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File 145129117932.jpg - (2.09MB , 3264x1836 , 20151227_205112.jpg )
57057 No. 57057 ID: b906d2
>GF and I playing w/ starter deck I got her for Christmas
>this happens
>not sure what happens to attached artifact
> end up spending a good 20 min on Google trying to figure it out
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>> No. 57059 ID: 1af6de
Thanks to that artifact it has shroud, so the instant wouldn't work.
>> No. 57060 ID: 06a0fb
Whisk Away fizzles, or fails, because the artifact blocks its effect. If you were playing before Urza's legacy, you'd have taken Mana Burn equal to the amount of mana tapped to cast the spell, and lost 3 life.

Unless you have a card to remove target or all permanents, artifact stays.
>> No. 57076 ID: 5d1757
The instant wont work on the creature.
Shroud is like hexproof but different, the creature cannot be targeted by any spells including your own.

She would have to remove the enchantment to do anything.
>> No. 57083 ID: c9f57e
as others have said, the instant can't target the juggernaut due to it being protected by the equipment. You have to find a way to destroy/remove/unattach the cloak, or use a spell/effect that affects all creatures without specifically targeting them, like Wrath of God.

Or for example, if your gf played an instant that said 'target player sacrifices an attacking creature', then that would work since it targets you as a player and not the juggernaut directly.
>> No. 57084 ID: 06a0fb
File 145154172828.jpg - (35.55KB , 200x285 , 5461.jpg )
>You have to find a way to destroy/remove/unattach the cloak, or use a spell/effect that affects all creatures without specifically targeting them, like Wrath of God.
Red magic is good for that. Apocalypse is my personal favorite strategic option.

Also, prebuilt decks are built to suck, forcing you to buy booster packs. Just get a box of boosters when you can. I know nothing of good deck building now, since I haven't collected or kept up on rules and stuff since Odyssey was the newest expansion set. That was back in 2001. Got a lot more interested in weaponry and shit when the official troops hit the ground in Afghanistan that year, so my money started going to OPERATOR crap.
>> No. 57085 ID: 82a3e8
Ive gotten 1-2 decks from friends for xmas that are the current store stuff.

I like em, Really enjoy my black red sacrifice based deck. Its fun.
>> No. 57086 ID: 06a0fb
i liked green and black decks. Wanted to be good with white decks, but back when I was playing you were really heavily reliant on artifacts for buffing your creatures, or relying on artifact creatures for heavy hitting damage wise. I didn't have much money to blow on boosters so I never got that white deck that worked for me.

not that I was much good at MtG anyway. I'm a better soldier than I am magic player. And since I'm ~100 pounds overweight and haven't ever served... You get the idea.
>> No. 57087 ID: 82a3e8
I have an all white deck that uses very little equipment/artifact creatures.

Relatively newer set is a huge momentum deck. Summon a bunch of 1/1s, each 1/1 adds +1+1 to all creatures, each new creature gives a 2/2 +1+1 every time a creature you control enters the battlefield. Throw in some angels and such. Once it got rolling it fucking hurt.
>> No. 57100 ID: 51eae2

I've run mono-white extensively in the past. My two favorite creature styles are either knights, soldiers, or all flyers. Although most of the stuff I use is legacy, white has some really good buffs, enchantments, first strike, some targeted removals (swords to plowshares is amazing), board clearing (like armageddon, wrath of god, balance, etc.), and protection. That being said, equipment does help out quite a bit.
>> No. 57110 ID: 460f53
I'm selling all my cards off. There's plenty of mythics, rates and dual lands. Comes with a modern mill and bogle decks.

Email me for questions.
>> No. 57111 ID: 06a0fb
Seems like things have changed plenty since I was last in it regularly. I really lost interest when they finally killed off the Urza/Planeswalkers plot line.
>> No. 57112 ID: 82a3e8
>plot lines
You.. actually follow that shit?
>> No. 57113 ID: 06a0fb
yeah. Dark horse had a monthly MtG comic for a while that I picked up when i was back in middle school. Long time ago; before Quake 3 Arena came out.
>> No. 57114 ID: 06a0fb
i should clarify. I only followed it for MtG. Not really for any other ccg.

It was one of the only fantasy settings I really ever got into.
>> No. 57115 ID: 2fddc5
File 145195896139.jpg - (175.82KB , 400x560 , 1438995409095.jpg )
I agree with this judgement. Also I'm jealous that you have a GF who plays.
>> No. 57116 ID: 82a3e8
Pretty much any time I play MtG with the GF, she ends up winning.
>> No. 57127 ID: 2fddc5
File 14520438581.png - (410.97KB , 375x523 , FVF9liE.png )
Doesn't matter. Played Magic.
I don't play much anymore since no one really plays around me. Can't stand the online client.
>> No. 57130 ID: 5d1757
I haven't played in a while either.

Two of the three local game shops for MtG closed so all the salty EDH players have funneled into the one store, which would be fine I suppose but I don't like EDH.

I used to play it a lot in tech school.
>> No. 57172 ID: d8ab9d
File 145255396916.jpg - (183.69KB , 887x1200 , carta-pokemon-charizard-ex-full-art-xy-flashfire-i.jpg )
>playing mtg

Actually have an MTG commander deck, and some really old YGO stuff, but playing multiple cardgames at the same time gets real expensive real quick, so I'm just a huge casual when it comes to those two.
>> No. 57183 ID: 53e7c0
I got into it around Revised/4th Edition, Antiquities/Legends/Dark/Fallen Empires/Homelands/Ice Age... etc.

Quit around Urza's Saga. Chceked it out a couple times since, not really interested cuz of crap like OP, indestructible artifacts, etc.

You guys just made nostalgia typing out all the old sets. Wish I had all that money I spent on cards back too.
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