure the same goes for them. People see through those games and look into a world that they then try to make the game represent in full.

Tarkov may or may not be one such a game, but so far it's the only one that's got the potential to be, out of those I've seen, anyway.
>> No. 56873 ID: 90a126
File 144884996683.jpg - (488.80KB , 1024x768 , simpsonesque_stalker_wallpaper_by_derwen.jpg )
To use the clothing analogy, the differences between STALKER and Tarkov is like the difference between a shitty but comfortable worn pair of jeans that needs a bit of TLC and a new pair of ball crushing skinny jeans. They are similar, they are both jeans, both cover ones booty but are still quite different and will not be liked the same by some people.

Tarkov is similar to STALKER but different aswell. Just it being "like" STALKER doesn't mean people who enjoyed STALKER will like it because of the differences. To go back to the jeans analogy, STALKER is like loose fit baggy jeans while Tarkov might be like tight skinny jeans......that you have to share with someone else.

Now a big part of this is of course single player vs multi and is argueably a very important point even removing the complaints of lack of anomalies, muties, and elbow lifting.

Like me personally, I don't like multiplayer games much. That right there is a strike against Tarkov and Survivrium or whatever the fuck its called. Like any good pervert I like playing with myself and I feel the game loses something when it turns into a circle jerk. Sometimes the hand giving you a handy is nice and soft but sometimes its a hairy, calloused bear hand attached to some guy named Boris.

The foundation matters but so does the execution. Tarkov and Mena Survivarium both have a quasi-STALKER foundation but may have a considerably different execution. Then theres another game with a STALKER foundation kinda partially, Metro 2033, which is more some peoples speed because its execution is in some ways more similar to STALKER.

And you are quite correct about the mods, they are built on games that have potential but shit the bed in execution. STALKER has that, the Beth Fallouts have that. But Tarkov being a MMO is alot like Elfdar Scrolls Online, even if it has potential its hard to fix the fuck-ups.

Also a semi interesting read about fuck head children in Ruskiestan fucking up bunkers and shit over a love of STALKER, Metro 2033 and booze. I swear to fucking christ these little bastards need stabbed in the dick.

>> No. 56874 ID: d8ab9d
Surprisingly to some, I actually consider Metro 2033 to be more unlike STALKER than any other game mentioned so far. It seemed far too story-driven to me.

As far as multiplayer goes, well i said it before. Not being an open world online game was its only real flaw imo.

Tarkov will not be a replacement for STALKER, multiplayer or not. Its clothes are nothing like STALKER's clothes. But it tries to convey a similar feeling. Loneliness, distrust, always being on edge, paranoia. It definitively isn't STALKER 2.0 and that wasnt the point I was trying to make, but the things that attracted me to STALKER are the same things that attract me to Tarkov.

Regardless, I think it's a good thing it isnt quite STALKER 2.0. Having played through STALKER and its mods so many times, it becomes hard to enjoy new things within it. I'm no longer on edge because I know exactly what to expect around every corner and in every bush. Playing through the games now takes a good pair of nostalgia goggles.
>> No. 56875 ID: 90a126
File 144885311420.jpg - (88.96KB , 632x493 , monolith_witnesses_by_resonance_crea-d5ef56n.jpg )
For Metro 2033 the main difference between it and STALKER was how linear it was. That was both a good and bad thing. I liked STALKERs open world exploration thing but I also enjoy a linear story sometimes.

With the whole multiplayer deal, its just different strokes for different folks. Some people enjoy it others like myself don't enjoy it because of the toxic players, the cheating, the drugged up no life robots with FEAR style bullet time that have been playing the game for forever and make anyone new to the game have an impossible time and more.

Plenty of other multi games replicate STALKERs atmosphere of loneliness and paranoia these days and probably most have a Z in their title. But not alot of single.

And I agree that I wouldn't want a direct clone of STALKER. I've been playing it for years, can't work up enough of a fuck to reinstall it. But I do want something similar, if not a sequel to the series then something similar. But a multiplayer game, atleast for me, doesn't scratch that itch. Usually.

