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No. 57169 ID: 963c4b
  War Thunder PS4 control tips?
Playing War Thunder is getting exasperating because it is a PC game meant to fly by mouse pointing and they ported this to the PS4 but the PlayStation controller feels glitchy and imprecise. The worst is the game uses a round direction cursor that will drift off to where you are trying to fly towards and this focus takes you away from the nose and gun crosshairs of your plane. Even when viewing the game in the virtual HUD, that bastard direction cursor will drift off the HUD and you will not look in the direction that you are flying.

War Thunder's ancestral game for the PS3 in 2012 was Birds of Steel (both made by Gaijin Entertainment) and that had good controls, although realistically buffeting around to the point where it was difficult to line targets up. At least it stayed focused on the plane's nose even when pulling sharp turns.

Do you have any tips for better PS4 control settings? Tips that do not include connecting a mouse to my PS4, thanks.

Here's one guy's tips:
War Thunder PS4 Controller settings for sim https://youtu.be/eAfUvdrJUHs
>> No. 57170 ID: 963c4b
  War Thunder PS4 DS4 Controller Settings https://youtu.be/QzsVP71BmeI
A quick video showing how to change default controls to a scheme with full pitch roll control like you would get on a keyboard and mouse.

You can effectively pull snap rolls, scissors and other moves with this set up which you would otherwise be unable to do with the default controls.

Basically clear all controls set to simple and modify x, square, circle, and triangle to use shift button (L1) and you can then set up pitch and roll on the same keys (without shift button).

Credit to Maj_fox for pointing me to this set up.
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