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No. 57088 ID: ef8f9a
  Square is actually doing something that isn't Lightning or Lightning product related! I'm sure there are a few other people here who had some fond memories of FF9 and would be happy to play it again on the PC
>> No. 57106 ID: fd0828
I will buy it as soon as it's available. My first and still favorite RPG. I remember getting it from my aunt and uncle on Christmas.
>> No. 57123 ID: 254d85
How long is it going to take for them to do a port of FFT?
>> No. 57124 ID: 7eee47
Nice I just started FF9, only played FF3 for DS in highschool. Really enjoying it though
>> No. 57125 ID: ef8f9a
If you get to the end of the game in under 10 hours you get the most powerful weapon in the game.

There are also a lot of collectables you can miss, I'd look really hard for all of that coffee
>> No. 57126 ID: fd0828
It might seem stupid but you should definitely commit to doing the frog-catching mini-game (and doing it right) and also doing the Chocobo mini-game. Good gear to be earned earlier than you'd otherwise earn it.
>> No. 57128 ID: cb5ffa
If you simply kill a crap load of dragons while making sure you steal throughout the entire game, you can have half your party doing 9999 dmg during the endgame or before. Freya's Dragon Crest does more damage for each dragon you kill and the same with Zidane's Thievery except with stealing. There's a spot to farm high level dragons in that tunnel before you get to Burmecia, the entrance to it is near two moogles who warn you about it before you to it.

Love this game though, only FF I've ever beaten. So much shit to discover, soundtrack is amazing, its a last hurrah of the old FF settings so no edgy teenagers riding around on motorcycles, and the characters are actually pretty fun to play with, especially Quina's Blue Magic. Amarant is really fucking OP though since can heal, revive and deal out shitloads of damage by throwing your junk weapons.

>you will never please that 1 noble
>> No. 57129 ID: fd0828
Using Quina's Lvl 5 Death on those level 65 Grand Dragons above Gizamaluke's Grotto you mentioned is the #1 fastest, easiest way to power-level and do all that. If memory serves, they reward 3AP per battle before Ability Up too, so learning skills is a breeze as well.
>> No. 57207 ID: fd0828
It's actually under 24 hours to get the Excalibur II in Memoria, I believe.
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