Though I've been recently really wanting to play some online MMO. Been trying to get some friends to join some game like Day-Z, Defiance, something but they are all too much douchebags.
>> No. 56876 ID: 5ad515

I'm using supernatural in the purely literal sense. In that usage, it's not a synonym with "magic", it just means something beyond the scope of what can be explained with current science. And since science in the Stalker universe cannot fully explain it, it is "supernatural". Whether factions believe it's evil magic, or aliens, or crazy sciencey shit, or whatever doesn't matter.

>If you think Slav-operatan is all that's left after taking away a few aesthetics

No, you're right, because if you took away those "few aesthetics", there wouldn't even be slav operating to begin with.

The entire story and setting is built around the idea of a massive, supernatural phenomena gripping the area and populating it with dangerous (but lucrative) artifacts, usually guarded by anomalies, mutants, crazy cultists, etc. You remove the supernatural and have just a bunch of people killing each other in a post apocalyptic Eastern Europe, and it is not remotely the same.

That is not to say that some people don't play Stalker for exactly that, but those people do not fully get the game. Stalker's entire atmosphere and storyline relies upon the supernatural, as both a driving force behind myriad gameplay mechanics, as well as its narrative.

So if what you are saying is "Stalker is much more than its core gameplay mechanics, setting, and narrative", I'm sorry, but that tells me that you don't fully appreciate what makes the series what it is to begin with. Now, could you have a game with good (or even superior) atmosphere, storytelling, gameplay, etc.? Certainly. But you would not have a Stalker game, and that is my point. And if you can't appreciate that gutting the majority of what make a game what it is would change that game into something else, then I don't think I can continue this discussion any further.

And this is a massive derailment anyway, because as far as I am aware, the developers never claimed this was a new Stalker. I'm just arguing against the OP's shit assertion.
>> No. 56878 ID: d8ab9d
You deny a lot of what makes STALKER what it is, and then tell me that I don't fully appreciate it. That's hilarious.
>> No. 56883 ID: 5ad515

The only thing hilarious here is that you can accuse someone of denying what makes a game what it is despite them denying literally nothing about that game, even though your own original argument was specifically denying large portions of that game. That is both hypocritical as well as deeply amusing.
>> No. 56884 ID: 82a3e8
>Ringing from the hand grenade
Well my tinnitus thanks you.

Looks like it has potential. Not digging the hyper exaggerated weapon sway when walking.

>stalker 2.0
Why would anyone want yet another shitty, buggy, unfinished pile of shit?

Metro 2033 and Last Light were far superior games to Stalker. Just saying.
>> No. 56885 ID: 369bd6
File 144892327168.jpg - (158.26KB , 968x544 , 2d28b2321268364c2d7b11110c08cd7c_jpeg.jpg )
Metro games were different. They were linear and not really comparable outside their somewhat similar settings. The Kshatriya level that came as DLC helped bridge the gameplay of the two, albeit only partially. Also I think weapons and gunplay were better in Stalker. Taking out a bandit camp with a makarov had some satisfaction to it, while most weapons in Metro were deliberately unwieldy, awkward, and under-powered. I dunno, Metro games just always felt close but missing the mark overall.
>> No. 56886 ID: 82a3e8
Metro was just overall a more playable game. I love the world and lore of STALKER. Its gameplay was pretty shit overall.

Im just curious if game developers are capable of making an open world game with a decent world, decent gun play (if guns are in it), and decent elements of choice.

Thus far most games do one thing good, and everything else suffers.

(Fallout, Far Cry, Stalker, etc)

Ok, MGSV is bretty guud.
>> No. 56887 ID: 90a126
File 144892647880.jpg - (94.49KB , 1280x726 , dunno but boobs do.jpg )
>Thus far most games do one thing good, and everything else suffers

You hit the nail of the head. Pretty much any game does one thing good. STALKER does good atmosphere, EA Battlefront had beautiful graphics, Beth Fallout has great environments, Call of Dooty has fun gun-play, Crysis has NANOSUIT!!!, and FEAR had some fantastic enemy AI. But while all those games does that one thing well they let everything else suffer.

For alot of games nowadays the thing they try to do good is either graphics or multiplayer while letting gameplay or singleplayer suffer.

