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File 144993701337.jpg - (302.47KB , 1360x768 , 2015-11-06_00001.jpg )
56965 No. 56965 ID: c743e8
Any of you faggots ever play DayZ Standalone? Its probably the worst early access game to ever get so far, the devs are incompetent as all hell, and it was supposed to be going into Beta this month or the next but thats nowhere near happening as they are at least a year behind schedule.

With that out of the way, its fun as fuck if you have a couple of guys who understand the mechanics of it. Best gunfights in any game ever.

Picture related, these are the moments that make the game worth playing, we created a community outside the Berezino police station, a community of cannibals with broken legs.
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>> No. 56967 ID: 0ea1a5
File 144993907360.png - (38.42KB , 622x582 , HAHAHAOHSHIT.png )
I played it the month it came out as ea. Best encounter with a loner shitting his pants.

>Encounter a Loner with my group of 6
>Do you have any friends around?
>Loner doesn't say a thing
>Ok run that way and if you stop or turn around we WILL fire on you
>Guy fucking books it out of there
>Later we kill 4 random dudes

I don't play it anymore though. The steam reviews are hilarious.
>> No. 56968 ID: 06a0fb
>the devs are incompetent as all hell,
It's not that. The guy who creatd the mod, Rocket, and was the head of DayZ standalone, quit Bohemia like 8 months ago. With him gone, there wasn't anyone not already involved in Arma3 to set a schedule for development progress or where to focus refinement and expansion.

So yeah. This is why modders don't generally make good developers. Trauma Studios and Tripwire probably being the only real success stories.
>> No. 56969 ID: 06a0fb
>quit Bohemia like 8 months ago
Strike that, just checked, he left December last year.
>> No. 56970 ID: 254d85
I was under the impression that most of the people playing DayZ have jumped ship for Breaking Point or Epoch, or other games.


Eeeeeh, RO2 was a clusterfuck that only really got good around when Rising Storm came out. Before that they had pretty much just fucked off to make Killing Floor stuff instead. It took them like three years to add APCs and light tanks to RO2.

I'd say that Unknown Worlds is a success story. Took them like 7 years to finish it but Natural Selection 2 was good last time I played it. Apparently their early access underwater survival game (ugh) is one of the better EASGs out there too.
>> No. 56972 ID: 33338c
And now that KF2 is out, they've fucked off to do...I literally have no idea, KF2 is much like DayZ, stuck in apparently eternal early access/half-complete/whatever limbo too. Completely inferior to the first one, and that's still running off a hacked-up version of the UT2K4 engine. Maps are all too small, fortifying is discouraged, ammo supply is a constant problem, and (arguably most irritatingly) the balance is still completely out of whack. And still NO MOTHERFUCKING SHARPSHOOTER, which I guess I should be glad about since they're probably gonna botch that too. I was a fucking god with the Mk. 23 in KF, hold 6 o'clock so the top edge of the front sight blade sits right around a zed's top lip and take heads out to 75m+ all day, not to mention the crossbow that two-shotted anything on Hard or below.
>> No. 56973 ID: 06a0fb
>KF2 is much like DayZ
Not really, it just received a patch for Halloween that dropped 2 new maps, Paris Catacombs and Evacuation Point, a new class, and added 2 or 3 new characters. They've already said they're trying to do big content updates every few months for KF2. They also just released, like on December 10th, the Return of the Patriach content pack so you can fight the Patriarch from KF 1 instead of the Nazi dude.
One of the maps in the pack, Farmhouse, has puppets to find and shoot on the map, like the Puppet Master stuff from KF 1.

They're split working on Rising Storm: Vietnam, KF2, and an unannounced project right now based on the Homeworld series IP. With only 50 employees, Tripwire is making much better progress on their games than Bohemia with 200 is on DayZ standalone and Arma 3.
>> No. 56974 ID: 254d85
>And now that KF2 is out, they've fucked off to do...I literally have no idea

Make more microtransaction crate content?
>> No. 56975 ID: 06a0fb
That's Overkill's schtick.
>> No. 56976 ID: bbfe61
ARMA3:DayZ is the better choice right now, not that I've played DayZ Standalone, but ARMA3:DayZ is good for what it's supposed to be and people that have played both suggest going with the ARMA3 version.
>> No. 56977 ID: 53e7c0
Just a quick rundown for the uninformed.