I honestly can't think of a really balanced game. Has good graphics, has good gameplay, has a good world, has a good story, has balanced multiplayer and a robust single player.
>> No. 56888 ID: d8ab9d
Actually FEAR did a lot of things right (sequels not so much).

It was stable, had good graphics, a great storyline, great guns albeit semi-to-not-at-all realistic but felt good to use. It was linear, sadly, but it did exactly what it advertised on the box, and that's making you shit yourself.

Online play was an afterthought, but it functioned properly. FEAR really was a gem, but if we just pretend you never mentioned FEAR in that post, I agree entirely.
>> No. 56889 ID: 90a126
File 144892773468.jpg - (103.85KB , 950x534 , fear2dec2231.jpg )
I love FEAR, its one of my favorite games. I even enjoyed the sequels to varying degrees (even with the butt ugly wannabe P90 and the case of consoleitis the 3rd had). But by no means was it a perfect game. The enemy AI was good for the most part but the friendly AI was shit and both were stupid in battles that didn't involve the player. The story was pretty generic (though well done all things considered), the twist was pretty obvious, multiplayer was shite and some parts of the game were downright dull.

Of course most of those are small complaints and like I said I love the games but I wouldn't call them perfect even if overall the series is far superior to alot of games.

Now the other Monolith shooter series Shogo Mobile Armor Division, that was pretty close to perfect other then lack of a sequel. (I'm only half kidding here, I loved Shogo and is one of my favorite nostalgia games and think its a real crime there was never a sequel).
>> No. 56890 ID: 82a3e8
I as well really enjoyed FEAR. I have all of them on steam. Really only played the first one. Because fuck sequels.

Also Fear was the first time I got outsmarted and killed by AI.

>In a good position, layin down the hate on some baddies
>Incoming grenade
>Duck behind cover
>Pew pew pew
>AI ran when I took cover, a guy I hadnt seen took his place, guy flanked me and blasted me in the face with a shotgun.

But FEAR isnt an open world game like stalker, bethout, etc. Im very very very very hard pressed to find an open world shooter that did everything decent->Perfect.

Granted, GTAV: Online is a better shooting game than most games, a better racing game than most racing games, etc.
>> No. 56894 ID: 97c6c1
Next title in this series: Escape from Detroit.
>> No. 56896 ID: 3dbf4a
Didn't that mod's developer get mauled by a bear?
>> No. 57026 ID: 963ea5
  New vid.
>> No. 57040 ID: d8ab9d
>> No. 57049 ID: c550c6
Damn, I need a new PC NOW!
>> No. 57050 ID: 095a2b
Is this gonna have a single player campaign or is it multiplayer only where you have to deal with random mouth breathing try-hards just griefing you and making the whole experience miserable?
>> No. 57052 ID: d8ab9d
The game is built around the expectation of random mouth breathing try-hards just griefing you and making the whole experience miserable in a good way.
>> No. 57058 ID: 095a2b
So basically the preview videos look cool but it will end up like GTA Online with kids just blowing you up with a rocket launcher or fucking with you for the sake of it? Dang. That's why I like single player campaigns unless it's a fighting game, racing game, or something like CoD or Battlefield where it's meant for two teams going at it
>> No. 57062 ID: d8ab9d
I don't quite think this game has that xbox audience. That said, the game intends to instill its players with paranoia. You're supposed to be able to get quite far by your lonesome, not trusting anyone, but for some parts you'll have to team up with other members of your faction, who you have to trust for the full 99%. They hinted that you might have to form temporary truces with your main opposing faction to fight bandits and other immediate threats. The nature of human players being greedy assholes could make this work as intended. Play with friends on TS3 to get some true battlebrothers.
>> No. 58841 ID: 6ca38e
File 148398322398.jpg - (489.20KB , 640x960 , c7wgskA.jpg )
I decided to become the cancer and preordered with the season pass...so Alpha access soon hopefully, fellow STALKERS...or Scavs or whatever. Been watching some gameplay footage on youtube and I really want this shit.

I doubt female characters or doges are a thing...but a guy can wish.
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