DAYZ was a mod, for ARMA2, created by Dean Hall, and later he worked for Bohemia on ARMA3, and was in charge of DayZ standalone. Hall left Bohemia in Nov. 2014 and went to NZ and made his own studio, probably largely with funds collected from DayZ standalone early access. Also in Nov. 2014 it was announced that the final version of the game wouldn't be out till sometime in 2016.

TL;DR go with the ARMA3 mod, rather than standalone.
>> No. 56978 ID: 0ea1a5
  I used to play on an Overpoch origins PVE server and it was STALKER as fuck. This is footage of some regulars clearing one of the cities.
>> No. 56979 ID: 38f673
Alright, friend gifted me ARMA 3 and I'm dying to get out of here stalker but with actual working zombies and shit.

I'm Googling ARMA 3: DayZ but what's the actual mod? Is it Epoch, Breaking Point, or is it actually just Arma 3: DayZ? I don't want to start downloading random mods thinking its the actual DayZ one.
>> No. 56982 ID: 06a0fb
last i played, earlier on this summer before marksmen rolled out, Epoch was the closest thing to DayZ in Arma3. We'd played Wasteland before and that was fun but didn't have the base building aspect like Epoch. Last I heard, someone was trying to port over Pantera and Taviana as Epoch maps.
>> No. 56983 ID: bbfe61

Apparently zombies are actually a mod for it, but it's generally a survival game in ARMA3, friend of mine setup the private server I play on, he has a package for everyone to use to keep things simple.
>> No. 56984 ID: bdae0c

Exile, never heard of this until now. Downloaded it and had a quick look around on an Altis map. No idea if I was on a good server or not, but it seems to be an ok mod. I might see if I can get into it a bit.
>> No. 56987 ID: 53e7c0
Hey guys. I still say the Arma3 mod DayZ ("Epoch", "Exile",etc.) are the way to go. But I did find this blog post about DayZ standalone on Bohmeia Interactive's site posted 12/15.

Just in case anyone's interested.

>> No. 56989 ID: 0dcdc8
Enjoy some Morgan Freeman whilst you wait.
>> No. 56990 ID: 087d66
I always heard how shitty people were in this game.

Only now do I understand.

Major props to the few people who were cool though.
>> No. 56992 ID: 53e7c0
Yeah. I really like DayZ and the concept but the morality mechanic is fucked. There's literally no incentive to not shoot on sight.

But anyway it's a definite illustration of the same thing as Walking Dead and games like The Last of Us portray; zombies are shitty, but the survivors are worse.

Cuz really, imagine what people who trample, mace, or shoot each other for a TV on Black Friday would do when we run out of food...
>> No. 56994 ID: 38f673
The edge on the Steam community forums is prime example of actual edginess. By no means is it the autistic bullshit with teleporting behind you to backstab you, but it's there alright. It doesn't fucking help that with every new update for SA that seemingly feeds into that mentality.

But if there's one thing that just makes me fucking hate SA all the more is how everyone attempts to justify the idiotically empty cities and "veteran" players wanting everyone else to go out hide out in the woods and farm. Would it fucking kill the devs and community to not have you on the verge of starvation when you first spawn?

Yeah, I'm disgruntled and shit.
>> No. 56995 ID: 53e7c0
Yeah. Totally agree. From what I understand virtually all dev time as of late has been used to make console ports rather than actively work on the game itself.
>> No. 57192 ID: 23df7a
Too many people sham at Day Z because a) it's a shitty game to play on the lowest of low graphics, and people would rather play Roblox alternatives or b) it's just really shitty in terms of community.
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